I believe the time for measured debate on national topics has passed. There are many erudite books now decorating the tweed-jacket pipe-rooms of avuncular conservative theorists. And none as effective at convincing our opponents as a shovel to the face. But setting that means aside, there is no utility in good-faith debate with a side whose core principle is your destruction. The “middle ground” is a chasm. It is instead our duty to scathe, to ridicule, to scorn, and encourage the same in others. But perhaps foremost it is our duty to hate what is being done. A healthy virile hate. For those of you not yet so animated, I can assure its effects are invigorating.

As a vocal advocate, I’m sometimes asked how one can walk around all day feeling hate…as if this were bewildering. The answer, of course, is because one walks around feeling love. I love my family, even perhaps some of my friends. And I hate the dark future coalescing around them. Hate dissolves lethargy. It clarifies and emboldens. It is spitting out the lotus blossoms. Any who encourage you to eschew hate have one hand around your wallet and the other your neck. For hate is the sword that protects love. And the moment it is lost, so is the man—a zombie with a beatific smile.

So for those of you perturbed by our blossoming dystopia…All I am saying is give hate a chance.

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  1. What a great blog name. I am almost surprised to see it. My friend and I often discuss the current state of kakistocracy occurring. Then two days ago Glenn Beck of all people uses the term on his show promo. (My disclaimer here is: I’m not a fan of his but happened to be in the car when the promo aired on the station.) Best of luck with your blog and I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you.

    • It never occurred to my inner linguist to look up the word itself; rather, I started with the root ‘kak’ and concluded that the term simply meant an empire of shit. Now I’m left wondering which method would be ‘Common Core’ approved.

  2. I am happy to read your blog.

    And yes, I agree with Wendy, a very great blog name.

    I look forward to readmore of your intriguing posts!

  3. Glad to have found this blog. Excellent name, indeed. The ancient Athenians spoke of the kalloi k’agathoi, the beautiful and the good. It’s a symptom of our decadence that we cannot even entertain such a concept seriously. The kakoi have nearly won.

    As for ridicule: I’m very, very new to race realism. Candidly, my dark enlightenment came through Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. And I smoke pipes. Still, having lurked here as well for some time, I have to admit your work has become a guilty pleasure of mine. We are engaged in a multi-front campaign, and we need more than one kind of soldier. Please keep up your work.

  4. Hi I”ve read quite a few of your articles. In fact I went back into the archives a few months. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying but sadly you are still short on practical actionable advice. For example, how do we treat acquaintances who miscegenate? My gfs cousin is a rather attractive young blonde from poland who brought her brown salvadoran to a social function. My gfs parents were there, her cousins parents, and mutual friends of the family. The tension was obvious but I have no idea how to broach this subject without offending and being cast out. My gf doesnt like it either, but what can I do as a man?

    Hate alone is not enough. We know what the problems are, and their symptoms. So what do we do? Do we organize into survivalist militias? Do we keep our mouths shut and try to make money to insulate ourselves? We need more action and less talk.

    • When people ruin themselves, let them lie in their own dirt. Treat her as if she had married a White drunkard. You might want to explain her failings to her, but it’s probably more important to see that others learn from her error. Saying “That’s what she gets from choosing a Salvadorean” when the topic comes up will offend some, but confirm the suspicions of the more advanced thinkers.

      • Seriously? You’re labeling a “Salvadorian” as part of the kakoi? If this guy’s IQ is greater than yours, would you feel the same? I’m a bit disturbed by blind, unabashed racism, especially when the most conservative racists are some of the lowest IQ peasants of the bunch. Is that the substance of this blog? Political arguments as Racial wallpaper? I sure hope not. Cause if so, your hate is fully unjustified. The hate should be aimed at the controllers crafting the future… Which are likely of your racial ilk.

  5. ” For example, how do we treat acquaintances who miscegenate?”

    Romans 12:10–Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

    • Unless you don’t buy into the old “turn the other cheek” philosophy. And this is a rather large issue, as not everyone who may date, hangout, or otherwise interact with those outside his/her race or culture is doing so for the same reason. To see a person doing so out of hate for their culture or out of pure loathing of a weak willed PC brainwashed father figure (who drives them directly into the lap of the farthest thing from their home culture) is something to be discussed.

  6. Great website, guys. Observant, clever, and you’re helping me expand my vocabulary.

    Now that I think about it – most importantly – you’re unapologetic. I like it.

  7. I just clicked on the “about” tab because I hadn’t noticed it until today. It seems that I can’t be disappointed by anything I find here. By far, my favorite blog.

  8. “Whatever starts wars, the thing that sustains wars is something in the soul; that is something akin to religion. It is what men feel about life and about death. A man near to death is dealing directly with an absolute; it is nonsense to say he is concerned only with relative and remote complications that death in any case will end. If he is sustained by certain loyalties, they must be loyalties as simple as death…

    Men are moved in these things by something far higher and, holier than policy; by hatred… not the sentiment which some of my idealistic friends describe as Love. I am quite content to call it hatred; the hatred of hell and all its works, and to agree that as they do not believe in hell they need not believe in hatred. But in the face of this prevalent prejudice, this long introduction has been unfortunately necessary to ensure an understanding of what is meant by a religious war. There is a religious war when two worlds meet; that is, when two visions of the world meet; or in more modern language, when two moral atmospheres meet. What is the one man’s breath is the other man’s poison; and it is vain to talk of giving a pestilence a place in the sun.”

    -G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

  9. Any insight for us on why you write at such a high level that it certainly limits your appeal? I’m a reasonably intelligent, well read guy- but I sometimes have to put off reading your posts because at that moment I can’t commit the mental investment necessary to get the most out of your posts.

    For every IQ point below me, I know that frustration with understanding and digesting your posts will increase dramatically.

    This is a compliment, btw.

    I compare you to https://heartiste.wordpress.com/, who is also a clever writer (though not to the same depth, obviously) and while his writing is similarly entertaining, it’s a lot easier to read.

    So, I guess the question is if you have thought about making your writing more appealing to a wide audience at the expense of dropping your standards- or not?

    • Sam I appreciate your comment; it’s a perfectly valid point.

      The simplest answer is that I write what I like to read. Plain linear prose gives me information, but not enjoyment. I absorb the content and forget every word. Whereas a deft writer reflecting on nothing more consequential than his psoriasis can leave me admiring the topic for hours.

      Though I may try altering the style here occasionally just to see how it goes.

      • That answer makes a lot of sense. I forget that people writing blogs are often doing it for their own enjoyment.

        I only brought it up because I want both viewpoints that I agree with, and writers that I like, to be absorbed by more people.

        I will continue to enjoy your blog, regardless.


      • Whatever it’s worth, I personally find your posts as easy to read as I would find them impossible to write. Just flows off the page like music.

      • Porter, here’s one more vote for not changing your style. A “well-turned phrase” signals both 1) high-quality thought; and 2) that its author cares about how his work might appeal to a reader’s sense of and appreciation for literary aesthetics. Sustained great work—but please don’t let praise go to your head!

  10. I like Porter’s style as it is. There’s a good choice of sites for people who prefer a plainer and more pedestrian style of writing.

    Regarding nullification: It would be interesting to see what would happen if whites kept doing what they did in the Bundy case. They certainly don’t have to look too far to see examples of people returning a verdict dictated entirely by racial loyalty – consider the OJ Simpson case and those of the rioters that arose from it. The option of acquitting their fellow whites is something that can’t be taken away from them, short of declaring a state of emergency and suspending trial by jury. Whites might find it’s the last chance they’ve got after throwing away every other opportunity to save themselves.

  11. “Whatever it’s worth, I personally find your posts as easy to read as I would find them impossible to write. Just flows off the page like music”
    This speaks for me as well: Simple, powerful, elegant and to the point. Another replied as to having to carve out a block of time to read and absorb your postings. Imagine how I feel when my morning ritual is this blog, and then Chateau Heartiste. Time well spent.

    • It’s an accurate message with a play-doh conclusion. If one’s brittle core beliefs are maladaptive, then viewing them as malleable offers potential for real physical and psychic gains. But if those sensitive core beliefs are adaptive then an open-minded perspective leaves one vulnerable to being talked into attending white privilege conferences.

      The obvious response to that is everyone thinks their cherished biases are adaptive. But that’s not directly true. Libs largely embrace a program of intense group maladaptivity in hopes of leveraging it for individual gain. This being quite like taking an elevator to the upper decks of the Titanic. You may temporarily ascend at a faster rate than the ship is submerging, but eventually you or your posterity are going swimming.

  12. The pictures are magnificent. Every time I click in, a new dysfunctional … something. Outstanding.

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