Me to We and Back Again

I’ve frequently suspected that Internet portal Yahoo is run by a cabal of capuchin monkeys, or perhaps marmosets. The operation is clearly the work of primates, though certainly not higher-order ones such as chimpanzees or baboons. It is probably because of this amateurish management, kindergarten writing, and bland regurgitation of leftist doctrine that Yahoo is now a vassal of Verizon rather than the soaring franchise of 20 years ago.

But Yahoo does have a valid function: it offers a contemporary lens into corporate-communist propaganda aimed at the dull flabby trunk of the country’s bell curve. In other words, I click on Yahoo to learn what 100IQs are being told to worship or shun. Apparently that list now includes Indian pederasts. Though whether this cohort qualifies for worship or shunning is atypically not made clear.

A mini-mart employee who took a liking to a 12-year-old girl sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her in 2016, a court heard.

The 31-year-old man’s crimes came to light when his then-pregnant girlfriend found a video of the minor in her secondary school uniform on his phone and reported the matter to the police. The victim turned 13 later that year.

At the High Court on Thursday (10 January), Indian national Udhayakumar Dhakshinamoorthy was sentenced to a total of 13 years’ jail with 12 strokes of the cane.

I’m obviously aghast at the predations of Udhayakumar. I didn’t think he was that kind of Dhakshinamoorthy. But did they just say 12 strokes of the cane? What is this barbaric jurisdiction, Minneapolis? Well no, it’s actually Singapore. Though as per Yahoo’s robust quality assurance program, this fact is nowhere mentioned in the article. Perhaps it’s just the sort of global news event of which American readers should remain up-to-the-minute informed.

While none of this offers much of merit to readers here, I thought comments to the article—from presumed Chinese and Malay natives—were quite telling. Here’s a very representative sample:

From India. What do you expect?

Indian again!

Singapore lacks talents for Mini-mart worker? Why they cannot hire unemployed uncles/aunties in 2 or 3 shifts? Or even students doing part-time? What a joke.

This is an advantage of low wages.

Indian national Udhayakumar Dhakshinamoorthy ——————— welkum to singapore. — common folks will pay for your talent, law enforcement cost judicial cost & prison cost. — need not say more.

Thank you dishonorable son for bringing in these Talents in and destroy SG.

Came from Land of Rapist.

They just would not stop raping n the worse thing is they’re all over sinkapore.

Why are rapists usually Indian and Bangladeshi nationals? Is it because they have some rape gene in them that other races and nationalities don’t?

What’s new? Just another Indian filth spreading their despicable culture from the capital of rape.

Go jail also waste tax payer’s money.

India rapists already came to Spore, looking for child sex! Beware these FT!! The state cant save your innocent children..

Which blardy ministar let this injun devil in?.

NBCB, which animal is responsible to bring all these animal to sinkinapore

Maybe liberals have been correct the whole time: people really are alike all over the world. They are particularly alike in disdain for being swamped by foreigners in their own habitat. They share an even greater disdain for being criminally preyed upon by these aliens, crimes they view as wholly preventable by barring their entry. People around much of the world are also alike in living under governments committed to facilitating this swamping.

And the similarities don’t end there.

People across nations also share a common antagonist in their merchant class, who successfully lobby and bribe so-called representative governments into policies oppositional to them. Finally, people over much of the world also suffer under the influence of a malicious media designed to demonize and isolate narrative adversaries.

While seemingly irrelevant in the daily tumult of a world with seven billion minorities, this jumbled hash of a story about an Indian molester in Singapore reported on an American news feed has an even deeper universal lesson at its core. That lesson is the commonality of man. Beyond merely the treachery of those who rule over him, one of man’s most common conditions is the desire for freedom—exclusively his own. Indians want an India strictly for themselves; they also want accommodations for Indians everywhere else they may choose to live. Similarly, Israel is the “Jewish state”—and just one of many places where Jews demand the latitude to reside and rule. Inside every human heart is the moral clarity that my home is for me and your home is for we.

But homes can’t simultaneously be for both me and we. That’s mainly because we is always a transitional state. Me is the stable state, and one nature perpetually strives to attain. Thus India can be for Me and, after importing enough Indians, so can Singapore. Then no one will utter a peep about Indian child molesters. We is never anything other than a wedge in Me’s door. This concept is so simple, obvious, and eternal that it must be exiled from all public discussion.

I’ll conclude with another comment from our Kakistocracy correspondents in Singapore via Yahoo.

Singapore is surrounded by so many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc. that are way nearer and which do not have a worldwide reputation of rampant molests and rapes of their womenfolk by their male citizens. This is a fact if you follow the news out of India. While not all men from India are rapists and sexual offenders, why is the Singapore govt taking the risk by importing so many Indian nationals and thereby subjecting the womenfolk here to risks of molests and rapes? WHY? Our laws may be severe, but they cannot change the mindsets of foreigners who grew up under different rules and cultures. There are just too many cases of molests and sexual assaults on public transport and in public spaces and rapes committed by Indian nationals in Singapore these days that could have been avoided if the govt has not allowed them to come in the first place. The govt has a duty to protect its citizens from harm first!

If the government has a duty to its citizens, then legacy Singaporeans should be very judicious about who those citizens are. After all, that duty will shift directly with citizen demographics. And before you know it, Yahoo is explaining how Singaporean Supremacists are the real criminals in Singapore.


8 thoughts on “Me to We and Back Again

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  2. Good grief! You misspelled lens in the second paragraph! Quick, fix it before anyone else notices–it’s too embarrassing!

  3. But but but they write such good code. And when I say “good” I mean “cheap but just barely functional.” Surely we cannot expect Tim Cook or Sundar Pichai to spend themselves into penury just to prevent Indian nationals from working here, and being sexy in their very special and culturally unique ways. Tim Cook himself enjoys some quite different yet very special ways, common to his own identity group.

  4. It’s sad. Singapore used to be a model of how a benevolent dictatorship can be better than a democracy. I’m seeing increasing disillusionment with democracy in internet comments. Saw a video the other day by one John Mark (“Mark My Words”) where he promised in subsequent videos to lay out a plan for a foolproof alternative. He calls it propertarianism. I’ll be watching out for it.

    Tucker Carlson did a very good monologue on 2 January that has been making waves. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth 15 minutes of your time. I particularly liked the comments pointing out that what he is advocating for is nothing new; it’s called National Socialism.

    I had a bit of trouble finding that link. Most of my search results returned “Video not available” or “This account has been deleted”. Being purged already?

    • Thanks for the link. What Carlson is proposing is so simple and obvious (that a state should serve the interests and happiness of its nation) that it’s now revolutionary. In many quarters it is deemed heretical bordering on demonic. Tucker might be the only national media mouthpiece who actually doesn’t despise the audience to whom he’s speaking.

      It also reminds me of a theme I’ve written about several times but was going to expand on from a slightly different angle.

      I wish Carlson would run against Trump in 2020, or perhaps thereafter. Trump is basically a nationalist Rain Man. He’s a bumbling, blabbering nincompoop who occasionally experiences inchoate sparks of loyalty to his constituents. And that made him superior to every other candidate by a wide margin. Carlson, in contrast, actually understands the ideas and mechanisms that undergird his rhetoric. Thus he can clearly articulate those ideas without retreating into rap-star bouts of personal vanity.

      I would invest a very significant amount of work and money to his campaign.

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