The Education Before Matriculation

I was talking the other night with a man who has a son entering college in the fall. The father is a nice guy and generous with his collection of rare whiskeys though, like most people who glance off the side of our lives, he is an acquaintance rather than friend. I had always taken him to be liberal, albeit one rare in his reluctance to not spray spittle in your face about it. We have never discussed politics though, and my suspicion was based largely on intuition along with his son’s occasional regurgitation of programmed leftist pablum.

I expected this evening would proceed along its typical polite contours until the father began expressing visible contempt when the conversation turned to his son’s college application process. His son is a very bright boy with a pristine high school transcript and SAT scores in the top one percentile. Being conscientious parents in a way that tends to confer white privilege, they had made significant financial sacrifices to subsidize his many interests and academic pursuits. All told they had given up much of their own for him—as investor societies tend to do.

But being a meticulous investor in an age of extreme extraction preference can sometimes be a bitter pill. Because, as the father began to recount through nearly gritted teeth, his son’s rejection notices from elite universities had already begun to congest their mail box. The father found that grating enough, though understood Ivy League level dismissals are simply a thing to accept with equanimity. What possibly sent him into commenting at the Kakistocracy, however, was his son’s rejection from a large state university. Granted this was a fairly prestigious institution, though one with an incoming class featuring literally thousands of POCs with resumes inferior to his son’s. With alcohol’s gentle urging, he was livid about it. With one hand he rubbed the skin of his forearm and spat out, “apparently this wasn’t the right color.” He was correct, it was not.

I understand his frustration. Sane creatures don’t build nests for someone else’s chicks. But sane men long ago evacuated university admissions offices. These are now places to pronounce your pigment or abandon hope. So I nodded blandly and agreed that being a white heterosexual man was a huge impediment to reaching the power-funnel of elite education. Yet would a constitutional convention full of white, Christian, Englishmen really have wanted it any other way? He smiled ruefully at the premise.

Again, I don’t know his politics—pre or post college admissions. But I do know anti-white preening always has an invoice, and white liberals aren’t excused from payment. Diversity is a tribal sham. But it’s delicious to praise from high perches. Whites who get in the door never feel the pain of having their face slammed in it.

Well, I know one father and son who just got their noses broke. Did they think having the luxury of living in a country with millions of people who hate you was just going to be cost free? No, diversity is a luxury. Just not for any of the people actually paying for it. So their son will glumly take his 1500 SAT to a mid-tier state college, where he will promptly be regaled with encomiums to diversity. Perhaps he will Email a list of its benefits back to his father.

It really is funny how myopia seems to be culturally communicable. Haitians didn’t massacre right-wing whites in 1804; they massacred all of them. Mugabe didn’t kill or confiscate from right-wing whites; he killed and confiscated all of them. Affirmative action and diversity aren’t programs against Bad Whites, they’re programs against all of them. Yet white liberals only comprehend what cuts their own forearm. Ahh well, at least Harvard admitted David Hogg.


29 thoughts on “The Education Before Matriculation

    • It’s pretty common across the board; by the time people realize (or admit) there’s a problem, it’s really too late. I’d like to think we’re the bright ones for getting it so much sooner than people like Porter’s acquaintance, but it looks too late for us as well.

      • The problem is, “voting” isn’t going to fix it. So anything short of a SHTF event, it will require action. And I don’t see anyone with the stomach to do it. Sooner or later the bill will come due, and once the facade of first world living collapses without first world people what will be the response to the new dark ages. Asians are not known for their altruism, so you can bet the Chinese will not be crying over the loss of occidental society.

        • And it’s not like we don’t have historical record (or, more aptly, non-record) of people who chose distracted oblivion over manful action. So there’s no guarantee that action is forthcoming.

          In fact, in all our study of civilizations to date, it looks best to bet the other way.

      • The question isnt if we alreaady lost or not. We know the answer. The problem I have is, are we going to go out like cowards, or with fire.

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  2. Maybe there is some solace in realizing that when the David Hogg’s are getting in to Harvard–in more than token amounts–Harvard doesn’t mean much.

    Medical schools have likewise set a goal of increasing diversity, and (Lo and behold!) the push has been quite successful. It’s not brain surgery, after all.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    • Medical schools as a group have lost all good sense. I worked in one for many years and saw it happen first hand. Sadly, I had to work with some of the products of this diversity panacea. Literally incompetent doctors by the standards of even the lowest back-woods community clinic. Our dean would stop by our department meetings once a year for an update on what the college was doing. About three years ago, he was a bit despondent because he could not fill his desired quota of black students. While our black students attended at zero tuition (a $200,000 gift), the neighboring medical school not only set their tuition to zero but gave them a stipend as well.
      Now the part they don’t tell you: the black students in our institution are given personal tutors and extra resources that our white students are denied.
      Stay healthy, indeed!

      • I’d like to see the percentage of med school deans who place themselves in the tender care of diversity doctors. Like all their other pieties, one presumes that’s not a cost Good Whites are inclined to bear.

      • Exactly. The once enviable US health care system is now an orchestrated disaster—not quite at its nadir though as there are still remnants of the well-trained, highly-screened physicians. Diversity proponents should indeed be placed “in the tender care of diversity doctors.”

  3. I disagree with the pessimism here, the elite are firefighting all over the house now: Trump, Bolsanaro, Brexit, Visigrad, Nationalist governments in Italy & Austria, the yellow vests in France. The temperature is rising, and the only thing the system can do is double down on the idiocy of their ideology. So cheer up, worse is definitely better.

    • Until Trump starts shutting down the detention camps because, “Why the hell do we want to keep them? The whole point is they should go away,” and, “They won’t die in our detention camps if we don’t have detention camps,” I won’t hold my breath for the continued future of the legacy nations in the United States of America.

      Even that wouldn’t be enough, but it’d be a step in the right direction.

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  6. As far as I’m concerned this was the feel good story of the weekend. Lefty father and his lefty son get their just desserts. Enjoy State U, kid.

  7. Elite level colleges, eh?

    I know at least two that attended an Ivy. They are housewives now.

    The kid will be better off in the trades where you work for a living and then LEAVE the work AT work.
    Does this Father/Son pair think that the anti-White male color bar will ever cease?

    All of those nincompoops getting “….Studies” degrees will eventually end up either pimping themselves out to the Civil Service or barnacling themselves onto the hull of a corporation for a rewarding career in Human Resources or Personnel,(which contribute ZERO revenue to the firm’s Bottom Line), and make even bigger toxic and wasteful PITAS of themselves than they ever did as undergrads.

    Learn a trade, start your own business, and NEVER, EVER hire anyone who went to an “elite university” for ANY reason.

    Also vote against any and all Federal or State subsidies for college. When the Subsidies end, so will these nasty little games these losers play.

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  9. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. I will be 60 this year. Sherman set the way back machine for 1980. Average white boy looking to be a Firefighter/Paramedic. State certified in both. This is about the time that TPTB decided that the discipline was “too white” and “too male”. So while I scored in the top 5 on every application test (written, verbal and physical) I took and it ended up being close to 20 tests and just shy of 2 years for me to get hired. The city and county departments would drop down and sometimes way down the posted lists to hire women and POC. This was happening to everyone who had the wrong genitalia or skin pigment.

    So it’s nothing new.

  10. Ya if I could do it all over again I’d have gone to some kind of trade school straight out of high school. Been a welder or something. I love diving, and underwater welders do quite well for themselves. A wee bit on the dangerous side, to be sure. But most of those guys I’ve heard of work 6-8 months a year and do quite well for themselves. Oh well.

  11. Just a suggestion for your friend – take this as an opportunity to get his son into something that provides marketable job skills without wiping out the parent’s savings or getting their son into a ton of student debt.
    Landing a job at and working for a big company still puts you at the mercy of certain co-workers and managers who may not like you for one reason or the other and the political whims of certain policies and management decisions, so even a degree at an elite university is not a guarantee of long term success.
    Several people have mentioned skilled trades or starting a business. Do the math for all the possibilities and calculate the return on investment.

  12. I went to a community college in Baltimore City. And I now attend one fo the most diverse schools in the nation.

    This kid is going to hate his life.

    I hope he likes watching Tyrone and his hood rat friends show up to every party and take over the whole atmosphere.

    Literally, Black Gangster Rap culture is worshiped by white women. He won’t be able to find a GF because college girls dont date freshman guys.

    • What’s really sad is that even if he transferred to Wyoming or Utah, The Indians and Blacks they do have still promote the same shit all day.

      I already looked around. I just have to choke it up and grind away at my classes till I can graduate and take orders from a Chinese muslims transqueer water horse

      • It’s sad to imagine how many white boys will never even comprehend what has been taken from them. My college party experience (at a frequency of 100%) was white boys dancing with white girls to white music. It was fantastic. I presume even the most obsequious shitlib numales feel awkward and bitter as their own days at university are lost to what you describe.

    • The kid is going to be fine. By the way it sounds, he has a ton going for him. He’ll find a nice white girl, get married, and have plenty of white kids. It’s observably true that college girls date freshmen guys.

  13. How do you think the ivys got in the power funnel position they have? Simple, they combined networking with intelligence by granting gentlemen’s Cs to the offspring of the connected -who paid through the nose- while giving scholarships to the extraordinarily intelligent. This maintained their best of the best reputation while producing an alumni who mixed ideas with capital who then supported the school.

    Harvard’s endowment is now of such a size that they don’t need ANY support from the alumni. Some of the others are close enough that they can do without alumni support, albeit with a closer eye on the budget, but they will all act like they’re Harvard, because of simple minded pride. Given this, they think that they don’t need the legacies, and they don’t need the meritocratic admission/scholarship thing either. They’re going to change the world.

    They’re still following the formula, but less and less every year. They’re eating the seed corn, and it will catch up. Companies in the real world can only support a certain level of barnacle load and then tgey become Sears. Something will disrupt. My crystal ball is in the shop right now so I can’t say what, but it will happen within 12 years -3 complete classes.

    In the meantime, your friend’s son should get a STEM education, read a lot, and look for business opportunities that his family sounds like they could finance. Look at Bill Gates for an example.

  14. my fear is that even most black pilled people round these parts of the web don’t realize how far we can decline and more importantly… how slowly that decline can take place. the old saying is that “rome wasn’t built in a day”….. well it didn’t disappear overnight either. think of how terrible it feels being impotent now in the face of our slow social decline, with it’s roots in the progressive era of a century ago. Now think about that feeling going on for another 270 years!

    i want to hope otherwise, but my gut tells me no.

    and even the consolation scenario of ripping the band-aid off quick on DOTR or SHTF is not exactly something to feel great about. ever read personal narrative about what it’s like to live through a civil war? people that you like and people that you love and people that you respect WILL be murdered. am i ready to live a life undifferentiated from the lives tribal hilljacks live in the hindu kush? are you?

    declined or destroyed are not good options, but i don’t see any other way forward as likely. trump or no, i still believe we’re not voting our way out of this mess.

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