You Gonna Eat That Corn?

Everyone knows no one changes the oil on a rental car. You’d have to be a highly paid Hollywood actress to not comprehend that renters have little interest in the state of an owner’s asset. But even ownership features extreme variance in care. There is a vast gulf between the mindsets of investment and extraction. Investors frequently forget this at their sorrow.

As a result of their oppositional approach and historical abundance, resource extractors are a class prudent investors do not view casually. A healthy understanding of their traits and tendencies may be a prudent investor’s most critical endowment. In fact, I often think true prudence is the capacity to think imprudently. For that allows one to conceptualize the full range of likely human behavior, rather than be constrained within the boundaries of your own. Foolish investors may cast aside caution by assuming only fools would eat the seed corn rather than plant it. Prudent investors know that eating someone else’s seeds is its own viable strategy.

I was recently reading an article about the old corporate raiders from the 1980s. These men were apex extractors. They didn’t invest; they extracted the fruits of a fool’s investment. Though it’s important to remember, these were actual owners of the raided companies. They weren’t beating a rented mule, they were selling it for the hide. To the original owners it seemed inconceivable to consume a company’s best assets and then walk away from a withering husk. But that was just a failure of prudence—that is to say, the capacity to think in ways you find imprudent. The raiders found extraction to be very prudent indeed. Here’s a description of Carl Icahn’s infamous mosquito attack on Trans World Airlines.

In order to assume a majority share of the airline, Icahn took on a substantial amount of debt. To pay back his debtors, he gutted Trans World Airlines, stripping it of its most valuable assets; including its London routes network. When the dust finally settled, Icahn walked away from the company with more than $450m in his back pocket, while the airline, lacking the necessary assets and route networks to adequately compete with its competitors, slowly fell by the wayside, struggling to repay its debt.

I hope no one thinks ownership is synonymous with stewardship.

But when they witlessly begin to transfer ownership in a carefully-cultivated asset, foolish investors sometimes find their new equity partners see something to be consumed rather than nurtured. I almost hate to advise our more tender readers, but this is actually typical human behavior. After all, do you make a point of preserving the objects of a stranger’s sentiments?

The point being that ownership extraction has a long and august pedigree. And that’s the sort of fact our education and media institutions exist to conceal. Though not being mentionable doesn’t mean it’s not carried out conspicuously. I was thinking of this today while reading about the PayGo skirmish presently ongoing between competing legislative factions on the left.

For those unfamiliar, this term represents the principle that Congressional actions should be revenue neutral. That is to say not driving up (or certainly not down) our meticulously groomed budget deficit. So when starry-eyed twenty-something latina socialists want to come in blazing away at whitey’s waning wealth, they have to raise taxes or cut other spending commensurately. Crone Pelosi is the leader of this element, otherwise known as the Clinton corporate left. This side is more than happy to subsidize prog victories on every social front as long as the communists let them keep their billions and control of a country that doesn’t eat zoo animals.

In opposition are the progs themselves or, increasingly, the POC progs who are steadily replacing the movement’s original tumors. Led by representatives like Ocasio-Cortez and California’s Rohit Khanna, this bloc is premised on pure extraction. They have a vast social justice spending agenda and little appetite to moderate it according to the fiscal health of a hated people’s heirloom.

As treasonous to the nation as they have been, old white liberals still see America as something that is still vaguely their baby. Thus they exhibit vestigial expressions of parental instinct. Young POCs suffer no such attachment. Thus unburdened by sentiment they are free to satisfy native inclinations to transfer enormous gobs of white wealth to people with names like Ocasio and Rohit. Military invasion is really pretty pointless when you can just elect right over the legacy population’s feeble objections.

Of course, it could just as well be said that Trump has blown the deficit even farther into Neptune’s orbit than Obama and Bush before him. And it is true, he has. But his deficit is born of tax cuts rather than spending blossoms. As such, it’s hardly the transfer Rohits have in mind.

I don’t know how PayGo will be resolved in this Congress. But I do know how it will be resolved in future ones. I know this because Steny Hoyer is 79, Nancy Pelosi is 78, and Ocasio Rohit Cortez is 29 and 42. National resource extraction has a very dark future. At least it will have a bright billboard.


37 thoughts on “You Gonna Eat That Corn?

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  3. Here’s a beautiful quote from Khanni: “But we should make an economic growth argument in swing districts instead of thinking the ’90s playbook of fiscal responsibility will work.”

    I’ve never heard anyone actually argue against fiscal responsibility. It’s kind of like someone saying “what I did was evil and that’s why I did it.” Gotta commend him for his honesty, but maybe next time dial the honesty back a bit, it could cost you votes. I KID! It’ll never cost you votes in clown world.

    • Rohit has a JD from Yale; obviously we don’t expect Indian migrants to abase themselves at state law schools. I thought this passage from his fickipedia page was aptly unsurprising.

      As part of a pro bono legal team, Khanna filed an amicus brief on behalf of 13 of the country’s leading social scientists in the Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. That brief included research that provided a deeper understanding of how a diverse educational environment benefits students and cited studies showing that race-conscious admissions policies used by institutions like the University of Texas result in a more diverse student body.

      See, that’s why we need more highly-intelligent immigrants: so they can more capably subvert our own institutions against us.

      Though I love that “deeper understanding of how a diverse educational environment benefits students.” Students like Rohit, for example. Not so much Bill and Sally, who were passed over in the selection process.

      But Bill and Sally were probably just going to become an engineer and dentist instead of a POC agitator, which the forefathers of Bill and Sally had to know were best for their posterity.

      After all, would Bill and Sally have been bright enough to argue that discriminating against whites in admissions results in fewer whites at your university? That’s a 5SD abstraction right there. Maybe sharp young white lawyers will one day make the equally profound observation that banning Indian migrants results in fewer Indians trying to get whites shut out from universities founded by their own fathers. That would be quite a shrewd argument indeed.

      • Well, Bill and Sally didn’t have the good sense to be born a minority, so they can suck it. Unless, of course, they’re Bill and Sally Cohenberg.

        Part of our downfall is surely is our earnestness. We send our kids to nearby colleges in the hopes they’ll find decent work, raise a family, be a responsible part of the community, when it turns out we should have trained them to be attack dogs all along. How’s a dentist going to fight a holy war? An insurance agent isn’t going to squeeze the system for any remaining gibs.

        That said, earnest white producers think all people are really like them, if we just give them a chance. There’s a weird sort of humble arrogance there. They really think that inside of everyone is a boring, respectable white person trying to get out.

        • Humble arrogance is an apt term. It’s an amusing irony that only the left preaches diversity as scripture, while only the right actually believes in human diversity.

        • “They really think that inside of everyone is a boring, respectable white person trying to get out.”
          Central to our cultural dogma is the unflagging belief in everyone’s Inner Minnesotan.

    • Reminds me of Sean Connery in the Great Train Robbery, when asked, why did you do it [this crime]?

      “Because I wanted the money.”

      Occam’s Razor.

      • Ya Occam’s razor definitely applies here. They want our money. It’s that simple. As a former resident of the suburbs of Atlanta I can attest to this. Gwinnett county used to be a great place to live, until ‘Atlanta’ followed whitey out there. It went democrat in the last election for the first time in decades. There’s no saving it now. Demographics is destiny.

  4. Longer comment coming soon, but here’s a short thought. The corporate raiders of the 1980s were able to pick apart companies because dysfunction at the corporate level reduced the value of the enterprise to something much less than the value of the sum of its parts. Thus, buy, dismember, and sell became a profitable business proposition.

    There’s a good argument that America 2018 is in a similar position. Dysfunction at the Federal level has reduced the value of the American enterprise to something less than the value of the sum of its parts. Large portions of the American population would now benefit from being separated, politically and financially, from the rest of the country. As this fact becomes evident to more of the productive population, a political platform based on dissolution may take hold.

  5. Ocasio-Cortez has a meal plan ready. Reparations, minority communities, social justice, and equality. That’s the sound of generations of accrued capital being suctioned out from a foolish nation’s pockets.

        • Claiming to be a Jew is her get-out-of-jail-free card when she launches the inevitable Pan-Brown People Jihad against the Zionist Entity.

          Here’s the full video of Ocasio dancing. It’s only 30 seconds long, but after viewing it I think all reasonable people will come to the same conclusion:
          Would bang, with extreme prejudice.

          Ocasio really is The One we’ve been waiting for, the one who will finally spark the long-awaited civil war in the Democratic party between the (((old guard))) and the POC ascendancy. And may the latter smite the former, injuriously.

          Her tits are like nuclear-tipped warheads aimed straight at the hook-nosed apartheid ethnostate and its satanic stranglehold on American foreign policy. To the Jews, they are damn dangerous D-cups.

          When Chuck Schumer sees those plump, brown jugs, he fears for the future of his people. The rest of us see only utter (udder?) magnificence.

  6. Meh. As I watch our society descending evermore into lefty madness, all financed by a fiat currency, I find myself moving evermore into the accelerationist camp. This carnival ride doesn’t end until the dollar collapses, so I say bring it.

    I’m reminded of the old adage about how, as the Democrats are driving the government gravy train toward the fiscal cliff, the role of Republicans was to ride the brakes. But all Republicans accomplished was to buy more time and space for the invade the world/invite the world loons to expand the US global empire and solidify control over the unwashed masses in the hinterland districts.

    Back in the early 1990s, after Clinton was forced by bond investors to abandon his liberal initiatives and govern as a Corporate Democrat, James Carville famously quipped that when he died, he wanted to come back as the bond market. Then a funny thing happened: James Carville did not die, but the bond market did, at least as a tool of fiscal discipline. Demand for US Government debt exploded, as did any notion of governmental fiscal discipline.

    How did that work out for you? If you are a lobbyist in the Imperial Capitol, probably quite well. By contrast, if you are stupid enough to be from a hellhole like Peoria, Illinois, probably not so well. You may no longer have a union job that supports a wife and family in comfort, but at least you have the plethora of choices for ethnic food that your newly found, diverse neighbors bring.

    AOC is 29 years old. She was born in 1989. Yes, she’s a moron, but she’s also a product of her time. The idea that the federal government’s resources are anything less than unlimited is completely foreign to her.

    I say turn her loose, and let’s vote in a lot more like her. Let’s burn it down.

    • I have an uncomfortable feeling about this “burn it down” strategy. That’s the Cloward-Piven strategy. The Left has the copyright on that plan. If we’re both rooting for the same result, one of us is going to be disappointed when we get what we both want. Are you sure we’ve thought this through?

      • Yes. Cloward and Piven theorized that when their unchecked deficit spending blows up the world, the pieces will fall back together into the perfect socialist utopia that today’s world is not. I find it rather more likely that the actual outcome will be something that starts with “right wing” and ends with “squads”.

        • I think there will be death squads all right, but they will work for the local warlord. The local warlords will come from the current ranks of police chiefs and military officers who today command squads of people who break things and hurt people for their regular work. Maybe a few politicians, too. I don’t see a new constitutional convention breaking out when it all goes down. And it will be a kleptocracy. Right wing, I don’t know.

          • The sickest thing about the collapse, when it comes, is that mostly the same people will be in charge after. Certainly not the same names, but Putin was a mid-to-high Stazi officer for the USSR back in the day.

          • Thomas Chittum, in his book Civil War II, predicts that the gangs will be the first local authorities to emerge. I find that persuasive. They already have the organization and the business plan in place.

      • The flaw in the Cloward-Piven strategy is that it’s taken far too long to succeed. The destruction required to force the reaction of “a guaranteed annual income” has destroyed the target. There won’t be any loot left to loot.

      • If you have a better idea I’m all eyes and ears. As Porter noted, AOC and her cohorts in Congress are on the tip of the temporal spear. Their numbers are only going to grow over time as Pelosi, et al., retire and die. AOC may not get her meal plan in this Congress, but she will eventually have sufficient support to get much of her agenda passed.

        I say it’s better to burn it down now while we still have a demographic advantage and have a passing shot at reconstituting a federal, constitutional republic in which the federal government holds limited power. In 20 or 30 years it will be too late–we’ll be stuck with a democratic Marxist kleptocracy.

        Our kids did not create this mess. It’s not a problem we should toss in their lap by kicking the can down the road.

        • You sure as hell ain’t gettin’ out of this mess by voting.

          We are ruled, plain and simple. These past ninety years have been all about revealing We The People to be the tawdry fiction it always was.

    • Yes, I am a late in life father, 9 yr old boy & 11-year-old girl, who will protect them and teach them how to survive if I’m not around? I don’t want it to happen but if it’s going to happen let it be while I can still defend them.

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