Sermon Saturation

I noticed the anti-Pope is yammering about diversity strength again. Of course Pope Leo IV was also enthusiastic about diversity strength as well. Specifically, he believed in building both high walls and prolific navies, the latter of which proved particularly effective against Saracen invaders in the Battle of Ostia. A stout perimeter and aggressive interdiction: that diversity is our strength.

Though for those who think the strong smell of our corpse is all the strength we need, walls and navies are simply too gauche to possibly entertain over Manhattan cocktails. We can’t just kill people who only want to make a better life for themselves, you know. They aren’t white southerners, for God’s sake.

But whatever little God and the present pope may have to do with one another, I was thinking of both during my own visit to a house of the Lord on last night’s eve of his birthday. As per family tradition, we joined our primly proper congregation to hear a message of hope and joy. At least that’s why we went. What we actually heard was a Washington Post editorial read by a preening partisan in vestments.

As the sermon began I was settling in to a session of pleasant daydreaming when the pastor—one I had never seen before—proceeded with little preamble straight into ominous denunciations of those politicians today who would build walls between God’s children.

I shook my head in amazement. Donald Trump was actually to be the evening’s unholy avatar. His name was never actually spoken, which I suppose is evidence that SJWs are still tethered to etiquette by some long thin line. Though even the children likely understood the intended culprit, as leftists are rarely burdened by subtlety. And with my reverie now turned rancorous, I began listening as one would to rap music at 3:00am: in order to file a report.

For the next interminable period of time, the preacher recited every migrant moral mandate as if he were being paid by the platitude. We’re all immigrants…better lives…red and yellow, black, and white, all are precious in his sight…. If his material was any more insipid he could have written for Saturday a Night Live. I would have characterized it as merely dreary, rote, and inappropriate until he really decided to keep the wokeness real. I do not remember the precise wording, but at some juncture the congregation was advised that God’s grace was the exclusive province of wall breakers, not wall makers.

Upon hearing this, I scoffed out loud. While unintentional, my volume was enough to rotate heads across the entire row in front of us. Looking back at those surprised and concerned faces, I briefly reflected on the fact that my bonds of fellowship may have been better reinforced at home that evening. The look on the face of my stricken wife seemed to corroborate the suspicion.

Fortunately though the service was able to proceed without a political melee in the pews. At its conclusion, the cleric offered communion to all people in attendance, no matter their belief. Did this invitation include Jews? Muslims? Atheists? Satanists? They all have different beliefs. Why should holding beliefs antithetical to Christians restrict one from enjoying the bounty of their table? He didn’t have an answer. And I didn’t have one for why a man would drive to church on a cold December night when he can absorb the same dogma from multiple cable channels in the comfort of his home.

As many have surely noted, this concept more than anything represents the current vacuum suction from America’s Christian sanctuaries. That concept being the same one every H1B businessman must face: competition. Whether the prog message is welcome or not, our senses are already fully saturated. From corporate HR, to the university, entertainment, music, media, government, and now even ostensible heralds of the Holy Father. You could attach any head to another neck and the same sentence would be completed without varying the narrative.

This sort of flocking social fashion isn’t particularly surprising in fields that flounce in its shadow. Though to tacitly suggest that the will of an ageless, omniscient deity is evolving in concert with the convictions of contemporary blue check-mark twitter is something that really should cause colossal shame among honest clergy. But I guess honest clergy are like honest anyone these days: not employable.

So the modern church offers a message from God, who is repeating the message from MSNBC, which seems to always say it first. I expect by next year our pastor will have investigated whether Rachel Maddow was born in a manger.


34 thoughts on “Sermon Saturation

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  2. Have we even reached peak stupidity yet within Christianity of the Protestant and Roman varieties?

    I have heard precious little of what the Eastern Rites are musing on the above subjects. Something tells me they aren’t bamboozled into thinking this tripe.

    • From what I gather, most of Eastern Orthodox is pretty based. Problem is, you have to go to a foreign country with a difficult language to practice it. Orthodoxy in the West (again, from what I gather) is pretty converged, but still trailing behind Catholicism and the Protestant Church on the long, Gnostic march.

  3. If Christians can’t bring themselves to tell Jews and Muslims they’re denied salvation and a seat at Christ’s table, then they can’t tell atheists or satanists. And if no one is denied, then Christianity is just college football

  4. Back in the day the “cold warriors ” warned us of the danger of “totalitarian” regimes. Religion almost exclusively needed to be stamped out in those places in order to prevent any dissent.
    Meanwhile as you so observantly point out…
    “why a man would drive to church on a cold December night when he can absorb the same dogma from multiple cable channels in the comfort of his home.”
    The cultural Marxists have zero to fear from Christianity as they have fully co opted and corrupted the church from pope to laity.
    Mainline protestant churches are even worse ( i.e. Episcopalians, Methodists). The fact that so few people realize that the emperor has no clothes is beyond shocking. People from previous generations would have gotten up and walked out on drivel such as this, let alone finance it with the collection plate or tithes.

  5. When this sort of thing happens in a church, it is our duty in Christian charity to stand up, during the homily or sermon or whatever if necessary, and volubly tell the officiant just where to get off.

  6. Last Sunday, we had a guest “priest*” in to give the sermon. Her thesis was that the 4th Sunday of Advent is all about the wymyn: no patriarchy needed here, Joseph was a minor footnote at best, and the Magnificat was a “revolutionary” statement of social, economic, and political justice, etc., etc., ad nauseum…

    When she actually said that Mary “leaned in” to God’s promise, I thought I might lose my lunch.

    I hope this will be the last time this woman (or any other woman, for that matter) appears in the pulpit; as you say, we get bombarded with the progressive sermon from every angle 24/7; we should at least be able to count on the church being a sanctuary from this noise.

    *This is an Episcopal church, leaning heavily Rite II (very roughly, the Episcopal version of Vatican II; it throws away the traditional liturgy – with its beautiful Elizabethan language – in favor of one with more “inclusive” language, among other things). But we do have a great choir.

    • Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.
      I Timothy 2:11‭-‬14 NKJV

      Sounds like it’s time to find a church which teaches the whole Bible…

      • Does the whole Bible include Galatians 3:28? “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Read the verse you reference carefully; Paul says that this is his action, not the action of the whole church. It is a one-on-one relationship, not Sunday School or Church. Time to get the log out of your own eye first.

  7. I too attended a Mass where the theme of Father’s sermon was entirely:

    “Don’t be RACIST!”

    Of course the weaponization of that term to cow silence to horrendous character deficits and hideous outright criminal acts was a subtlety that the Laity was judged too benighted to grasp.
    And in all fairness, our dear Priest may have been totally ignorant of the peculiar trick that the SJW Left has of taking a word and twisting its definition to serve whatever bee is in their bonnets THIS week.

    I braced Father after the Mass and offered that if he was going to offer “MSNBC-approved sermons” to accord with the secular world, then I would henceforth stay at home and get “The Word” straight from the Oracle’s Orifice while comfortably ensconced in my recliner..

    He had no answer for that, but I have noticed that his later efforts have hewed more unto the Spiritual world and the importance of obeying the Lord God’s morality rather than Rachel effin’ Maddow’s version.

  8. The Catholic Church I attended began caring less about abortion and more about borders several years ago. Prayers of the faithful included a plea for accepting refugees and hostile religions every time. I quit giving money.

    Then it became obvious that the Church was sponsoring people to come to America and pretend to be Catholic for a while. It’s so much easier than the old days of sending your scarce priests abroad to do mission work at your own expense. Just sign a few papers and collect Obama bucks for your effort.

    Within my congregation, some members smiled lovingly at the family of 8 with barefoot children giggling and running through the aisles during the sermon. Some scowled.
    I wish I had heard a loud scoff!

    I quit attending.

    Catholic Charities
    US Bishops

    These are very pernicious organizations

    • There must be something behind the relationship between a manifestly unholy clergy (bishops and priests) and the stridency of their liberal agenda pushing. It’s almost as if they can’t be bothered with what should be their first priorities and instead press for the liberal agenda as a substitute. I don’t know if it’s more sad or more infuriating…..

    • Bingo…and do you need redemption, judgement, or even belief according to the teachings of the current crop of church leaders to be reconciled? Apparently not..

  9. Many of my in laws still fall for this nonsense too. I’ll go ahead and say I’m not a believer in any of this. Around the time I figured out Santa wasn’t real, I began to question all of this too, and for largely the same reasons. I was raised a a Baptist in the south. When I used to go, there was no politicking. I’ve been to a handful of catholic masses because I don’t want to be an asshole and miss someone I care about’s kid’s baptism. These were all before trump, but it seemed to have a very heavy pro government theme with a whole lot of support the troops and cops type stuff. Missing from the sermon were why, exactly, would this Jesus fellow want American soldiers occupying half the Middle East for what was at the time something like 15 years and counting. Or what they as Christians were gaining from a policy of destroying entire countries then inviting those very same people to live here.

    Many of my otherwise very conservative inlaws still give money to them too. When my wife and I were engaged and had to do a bunch of nonsense for the wedding to be Catholic Church approved, she paid for all of it because it was made clear I would not be. We have reached a comfortable truce, though – they don’t bring any of it up, and neither do I. If we are visiting them or they are visiting us, it’s understood that unless it’s for something like a baptism I will be staying home. Last time I was with them they had a book either written by or about this pope. These otherwise conservative and smart people hang on this communists every world simply because he’s got the pope hat on at the moment. Anyone else spewing all the open borders and climates change nonsense they properly scorn, but not him. His worldview essentially seeks to eradicate theirs, but fuck it, it’s the pope so I’ll still give this organization money.

    Same with the pedophile thing. ‘Not all priests are like that’. True. Most aren’t. But enough are that under no circumstances will my children ever be allowed to be alone with one.

  10. Be careful, might get sued for saying mean things now that the cunt student president won her lawsuit against evil notzee Evan McCarty.

  11. I attended a female-led service in a congregation suffering its final death throes. It’s a race to see who dies first; my mother-in law who has been going there for forty years and is devoted to it, or the church itself. We keep being driven out of and retreating from institutions that are vital to a vibrant, confident culture. Our vision of a strong nation should have strong churches, where filial duty and timeless lessons are imprinted in impressionable young minds. Folks with 2+Std Dev IQs often underestimate how central religion is to general human nature. Whipping our churches back into shape with hearty guffaws or more, or leaving them for the sometimes icky bible based outfits is an important front in the culture war.

    That’s this damn-near-atheist’s opinion, anyhow.

    • It’s funny because I think you’re right. People with >1 sigma IQ deviation love their religions, whether that’s Christianity, Islam, modern liberal progressivism, etc. People with ~1-2 sigma IQ deviations (on both sides, funnily enough!) get off on signaling how religion is stupid and we’d all be better off without it and wow look at me aren’t I so great as an a-religious human (never man), all the while generally indulging in a very strict taboo-like religion that just so happens to disclaim a belief in God or gods while worshipping plenty of the latter anyway. Then folks with +3 sigma and above IQ deviation wrap back around to an understanding of how important religion is both as a social glue and for personal fulfillment.

      Midwits ruin lots of things.

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  14. catholic here (small “c” because i don’t attend the church of my youth any longer). I was driven away after being sick of attending mass with half the liturgy in Spanish. It was then that I knew the future of the American Catholic Church. That and 1.2 million dollars bequeathed to the Atlanta Archdiocese meant the Archbishop needed a mansion to “entertain”. He didn’t realize in 2009 that parishioners were out of work and losing their homes. Duh. Now it’s super-fun rock band church. There’s nowhere to get away from the Marxist sjw nonsense except in my own head at home. Once the pope began to sound like Obama, I knew the jig was up. They’re from the same cloth. Bergoglio is from Argentina, a student of Liberation Theology.
    Only validation I’m waiting for now is same sex marriage acceptance and women clergy.

    Destruction is all around us. There’s no refuge from any of it. Enjoy the collapse.

  15. My wife is as close to a true Christian as anyone I’ve ever known. She claims to have been “called” to the clergy when she was still in grade-school. She worked her way through college and graduate school hoping to be assigned to a “Church of the Nazarene” post. The Nazarenes are very conservative (as is she) but they didn’t want to ordain a woman, so she took a flyer off the high board and tried being a Methodist… Where she is TOO conservative.

    She bugged them long enough though, that they finally assigned her to a dying “Black” Church with a congregation of 8-12 very old black ladies. The Bishop told her that her new assignment would probably be short-lived since the membership had been dropping steadily for years. That was ten years ago and weekly attendance has now grown to 20-30 with special services bringing in over 100.

    The difference? Regardless of what the politicians say or do she takes her sermons from the Bible rather than the media. She doesn’t tell her flock what they should do or how they should think – she shows them!

    OTOH, I go to a different Church and I’m constantly bombarded with pleas for money to help “those poor migrants”.

    Unfortunately for “those poor migrants” I’d be perfectly happy if they’d all go half-way home. I know, I’m a b-a-a-a-a-d man, especially when you consider that ‘half-way’ would be somewhere in the middle of an ocean.

    • If she takes her sermons from the Bible, does she ever do a sermon on I Corinthians 14:34-35?

      ” the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. 35 If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.”

      • If you bother to read the context, Horst, you’ll see it has nothing to do with a woman addressing the assembly, but women who are talking (it’s a plural verb in the Greek) among themselves or asking questions in the middle of service. In the very same book Paul addresses women speaking or praying without prohibition as long as wives cover their hair; to say they can’t speak at all would be contradictory and God is not the author of disorder.

  16. I’m agnostic but I tried attending Catholic Church for awhile after the 2016 election, out of thanks for the “win”. I stopped after it got too annoying to watch them cuck so hard every week. The faith isn’t going to save the West, not in the current state.

  17. I’ve been to several Catholic masses (weddings, funerals) recently, and of the ones held here (Boston area) all the sermons were of the let-us-pray-for-the-refugees-in-this-time-of-deep-division variety. In fairness I also attended a Catholic funeral in a red area (rural Maryland) which was traditional and apolitical in content.

  18. The Catholic Church is a big group. As with any large group, your sermon quality will vary. And not even just diocese to diocese, but from parish to parish, and even priest to priest. Although generally, the rest of the priests tend to follow the pastor of a particular parish, there are exceptions. Fortunately, I have found a pretty good parish and pastor, who offers the TLM (on Fridays only though), and sticks to sermons that deal with the actual readings and not political diatribe. Another parish within a 5 mile radius is the exact opposite. YMMV.

  19. You have hit upon many of the reasons I am Heathen. I embraced Odinism and the North European Aryan gods and goddesses years ago and now feel like a manipulated fool for ever having worshiped at the jew-church of christinsanity.

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