No War is Hell

The first indictment of a war criminal is losing the war. Some generals understand this innately and so endeavor to keep their morality pristine by plowing over as many corpses as their infantry can burn. By this measure William Tecumseh Sherman may have been the most ethical fighter of his age. One of his most famous assertions was that War is Hell. It was a quote he strived to uphold.

Yet while war may be Hell, Hell has never been vacated by American troops. So Satan is hardly in the best position to gauge whether war or no war is the more lurid horror. Now perhaps the people of Syria can. Because according to the Carlos Slim Tumblr page Trump is planning to completely de-occupy that ravaged country. As you can imagine, the anti-war left is livid.

I suppose liberals have every right to be angry. Trump pulling out of Syria means one less American appendage stuck in the Levantine sand; it means fewer brown refugees streaming into Europe; and it means more Southern white boys having birthdays instead of funerals. You can see why they would be furious.

But not wanting to just speculate on the source of their discontent, I went straight to its expression in the combox. The performances therein featured more emoting than a production of ghetto Shakespeare. At times they were quite entertaining. Though that’s not to say they were lean, logical, or concise. Most were so blubbery from high-fructose preening that I had to jettison quotes in favor of paraphrasing, lest readers’ eyeballs expire from overuse.

So in order of most theatrical exhibitions of lugubrious outrage, here are the liberal reasons America must occupy Syria:

🇸🇾 Putin. Like black holes, Vlad exerts a gravitational force on liberal emotions that pulls most over the event horizon. Once succumbed to the Putin Singularity, no other cause, course, rhyme, reason, or purpose can physically exist at that point in the space/time continuum.

Those progs within the Putin Singularity ascribe all wickedness to Putin, including the wickedness of Trump, which physicists previously considered its own celestial carnivore. So to them, America should bleed and spend lavishly in Syria if the loss of our lives and money will in any way inconvenience Russia. Not one of these commenters opined on the cost or benefit to an accountant in Topeka being asked to pay for it all.

Times readers were additionally uncontemplative on the philosophical question of whether a rational entity should work for its own interests or against another’s. Most people would counsel against going to the electric chair, even if killing your irritating neighbor would be bad for him. So if it’s good for America, and also good for Putin, is it bad for America? No.

🇸🇾 Kurds. If America leaves Syria, someone will attack the Kurds and/or thwart their ambition for carving out their own political entity. First, we must acknowledge that the left’s commitment to the formation and defense of discrete ethnostates is simply non-negotiable.

Remarking on the left’s hypocrisy long ago became a rote exercise. Though it was practically impossible to read such fulsome pro-Kurd commentary without feeling awe at the liberal capacity for principle compartmentalization. Ethnostates are evil and we must help the Kurds defend their ethnostate is a sentiment that slides across their minds without a spark of friction.

🇸🇾 Iraq. Leaving Syria will create an Iraq. Do you ever try to drive your car on its roof rather than its tires? That’s the question I wanted to ask Times commenters upon digesting this premise. The truth is America creates Iraqs by creating them, not by not creating them. For instance, invading and occupying Iraq created Iraq. In comparison, not invading Tajikistan did not create an Iraq.

That doesn’t mean leaving the place makes it small town New Hampshire. But it does mean it won’t be a sink where greenbacks and gore are ground into a gray slurry. That’s creating Iraq.

🇸🇾 Finally, the dismount was struck with this solemn lament: we should keep our troops in Syria and get them off the US border where they don’t belong. Where do troops belong? That’s actually a fundamental question more than a political one. As such, why does a country form an armed forces? To defend foreign ethnostates? I mean, an additional foreign ethnostate? Is it foreign democracy? Foreign freedom? Foreign trade? What does the military do for us? Given the Pentagon’s $676 billion price tag, it’s a question to which many more non-foreigners should be demanding an answer.

The obvious fact is that the core function of militaries is to prevent invasion of their sponsoring nation. If they do nothing else, they have served their purpose. If they do not serve this purpose, then nothing else they do matters. Thus troops on our border is precisely where they belong. The Japanese emperor has been subdued.

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48 thoughts on “No War is Hell

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  2. Cue another gas attack, and we’ll end up staying another 4 to 20 years. I hate being a pessimist sometimes, and I’d quit being one if I wasn’t usually correct.

    • Thats what im waiting for to. Every time trump talks about doing this, “Assad uses sarin/chlorine on his own people!!!’. I hate being a pessimist too, but I’m usually right as well. Many of the things I haven’t been right about I fear is simply because they haven’t happened yet, not because they won’t happen.

      Another, simpler reason I worry he will change his mind – Israel is not going to be happy. I try hard not to fall into ‘its all because of the jews’ mindset but it is undeniable that Israel exerts a massive amount of influence on our foreign policy when it comes to that entire region. We are fighting their wars for them, and our people are dying ove there to make them happy. I spent a year over there a while back, and every single time I read about anything like this I think to myself how glad I am that not only did I not die, but I didn’t have to kill anyone either. What I was doing was protecting Iraqi oil because they are too lazy or indifferent to do it themselves.

      Junior told the media that Trump launched those missiles at Syria because Ivanka was sad about the poor children. He attacked the military of a foreign country without a declaration of war, based on false pretenses, and killed real people, presumably with families, because his daughter was sad. Thats a war crime. I wonder if Ivanka gets sad about the children our drone strikes kill with thermobarics or the children born with horrible birth defects due to DU and DIME munitions used in their towns. Presumably they remain ignored, like they do for most American’s, because ABCCNBCBS doesn’t plaster them all over the screen, which you would think Trump’s daughter would understand the reasoning behind.

      • The thing that gets me about all this is we were repeatedly told there is/was no American boots on the ground in Syria.

        And then lo and behold we’re pulling out, and it’s the worst thing in the world, I tell you, the absolute worst. Well, except maybe pulling out of Afghanistan, or deploying those men (and women! and trannies!) to Arizona.

        Excuse my language, but how the fuck do you pull out of somewhere you never were? There’s a distinct whiff of Bill Clinton in here. “I did not have military relations with that country.”

        • There are Florida national guardsman MLRS (rocket artillery) to be specific that are deployed to Syria. I met several at Ft. Bliss

          • Yes, I too know personally some people who are (were? will soon not be, one hopes) deployed to Syria. The point is we were always told nobody would be, then there was effective radio silence, right up until now.

      • Thankfully, Israel needs our support more than we need theirs. If Israel was not our ally, we would be better off in fact, but if we were not Israel’s ally, Israel would be a smoking radioactive crater.

        We actually have a president who understands this. Trump likes Israel far more than he should, but he knows that he has leverage and he will use it. I know this is the case because we did not get entangled in a Forever War against Syria despite the Israel lobby and almost everyone else in politics demanding it.

        Yeah, he lobbed a few missiles into Syria after telling the Russians through a backchannel to evacuate men and materiel from the sites he hit. But I’m guessing that he could order the pullout now because the Russians told him that whoever was staging the false flag attacks is now sitting pretty in a black site with a bag over his head.

        • aiden,
          You use the term ‘israel’. Are you referring to the squatters in Palestine?

          My understanding of the term ‘israel’ suggests it is a state of mind, not a physical place. Is the term ‘israel’ similar to ‘bliss’ or ‘nirvana’?

          And yes, sometimes folks grab at conclusions supporting their opinions while not-seeing all evidence to the contrary.

          We are human; we like to be right. Rightness is followed by acceptance into the center of the herd, not-right means we are out on the edge of the herd with the cripples and other easy targets. With this as our foundation, reality can be flexible…

    • On the other hand, we could have waited so long to pull out because we wanted to make sure a false flag could not happen, whether it was letting Assad and Putin take out some treasonous NGO or finding and cutting the funding of whoever was paying the rebels before 2016.

      Everything reported on and stated by the government is theater. We can only guess based on actions. What people do and do not do. Trump’s response to the gas attacks was token compared to what he could have done, what Bush did to Saddam on the mere (forged) speculative intelligence that Saddam had chemical weapons.

      I think Trump really does believe in what he campaigned on, and any failure to fulfill his promises is due to the opposition he faces.

  3. Trump now reportedly drawing down troops from Afghanistan. Good for him. Making sure other people’s problems stay that way should be a statesman’s primary chore.

    • I suppose the real question it’s what precipitated this now? Not that it’s not great news, but there has been next to no chatter publicly that this was coming. Straight outta left field.

      • Managed decline. Eventually we are going to hit the wall and not be able to afford any of this shit anymore. The can we have been kicking with this budget nonsense is, in actuality, a 55 gallon drum, and its not empty, its filled with nitroglycerin. Much easier and safer to start drawing this shit to a close now, while we can do it in an orderly way, than waiting for some kind of budgetary fiasco to force our hand. If I’m right, we will start seeing drawdowns in other places too. Places we have troops there ostensibly to protect the countries, but in actuality are perfectly capable of protecting themselves.

        Or, maybe he is just fulfilling a campaign promise and getting our troops out of our pointless, endless sand wars. Who knows.

        • There is exclusively one element that has allowed the US to both levitate its standard of living and police the world: debt. Specifically $21.886 trillion of debt.

          Occupying foreign countries is a luxury good. You either pay direct or you put it on the credit card. Like everything else, we have chosen the latter.

          • “Occupying foreign countries is a luxury good. You either pay direct or you put it on the credit card.”

            There’s a third way, exemplified by the British Empire before it was taken over by the government c. 1850: Invade chaotic, incompetently-ruled third-world countries rich in natural resources, liquidate the ruling classes, replace them with your people, and rake in the profits. Though it is no concern of yours, native peasants will also benefit from the infrastructure and job opportunities you can’t avoid creating for them.

            Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be great places to start, but you must first abolish contraception in your home country because you’ll need a surplus population of young white people to join you on this adventure.

        • Jesus, you people!

          Stop thinking of Trump as just another politician. He ain’t! He’s a businessman.

          “Trump Syria” and “Trump Afghanistan” are going the same way and for the same reason as did “Trump University”, “Trump Steaks”, “Trump Wine”,the Trump Shuttle,Trump Atlantic City, and the New Jersey Generals of the USFL.

          There’s no profit,(or no MORE), to be made from them and he thinks he can get something he wants by giving up his non-producing ventures.

          Namely, funding for the fucking Wall.

  4. The hypocrisy of the ‘antiwar’ left is mind boggling to behold. I just furthers the notion that nearly all of them are nothing more than part of the Borg. I hive mind, completely incapable of forming a coherent, independent thought. Its easy to see why the NPC meme made them so mad. Nothing hurts quite like the truth. When Bush invaded Iraq, they were out in the streets screaming that he was a nazi, a war criminal, no blood for oil, all that shit. The protests were shown, but downplayed, because the uniparty wanted it to happen. Those liberals out the screaming were correct about Bush being a war criminal, too. As soon as Obama took office, silence. Not a peep out of the left about what he did to Libya or Syria, either. Since the left constantly reminds us white people how much we owe blacks for slavery, and that the trillions in welfare we’ve spent over the past few decades isn’t enough, you would think they would display at least a cursory amount of concern about open air slave markets in Libya, which Obama/clinton decided, for no good reason, to turn into a failed state, but you’d be wrong. Hardly a word about it.

    Their anti-war sentiments, for the most part, only exist when they are told to manifest them. They aren’t allowed to praise trump, even when he stops killing brown people. So they criticize him for it. Plus, Obama killed a lot of brown people, so it must be good. Also, if they praise trump for stopping our illegal and irrational involvement in Syria’s internal conflict, that is a tacit admission that Obama was wrong for putting us there in the first place, and that is not allowed either. There are a few consistent liberals out there that I enjoy reading when it comes to things like this. Alexander Cockburn was consistent. Noam Chomsky as well. Chris Hedges. I disagreed with them about nearly everything else, but they tended to be right on when it came to the Middle East nonsense. Funny how they seemed to fall out of favor once Obama started doing what Bush did. But, Israel wants it done, so obviously this is crossing party lines. Rachel Maddow and Lyndey Graham are on the same page.

    • I brought up the homecoming of the Syria and Afghanistan troops with my mom, silly me, thinking she might think differently about it she is supposedly anti-war. Lol!!!! She’s a CNN/MSNBC drone. She starts telling me I’m the one who doesn’t care about defeating ISIS but I’m the one who was scared of ISIS (Trump’s administrationin took care of ISIS; in her minds it was Obama’s win. WTF?) Kept parroting all the updated CNN and MSNBC pro-war talking points. I will not even bother to discuss politics with my mom again unless I want to find out what Rachel Maddow told her to think. At least my dad isn’t a complete and total NPC, even if he is a total shitlib. At least I got my Catholic dad to admit Catholicism is nicer than Islam. My even more Catholic mom would never admit that. How am I their child? It’s weird being a female who thinks taking away the vote from women is an important move to save the West, but it’s hard not to notice that women are more likely to be NPC’s than men.

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  6. Amidst all the liberal and neocon wailing over the break out of peace I never hear a discussion of priorities. Of course it would be nice to occupy every country on Earth. There should be an army ranger stationed in every shanty-house in Karachi. But we live in a world of finite resources. So how do we prioritize our expenditures? Is occupying Syria more or less important than our own infrastructure? How about more or less important than importing and sustaining the population of Guatemala? These are honest questions.

    A country can’t get its entire wish list and still remain fiscally viable. A triage must be performed. But never, ever, is that fact mentioned in discussions like those related to the Syria pull out.

      • That’s right. I wrote a piece here some time ago arguing against tax cuts for exactly this reason. The public doesn’t clamor against these vast wasteful adventures because it never directly feels the pain of them—refugees and flag-draped coffins aside. Though as mentioned in this piece, Northeast liberals view both of those items as positive features.

      • To expand on that, not only shouldn’t there have been a tax cut, but instead a tax increase large enough to both zero out the current deficit and begin amortizing the debt. Of course that would represent utterly crushing levels of taxation, to which the president should say “but we can add more taxes still if Syrian occupation is that important to you. Obviously some one has to pay for it. Just let your representatives know.”

        • The other option is to embrace empire and force everywhere we occupy long-term or decide needs regime change to pay scutage. We’re fighting so they don’t have to, if you believe the propaganda, so they should pay us the military service fee.

          • In the long term it doesn’t work out either, because the logic of empire necessarily dilutes and ennervates the soul of a nation, but at least it’s a damn sight more sensible than what we have now.

        • I just wish someone would ask them, publically, if it’s worth their own life for. Are you willing to die for whatever you think it is we are doing in any of those countries. Because if you aren’t, you have no business wanting other people to.

          I never shot at anyone and no one ever shot at me. I didn’t do anything brave or anything like that. I just like pointing that out before I say things like this. You have to have been there to realize just how truly pointless it is. The Iraqis literally give zero fucks about any of it. They use any and every excuse to do anything hard. They don’t take care of anything we give them. They don’t want to train they don’t want to do anything. And those people could break an iron anvil with a rubber mallet. They would destroy the most reliable outboard engines made by running benzine through them. So, why are we spending blood and money doing something they wont even do themselves?

          In the end I’ve come to learn it’s all about two things. The petrodollar and what Israel wants. If you want to read some seriously funny stuff from some cynical and jaded people, go read If you never did military time you probably won’t get some of the humor but there a lot of vets who feel the same way about our endless sand wars.

  7. “The first indictment of a war criminal is losing the war.”

    We respectfully disagree.
    – Zombie Harry Morant and Zombie Peter Handcock

  8. So are violators of NJ’s new felony mag restrictions gonna get prison reform?
    The shitlib policy drips with irony.
    “Soft on crime, tough on citizens”

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  10. Oy veyyy, the (((ACLU))) says Trump is a meanie for starving the (((chosens))) in office by SHUTTING IT DOWN until he gets funding for his “monument to waaaaaaaaaacism”. Hebraic kvetching intensifies!

  11. In the end it sux when you think about the semi shut-down of the gubmint is giving a horde of dems a paid vacation. Better strategery would be tell them to come to work and you’ll be paid when the CR is finished, but if you don’t come to work you won’t get paid retro.

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