What a Lady Likes

We’re fortunate medicine never retired from oncology, as the subject certainly isn’t appealing. Despite being similarly unpalatable, modern metastatic liberalism requires the same scholarship for the same reasons.

There is a tendency, native to conservative disposition, to shun close inspection of proliferating prog malignancies until they are already attacking the organs. At that point it’s all prayers and principles, followed by another funeral for Western Civilization. So for the purpose of examining the current contours of our societal tumor, I went looking in the soil most fertile for them: Twitter.

Fortunately for sake of scarce time and sanity, a useful neoplasm appeared within minutes of opening the cadaver. As appropriate for any leftist platform, it was authored by a WOC with an intense racial hatred for whites. So her movement bonafides are not in dispute. With one exception, I would say this is a reasonable statement of the left’s forward trajectory. My comments follow, for what length of time we have the liberty to make them.

Before itemizing these, it’s worth noting that liberals and conservatives work under very different subtexts when composing these bills.

Conservatives use such pronouncements to convey their universalist principles. Policy and law is then structured to advance those they want to emphasize regardless of beneficiary. If nothing but their values remained, they would be happy.

In contrast, liberals make these declarations to acknowledge the movement’s current roster of heroes and villains. Policy and law is then structured to advance the former and punish the latter regardless of principle. If nothing but their tribe remained, they would be happy.

So to begin…

Transvestites are women
This was discussed in the post. Obviously transvestites are now high in the hero category. Actual women are probably too dizzy on average to understand that this represents a significant dilution of their franchise. If trannys are women, and a tranny is any man who decides to put on a dress, then being a woman is hardly a luxury trait.

Surprisingly, low-IQ blacks understand this far better than moderate IQ liberals. Blacks have spent generations cultivating the value of their victim franchise. It would be a costly act of charity to open it to encroachment. Thus you saw the furious denunciations when Rachel Dolezal attempted to do precisely that.

But logically there’s no difference at all. If transwomen are women then transracials are black. But that’s a transparent con. And blacks have been conning long enough to laugh at this feeble attempt.

Sex work is work
So the heroes here are prostitutes. Though, as the lib narrative often winds without apparent reason, their customers are villains. A premise has been solidifying on the left that says women using their bodies as sex objects is positive and empowering, while men using women’s bodies as sex objects is nefarious. This is an offshoot of the idea that female hetero sexuality is good, while male hetero sexuality is bad.

Thus within the confines of the same voluntary sex transaction, the good woman is doing a good deed, while her customer is a rapist.

Black Lives Matter
This is just perfunctory hero marking and routine black solipsism. Blacks say black lives are the highest priority. Doubtless to them they are. Though, again, indicating heroes means indicating for whose particular and totally not-universal interests the government exists to serve.

Nazi lives don’t matter
For our principled, color-blind, mainstream conservative readers this means you. It means your parents in nursing homes, and it means your children in schools. Nazi means those right of MSNBC; Nazi means you. You are the villains; those you love are villains; and an ascendant prog left will use the full weight of government to crush villains like you. Not for what they do, but for who they are. They are telling you explicitly your life does not matter. If you are capable of learning, you will learn this before learning no longer matters.

Rape culture is real/Yes all men
This is just more heterosexual male villain marking. I suppose it will be easy enough to evade associated punishments by donning a dress. After all, trans women are women.

Fuck white supremacy
Of course she means ‘fuck whites’ and can be induced to say so with very little coaxing. This is obviously a companion piece to Nazi lives don’t matter. The left wants to be certain that not just most whites are marked as villains; all of them are. You’ll recall that in 1804 black Haitians didn’t only massacre the Nazi whites, but all whites. Similarly today, South Africans don’t chant about machine gunning just white supremacists. By the way, how many liberal white Rhodesians got to retain their land?

The key point being, white liberals will eventually find their seat at the POC convention to be a very uncomfortable one.

Abolish borders
As I have said, never mistake a prog policy position for anything other than an identity pronouncement. Here the heroes are obviously brown itinerant squatters, and the villains are the homeowners of the West. There are no calls to abolish Kenya’s borders.

Free Palestine
This is one of those hero/villain statements made by unaware naive leftists. What they are unaware of is who precisely writes the checks and holds the power in their contented coalition. Once the identity of the true heroes is revealed, well there are just more important fish to fry than Palestine. Note the amusingly brisk evolution on this matter by young Ocasio-Cortez.

Protect indigenous rights
Would you believe she’s not talking about indigenous Europeans? Again, wherever brown people were 500 years ago is sacred and must be held in stasis eternally for their use and benefit. Wherever brown people are going right now is obligated to openness and concern for the welfare of unwelcome migrants. It’s not turtles all the way down, it’s who/whom.

Support mental health
If other elements of their identity are correct then heroes remain heroes no matter their dysfunction or psychopathy.

Finally and fittingly Bereave women!
We already know prostitutes are heroes, though some women are apparently so unscrupulous as to not perform oral sex for money. This category is a catch-all for them. Of course no volume of documented false rape accusations is sufficient to dislodge this plank, nor could it. Believe women isn’t a statement of principle—obviously we don’t believe nazi women—but instead a customary statement of hierarchy. Women above men and we’ll discuss their races later. So it’s fortunate I’m writing this in a brassiere. Every lady likes to be believed.


28 thoughts on “What a Lady Likes

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  2. I stumbled upon this image the other day, and thought it would go well in your blogroll:


    In my mind, the caption is simply: Wakanda

    I found your blog only recently, and have been working my way through the archives, a handful of posts every morning, rationing them as the exquisitely delectable prandials of hate they are.

    Godspeed, Porter.

  3. Whenever I hear someone proclaiming this kind of nonsense, it always makes me wonder whether they themselves believe it. I usually find myself asking, “Are they telling me this to convince me, or themselves?” If you regularly tweeted that “Gravity is a social construct!!!!” it wouldn’t really matter when you jumped off a building. I suppose it depends on whether you are on the malicious or the stupid end of the leftist spectrum.

    Anyways, Porter, glad you’re back writing and I hope you and your family, and the fellow bigots reading this, have a wonderful Christmas.

    • However untethered, I actually think her list is very close to the current lib state of the art. It has many thousands of retweets and has produced an extremely long and earnest discusion. It is what the left wants. And what the left wants, the right eventually gives.

      Merry Christmas, and all the best to you and yours also.

    • I’ve had the same thoughts. A lot of their positions are so self contradictory that it seems hard to fathom that anyone with enough brains to drive a car and tie their shoes should be able to figure out. Obviously its a mixture of both stupidity and evil people among the left.

      • Obviously, none of the black activists and their cohorts seem to realize that if whites hated blacks as much as claimed, the only blacks alive today would be kept in pens and hunted for sport.

  4. Porter,
    You just keep doing it to me. Whenever I think about sitting down and ordering my thoughts on a certain subject I find that you’ve been there before me and expressed them in a style to which I have yet to be accustomed.I also have to ask permission to steal the little pearl about Kenya’s borders.Priceless! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a hearty wish for your continued work.

  5. So, if a transwoman has sex with a woman:

    1. Is it rape?
    2. Whom do we believe?
    3. Is it lesbianism?
    4. If so, is it then ok?
    5. If the Twoman paid for it, is it work?

    I am so confuse . . .

      • Comrade of indeterminent gender,

        1) it is only rape if the Twoman was on top and/or shaved herm’s armpits since that’s patriarchal. Or it’s Tuesday.

        2) Believe then both, but transgendered persons get more victim points than ciswomen, so extra believe the transwoman, unless the ciswoman is a poc, then it depends on which of them is a vegan and what color socks they wore.

        3) It would be no different than if the woman was changing the oil on the twoman’s Prius, you homophobe.

        4) It would be ok but only if they both made repeated statements of consent before, during and after and signed affidavits attesting to such consent.

        5) It is the most noble of work, letting someone else use your body as a sex toy.

      • “Oh Stewardess, I speak Jive….”
        Glad you’re able to write again. The world is a better place, with more *chortles* because of it. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  6. look how completely fucked the USSR had to get before they finally had had enough and began to turn it around. do we have to go that far? do we have to be obliterated?

    • Sadly, yes…in fact, even more so.

      The Soviet Union never managed to generate enough private wealth for its inmates to enjoy the luxuries of Chinese food delivery, internet porn, dishwasher-safe rubber sex-toys and sex reassignment surgery paid for by the Red Army for it’s gender dysphoric troops,

      The Peasants’ and Workers’ idea of decadent luxury was Charmin toilet tissue and only eating turnips twice a week, so they never got the opportunity to become as entrenched in their spoiled neuroses as we in the Bastion of Liberty have..

      Which means we have A LOT further to fall before we get our minds right about keeping the fundamentals of a healthy culture and society prioritized at both the individual and the collective levels.
      And once we DO topple off this platform of insanity we have clambered and flounced atop of, when we hit those sharp rocks of reality waiting below it’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker!

  7. To bind together all these contradictory and seemingly disparate demands that this Twitter drama queen uttered, we could do worse than recall the “unified theory of liberalism” of Evan Sayet. Everything on that list cries out for redress because everything listed therein is a failure. Trans women *should* be women, but reality has cast a deciding vote of no. Reality has discriminated against trannies. Intolerable, is it not? Hence the hysteria. Sex work *should* be absolutely equal to all other work but we know prostitutes lead sick, degenerate lives. That isn’t fair, but once again reality has spit in the punchbowl. Black lives should matter, but blacks have a reality-based, statistically empirical habit of committing far more crime than just about any other ethnicity. This results in reality-based negative consequences for black lives. And we may go down the list in the same manner, observing reality’s deplorable tendency to reveal that not all peoples, biologies, habits, and cultures produce acceptably egalitarian outcomes. It’s enough to drive mad anyone who believes the first and gravest original sin is to notice differences.

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