Aspirations Against the Foundations

While conflagrations in France continue alongside that country’s more customary baseline of Muslim mass murderers, I continue to reflect on the yellow vest movement there.  Of course I am completely in support of highly visible popular disdain in high visibility clothing.  Though I enjoy less clarity on why it was all even necessary.

One of civilization’s longest serving truisms is that you never have to defenestrate the tyrants you don’t install.  That’s apparently not intuitive, though lots of tears and teargas would be spared by internalizing it.  The French public is now livid at Emmanuel Macron, and it seems to be for reasons beyond him marrying his grandmother’s babysitter.  

So why does Macron have a 23 percent approval rating?  One answer is that he despises the French people, is committed to replacing them with Africans, and demands they pay confiscatory taxes to subsidize the transition.  That’s probably sufficient cause for you or I, but what’s bugging the French?  Isn’t this precisely what they wanted?

It was a mere 19 months ago that Macron decisively trounced Le Pen 66 to 34 in what is analogously the French general election.  Normally a 32 point margin is taken as a fairly unequivocal mandate, and it certainly was taken as such by their new leader.

So what was the Macron mandate the French people threw themselves behind by two to one?  Reports of his platform included the following featured elements:

🇫🇷 Full EU integration/submersion of French sovereignty.

🇫🇷 Mass muslim/african migration.  Actually pledged to accelerate asylum requests, and entrench discrimination against native French by granting tax breaks to businesses for hiring migrants.

🇫🇷 Tax cuts for the rich.

🇫🇷 Large cuts to civil service employment.

🇫🇷 Full institutionalization of climate supremacy, with its massive attendant costs.

More knowledgeable Francophiles are encouraged to correct this impression in the combox, but it is not apparent to me precisely which of these promises Macron betrayed.  In no sense did he ever suggest a loyalty to or even vague affection for the French people.  This being a sentiment the electorate roundly rejected in the person of Ms. Le Pen.  

The ostensible irritant for the Yellow Vests was a gas tax used to incentivize the French toward ethical cave dwelling.  Because that’s in a sense what sustainable non-nuclear power requires.  Either dramatic reductions in the average person’s electrical usage, or an equally punitive increase in their costs.  Saving the Environment as a slogan produces an exhilarating moral thrill, but practically no commensurate appetite to pay for the pleasure.  And that strikes me as the the more fundamental spark behind the Yellow Vest explosion.

To explain, consider Maslow’s hoary hierarchy.

Forgetting physiological needs, think of the other four in two related bands:  1) the foundations of belonging and safety, and 2) the aspirations of esteem and self-actualization.  I believe the source of consternation in France, and the West as a whole, is the broad conviction to have 2 while rejecting 1.  It is the futile and excruciating attempt to achieve our exquisite societal aspirations while simultaneously eroding our foundations.  The result is a vast, typically misdiagnosed dissatisfaction that consistently gives birth to intense division and upheaval.  For malign pols like Macron, it must be flummoxing.  

To such leaders, promises have been kept.  They have performed as pristine anti-racists in opening their habitats to mass colonization.  They have been devout climate congregationalists by crushing their people under fossil taxes.  They have been been true brothers-of-man by relinquishing their nation’s authority to globalist institutions.  And they have lubricated international commerce by cutting plutocrat tax bills and outsourcing the costs of their labor units.  Under more gauzy platitudes, these are all aspirations that millions throughout the West have been coaxed to covet.

But what if aspirations are not only put before social foundations, but actively erode them?  In such a situation, the more you give people what they believe they want, the worse you make their lives, and thus the angrier you make them.  That’s precisely what I see in France.  The French don’t want to be economically immiserated and demographically replaced.  So they hate the globalist elites.  But they desperately aspire to urbane liberal cosmopolitanism.  So they elect the globalist elites.  The conflict between self interests and self image is as much within the public as between it and its leaders.  Though in both the conflict is turning vicious.

It’s remarkable how much misery can be avoided by aligning foundations with aspirations.  Presumptively saving the ecosystem provides a wonderful rush of dopamine.  But being ground under by merciless taxation is a deppressing offset.  Similarly, being open, compassionate, and anti-racist to the world’s seven billion minorities feels deliciously smug.  Though being shot dead over Christmas in Toulouse certainly causes one to reevaluate the downside.  As Mr. Maslow hypothesized, people really do want to feel safe in their own countries.  They really do want a sense of belonging, community, heritage, and continuity.  Not having them really does foster intense dissatisfaction.

Western populations have been conditioned to strive exclusively for liberal aspirations, while ignoring or denouncing conservative foundations.  It should be of little flummox when this combination results in tennis matches with tear gas.


20 thoughts on “Aspirations Against the Foundations

  1. The French don’t want to be economically immiserated and demographically replaced. So they hate the globalist elites. But they desperately aspire to urbane liberal cosmopolitanism. So they elect the globalist elites.

    I think about the same thing re GA’s 6th congressional district, an affluent white demographic with which we’re both very familiar. They want the low taxes and God and Country, but they don’t want to be socially ostracized or hard-edged in any way. They voted for Trump along with their less polished fellow whites only to find, dear me, that Aztec mothers and their offspring are going to be detained at the border–that’s what border security means, after all. So they have a moral panic and elect black females who want to tax them and take their guns and get them fired so we can have more diversity in middle management.

    I think current suburban America lives in a happy fog and they can afford to be Goodwhites, even profit by it.

    • Modern suburban white America is the most deluded and myopic cohort in many generations.

      “I don’t see any problem at all. This is a very nice bubble.”

    • The problem there, as with everywhere else near Atlanta, isn’t white suburban voters per se, it’s the black people that follow them out there. Gwinnett county used to be a great place to live, but black people flocked there from Atlanta and now it’s circling the drain these days. North of Atlanta in places like Canton, cumming, or Woodstock are about the only places I’d live up there now, and of course are expensive as hell. I looked up that district on Wikipedia and it shows the election results. Just 6 years ago Romney won it 61-38. In 2016 trump barely won it, with less than a 2% margin of victory. Wonder what the next one will look like? I bet you the percentage of blacks living there grew by 5-10% or more in that time frame too.

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  3. You see this in nearly every aspect of life when dealing with liberalism. Sure, diversity is great, but I’m going to love in this all white area because ‘it has good schools’. Guns are bad, but I still want my security guards armed. Walls are racist, but I have one around my house. The most irritating one for me is those that move somewhere like Florida to escape the high taxes and the regulatory nonsense in places like New York and then proceed to vote for the exact same thing in Florida. Forgetting for a moment the third world country that exists within Florida(Miami), the only reason that’s even a swing state is because of liberals from up north moving down there and voting. It’s infuriating. Drive 10 miles inland in most of the state and it’s about as red anywhere.

    In that sense I have no sympathy for the French. They voted for macron by a large margin, and he seems to be that rare policitian that is, as you said, only doing what he said he’d do. The French people knew that and voted for him, they got what they wanted. Now they deserve to get it good and hard.

    • It’s just possible that these Yellow Vest riots involve not just an immediate nervous response to pain, but rather also a realization of that pain’s cause. “We voted in Macron, and he’s doing what he said he’d do, but you know what? I don’t much like it after all.”

      That’s not a hard realization to come to. Unfortunately, I still feel I may be overly optimistic.

  4. illinois 14 mysteriously was handed to a POC. yes suburbanites, ma and pa normal, and john q. public are deluded as shit as to what’s in store for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. simply asking them what they know of mandela is enough to gauge the level of their ignorance.

      • In a lot of ways they are the most dangerous people around us. Their tolerance of this nonsense is why it exists in the first place. Every time I hear someone utter the phrase ‘I’m all for legal immigration’ it makes my blood boil. They have no idea how any of it works, how many are coming in, or what kinds of people we are allowing to enter. But hey, it’s ‘legal’ so it must be ok. Morans…

        • Twitter is a place to frequent if you ever feel your love and respect for mankind growing a bit too fulsome. Reading the malice and lunacy of its various political sub-species will quickly re-center a man’s misanthropy.

          One of these sub-species is goober conservatism, and practically nothing is more sacred among its adherents than LEGAL immigration. It’s like Smucker’s jam: with a name like legal, it’s got to be good!

          It’s absolutely futile to point out to these people that South Africa just legalized stealing white farms, or that borders can be legally opened to all, or that their children won’t give a damn that their status as a preyed upon minority was premised on legalities.

          They’re just very silly people who are predictably having their inheritance stolen.

  5. “They really do want a sense of belonging, community, heritage, and continuity. Not having them really does foster intense dissatisfaction.”

    Well put: There is something distinctly savory about a clear truth stated succinctly in our era of prog insanity. In every direction we look we see social technologies being pulled down. The resulting social unrest demands answers. people’s families are falling apart, their communities are breaking down, they feel spiritually unfulfilled; they want answers. The New York Times hates them and prevaricates. We love them and tell the truth.

    The Times will continue to resonate with the DiverseCoalitionOfTheFuture but the insanity can only go so far before clear thinking whites begin to quietly leave to look elsewhere for their answers. Hopefully before it’s too late.

    • The daunting question for Western civilization is: are people even consciously aware that they want these things, or do they only feel nonspecific resentment in their absence?

      • I think our spiritual cravings mirror our corporeal cravings.

        The Chew Pork Crimes tells us that salt is evil. We’ve never been without it – don’t value it;so, ‘no problem’. Our diet of lavishly salted victuals we inherited from our parents starts to seem increasingly anachronistic. We contemplate a sodium-free diet with quixotic equanimity. But the carte du jour is now becoming increasingly unappetizing. We’re not sure why. Symptoms of malnutrition are popping up. The Chew Pork Crimes tells us it is because we are not getting enough sugar. We like sugar. We know sugar is good. But we can’t get our grandmothers recipe for salted pork tenderloins out of our heads. The Chew Pork Crimes tells us this stems from an innate evil that we must work to extirpate: ‘Focus on the sugar’. We oblige, for now.

        Maybe this parallel is a stretch, but maybe not. A couples 12 year-old daughter who identifies as genderqueer is beginning to cut. The Times tells them it is because they are harboring some latent transphobia. They are accepting these answers, for now.

  6. I’m not so sure the French knew what they were voting for. They probably just knew, from a lifetime of all-media propaganda, that Le Pen was bad. Like ill informed voters all over the world, they then projected onto the milquetoast Macron those qualities and policy positions they hoped he would have. If a Venn diagram could be created of those who voted for him and those who are protesting, they would be disqualified from ever voting again, in a rational world.

    Major is oh so right, and so was Orwell. Normies will be the ruin of us all, and hope lies only in the proles.

    • As far as the French knowing or not knowing what they were getting when they voted for him, both you and Porter are correct, but in different ways. Porter is correct in that he did explicitly say he was going to do those things listed above, he just said it in a nuanced way. He didn’t say ‘I’m going to replace you with Africans and muslims’ or ‘I will abandon the notion of a French nation in favor of the EU, he just said he was going to do things that a thinking, aware person knew would result in those things, whic brings me to how you are correct – in order for the French voter to know what they would be getting with Macron, they had to actually think for themselves beyond mere sound bites, and follow his positions to their logical conclusions, which few people are willing and able to do.

  7. I think the simplest answer is the most obvious. But that doesn’t mean it is the easiest to discern.

    It is called vote fraud and vote rigging.

    As Uncle Joe put it, its not the votes that count, but those counting the votes.

    It is why the disparity described in this excellent post is counter intuitive to the demographics of the dirt people verses those “elected” to “lead” them in the glorious one world order future.

    Look at it this way. The trans-globalists are committing White Christian Genocide on a continent wide scale. They are directly responsible for the crimes against humanity taking place.
    A crime such as vote fraud and rigging is like J Walking compared to whats in store for the french if they fail with their 4th Generation war against Macaroon and his Brussels Bankster pals.

    Just why pray tell was the barren blood soaked dried up Vag in a Mao pantsuit so fucking pissed off when she was ousted as the next anointed regime leader of the deep state by orangemanbad in a orange revolution on 11-8-16 by that basket of Deplorable’s?

    She called us dirt people that because she was 100% confident she was going to rule over us with impunity, and she couldn’t wait to call us exactly what she thinks of us because she already one by the margin of vote fraud which has controlled the seating of usurpers after Ronny Raygun won by popular vote. Took the fucking bitch days to recognize she was on a cunt hairs edge of winning the popular vote, close enough to politicize it. She never gave a bubonic rats ass about the populist anything. Until it suited here narrative she was robbed of her thrown. Because she was robbed of accent-ion to rule over us with her cast iron cunt.

    Look at this way. They have to rig the vote. Just as they have to usurp and use up prosperous healthy nation states. They offer N.O.T.H.I.N.G. They offer things everyone with half a functioning rational braincell don’t want no part of. They have nothing. But the two greatest sins of Man. Hate and Envy.
    Who the fucks going to vote for the human extinction movement?
    Take a look around, ask yourself in every facet of the sphere of your life, who do you know voted for the kenyan latte prince? Twice? Voted for a second round of abuse and treason by the clinton crime syndicate?

    Go ahead, I’ll wait. Because if you ain’t employed in a NPC hive mind collective, you don’t know enough NPC’s to make up a plurality capable of winning the vote in this country in a presidential election. No matter what the legacy fake media pushes for white’s are a minority now agitprop.
    That is mind fuck prep to keep you from recognizing the pattern of margin of vote fraud, which is generally 2-3%, to provide the breathlessly reported optics of a close suspenseful “fair election” its armor of plausible deniability.
    Smoke and mirrors fellow Bitchez.

    Why do you suppose they call President Trump illegitimate? To them he is. To them we cheated them out of whats theirs. Nice or criminal or treason, usurpation don’t come into the equation. Neither does our consent or withdrawal of our consent.
    To them it is their divine right as the rarified elite human class to rule over us with all the raw naked power can be mustered.
    Vote rigging doesn’t even register as a fart in mitten in a class VI hurricane as something criminal and treasonous. It is simply what you do to hold power.

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