The Struggle to Stop Hate

Moderation is key, even with the most noble psychoses. Thus when the gauche narcolepsy of family, nation, heritage, and continuity finally gives way to proper self-annihilating wokeness, it’s important to keep an even keel. Because being too woke results in a medical condition called hypervigilance.

Hypervigilance is a state of increased alertness. If you’re in a state of hypervigilance, you’re extremely sensitive to your surroundings. It can make you feel like you’re alert to any hidden dangers, whether from other people or the environment. Often, though, these dangers are not real.
Hypervigilance can be a symptom of mental health conditions, including:

post-traumatic stress disorder
anxiety disorders

These can all cause your brain and your body to constantly be on high alert. Hypervigilance can have a negative effect on your life. It can affect how you interact with and view others, or it may encourage paranoia.

Schizophrenic liberals? I’m sure that’s not right. Especially since therapeutic denunciations have become a proven anxiolytic.

The truth is there has never been a more soothing salve for the leftist soul than to spray righteous red-faced spittle upon a powerless captive. This is what wokeness has been ever since a certain October clambake in Russia. And the Chinese weren’t much on sleeping afterwards either.

That was my first thought upon watching the Mao-machine limbering up to destroy a white undergraduate astrophysicist at Columbia who was recently recorded doing something more repugnant than heterosexually hitting on a woman: he was recorded being unashamed.

As we know, shame is the mental cell to which whites are sentenced at birth. And POC toe mold is the only prison dish served. Thus when this young Ivy Leaguer failed to fly prone at the invocation of raysis, well, it was time for the cameras to come out, and the gears to start grinding.

A white student harassed black classmates at Columbia University on Sunday, shouting “white people are the best thing that happened to the world,” according to the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Witnesses told the student newspaper that Julian von Abele was harassing a group outside the Butler Library and then followed them to a campus dining spot while using racist language.  The incident was captured on video and has been viewed more than 1 million times as of Monday morning. The university denounced the “racially charged incident.”
The student said in the video that white people “built modern civilization” and “did everything.”

“I don’t hate other people, I just love white men,” he said. The Spectator said von Abele did not respond to a request for comment.

Deans at the university addressed the situation by issuing a statement Sunday and inviting students to publicly discuss the incident on Monday evening. One student who was harassed said they wished the university would do more.

“I really hope that Columbia takes further action,” Kwolanne Felix told the Spectator. “They should definitely try to talk to the students that were affected by that and ensure everyone’s OK because that’s really hard to internalize.”

It is hard to internalize. How hard must it be for camerawoman and student Alaa Nasir? I mean when you move to a foreign country, the last thing you expect to hear are positive self-expressions from the natives. How would you feel to hear Muslims say something good about themselves in Riyadh? Hopefully you’ll never have to find out. But this young lady did, and that was after she only got into Columbia instead of Princeton. How much more evidence of white privilege do you need? I’d probably wrap an apron around my head as well.

Though Ms. Nasir doesn’t have to suffer such oppression alone. That’s because our media isn’t just woke, it’s hypervigilant. Resultingly, powerful institutions and seven figure salaries were morally compelled to mobilize against the shameful unashamedness of a single white undergraduate college kid.  As Mao smiles up beatifically.

Mao is more germane than usual when discussing the left in this context since his was the administration that oversaw the soon-to-be Columbia custom of struggle sessions. In these, dissidents, or merely the insufficiently programmed, were publicly denounced, shamed, tortured, and sometimes executed to incentivize the populace into a proper state of revolutionary hypervigilance. Here’s a couple of descriptions from fickipedia:

the Cultural Revolution began and I was transferred to another labor camp… Two years after I had been in this new camp, I received a parcel from my family. Immediately, an inmate accused me of giving something out of it to another prisoner. I was dragged to the office. Without any investigation, the officer assembled the entire camp to start a struggle session against me. In the session the officer suddenly asked me whether I had committed my alleged original crime leading to my 8-year sentence. I was stunned. It then dawned on me that this session was in fact prearranged. The parcel was only a pretense. Their real motive was once again to force me to admit all my alleged crimes. “I did not commit any crimes,” I asserted firmly. Immediately two people jumped on me and cut off half of my hair. The officer screamed again: “are you guilty?” I replied firmly again, “no.” Two people then used a rope to tie my hands back tightly. It was connected to a loop around my shoulder and underneath my armpits. It was knotted in such a way that a slight movement of my hands would cause intense pain. This struggle session lasted for two hours. Afterwards, they untied me and handcuffed me instead. The handcuffs became a part of me for the next one hundred days and nights.

That sounds rather lenient for the crime the Columbia student committed. Let’s see if we can draw on Maoist precedent for a punishment more fitting…

You Xiaoli was standing, precariously balanced, on a stool. Her body was bent over from the waist into a right angle, and her arms, elbows stiff and straight, were behind her back, one hand grasping the other at the wrist. It was the position known as “doing the airplane.” Around her neck was a heavy chain, and attached to the chain was a blackboard, a real blackboard, one that had been removed from a classroom at the university where You Xiaoli, for more than ten years, had served as a full professor. On both sides of the blackboard were chalked her name and the myriad crimes she was alleged to have committed…’

The scene was taking place at the university, too, in a sports field at one of China’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. In the audience were You Xiaoli’s students and colleagues and former friends. Workers from local factories and peasants from nearby communes had been bussed in for the spectacle. From the audience came repeated, rhythmic chants … “down with You Xiaoli! Down with You Xiaoli!”

Down with you! Down with unashamed white man! That’s effective pedagogy, you know. And what is effective doesn’t long go unused. That is if a nation of 200 million who has flung men to the moon is actually going to stay kneeling for the lecture.

In any event, I was able to intersperse a few screen shots of the ongoing imbroglio at Columbia. Maybe white men can be stopped before they start standing upright elsewhere.


34 thoughts on “The Struggle to Stop Hate

  1. Good to see you again. The Mao Mao-ing by the cultural revolutionaries, when reported on should always be accompanied by footage from late sixties China.

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  3. From the Columbia Daily Spectator:
    This incident follows a string of hate crimes targeted at students of color at Ivy League Institutions in past couple of years. A black student at Cornell was physically beaten by other students in a racially motivated attack last year…..
    The Black Student Organization and the Student Organization of Latinxs released statements in solidarity with the students harassed last night.

    Unabashedly lumping the case of the guy who said he likes white people in with an {alleged} case of a black student physically beaten.
    I wonder what the White Student Organization had to say.

    This young man is a genius.
    I hope he is smart enough to navigate the seemingly impossibly predicament of the white male.

    It’s nice to see an article again from Porter—although the tweets are a great substitute : )

  4. Well for one thing, his surname speaks volumes Von Abele – that’s a Prussian surname – and God I wish that country was still around! They gave the world the Junkers, as well as folks like Von Bismarck, Von Hindenburgh and August Von Mackensen – the last of The Hussars! Keep up that fighting spirit young man and fear not, what REALLY can they do to you? Write you up? Ohhhh, look out!

  5. I merely observe, in an aside purely focused on the rise and infancy of Maoist China, that if there had been a savvy, rival coordination system (Chiang kai-Shek doesn’t count; that man was a Conservative’s Conservative in the full modern sense), willing to tell people to get rifles and shoot Communists, then things may very well have turned out differently.

  6. Shaming saps the will, and not just for the victim. Von Abele’s coming struggle session is aimed at everyone; stay inside the fence and huddle with the rest of us sheep, or you’ll be targeted by the national media or the courts (for now), so while the session will soon be over, the lesson will last. Looks like Kavanaugh learned that lesson. Every time a muslim, black, wahmen, or any poc files a lawsuit for discrimination or gets handed the megaphone, it’s aimed at us. It’s a cold war of attrition.

    Which is worse, violent but definitive confrontation, or a slow leeching of the spirit and will? Most, if they’re really honest, will choose to endure the latter.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but for Southerners the War for Southern Independence still looms large. We know the Confederacy was in the right, they were on the lawful and legal side, and furthermore they had the better military. They still lost, and knowledge of that loss saps the will. It may sound like I’m defending apathy or cowardice, but I’m not. I just know we’re not angry enough yet. The Old South had pride. we don’t, so I don’t see what else will motivate us to confront en masse other than anger.

    This kid was a pop-gun. Where were his friends? Who was there that could have / would have backed him up? High praise for his courage. It ain’t easy standing alone, with no assurance that he wouldn’t get his ass beat. Imagine if there were even ten of them there defending white heritage…

  7. “A white student harassed black classmates at Columbia University on Sunday, shouting ‘white people are the best thing that happened to the world’”

    Imagine a black student yelling at whites “Blacks are the best thing that happened to the world!” Normies would react: That’s a fair and enlightened point of view. We wish this young man would come and work for our company. An Asian student could yell a similar thing with impunity, as could a Hispanic or any other ethnicity. A white homosexual could yell this about gays and garner even greater respect. No traditional white American may utter any sentiment even remotely similar regarding his own people. However, as uncontroversial as this observation is, it remains equally uncontroversial to assert that modern society is in no way anti-white but in fact woefully solicitous of the paleface devils. The eternal Normie abides.

  8. Africa was the most advanced region in the world until white men showed up and enslaved them. Then, the slaves unwillingly helped build what is now America. To consider the idea that white people are solely responsible for the modern world is simply foolish.

    white people HAVE NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF

    Europe’s advancement were at the expense of the rest of the world. The things you call “petty”, the rest of the WORLD calls SLAVERY and COLONIALISM

  9. “Africa was the most advanced region in the world until white men showed up and enslaved them. Then, the slaves unwillingly helped build what is now America.”
    Because it all magically evaporated once they left…and the billions that followed all have amnesia and retardation.
    Hammers and nails and mules also unwillingly helped build America…

  10. Epic, as always, and welcome back. Always laugh my arse off. My co-workers probably assume I’m nuts. They may not be entirely wrong.

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  12. I can tell this poor kid is not (or was not?) racist because he actually tried to have a discussion with niggers. If he was more racist, he would not have bothered. Learning the hard way that there’s no reason to talk to these “people”, for the same reason you don’t tell a chimp to stop flinging it’s shit at you.

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