Identity Politics for Me

It’s a solemn chore to give your sacred principles a proper eulogy. Despite the feigned anguish, praising what they’re burying has become a fairly prolific industry among pseudo-intellectual leftists. I’m mostly referring to the raft of recent pieces wrestling with identity politics on the left. As we all know, any strain of white solidarity is fundamentally evil, just as every non-white tribalism is stroked as if it were a Bond-villain’s cat. Sheepish about increasing awareness of this clanging moral conflict, some libs are attempting to bridge the vast logical chasm. Their attempts are amusingly familiar to any adult who grew up watching a cartoon coyote flapping his arms over a canyon.

Having just slogged through one of these pieces, a few minor observations came to mind. First, I don’t recommend clicking the previous link unless swimming through cement is your idea of recreation. The author faces an impossible chore in trying to establish identity politics as a principle rather than an expedient. Of course it can be a principle, particularly since it will exist until man does not. But it can’t be a principle for thee but not me. And navigating that knot invariably produces deep trenches of rhetorical defecation.

The author, who describes himself as a hispanic, catholic, immigrant, proceeds by cataloguing the groups for whom identity politics is necessary, just, and beneficial.

These include:


Fortunately that grants tribalist accommodations to the vast majority of Earth’s human population. Unfortunately, I’m not in that majority.

That’s very unfortunate indeed. Because those of us not granted a waiver are obliged to turn our bodies into asphalt for the smooth travels of those with louder mouths.

That brings me to a long-standing loud complaint of my own. It is extraordinarily off-putting to bang on another man’s door to bitterly complain about the inside of his house. Yet that is the daily exercise in the West, where hispanic immigrants (among many others) beg for shelter on Monday and are offering demands and insults by Tuesday. To which the only polite response is Get the fuck out. I suppose mainstream critics are too cowed to ask brown migrants how the best places on Earth are home to the worst people. As always, tongues tell the lies that camouflage the honesty of man’s feet.

And the progress of white disembowelment enabled by those lies is what principled libs are determined to protect. Here’s an example.

But there is no working our way back, only a lengthy path forward. Identity politics, by underscoring the inconsistencies of our grand national visions, shows how far there is left to travel. “I am grateful for my ancestors’ struggle and their survival,” Austin Channing Brown responds archly when people emphasize that things have gotten better. “But I am not impressed with America’s progress.”

The black female speaker is proud of her own people, but not at all impressed with your meager contributions to the advancement of her people. That is to say, she has entitlements; you have responsibilities. And the difference between obligation and execution is the lengthy path forward.

I wonder how far down this path Ms. Channing Brown would consider Haiti and Rhodesia to be presently.

Though one statement in the article did ring inadvertently true. The author asserts that…

Identity politics, for all its faults, is not opposed to an encompassing national vision. It is a step toward its fulfillment.

That’s exactly right. Because nation and country are not synonyms. Nation is a people, not a state or geography. And identity politics—acknowledging and advancing one’s nation—is a step toward its fulfillment. Left unsaid, as always, is exactly whose nation they are wanting to fulfill.


28 thoughts on “Identity Politics for Me

  1. Great article. Identity politics are designed to divide never unite. Its what Animal Farm depicts. You want to see identity politics in action-see what happened to the jews, armenians, Hutus, Volga Germans, etc. Look what is happening to whites in South Africa today.

    Its a little too much to expect the Left to explain why so many minorities come to such a racist nation when they depart from lands of milk, honey and social progressivism.

    • So if the left keeps dividing the races more and more, eventually they won’t be able to even see each other?

      Personally I wouldn’t call mass immigration “dividing the races”, but I tend to describe things as they actually look.

    • I can answer your second query. They leave their safe spaces and embark on dangerous and arduous treks to the lands of hate because their IQs are low. The liberals are basically saying the immigrants are all stupid.

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  3. “tongues tell the lies that camouflage the honesty of man’s feet”

    Haha, very clever!

    Ever since /ourguy/ Bolsonaro was stabbed, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with race and identity politics in Brazil, and how they compare to the US. For comparative purposes let’s use the broader definition of white in the US, which includes white hispanics. Using this benchmark (whites plus quasi-whites), the US is 72.4% white, while Brazil is 47.7%

    Yet in Brazil, far less white than the US, all the pillars of power (the presidency, cabinet, congress, supreme court, state legislatures, big business, unions, churches, media, academia, NGOs, etc) are almost entirely white, with hardly a brown or black to be seen. How do they get away with it?

    In the US there’s the obvious (((k-word))) factor, along with the core population’s Inner Hajnal cuckery that keeps whites on the defensive. And in response to this weakness the minorities are that much more aggressive. The races are also politically polarized, with 60% of whites voting Republican and close to 80% of nonwhites voting Democrat.

    But in Brazil, though there is a white-right, nonwhite-left split, it’s much, much narrower than in the US. Bolsonaro is now polling at 68% among whites, and, incredibly, 53% among browns and blacks. That’s right, this “rightwing extremist, racist, fascist, white supremacist bigot” has majority support among nonwhite Brazilians.

    That’s what having a confident, unapologetic white population will do: they lead and the wogs inevitably follow. Meanwhile in the US the anti-white zeitgeist keeps reaching new levels of ridiculousness, along with the ever-increasing flight from white, whereby honkies like Pocahontas, Dolezal and Talcum X not only claim to be nonwhites, but actively promote hatred of white people.

    Shit like that simply doesn’t exist in Brazil, as far as I can tell. Unlike American wogs, darker Brazilians genuinely want to be white, act white, marry white, breed white, run in white circles, and want to be fully accepted into mainstream (white) Brazilian society. Quelle difference!

    I think the reasons for this can be explained by the differences between the core populations in each country. In the US the core whites are from the British Isles and German-speaking Europe; in Brazil they’re from Iberia and Italy. The former are generally much lighter (skin, hair, eyes) than the latter, and noticeably more intelligent (UK average IQ: 100; Portugal: 95).

    The whiter whites of the US were more physically and intellectually different from the native Indians and black slaves than the swarthier whites of Brazil were, and were more adverse to breeding with them, or, when they did, accepting their half-breed offspring into their communities. So a strict colour line developed in the US, while a more porous colour continuum developed in Brazil.

    Also most English settlers in North America brought their families, while the early Portuguese settlers in Brazil were mostly single males. So the blacks and Indians had a chance of their descendants being able to join civilized society through interbreeding (“whitening”) in Brazil, but almost never in the US. Because of this incentive for self-betterment, there was generally less hostility between whites and nonwhites in Brazil, and this has carried over to the present day.

    Another reason why the Ctrl Left hasn’t been able to turn nonwhites against whites in Brazil is the relative poverty of millions of whites there. It’s pretty easy to virtue signal against your own race if you’re an upper middle class white American in a safe and comfortable neighbourhood. If you’re just scraping by in a high-crime slum in Brazil you’ll tend to fight back hard against anyone trying to penalize you for your skin colour.

    The Brazilian Workers Party (PT) of Lula and Dilma, which won the last 4 presidential elections, tried to implement affirmative action for blacks and indoctrinate schoolchildren with homo-tranny propaganda, among other communistic outrages. But Brazil is an inherently conservative society, and the backlash against this sort of social engineering led the rise of Bolsonaro.

    Bolsonaro seems like the real deal, like a cross between Trump and Rody Duterte. Expect thousands of criminals to be mercilessly gunned down by heavily militarized police forces with his full support. And fags, feminists and leftist scum in general will be getting short shrift from “Mito” (the legend). It’s gonna be fuckin awesome!

      • Thanks Porter, though that truth serum requires me to inform you that a new poll has been released that reduces Bolsonaro’s lead to 6 points.

        The one I referenced with the racial data had Bolso up 59 – 41. And there’s been a fake news scandal about his supporters “illegal use of social media” (shades of “””Russia collusion”””). A court ruling tomorrow could actually disqualify his candidacy, though that would lead to mass rioting by his supporters and possibly a military coup.

        • Six points is a shocking reversal from what I had previously read.

          The “Russia collusion” angle is predictable. “Illegal use of social media” seems a sufficiently vague vehicle to drive a politically-motivated prosecution through.

          It will be interesting to see if their kritarchy is ballsy enough to attempt a disqualification.


          Telesur (stylised as teleSUR) is a Venezuela-based, multi-state funded, Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela. It is sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela,[2] but also with additional funding by the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia.[3] It was launched in 2005, under the government of Hugo Chavez, with the aim of being “a Latin socialist answer to CNN”.[2]

    • So, as our local Brazilian correspondent, is Bolsonaro’s ascendency everything you hoped it would be?

      Real question, no snark. I get my news from sources I can trust. (OK, no snark, but maybe a little black humour.)

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  5. “The author faces an impossible chore in trying to establish identity politics as a principle rather than an expedient. Of course it can be a principle, particularly since it will exist until man does not.”

    If only the Civic Nationalists understood that it will indeed still exist, when their white families and kin have attained the status of a gravely endangered species. Yet even that precipitous position will not earn them respite.

    • They seem to labor under the ludicrous illusion that their demographic surrender will inspire an ecumenical philosophy in those who hate them. They believe this despite zero evidence it might be true.

      There’s two responses to the “If we are gone the world will be better” position: 1) No it won’t, and 2) Why would we care anyway?

      • Do you know how many monuments, holidays, or simply fond remembrances “diverse” populations will devote to anti-racist whites?

        Yes, you do.

  6. Libs are enjoying the accolades for now. If there is any consideration of future consequences, I imagine they expect the white male conservatives will deal with them.

  7. Nothing profound to add to this masterful article.

    Other than to say that it’s great, and to note in passing how much I loathe these virtue sniveling pimples with their self-hate and “diversity” burbling.

    • Don’t worry, they will eventually get Ocasio-Cortezed in due time. Problem is, they may take the rest of us down with them.

  8. For 23 years I’ve expected a reversal of this “Plenitude-on-the-MasterCard” period, yet here we are. Each year used to bring new idiocy, now it’s monthly if not weekly (and not weakly.)

    Like so many others, I assume that when Bracken’s constellation (what is it, “Bosnia times Rwanda?”) arrives that the Peace-Love-Butt-****ing crowd will be exterminated within four weeks. Then again, both Bosnia and Rwanda occurred in places where people are not “us.” Bosnia exists outside the Hajnal Line and Rwanda is inhabited by an earlier version of humanity.

    Tenaciously do I cling to both sanity and the truth of the adage, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it,” so I cannot quite give into the impulse to say, “screw it, let’s get the party started and see what it is we really have to deal with.” That part of me wants to see how long the NPC’s last when Grand Theft Auto, 2019 Worldwide Edition (or whatever) turns the real players loose.

    Sometimes I wonder if “events” (what we know of stuff we don’t experience first hand) are entirely stage-managed to break my grip on the above.

    [PS: I only played GTA a little, and am terrible at video games. That said, I could piss away quite a bit of time just driving around running over, or shooting, the infinite number of NPC’s that game offered as targets.]

  9. Everyone, sorry as usual for the poor pace of posting. I have no excuse aside from a yeoman’s fatigue. It’s easy to see why twitter is the imbecile’s refuge, as it takes only a fragment of thought to opine there. I’ll hope to resume more admirable activity soon.

      • Sure we can. Get off your ace Porter. Those who CAN are obligated to provide for those who (like many of us) can NOT. What are you thinkin?

    • When it comes to hate, I usually enjoy quantity over quality so I don’t mind a slight reduction of the latter to increase the former.

    • I’m glad you posted this comment. I was coming here to ask if everything was okay. I’ve already had one treasured blogger die on me this year; we need to get you to the Lazarus Pits.

    • Thanks, Major. All the best to you and your family also.

      And thanks for checking back in. I’ll get back to the blog once my time demands fall below 95%. It’s almost unfortunate in that tweeting takes less than half the time for more than double the audience.

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