This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior

Mockery only cuts when it cuts into the truth. That’s why the NPC (non-player character) meme cut the left so deeply. Liberalism is a faith of extreme conformity practiced by superficial non-conformists. Watching liberal group behavior is like watching a human school of herring—all swimming in unison, and all proud of their individual moves.

The NPC meme put a mirror up to this oblivious synchronized swimming, leaving multitudes of indistinguishable lib fishies not at all pleased by the reflection. Although, can you really call someone a rigid intellectual conformist who has a coexist bumper sticker and a pierced septum? Only Chinese museum curators can say for sure.

But until they weigh in, I wanted to write about one of the transmission channels by which NPCs receive their patches, service packs, and security updates. For a long time I have read the Yahoo! home page. I don’t read it for amusement or illumination, as the writing and reporting is humiliatingly insipid. I read it instead to see what instruction set is currently being communicated to the automatons.

As an aside, Yahoo is a failed legacy Internet brand/portal now organized under the Oath umbrella. It shares this stable with other far-left detritus like the Huffington Post, which features prominently in the Yahoo headline stream. Largely Oath is attempting to build a shitlib symbiosis from the Internet’s junkyard. And if you’d like to know who’s sponsoring this toilet bowl, just find out who’s paying your Verizon bill.

As a I mentioned, the writing in Yahoo articles is atrocious, but that’s not why they’re really there. Yahoo articles communicate in subtext. They tell liberals what to embrace and what to shun, details are wholly irrelevant. They are essentially schooling instructions for humans.

That’s why I took notice this spring upon first seeing an unusual theme emerging. Yahoo began signaling hard against whites doing things to blacks that weren’t overtly raysis, violent, or illegal, but merely irritating. The articles were naming and shaming whites who simply called out blacks. Of course calling out poor behavior is a prerogative and remedy within any free society, and one that any of these written about people remained at liberty to do; they just couldn’t do it to blacks.

In a couple of posts here I called this a coming out against white racial insubordination. The signaling shift being that whites could not only not view themselves as superior (as, plainly, all healthy peoples do) they could not even view themselves as equal. You do not call the police on blacks was a very stern subtextual lecture to racial inferiority. Always keep your eyes down, honkies—especially when signing that tax check. Unfortunately for whites that suggests a social status of vast responsibilities to other races, but zero authority. And that’s called servitude.

At any rate, Yahoo has since maintained an astonishing cadence of white insubordination shaming stories. Typically they appear in couples every week, some weeks nearly one a day. Rest assured, someone views this mindset as a major service pack.

What motivated me to opine at length on the phenomenon is for the first time I noticed two of these articles in the same day. At this pace news itself will soon just become a blur of racial finger pointing. Here is the first shaming of the shrew. In this tragedy, 30-40 militant marching blacks were simply seeking succor from the sun in a gas station parking lot when the WHITE (emphasis Yahoo) manager called police simply because they shut down the gas pumps, blocked ingress and egress from the station, trashed the storefront, and that’s all!

As you will fall prostrate to learn, a protest is planned demanding that the white manager be terminated and arrested for making a false 911 call. Yahoo also helpfully informs us that: When called for comment by Yahoo Lifestyle, Brenda hung up the phone.

I can imagine that good-faith investigative phone call.



Obviously this isn’t news; it’s a threat.

In the day’s other completely irrelevant but for the signal story, a black soccer parent got the cops called on him for his undoubtedly soft and reserved dialogue with game participants. This leading astute race sentinels to scream anathema at the white female caller. This international imbroglio being quickly suctioned into the Yahoo shaming queue for NPC updating. One telling item was left to languish deep in the column’s corpus: ”the field marshal had kicked out a total of four parents from the game that day.” But only one of them got her named and shamed.

This is how NPCs know what to hate without needing to know why. And the truth is, even human beings understand the message: be submissive or be destroyed. So might as well leave those thousand dollar iPhones at home when going out. Given racial crime statistics, the temptation to call police on the wrong people just may be your undoing.

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27 thoughts on “This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior

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  2. In my view, all people herd. It’s innate. But as with all human attributes, some are high-spectrum, some are low-spectrum.

    Leftists, I suspect, are uniformly high-spectrum. They are more likely to have visible and/or banal tattoos, unnatural hair colors, styles that ape others’ subcultures, hang around with the “other tribe,” or demonstrate some other visible cue highlighting an axiom I’ve long noted: “Being different for the sake of being different is the essence of conformity.”

    In Nock’s essay, “Isaiah’s Job,” he splits humanity into two groups, The Masses and The Remnant. The former is made up of undifferentiated herd animals who for all practical purposes behave like cells in a multi-cellular organism. None of them exhibits thought on an individual level. The Remnant is made up of people who ask and answer for themselves the question, “How should I live?” They don’t all arrive at the exact same answer, of course, and few members of the Remnant know other members explicitly. It is the task of the Remnant to provide the spark of renewal when the cycle of human history has marched down into the Abyss again. The Remnant does not stop the decline and fall–nothing can.

    When I see “the news” and bad things happen to people who may superficially resemble me, I try to remember that life is less than completely random; just as poverty is rarely accidental, getting dragged into a riot and beaten, or pulled from an alley to be raped and murdered, doesn’t often happen to people who ask and answer the question above, it more often happens to the mindless, undifferentiated herd animals of the masses.

    We are surrounded by such, and always will be.

      • There is a reason “Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds” is regarded as a classic.

        There’s another reason it never gets new editions even after more than a century. Any modern edition would be by necessity antiseptic and way cyst somehow. And he can’t have that. Society could not stand such a mass triggering. It would break apart.

    • Deter, just read “Isaiah’s Job,” and I think I’m a better man for it. Drinks are on me tonight.

      Porter, this from the above essay made me think of you, and those like you, and your lonely work:

      “You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you do know, and no more: First, that they exist; second, that they will find you. Except for these two certainties, working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellectual curiosity necessary to a successful pursuit of his trade.”

      For anyone whose interest is piqued, here’s a link:

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  4. Even Christ acknowledged that the masses were ‘like sheep without a shepherd.’ The “hoi polloi” ALWAYS need leaders. The trouble with America is, that they actually believe that ‘all hominids are created ontologically equal’- which is the lie of Satan, to be blunt. The sheep presume that ALL are shepherds- and cannot even see the (((wolves))) in their midst.

  5. Great post. In a more ideal world, we wouldn’t have to burden ourselves with not-reporting crimes.

    In the meantime follow this simple guide.

    1. Is crime being committed?
    2. Is suspect black?

    3. Are police white?

    4. Do you even want to deal with police?
    5. Are there other options?
    6. Do you live in a community, or a place-name with people you care about or sort of even just know?

    If the answers to all of these questions is yes or no, consider how it came to be and what’s your place in all this?

    • Don’t let them Kitty Genovese you.

      FW(little)IW, my view:
      See a crime (unequivocal crime) dial 9-1-1.
      Never, however, White Knight. N-E-V-E-R. There’s just no percentage in it.

      We’re by definition always in reaction mode, and reaction is slower than action. We’re perpetually at a disadvantage. No one said there was an “easy setting.”

      • The wishful thinker in me wants to say that the best way to deal with inter-racial crime is just to shoot the perpetrator and hide the body in cans of dog food. But who’re we kidding? Not having the kind of societal ground cover that assumes because it was burned away in the acid baths of Progress™ is exactly the mess we’re in.

  6. Just a personal observation, but I’m sensing a change lately among normie whites that I know. I’m hearing “anti-white” in conversations now, and seeing that knowing, conspiratorial recognition in normies faces when the word is mentioned (finally!). And, I’m surprised at the sense of relief I’ve felt lately, witnessing it.

  7. The young people are against you

    “See, the party knows that if everybody votes, it can’t win. That’s simple math. The Republican electorate skews sharply older and white. Polling from The Roper Center at Cornell University says whites went for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 57 percent to 37 percent, while people of color strongly supported her, African Americans giving her 89 percent of their vote. Trump also lost big among young voters, but won big among their elders.”

  8. Troll likes copypasta. Pastes it on multiple websites. Yawn.

    Anyway, the NPC meme is good rhetoric not only because it mocks but it is also true. This is something Vox Day notes. Today he shared another meme: Lizzie Warren is 1/1024th Native American, therefore she is an Indian. However if one possesses 100% X chromosomes, you still may not be a woman.

    Perhaps Warren is heap big manly Injun chief.

  9. The Hill also publishes the same or similar How Dare You, Whitey? stories. I use the NPCs in the comments section as my speed bags.

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  11. Yahoo news ‘articles’ are nauseating, I never read them beyond the headline, but I do read the comments, which are invariably contemptuous of the yahoo news team. Check it out, and make sure to up arrow our team.

  12. Not being a gamer I’d never heard of an NPC until a week ago. One can tell how dangerous to Progressives a meme or slogan is by the depth and ferocity of the media push back. The NPC meme and the MOB slogan appear to be causing great concern. Mockery and fear are effective political motivators and both of the above are spot on.

    • I got blocked on twatter for pointing out that somebody retweeted his own tweets as authoritative sources. He told me to “fuck right off” because I’d retweeted funny #orangmanbad NPC tweets. LO fuckin’ L

  13. Please do note that Yahoo! is propped up by AT&T, which uses them to host the e-mail services associated with their ISP offerings. And of course, AT&T is neck deep in collusion with the Deep State, giving FBI/CIA/NSA direct access to their network at root level. And when those fine entities then provide that same access to their Five Eyes buddies as well as Germany’s BND, you end up with the shiite-show of FISA warrants. You do understand that is why that FISA info has not been released, in spite of a direct order by President Trump? Australia and the UK don’t want it to be public how they are continuing to subvert the US “Legal” system. Of course, the FISA judges by now understand full well what is going on, but they don’t care to stop it. Remember all this every time your hear dear ol’ Trey Gowdy spouting about how it’s only a few bad apples in the FBI and the DoJ. Trey lies as much as Lyin’ Ryan.

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