Always Get It In Writing

I doubt it is by design, but women seem determined to make arduous the task of bereaving them. In the last month we have learned that every single liberal female is a survivor, most having survived only the herd stampeding for status on twitter. We also learned that Brett Kavanaugh was a prolific gang rapist, whose rampage of sexual plunder was finally extinguished by the onset of old age at 19.

But fortunately for Kavanaugh there was no evidence to actually tie him to any crime. Unlike, say, Harvey Weinstein, who faces proof-positive accusations from several faded trollops.

Having long occupied a prestigious rotation banner at the Kakistocracy Blog, Harvey Weinstein will receive no sympathy here. As the most enthusiastic financier of Hollywood’s White snuff oeuvre, I could watch Weinsteins rot all day. Though that’s not a general endorsement of the debauched and evidence free prosecution that’s going to put him there.

Like most of the MeToo allegations, those against Weinstein were from events largely occurring during the Paleolithic. This leading to an obvious question from the outset: what’s the evidence? Because if antique accusations alone are deemed sufficient, then the next thing you know we’re going to have Supreme Court nominees being accused of rape by purchased women for political purposes. Trust me, it will happen.

At any rate, the only currently charged complaints against him are in New York, where prosecutors are attempting legal metallurgy to turn lead cases to gold. Unfortunately the ladies aren’t making it easy.

One of the women, Lucia Evans, claims that Weinstein forcefully inserted his penis into her mouth full of teeth in 2004. That was almost certainly good for twitter status and civil suits, until her own prior correspondence emerged stating that “she had performed the sex act to score an acting gig.” Apparently the DA found the idea of women willingly offering sexual favors for career advancement to be such a preposterous notion that even her own words couldn’t convince him to bereave it. So the Evans complaint still stands.

And that’s not all.

Another accusation within this roll-up prosecution was from an unnamed accuser who claims Weinstein raped her in 2013. In this instance as well, correspondence has emerged showing over 400 affectionate Emails from the woman to Weinstein after her alleged victimization. One professing her love for him less than a year before she would accuse him of rape for an act reportedly committed five years earlier.

Astonishingly this is actually a pattern. Recall Asia Argento, who faces her own legal jeopardy for bedding a 17 year-old boy actor, was one of the most outspoken Weinstein rape victims. The criminal act reportedly occurring prior to a long sexual relationship with him that she herself admitted was consensual. Weinstein must truly be the world’s most tender and charismatic rapist, given the committed relationships his violations produce.

Though in the case of the unnamed complaintant, the prosecutors did have an iron-clad point in refusing to drop the case. Said a spokeswoman: “None of the emails show the accuser denying that she was raped.” See? Checkmate. She never said you didn’t rape me. And when women don’t explicitly offer that disclaimer in the course of their romantic communiques, an observer can only conclude that they were in fact raped. Just as an aside though, how many male readers have a letter or text in their possession from a woman with whom they’ve had sex that says you didn’t rape me?

As for the third woman in the New York DA’s quiver, she claims that Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her in 2006. Her attorney says “we have utmost confidence that her testimony and supporting evidence will prove his guilt.”

At this point I’m presuming that supporting evidence will be a marriage certificate and photos from she and Harvey’s honeymoon in Barbados. After all, he probably doesn’t even have a note in their wedding register saying he didn’t rape her.

This sort of “survivor” mockery is desperately needed, no matter how politically unpalatable it may be. That’s for two reasons. 1) Even with filth like Weinstein, these sort of sham prosecutions produce precedent that is inevitably used to indict innocent men. 2) There are good, honest women who are truly assaulted and deserve full legal remedy. The left has spent the last few months diminishing their testimony through implicit association with a highly public circus of liars and charlatans.

Ultimately that means if you’re going to demand to be bereaved, you better start acting bereavable.


13 thoughts on “Always Get It In Writing

  1. “There are good, honest women who are truly assaulted and deserve full legal remedy.”

    Outside of things like home invasions – are there?

  2. “When Adam delved and Eve span
    Who was then the gentleman?”

    Biology, she is a bitch. So is payback, and #MeToo has accumulated a debt to make the United States Treasury Department envious.

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  4. You don’t mention Cosby…maybe you’ve already accepted an absurd conviction. Justice and reason mean nothing to most women, and less than nothing to the left, these are values of decent men, but they are vulnerable to division and demoralization.

  5. Taki speaks highly of Weinstein.

    So he’s got that going for him. This whole imbroglio reminds me of Jian Ghomeshi, a paki woman-beater who was put on trial and quickly acquitted, because all the skank hoes accusing him of smacking them around had sent him umpteen million emails after the fact proclaiming their undying love for him.

    None of this would surprise Heartiste or anyone else with any experience with the “fairer” sex. As much as any of us would love to see Weinstein/Ghomeshi in prison orange, these lying whores butthurt about being rejected can’t be allowed to get away with making these serious criminal allegations, with no consequences to themselves.

    As for Asia Argento, as despicable as she may be, at least she put Bourdain six feet under. +1

  6. The longer Pound Me Too drags the more convinced I am that Weinstein will be acquitted. It’s like they are bitter about having fucked an ugly sexually incompetent slug and their careers tanked anyway. They’re not mad about the “rape”, they’re mad about the con.
    Ghomeshi in some ways is more disconcerting. As annoying and transparently slimy as he was I am still perturbed that the Crown prosecutor brought the full power of the state (The Province of Ontario) to take sides in what essentially was an HR dispute between the brown Lothario and a woke female employee who basically didn’t have the strength of character to deal with his teasing and was unsatisfied by the punishment meted out by the employer (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) If this isn’t totalitarian overreach I donno what is and yet no one of note seems to have reported on the case from that angle. But men are not stupid, they see what is occurring around them and they read the signs. This was a big sign that Queerdom and the Gynocrats (Wynn Government) had gone a step too far and a change was in order, enter The Male – Doug Ford. Thank F ing Christ.

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