Democracy Dies in a Society Not Ruled by Slogans

I guess this means we’re not going to bereave women! Or maybe we were supposed to conceive women…or Tel-Aviv women. It’s something like this, I’m certain. The point being that today’s apparent Kavanaugh victory marks a bitter pause not only for budding bolsheviks, but for the entire concept of Society by Slogan.

Of course bereave women! was always simply an expedient to scuttle a mildly conservative Supreme Court nominee. Though being merely an expedient in no way diminishes its capacity to destroy. After all, “diversity” was just a rhetorical expedient concocted by justice Lewis Powell in 1978. Now it’s a national religion. Never underestimate the metastization power of terminology.

Because it is not to be underestimated, we should remain vocal about a few slightly problematic features of this dogma. Primarily in that it is less a rational thesis for social order than it is a prayer. There is no doubt the Aztecs bereaved Tezcatlipoca! just as fervently as any modern male feminist now worships the women he is just as likely to have sex with. And because it is a prayer more than a position on mortal law or politics, it is just as much a prayer for chaos and tyranny.

That is because unfortunately vaginas don’t convert human beings into saints any more than the soil in Minneapolis converts rapacious East Africans into industrious Scandis. That means many women, just like men, will lie when they find advantage in doing so. And those who expect uncritical belief will find a great deal of advantage in it. If enough people are foolish enough to meet those expectations, we have a very catty civilizational collapse awaiting.

Since incentives do work, we can always count on having more of what generates high yield social status. And right now nothing produces more output than pronouncing I’m a survivor! The mere act of self-proclamation now coats the speaker in a moral Teflon that displays quite profound social properties. Specifically, it compels deference from opponents while simultaneously shielding the speaker from their retaliatory rebukes.

Much as a man in makeup, if you identify as an assault victim then you are an assault victim, and DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO SILENCE A SURVIVOR! As any moderately perceptive marsupial could have predicted, this process of conspicuous self-sacralization has produced a near hourly public disgorgement of “survivors.”

I imagine this will ultimately prove about as healthy for the nation as Powell’s reeling up a surprised and blinking diversity on the end of his hook. But for now, at least, it appears liberal women will have to also survive the grim impregnation and carbon output machinery of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


14 thoughts on “Democracy Dies in a Society Not Ruled by Slogans

  1. what would anyone expect in all this,when any individual who identifies as opposite gender, an animal,or much worse,adult reverting to a young child, all seemingly with full legitimacy…arghhhhhhhhhhh… ________________________________

  2. “I’m a survivor!” Can the sensitive progressive this post? The sheer, patriarchal oppression Porter routinely dispenses isn’t just like rape, isn’t just actual rape, it’s worse than actual rape — worse than being raped by Hitler in the back seat of a Crown Victoria parked at Chick-Fil-A. Because Porter can make patriarchy sound like common sense just proves how this post is mass rape… a rape-o-caust, imprisoning delicate intersectional minds in eternal chains of unwanted rape fantasies, and fantasies empower progressives so much more effectively than the ordinary world. All because he can’t see how putting a casually conservative white male on SCOTUS is exactly the same thing force feeding DDT to California condor chicks… especially the female ones.


    • I was serially mind-raped by Hillary Clinton at various times between 1992 and 2016. I kept silent because I feared the ridicule and the shame, I feared for my good name, I feared for my family. But Senator Collins – in what Sean Hannity called an ‘historic speech’ – has inspired me to join hands with the other victims now compelled to “step forward”.

      It all began sometime in the 90s, or thereabouts, and I saw Hillary eating breakfast at a diner, or maybe it wasn’t breakfast but lunch, and maybe it wasn’t a diner, but a McDonalds or a delicatessen – one of those places where you buy and eat food. It’s all coming back to me now. She was drunk, she leered at me in a way that made me afraid, her beefy security team in their Ray-bans prevented me from fleeing the venue, and she – nibbling lasciviously on home fries – proceeded to rape my mind. That part I remember.

      No lesser a personage than Senator Collins has inspired me to come forward and to be heard. It’s what America is all about. It’s what Locke and Jefferson intended by inventing the Enlightenment; and the Constitution that we all love and guarantees the rights we enjoy.

      That said, I hope that HRC is stripped of her wealth and privilege and thrown into a central American S&M dungeon for what she did to me.

  3. “Can the sensitive progressive *survive* this post?” Or my typos? “force feeding DDT *to* California…” Sheesh, get me a proofreader.

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  5. As Kavanaugh is being confirmed, I saw a rather explosive headline come across the ticker: Ford accusations corroborated.

    That’s a significant development. So who corroborated blasé Ford’s accusations? Why blasé Ford did, that’s who. She now says she accused Kavanaugh to another party earlier, which means Ford is corroborating Ford, which means Ford’s testimony is corroborated.

    That leads me to a question for readers: If on Monday Joe claims Jenny performed fellatio to completion without his consent, and then again on Tuesday makes the same claim, has his account been corroborated?

    Yes? No?

    Apparently the answer is yes. By the way, that’s called victim “outcry” and is taken by law enforcement with deadly seriousness. So, correspondingly, what if Jenny denies her oral encroachment on both Monday and Tuesday? Is her story now corroborated as well? No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. She’s not a survivor.

    Though she is a woman, who presumably must be bereaved. And so which circus doctrine is determinative is a mystery to me. I guess that’s what we have a Supreme Court to clarify.

    • I bereave the collaboration came not from Ford per se, but from one of Ford’s spirit guides — specifically, the one she channeled during her Senate testimony, and who self-identifies as an eight-year old chick-with-dick.

  6. The thing I keep pointing out to guys who find these new rules untenable and injustice-producing is that all they have to do is pretend to be female to be “BEREAVED”. And if you are a male pretending to be a female, you must be BEREAVED and anyone who questions your motives is a TRANSPHOBIC BIGOT. It’s a freaking circus show around here.


    Freshly stabbed hero Jair Bolsonaro won 46% of the vote in the first round of Brazil’s presidential election. In three weeks he will face leftist Fernando Haddad, who finished second with 29%, in the runoff.

    Here’s an excellent graphic breaking down the vote by state, district, city, etc.

    Not surprisingly Bolsonaro did best in the whitest areas of the country. He had his best result (66%) in the whitest state, Santa Catarina in the deep south. But he also did very well in some of the more far-flung (and heavily nonwhite) states deep in the Amazon. Probably because of his contempt for the environmental movement, which has stifled development in these states.

    Bolsonaro did worst in the Northeast, the poorest and blackest part of Brazil. His supporters were tweeting out an image of the Northeast separated from the rest of the country and labeled “Venezuela.”

    Whites are a minority in Brazil (48%) even though the definition of “white” there is much broader than in the US or Europe. Yet out of 37 historical presidents Brazil has never had a black or even brown one, though at least one is of partial African descent.

    Bolsonaro himself is of Italian and German descent, and his opponent Haddad is Lebanese Christian. Here are the ethnicities of the last 10 presidents:

    Michel Temer: Lebanese Christian
    Dilma Rousseff: Bulgarian/Portuguese
    Lula da Silva: Portuguese
    Fernando Cardoso: Portuguese/about 1/8th black
    Itamar Franco: German/Italian
    Fernando Collor de Mello: Portuguese/German
    Jose Sarney: Portuguese
    Joao Figueiredo: Portuguese
    Ernesto Geisel: German
    Emilio Medici: Italian/Basque

    No doubt ZOG International will be pulling out all the stops over the next three weeks to try to destroy Bolsonaro. Maybe another stabbing’s in the offing. But at this point it looks like it’s foregone conclusion that The Legend (as he’s known to his supporters) will become Brazil’s next president.

    Why does it matter? Because Brazil is the 5th largest country, with the 5th largest population and 8th largest economy in the world, so if one of /ourguys/ takes power there that would be YUUGE, as the Bolsonaro of the Temperate Zone (aka DJT) might say.

  8. A dead democracy is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Oswald Spengler thought that the existence of a democracy was a sure sign of a decaying civilization.

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