Don’t Show Me the Time and I’ll Show You the Crime

It is said that rape is one of the oldest weapons of war, and so it remains today. Well not so much the act itself, as that’s more the purview of our migrant moral exemplars. Soon-to-be formerly civilized societies tend to instead deploy the accusation of rape as a weapon in our internecine conflicts.

As a military proof-of-concept, #MeToo revealed the impressive lethality of sexual accusation. That this power could be wielded against more than just the most obnoxious and prolific targets did not go unnoticed by perceptive war planners.

The fact is that very few effective weapons are left lying on the sidewalk, no matter how distasteful their use. As a result, I have been waiting with unabated breath for its inevitable firing against innocent men.

In this case I’m alluding to Brett Kavanaugh, whose innocence is obviously unverifiable to me and every foaming Bolshevik now condemning him. None of us can or will know whether a drunken teenaged soirée produced an uninvited breast squeeze 36 years ago. Though if he were still alive, I’m sure Tennyson would commemorate the assault in verse more lurid than the Crimean War.

But since we can never know what actually happened, the more practical question becomes what precisely will be the Geneva Conventions for military accusations going forward? I am advised that that question is contingent on the ‘credibility’ of the claims. Yet since the ostensibly ‘credible’ accuser in this case was intoxicated, doesn’t know where it happened, when it happened, or who it happened with, that term is obviously elastic to the point of uselessness.

So what is the socially permissible boundary of sexual accusations? Are they celestial in nature: endless, eternal, and always expanding? Or are women under any moral obligation to bring their complaints forward in a time and manner that makes fair adjudication a reasonable possibility?

Can any woman make a ‘credible’ claim of violation against any man at any time? Of the approximately 160 million American women in America, how many could make a similar claim against Kavanaugh within the parameters the left has explicitly accepted as definitive in this instance? Those parameters being a plausible (but not corroborated) claim to having once been in a room with him. I would guess that number is many thousands, possibly a million.

Though even if innocent, Kavanaugh isn’t entirely blameless. A more thoughtful teenager might have realized that nearly four decades later unfalsifiable sex offenses would become tools for political warfare. As such he would need to take certain precautions: 1) Behave always as a gentleman, 2) Record interactions with all females on VHS tape (knowing beta would not emerge as the market dominant format), 3) Maintain this warehouse of video archives until it could be transferred first to CDs, then DVDs, then finally to a secure cloud storage application, 4) Retrieve exculpatory footage from the date, time, and location his accuser does not know, and so will be useless for Senatorial interrogation. 5) Go back and also record all interactions of your future accuser.

Ohh well, I thought maybe there was something he could have done to protect himself. Alas, there was not and so democrats are left with no choice but to presume the worst.

So by the logic now displayed on twitter and other intellectual enclaves, American men in America are compelled to live under a sexual Sword of Damocles for all their lives at the fickle sufferance of whatever women they meet or do not. Fortunately we are assured most victimization claims will be valid, and so those women who are otherwise liars, grifters, psychopaths, or Soros-funded political assassins must simply be left to their wandering. After all, the large majority of men will never even get to know their parole board.

Though liberals do have a solution for that cold comfort. As with Kavanaugh, they explain that innocent men should want—no demand—criminal investigation for sex crimes they didn’t commit. See, the personal paralyzation and career ruination triggered by an investigation, the stress of a criminal trial, and the possibility of an innocent conviction may be terrifying, but just think how refreshed you’ll feel when you’re (probably) acquitted of what you already know you didn’t do! Ahh, there’s really nothing quite like it. Liberals have many such prudent ideas.

All of those ideas being in service to retaining the supreme branch of government, by which practically their entire agenda has been advanced. Because when the left says Our Democracy, they mean a democracy of nine. And that’s a precious institution to defend indeed.

This all leaves quite a conundrum. As an honorable anti-fascist, do you drive a deeper wedge of hostility and paranoia between the sexes, foment rape hysteria among females, and hold every man as a lifetime hostage to evidence-free accusations, all simply to scuttle a nominee? Or do you work to actually lessen the incidence of rape by restricting the migrant intake from those cultures most disposed to it?

I think we know the answer. Kavanaugh must be stopped.


45 thoughts on “Don’t Show Me the Time and I’ll Show You the Crime

  1. Do unto others as they do unto you. Remember every Demorat nominee has raped someone 40 years ago and they deserve to be heard.

  2. I have to post this comment from a large lib website:

    I believe her. She knows when it happened, where it happened, and she confided in friends so there are witnesses.

    Forget the knowing, and consider the last assertion. Confiding in friends=witnesses. In other words, if I tell you it happened, then you saw it. There really can’t be any civilization with these people.

    • Unreal. Ford has admitted that she cannot recall when it happened or where it happened and that she did not tell anyone until the memory came streaming back into her conscience in therapy. Literally every word in that sentence is a lie. These people live in a world of delusion.

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  4. True, though witnessing the date and details of her allegation would be something…except she didn’t confide in friends, just like she doesn’t know when and where it happened. So yeah, pretty hard to get along with people whose distortions of the truth are secondary to their belief that truth doesn’t exist

  5. The only thing that is going to stop this madness is the hardship that comes from financial collapse. Perspective is everything. When you’re sifting through landfills to look for stuff to sell (and eat), a forty year old breast squeeze isn’t given a thought. With trillion dollar deficits and agitated Chinese bond purchasers, that day should come right quick.

    We had a nice thing while it lasted.

    • I’ve often pondered that same thing. All of this will be rendered irrelevant at some point in the not too distant future. What then?

    • We only HOPE that financial collapse closes the book on this madness. Lest we forget, the apotheosis of this madness has an historical precedent: Cambodia under Pol Pot.

  6. At this point one must consider the possibility that Grassley is surreptitiously cooperating with the left to kill the Kavanaugh nomination. It was one thing to make reasonable accommodation with the lunatic Ford. It’s a completely different thing to repeatedly spring into back flips in response to every request from this nutjob.

  7. A few additional thoughts…

    If you were to grade every accusation on a continuum from having multiple, corroborating lines of direct unimpeachable evidence at 99 to “Barron Trump raped me during the Roosevelt administration” at 1, Ford would have to be at about a 5 simply as a result of her claims being physically possible. Yet they are being fiercely debated as if the fulcrum of proof were balanced at 50/50 (forget beyond a reasonable doubt).

    That’s a very negative development. Since it broadly plants the flag in the public’s malleable mind that a “5” accusation is borderline, and thus a “10” where perhaps the woman can actually cite a place and year are thus plentiful evidence of wrongdoing. Even if the Dems lose here, I think they’ve successfully planted a flag for future false accusations—to the misery of civilization.

    Though on Ford specifically, the four people she claimed attended the party have all now said there was no party period. So a 5 grade is overly generous at this point. Which means Grassley will give her until 2025 to testify, I suppose.

    Finally, a note on the lib howler monkeys. One unusual aspect of this Ford circus in America’s modern muddy millieu is the fact that it doesn’t have a shred of race involved. Though despite its complete absence, commenters on the left have repeatedly slurred the senate committee as unworthy by virtue of being “old white men.” That obviously will be no surprise to readers here, but it again highlights the timeless True North of liberalism. It isn’t about ugly lesbians, flouncing transvestites, free healthcare, or the environment. It’s about disembowling Whites. They always return to their roost.

    • My current theory is that Leftism is the worship of incapability, ineptitude and weakness (physical, moral and spiritual.)

      Think about the explanatory power of that statement. Women are weak, so by dogma they MUST BE BELIEVED. Blacks are (as a group) inept, so they must be coddled, enabled and promoted. Gays are morally and spiritually weak, so they must be enabled and feted and promoted.

      This is pure Marxist dialectic: To those in need (the weak and inept) from those who have (capability and strength.) It is a perfect encapsulation of WHY people demand a Woman be Believed and a Straight White Man be disbelieved. It is pure, unadulterated religious dogma.

      It explains why in grade school classrooms the stupid, disruptive and feral pull all resources toward them, and away from the students who want to be in school, want to be instructed and who are capable of self-control.

      It is why the universities bow and scrape before demands from the least-able people who show up. It is why every employer must expect to defend against every claim of harassment, EXCEPT the claim of a straight white man who has been shorted in any way (including his being made to do the work of the weak who surround him.)

      We now watch as women, minorities and sexual deviants practically kill themselves to prove they are higher on the “weakness” food chain than their competitors. We watch as the most productive people in society are literally moved to the bottom of the trust list…are you white? Are you heterosexual? Are you a man? You are deemed untrustworthy…a literal inversion of reality.


      Leftism has long been understood (explicitly, by Rothbard anyway) as a “Revolt Against Nature.” Now we see it! Nature celebrates and rewards the capable. Leftism, the theocracy in which we all live, has inverted this. We’ve gone from Noblesse Oblige (where the strong were morally obligated to be charitable) to its inversion, where the strong are literally deemed EVIL so that “charity” (retitled into wealth and power) must be ripped from them by the whip and the rack, so that objects of charity can be protected from the truth of their lower economic value.

      How did we go from Charity of the Strong to Tyranny of the Weak?

      I add this: The apotheosis of this lunacy is Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, where the strong and capable were systematically exterminated by the politically-powerful weak, in complete fulfillment of this insane theological dogma.

  8. Nicely summed up by “There really can’t be any civilization with these people”

    The left has found their golden goose, noticing:
    There really can’t be any allegation too outlandish with these chumps

    70 year old Mitt Romney bullied a kid in high school
    Roy Moore pursued underage girls over 40 years ago
    Corey Lewandowski assaulted Michelle Fields (watch the video, see the bruise)

    With Michelle Fields there actually is evidence and that manages to be even more insulting.

    Republicans should have ignored Ford until forced to make a statement. Then they should have said “who?” Then she should have been directed to her local police department to file a charge.

    The assertion of her bravery and vulnerability versus his prowess and advantage is just too much. It’s clear who is doing the groveling and who holds the power to destroy men and nations and civilization with a simple line.

    The large lib website quote is about as legally sophisticated as Senator Feinstein’s tweet:
    ” During every step of this process, I’ve found every single piece of information from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford eminently credible, sincere and believable. She knew this would have a huge effect on her life and she was incredibly brave to come forward.”

    It’s ample evidence for the times. Verdict Guilty.

  9. “Sad Prediction: Kavanaugh will not be confirmed before the midterms” at AmericanThinker:

    Then again, there are other opinions in the comments to that article that every day their case gets weaker and more obvious that it is all political theatre. That most women don’t believe Kavanah’s accuser. That the Republicans will vote to confirm late but that Kavanah will be confirmed. Democrats who vote against confirmation who are running in Red states will suffer. The pissed off Deplorables will turn out in force come November and we will get a Red wave.

    I am hoping for the best, but going to be on the edge of my seat all the way to the Wednesday morning the day after the Tuesday the 6th of November mid-term elections to see just how the results did turn out.

    In the mean time keep training and keep preparing, since it is perfectly clear what the other side would do to each and every one of us without a second thought if they got the chance.

  10. During the ’80s I always argued in favour of right-wing dictatorships vs. communism.
    I never thought I would face this argument in my own country. The kava naugh incident and the calls for Trump’s removal (by impeachment or coup) have convinced me.
    I want a right-wing dictatorship. The left, in particular, the hard-left must be stopped at any price. The reason the attack of white males is so fundamental is telling. We built what they wish to destroy.
    We.should never forget who drove the wedge between the white male and his women: (((femin ists))). Who weaponized blacks? Who owns the media that attacks our civilization?
    Name the Jew: bezos, zuckerberg, adelson, Soros, etc. Ad nauseum.

    Traitors, subversives, bolsheviks and genociders(Russia, ukrainie,etc).
    The most murderous, violent group in history: the Jew.

    • “Kavanaugh”. I stand corrected.

      Right wing dictatorship is looking better every day, considering the point where Democracy” has gotten us.

      They target white males because they are the biggest threat to them. Aircaft target enemy airfields first. Artillery targets enemey artillery first. You destroy your biggest threat first.
      If white males unite under a common cause with the will to really do something they can do anything. Just ask the North Ameriacn Native Amerian Indian Tribes and Germany and Japan in WW2, for a couple example.
      They don’t want to destroy the entire system so that it crumbles and comes crashing down. They just want white males (actually white heterosexual christian males for the most part) to be cowed and to keep quiet and accept their assigned place and go about their daily jobs keeping things running, paying taxes and doing what they are told while the leftist women and cucked males and gays administer and direct everything.

      • I disagree. The distinction of “who, whom” is all about strength vs weakness.

        Nature favors the strong (the capable, the industrious, the prudent, the self-controlled.) It disfavors the weak, the slothful, the hedonistic, those of high time preference and high impulsivity.

        Western Civ once held the strong in check by moral obligation to help the weak. Along came Progressivism, which abandoned the Pulpit in favor of the coercive fist of the state as a tool to “make” the strong help the weak. The full development of this sentiment is to empower the weak to quite literally enslave the strong.

        We’re there.

        Kavanaugh is lying because slaves lie.
        Ford is telling the truth because slave-owners are truth tellers.
        The King (or far more literally THE QUEEN) does not lie. This is true by religious axiom.

        And here I thought the tranny thing was apogee for Leftism. I was wrong.

  11. “There is no civilization with these people.”

    I am reminded of Medieval times and the age of fortified castles. Must all men devise preemptive defenses and adopt a siege mentality in order to defend their lives’ works against barbarians’ lobbed slanders?


    Case in point: last year our farm manager hired a thirty-something gal to do field work with the guys. Unfortunately I was tasked with training her, and I could tell within two seconds of attempting to instruct her – and by her extensive tattoos and combat boots – that she was a tactical feminist of the Flagstaff/Sedona Crystal-Cruncher Clan.

    But what really piqued my defenses was, she was a drama queen! Any correction or instruction from me, no matter how measured or subtle, was met with overly loud exclamations uttered intentionally to be heard by others within ear shot, much like a spoiled pre-teen will act when thunked by Dad. Although she stated that she knew nothing about the work we were doing, she reacted to my most innocuous schooling by triangulating agressively with my manager, in each case acting as though I was accosting her unnecessarily.

    Or was raping her, even!

    So after a week of this I summoned my fortress walls around me and avoided her altogether. I adopted Pence’s Law and forbade myself any solitary socialization with her. And in less than two weeks I had engineered my escape to a more conventional, Arizonan landscaping firm.

    My advice is, fortify your fortresses, Boys! Be aware of the potential for scurrilous slanders and of the personality tics and fashions that always presage their deployment. And always have an escape/avoid plan that allows you to keep a professional distance from the SJW activists and their enablers if you want to keep your livelihood and reputation intact.

    (The similarity between the advice above and that given by military consultants educating folks to avoid being victims of terror attacks will be evident to most readers of this blog.)

    • It’s really simply a case of “setting boundaries” and avoiding toxic people. Narcissist, Emotional Vampire, Drama Queen, Chronic Liar, Thief, etc. People you need to just say No to and to avoid. Not only can they cause you endless grief emotionally, they usually know very well how to work the system and can threaten you or get you in trouble that would really cost you a lot to extract yourself from.
      On another note, there is the question of exactly why the farm manager hired such a person, especially someone who knew nothing about the work that needed doing. Was he having sex with her on the side? Did a family member or friend have her as a daughter or sister or neice who could not hold a job and needed the money to move out and beg him to “Just give her a chance?”
      Sometimes people make bad decisions, and trusting the wrong person can cause someone to lose good friends (or in your case, a good worker)…

  12. Drudge is now headlining in blood red font: Another Woman?

    All of this, everything, has been to run the clock out on Kavenaugh before the next Congress. They’re scrounging for any ludicrous meth-head they can cajole into saying “Umm, yeah that ummm Pet Tylenol guy raped me too.” Whatever it takes.

    • What if this was all done —I mean the accusation, the timing of the accusation, etc. etc., ‘on spec’ as they say in construction/real estate; as a sort of prime-the-pump maneuver? If so, if one were going to try that move, it would explain the lateness, as one would want to amp up the ‘urgency’ of of it all. What I’m speculating about is what if this was just a tactic to stir up or elicit ANYTHING on Kavanaugh vis a vis women from his past? How would you do it? Vague allegations? Deep in the past? Assert the privacy of the victim such that she never gets interviewed? Delay as long as possible and then … JUST WAIT FOR SOME OTHER STUFF TO POP UP?!

      Why not? Why wouldn’t they?

      You alluded to the ‘Sword of Damocles.‘ Meh, if only. That would be a quick death. This is more like the veil of Diana, or the Gauze of Seinfeld’s Elaine in A Crazy Pedantic Mood. It’s like, claim whatever is minimally necessary to catalyze a sexual inquisition. Is there a universally agreed upon archetype personal name for crazy women of the particular type of craziness that wants to conduct such inquisitions? It would be the analogue, by the way, of certain, torn up with resentment Men Going Their Own Ways.

      Remember, K is Gen X, a generation raised on Fonzie making out all the time on Happy Days, and Animal House, and on and on and on with regard to sex.

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  14. Nope. Kavanaugh’s done. The primacy of female emotion and feeling over logic and the rule of law has been cemented. We now officially live in Clown World.

    Goodbye Judge Kavanaugh.
    Goodbye midterms.
    Goodbye wall.
    Goodbye Trump second term, if he is allowed to finish his first.

    No one is coming to save us.
    Time to recheck:
    Food, water, and ammo.
    Plywood, plastic sheeting, and duct tape.
    Generator and fuel. Camp stove.
    Candles and batteries. Toilet paper and lots of sturdy garbage bags.
    Blankets, baby wipes, and first aid kit. Get Keflex and Cipro tablets if you don’t already have ’em.
    Books and board games.
    Most importantly… face.

    • Decent start on the preps. At least thoughts are on paper, so to speak.

      One thought on the threat: the biggest threats to your lifestyle live within five miles of you. Some threats may share your name. Some may share your bed. Think local.

      A big omission on your list, is your ability to communicate when the internets and phones don’t work anymore. How’s that going? The lack of ability to communicate off-grid locally (to @300 miles pretty much on demand), regionally (say, within CONUS at the right time of day given knowlege, experience, and luck), and internationally, to at least receive relevant information from sources outside of CONUS propaganda machines. Lack of the above, is a big hole in your preps.

      You have a big hole in your plan. Fix it.

        • Ham radio…Get an FCC license, they’re dirt cheap. Analog technology, radio waves always work. Populated by practically 100% rational white men.

    • Levaquin is better than cipro. But neither is a vitamin. Fluoroquinolones are well-known to be associated with tendon rupture. Imagine being in a SHTF scenario and you get an Achilles tendon rupture….

      The autist in me had to respond. This is an area about which I’m unusually well-informed. Such antibiotics are Godsends if you absolutely need them (Cipro does not work for pneumonia, just FYI, Levo does) but they are last resorts…or they should be.

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  16. It’s a perfect jury selection question in voir dire – “Do you believe Kavanaugh is guilty?” A yes answer gets a peremptory strike from the defense, because that’s the kind of credulous and gullible person any prosecutor would want on a jury.

  17. The Kavanaugh circus is the clearest visual yet of the dogma animating our modern theocracy.

    It is quite literally impossible to establish what occurred 30 years ago. In the absence of any physical evidence, the discussion turns to credibility…which is completely absurd. Credibility does not create fact. It does not create reality, past, present or future.

    For this reason, we now have a window into the religious dogma that animates the public dialogue. It is the triumph of weakness over strength, of incapability as literally the qualifier for rule.

    It is Maxine Waters, a (1) female, (2) black and (3) stupid person as the ideal ruling class. She gets THREE qualifiers for incapability, so SHE’S THE BEST!!!

    If you look at the “debate,” from BLM (powerful cops of any color/sex vs weak black underclass) to endless promotion of hemophilia (weak, disease-riven faggots vs healthy heterosexuals) to this current circus (strong SWM vs weak crazy-bitch woman), this weird Marxist dialectic is brutally evident: Weakness is strength (and truth), strength is weakness (and lies.)

    I weep for my grandchildren.

  18. The next accusation will be from a woman that was in the process of changing clothes when his picture came on the television screen and subsequently she felt violated.

  19. Graven into our genes behaviorally, women have always and will always trade sex for power. Men will and have always made the complementary bargain. Given this immutable fact about human nature, we realize why the domain of the Hollywood front office and its inevitable casting couch has been turf nearly exclusive to the shitlib and the lefty. Only the nimble minds of the progressive ilk can successfully navigate the treacherous shoals about the delta of Venus. Sure, a Weinstein here or there may rock the boat, but rest assured no nubile aspiring actress need wait long, even today, before collecting that lucrative paycheck within costume department bedding.

    Politics, being show business for the visually repellent, teaches the same lesson. Bill Clinton dined out on rape for years, and received offers of fellatio from female journalists for his pains. Bob Packwood tried a few gropes in an elevator and ZOMFG it’s another Shoah. Clinton, lefty; Packwood, not. These are games for experienced players only, my dear Republicans.

    The only reason Clinton’s bedpost notches appear worm-ridden today is that he’s not in a position of much power to assist Lefty. Speaking of power, one might assume that because the rapists (that is, Republicans) control both Houses and the Judiciary Committee, their diabolical plans would simply proceed to ignore the tearful wailings of Women Who Suddenly Have Total Grope Recall and confirm the beast Kavanaugh. Alas, we cannot even portray the GOP in DC as lambs in a wolves’ disco. They are rather like Nazi collaborators (with the proviso that their bosses in the lefty deep state are of course the opposite of Nazis).

    The larger picture should not be lost on the public: elections change nothing substantial. They are mere fig leaves hiding the Weinsteinian pudenda upon the body politic. What will we get out of Trump? One term and one SCOTUS appointee. Everything else will be undone overnight upon the arrival of the next anti-white overlord the deep state chooses to install.

    • To be more succinct and take a step further: the lesson here is the GOP has no intention of giving Trump and by extension the badwhite middle class anything it wants. They have the power to confirm, to legislate, to act and refuse to do so. The Republicans are not our friends. They are handmaidens to the Left. Grassley wants not only Kavanaugh out, he wants Trump out. A pliant and weak Pence will serve his Lefty allies far better.

      • Kavanaugh in or out.
        Trump himself in or out.

        The takeaway from the now-OPEN circus is visible to those born without eyes. This is what the inflection point looks like, when popular consent truly begins to drain out of a system. All roads lead to dissolution. The only relevant question to me is how far back does the clock turn while dissolution occurs? I like my hot showers and well-stocked grocery store shelves.

  20. One of the most immiserating experiences a man can foist upon himself is to peruse liberal twitter. So having only pedestrian stamina I succumbed after but a few minutes.

    Though I marvel at the the vast yawning chasm that separates right and left worldviews in this country. The left consensus is that Kavanaugh is not only an inveterate rapist, but an overall monster who has probably murdered more people than General Butt-Naked. Though he is morally far worse by virtue of being white and once in a fraternity.

    There is simply no ground here to meet upon. The left is civilization incompatible. America is like being sown into a sack with a rabid chimp.

    • Diversity is our strength. So let us continue to demand the civilization-friendly and the civilization-unfriendly live cheek by jowl.

      Of course the fact that, like bad money and good money, the civilization-unfriendly drives out the friendly is acutally a feature and not a bug in our culturally Marxist software. If there is a shiny metallic lining to this current dark nimbus overcast, it may be that the civilization-noncompliant class has shown how utterly desperate and frightened they are about the prospect of a white, normal male taking one seat out of nine on the SLOTUS (Supreme Legislature of the United States) — so desperate that I am reliably told when Kavanaugh orders a steak, he doesn’t just eat it, he rape-rapes it on a bed of sexual repression in a restaurant of unknown address an unknown numbers of years in the past, plainly observed by approximately half the female population of North America, who will perhaps testify under penalty of perjury on the fact, an indefinite number of years in the future. Provided they don’t have to fly anywhere to do so.

    • Kinda goes along with ‘literally hitler’ whenever someone disagrees with you. Voice some objection to importing millions of foreigners into the country each and every year to mooch off the rest of us and you are ‘literally hitler’

      As far as liberal twitter goes, and leftist thought in general, I often wonder how many of them actually believe all the shit they say and how many of them just say it because they think they have to. The group think defies belief. There’s also not many quality writers on the left either. I do believe you are the best, Porter, but there are dozens of people that write excellent blogs. Even the comment sections here and other places have regular people that are clearly far more intelligent and articulate than what passes for journalists these days.

    • “America is like being sown into a sack with a rabid chimp.”
      “The punishment consisted of being sewn up in a leather sack, sometimes with an assortment of live animals, and then being thrown into water.”
      Punishment for parricide. Seems fitting, given that America is more or less guilty of murdering its own patrimony.

    • “Predisposed”

      We are biologically determined to hew Left or Right, is the point of the book.
      Once democracy ushered in the era of the Total State, where every single question of conscience or preference is to be determined, winner take all, the stage was set for a resumption of the English Civil War.

      There can be no quarter given when the issues to be decided are between people whose very existence is a matter of biology. Put two animals that see each other as predators on an island. What will occur?

      Either we separate or we exterminate. My bet is that a little of the latter is tried before the former is chosen.

      • that’s an interesting scenario/analogy. Only problem is, one of the predators is capable of sustaining itself, the other is not. Takes us back to lock and load.

  21. Fox News Sep 24, 2018 Full Interview Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley speak out in their first television interview since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford levied accusations that derailed Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

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