The Freedom to Destroy You

I hope you won’t think me anything less than a grinning optimist if I were to opine that the path from corporate censorship to corporate oppression is practically frictionless. Social media, Internet infrastructure, and now even payment processors have raised their red flags in a coordinated assault. It’s been quite a demonstration of malice. And I suspect it’s one that’s barely even begun.

That’s because the corporate-left’s attacks have all been ad-hoc to this point. Think of it as artisanal totalitarianism. All communist heroes and no five-year plans. The entire process relies too much on individual bolshevik valor. Normally it requires a twitter bugler to scream anathema, which may or may not generate the necessary prog frenzy, which then induces the relatively slow corporate gears to grind the offender into unpersonhood. It’s effective, but inefficient. And inefficiency is something corporations can efficiently resolve. But they formal need policy and procedure.

The corporate-left or, for sake of accurate brevity, simply corporations require a task list, an archive of social non-compliance, remediation metrics, service level agreements, and audit. They need to know what consumer units are defective, how these defective units will be removed, and what proactive steps are being taken to prevent their reintroduction into the production environment.

The keystone to all of this is a registry, or an E-Verify on Legacy Americans. I presume this will be called a Hate-List, or Justice-Sheet, or Nazi-Latte, or whatever the most actresses demand. The intent being to maintain a list of untouchables. This will assuredly be managed by one or both the SPLC and ADL. And once they secure IP addresses of hate-speakers from Internet providers, an amply-populated catalogue will be available for broad corporate resolution.

It should be no small irony that the industries most highly regulated by the government will be those least moved to destroy the right. Thus I presume public utilities like gas and electric will be available even to people who liked the country they were born into. Similarly, government-examined banks are more likely to remain benignly aloof of the conflict. But Visa and Mastercard will cancel accounts vigorously. Just as mortgage-companies, realtors, chain grocery stores, restaurants, retail, Uber, Amazon, and any other enterprise that has a recognizable brand and thus sensitivity to public pressure will likely join the effort. Many will join with glittery-eyed religious rapture, while many others will join for the same reason conscripts joined the Red Army: Going to war meant death was likely; refusing to go meant it was certain.

So I can imagine businesses plastering participation propaganda in every window as much out of fear as enthusiasm. We participate in Hate-Watch. Keep America diverse! Those, increasingly smaller, businessmen who decline to participate in the program—refusing service or employment to any on the list and submitting to regular validation audits—will be prone to unexpected bouts of hate themselves. Bill’s Dry-Cleaning doesn’t participate in Hate-Watch. Is this the type of business we want in our community? No!

Obviously such a liberal utopia places power beyond the President in the hands of unelected, intensely hostile (and ethnically homogenous) List administrators. This is, of course, the entire purpose of being one. Such clawed-creatures will rapidly become the most feared in the country. Though frequently fear may be allayed through generous financial contributions.

But for those less generously inclined toward mortal enemies, life can be made quite difficult indeed. This as avenues for earning or enjoying a living become tightly constricted. And those who presume their children won’t suffer from taint will be highly disappointed. Why should our University accept the son of a registered hater when there are so many qualified foreign applicants?

Perhaps most drolly amusing of all are the certain reactions. We can be sure democrats have lost any aversion to blacklists; as such their enthusiasm will be extreme. As for the National Review/Paul Ryan wing this tyranny of mass-colluding corporations will have only one possible name: Free Enterprise!

Because if there’s no big-government coercion then conservative principles are intact, even if conservatives are not. And if you don’t like what corporations are doing to you then just build your own Internet backbone, data centers, payment rails, and global logistics chain. I mean did it stop Sergey Brin, Jack Dorsey, or Jeff Bezos when they were denied income sources, commercial outlets, and marketing platforms? I’ll just ask Senator Ben Sasse if he knows the answer.

In the meantime I’d like to imagine Jeff Sessions will stop making cookies and crawl out of his tree before it comes to this. Plainly the Republican Congress will not be moved to action. And as a result, are not long to be the Republican Congress. Though ignoring those dormant entities, Trump needs to start issuing some highly motivational executive orders. Perhaps he will understand the gravity of this issue when his own card gets denied at Mar-a-Lago.


31 thoughts on “The Freedom to Destroy You

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  2. Porter, I’m a newbie, only found you about a week ago. Fellow Southerner, read damn near your entire canon, this is the first post I found to take empirical issue with.

    As I see things – we will bifurcate into 2 completely different and alien societies (only about 15% more to go now), with duplicate vectors of everything. Wal-Mart/Target, New Balance/Nike, MSM/FNC – you get the idea, at of course nothing near parity of options, but at least one outlet for us for everything. There’s just too much damn money to be made. FNC, of course, is foreign owned – and I could see even a CHICOM apparatchik, or Russo-oligarch birthing the alternative to Victoria’s Secret or Google. Market demands – (see Drug War for suppressive efficacy). (Victoria’s Secret is about to put fat girls on their runways, in a seeming effort to prove – like socialism – that “Woke” marketing has never really been tried . . . )

    Foreigners from wherever (assuming no US interest would have the moxey to challenge the politburo), would have an added incentive (to invest in US alternatives) if we’d get busy exporting cancers like feminism, equity, and multi-culturalism to anything other than bed-stricken western societies. (I’m an old Army hand well tutored in 4th Gen warfare; enemy of my enemy, use/train what you have and fight invisible, etc.)

    Whats left for us is a formal National Divorce. (not wished for) An India/Pakistan split with forced migration and predictable blood. And Nuremberg laws like that you describe, for both sides, to prevent “regression.” i.e. – in America – Prove your dad had a Gadsden Flag on his pick-up truck. . . In MexiChina – (so named b/c China will swoop into “hunger games California” a with a debt/land use swap on the African model they’re perfecting) you’ll probably have to blow 2 trannies to prove non-normative, non-cis purity – or whatever their bag is that week. It will become a shooting war. Fights over land and sovereignty are never otherwise. I can’t see any way around that now. But 2 nations (in every sense) within one – long before a final divorce. Not one implacable force of fey spoiled-brat leftism dominating a willfully and consciously subdued American manhood.

    Never. No way in hell. Ever notice that about 1/2 of the Antifa drones are women? No historical model or precedent predicts that. And none sustain it. I think thoughtful Chinese historians will one day pencil that on our civilizational epitaph: “Ecucated themselves to imbecility. . . Taught themselves not to be human. They were, but now they aren’t. . . Gave free medical care to invaders, arrested 6 yr old girls for unlicensed lemonade . . . Gave free medical care to invaders who raped little girls selling lemonade – called them “Dreamers.” . . . E Pluribus Dogshit . . . All trends regress to the mean” – something like that.

    Whats left of an integral America either chooses its own poison: i.e. – Chinese dhimmitude over favelas – and quietly repairs itself over a century or 2; OR has the strength to retake posterity AFTER the reds (American born) are slain by folly, or us. It would all be for naught if 2 provisos aren’t rigorously enforced. 1) Border security: no recalcitrant commies allowed to immigrate. 2) University system utterly burned to the ground. And the earth salted over it.

    -My two cents.

    • I have to say I believe this is, in a backhanded way, a good thing. The fundamental principle in a free and open society is the concept of the marketplace of ideas: good ideas drive out bad, and if are not exposed to differing lives you have no chance of changing those beliefs. Private entities as social media platforms CANNOT practice censorship, any more than you are discriminatory based on who you let into your home. Only government can practice prior restraint, and ONLY when there is demonstrable proof of imminent lawless action as a result: in SCOTUS terms, a ‘clear and present danger.’ Commercial speech is not protected speech, a well-established, long-standing precedent which is considered stare decisis, settled and established case law. What the social media platforms and private commercial entities are doing is opening the way for alternative competition from those who reject their intolerance of dissonant views to start their own platforms: Gab is a classic example. Imagine what would happen tomorrow if Trump dumped.Twitter for Gab. What would that do for each entities’ respective market share? The number one job of a corporation is to make money, and they answer their shareholders. If excluding the marketplace.of ideas becomes a bane to the bottom line, the soulless corporate entity wil.devour itself in pursuit of market share. Let them virtue signal: oractice the old.southern Black tradition of voting with your feet, or wallet and support avenues which embrace discordant views. Those of us who embrace free speech, rule.of law and open markets are the majority in the end. Don’t support the corporatocracy and it will wither on the vine. Look where Sears and GM are today compared to 75-100 years ago. There is no reason other entities.such as Twitter and Facebook cannot follow.suit.

    • I,ll raise your “two cents,” by an order of magnitude, and I’ll take Door Number Two for the win.

      Great, honest and accurate appraisal

      Let ball commence.

  3. All roads lead to “smaller.”

    Victoria’s Secret undies.
    Nike shoes bought at Dick’s.
    Either or both paid for with a MasterCard.

    50 years ago no one would have given three fucks about any of it. What we now witness is the death of dinosaurs. 50 years ago they didn’t even EXIST, and now people act like if they can’t have access to them, they’ll DIE?! Oh noes, you deplatformed me on twitter?! Now I can’t Reach My Peeps! Social change will be stopped dead in its tracks and those Evil Leftist Lunatics will WIN FOREVER, just like Orwell predicted. (Cue fainting.)

    The last 50 years (or post-World-War-Two period) were a time of consolidation of smaller entities into ever-larger ones, until The Blessed Year 1993 when only ONE entity, the EEU ESSS AEEE stood, legs astride the entire planet. Domestically, it seemed that all our feed (not food, feed) came from two or three multi-national conglomerates, the crap we put on our shoulders (once called clothes) came from two or three multi-national conglomerates, our cars came from….(you get the idea.)

    Right-thinking people went from carrying cash, to carrying checkbooks, to carrying plastic cards, to today’s latest fad, waving the tracking device they wear 24/7 at payment transceivers, with implanted microchips already designated the Next Big (and REQUIRED) Thing. Today, only the unbanked, AKA the Great Unwashed Underclass, still uses cash. Like carrying this week’s latest iPhone, how one pays for ones half-caff latte is a measure of the stratum of the aristocracy one occupies. Oh…that, and the vomit-inducing trivial tattoo you just got on your ankle.

    It’s an illusion, no different from the one rationalized by every economics department in the country, that holds that we can in fact borrow our way to Nirvana.

    Decades ago the nice folks at Elliott Wave International (a market forecasting & snake oil firm) coined the term, “All the Same Market.” They referred to stocks/bonds/commodities, but that only scratched the surface. We are in what surely seems like the late stages of a mass mania perhaps best described as the compression-fusion phase of what will become a society-level fission bomb. Today forced together by radial C4 blasts of Leftism, until we are clustered too close to sustain…the next microsecond atoms fly in every direction as the heat of the sun blows all outward in small bits.

    All of the actions you describe are those of people running organizations they believe are omnipotent and permanent. This results from a universal cognitive bias, the inescapable tendency to straight-line project the recent past into the distant future. If this worked, we’d all still be speaking Latin, or even Ancient Greek.

    All of the systems we now see, from the central government to the states and from Google/FB/CIA to the Fed/banks/credit-cards/etc. are clearly teetering on the edge of Sudden-Stop. Rather than them holding the power to compel compliance, they near the point where spontaneous abandonment and withdrawal of consent will cause them to EVAPORATE.

    The only question to me is whether the evaporation is accompanied by the greatest spasm of disorganized bloodshed in Western Civilization since the 1600’s.

  4. Re: “So I can imagine businesses plastering participation propaganda in every window as much out of fear as enthusiasm”.
    Such a concept is not new to the “fruited plain.” Woe to the small small business-man or shopkeeper who failed to display the “blue eagle” placard in support of FDR’s NRA (National Recovery Act) in the mid 1930s.

  5. The West has undergone a phase change, to draw from the physics of condensed matter. Freedom of speech or even thought has crystallized into a rigid lattice. Your model-T can be in any color you want, so long as it’s black. Ultimately, it makes no difference if the choice imposed upon you originates with the government or a corporation; you are not free in either case. The West formerly provided space between what was mandatory and what was optional. The phase change has eliminated that space.

  6. ” I presume this will be called a Hate-List, or Justice-Sheet, or Nazi-Latte, or whatever the most actresses demand. ”

    That line put a smile on my face. Because actresses CaRe!! So I trust them. They have feelZ….

    I shall now take this opportunity to denounce Comrade Porter. He is a bad Comrade who spreads the False TruthY lies by accurately typing them in a clever & amusing way…. Oh wait… Now I denounce Me. For my poor denouncement….

    I, sadly, have become DeNounce-mental….

  7. “artisanal totalitarianism”

    Thats great, I’m going to have to remember that one. All of this, to me at least, just proves the left is losing the war of ideas and knows it. They have to know the risks they are taking by acting in this manner, especially so openly. People who are actually winning don’t have to resort to such underhanded tactics. Trust in all of the entities, including the MSM, is at an all time low. I’m just curious what exactly it will take for people to get pissed off and throw most of the GOP reps out on their asses. Those people are worse than useless. At least with the left, you know what you are getting – communism dressed up to look pretty. The republican party’s motto could be be summed up as “everything the left wants, but slower”. As long as 90+% of them get reelected every 2 years, nothing is going to change no matter who is in the White House.

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  9. Porter, You have a rare, and enviable, rhetorical gift of precision and concision. I failed to make that plain, before. Thank You, for starting a blog. We need you read more widely. In that spirit, I’ll try to make my objection more precise, which I failed to do:

    The “de-platforming” of “counter-revolutionary” thought across all Silicon Valley based platforms is the worst possible mistake the left could make – for any one of a hundred tactical, strategic, coherence-messaging, marketing, persuasion, learning-curve, educational, memetic, financial, and logical reasons.

    Let us hope they go whole hog, with an actual hate-list. (See “Attack-waaaatch,” circa 2009)

    For starters – it wouldn’t work – as young contrarians learned ever more ingenious ways to subvert their filters, embarrass their followers, unmake their schemes, propagandize unseen, and generally reveal the Emperor’s nakedness – drawing in yet more youth/dis-enchanted. I’d call that an in-kind contribution on a funerary plot for an ideology well past its shelf-life, sustained only with well-hidden taxpayer subsidy. If I hide bodies for a living – the last thing I want to do is teach people to dig. If I run a cult, I’d better clear my head of notions of forcibly conscripting a nation of 300 million into it, in America. They ARE DOOMED.

    The inter-webs cannot be de-invented.

    • “sustained only with well-hidden taxpayer subsidy”

      Im not sure if you are referring to anything specific with that line, or if you just mean it as generality, but none of the myriad ways this ideology is sustained by tax dollars is ‘well-hidden’. Its out in the open for all to see. People just don’t care. Or don’t care enough. Most people on the right can readily identify numerous ways their tax dollars are used against them, and yet they still show up and vote for the very people that are weaponizing the fruits of their labor against them. Just one small example, the last budget trump signed actually had more money given to the various refugee resettlement programs than was requested.

      • Billions are given as grants etc every year to tens if not hundreds of Left/Democrat activist ”community” organizations. When Republicans take any or all branches of government it makes no difference those funds keep flowing. It’s insane.

      • 100% this. Reading the comments here it is very clear the amount of cogdis still in effect on people in general.

        These fantasies of the left teetering on the brink about to crumble. The ‘separation’ of America into discrete nation states, etc. shows how woefully unprepared most people are for the harsh objective reality we live in.

        You are a MINORITY. Demographics = Destiny. When 2/3 of your country wants gibs and free shit. Doesn’t know how to even spell amendment or why you would ‘a mend’ sum’fin… you get it.

        A nation of tech addicted morons have absolutely no wish to extricate themselves for this situation. The reason the mask has come off is not out of desperation. It is out of no longer needing to wear it. Open anti-white racism is broadcast on MSM both online and on TV. Why on earth would you need to conceal your more radical agenda? Conservatives are going to do what they have always done which is basically fuck all. Play nice and hope they are eaten last.

        • “The reason the mask has come off is not out of desperation. It is out of no longer needing to wear it”

          Doubt anyone is coming back to this comment section, but I wanted to respond to you. I’ve thought about what you said a lot, much longer than I would usually ponder a comment. I truly hope you are wrong about that. When I see something like a coordinated effort to ban Alex Jones like that, I see that as a sign of weakness. When you are winning the war of ideas, there is no need to resort to heavy handed tactics like that. Its also a very risky move to make, and thats likely to result in a public outcry, and its also going to drive a certain type of person towards Jones, rather than away from him. Sure, you gotta work a little harder to listen to Jones now, but his fans won’t care about that a bit, and that these companies all swung the hammer at him at the same time like that is going to make people who have never even heard of him take a look. They had to know this would happen. If you are winning, the thing to do with someone like Alex Jones is just ignore them and let them rant and rave. He SHOULDN’T be able to hurt them, or change anything with regard to the battle over the direction this country takes, The simple fact that they acted in such a manner makes me think they fear he will be able to.

          For the record, I go back and forth with Jones. He says some things I agree with, some things I don’t. This will probably sound crazy, but I always have it in the back of my head that he is some kind of psy op, a limited hangout of sorts. Don’t know. His over the top demeanor is also off-putting. And some of the things he says makes me not even want to send the things I agree with him on to other people. But the simple fact that so many people are listening and reading to and reading someone like that as opposed to MSM sources is a good thing. A friend of mine, whom I would refer to as a more or less ‘normie’ type conservative, has sent of infowars links before. He has a pretty big audience, bigger than most probably appreciate. I think of it like the moped analogy. Fun to ride, but not something you want your friends to catch you doing. Plenty of people read him, not many admit it. To go after such a person like that, knowing the kind of negative publicity you will receive, smells of desperation to me, not strength. I guess time will tell. Either way, your comment definitely made me think.

      • University, Inc. Yes. The theft is probably 100-300% greater than you know. And its the source; the font of all termites. The industrial-scale training hive. At work for at least 3 generations. Where we’d hold our victory-exorcism if we ever vanquished them from history.

        Trump signed two 1 trillion dollar budgets, argument ceded. Peccadillo is – some of those DOD and DOS monies settle jihadis in Jordan, instead of Houston. I don’t know if this proviso accounts for the GOPe sabotage-rider or not. And Jordan teeters closer to the brink. The solution is do absolutely nothing, which is the courtesy and generosity they’d extend to you.. You’ll know it when we get there. And we will get there.

  10. Whatever the most actresses demand—haha

    I think we failed to learn the most valuable lesson offered by the founding fathers—-fight every injustice

    Here we are in the 21st Century financing our own invasion and patronizing the media platforms that blatantly construct our demise (the alternative being not having a voice at all)

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  12. Is (White) America really going down just with a wimp? I hope not. I would expect at least a big bang, with the benefit of in the process talking out as many global-homo poz and (((fellow white people))) as possible.

    • This. I can only hope that like a wild animal cornered, we lash out as viciously as possible at those who cornered us, especially the arrogant (((trainers)))

    • Cause and effect are debatable, but I submit that the last 50 years of putting America’s lifestyles on the National MasterCard (via everything from $21T of on-budget borrowing to shipping China/Mexico/ many trillions of IOU’s in return for them shipping us pre-landfilled trinkets) created the ILLUSION that “we” can afford to be the World’s Altruists.

      The collective optimism Americans exhibit(ed) is breathtaking. It’s akin to watching someone who is drowning in debt run to the bank, take out a second mortgage on the house in order to DONATE TO SAVE-THE-STARVING-AFRICANS-AND-MESTIZOS. Only people utterly falling-down DRUNK on their own self-aggrandizement could be so self-destructively clueless. No wonder I conclude it is an addiction-driven fad. Only heroin addicts are widely recognized to be so willing to self-destruct in order for that next high.

      What will happen when (not IF, WHEN!!) this two-generation-long period of monetary, fiscal and economic delusion comes to its inevitable end, and “we” discover we’re tapped out and can’t even cover the bills coming due?

      What will the addicts say then?

  13. If it can be documented that tech companies received funds or subsidies from .gov, they can be forced to accept regulation. Withdraw .gov support plus millions of users fleeing to other platforms
    and they will crater so fast Zuck and Jack will have to go into hiding.

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