The Task to Grasp

Some things are simply difficult to comprehend. There are questions without answers, effects without causes, mysterious rhythms beyond our reckoning.

For instance, why does a drowning man flail toward the surface? Why do we recoil from a crocodile? Is being doused with boiling water any reason to leap off the couch? Why does no one smile at the oncologist?

It’s hard to grasp.

Of course the act of grasping is one made significantly more difficult by a vast media apparatus dedicated to keeping grasp metrics at a minimum. And so things that most species of amphibian would grasp remain outside the realm of reason for Western human audiences.

Today’s election in Sweden is one such riddle. Reporting on the surge of immigration restrictionist party, Sweden Democrats, and the panic their ascension has caused among that country’s previously complacent population-replacement politicians, the Bloomberg news reporter ponders to herself:

For a country that prides itself on stability and is seen as a model for social democracy across the world, the development is hard to grasp.

Yes, a country that prides itself on stability, indeed. One struggles to conceive of a more stability-inducing program than to import hundreds of thousands of violent, entitled, and frequently predatory third-world migrants into a tiny, previously homogenous Nordic enclave. That’s a government focused keenly on stability; and a reporter focused keenly on keeping the grasps low.

Though if the act of grasping were to receive aid, it might begin with acknowledging the concept of scale. Specifically the scale of Swedes to the demographic they would grant quarter. Consider that there are over twice as many people living in Lagos alone than there are ethnic Swedes in Sweden. That’s one city. The global masses beyond that being effectively limitless in comparison to the supercilious ‘moral superpower’ Swedes.

What that means is that even where the will to self-annihilation exists, it changes nothing in context of helping some meaningful percentage of the world’s surging human tide. It is a family offering their last food to 10,000 people camped on their doorstep. The only person actually aided by this gesture is the family’s mortician. So it is with Sweden, a small nation that can either save or swamp itself, but do nothing for the world at large. If Swedes choose the latter, their ancient home will simply become a cold suburb of Karachi, and not a drop in the world’s misery bucket will have been altered. But thanks for your sacrifice.

Ultimately that’s the grasp or not to grasp being put to voters in that country today. So to keep that as unclear as possible, the mainstream parties and their colluding media organs pretend to scratch their heads over what’s caused such political upheaval. As surely one of the largest per capita human encroachments in history couldn’t be the culprit. For some reason placid Swedes are leaping off the couch.

It’s hard to explain.


37 thoughts on “The Task to Grasp

  1. Sweden’s parliamentary system will ensure that the election will have no significant consequences. The establishment parties will form a coalition government and the Sweden Democrats will have no meaningful voice in the government. Parliamentary systems suck.

    • Agreed. This wasn’t nearly enough to halt – or even slow down – the lunacy.

      Sweden now has an entire eco system of wormtongues who’ll work tirelessly to form a coalition hell-bent on continuing the enrichment. This evening’s result is reminiscent of the French elections last year. They both amount to the same thing: taking a few pot shots at the enemy as their tanks roll past.

  2. There are 5.3 billion people who earn less money than a mexican in mexico. How many would you like to bring here? 1% is 53 million people. Enough to more than bankrupt us.

  3. everwhere the race is the same; by the time legacy populations fully reject the invaders, will they have the numbers to democratically change the course of their countries? And for those that don’t, what percent will peacefully accept their fate, and which will violently reject the usurpation of their ancestral homelands? It’s probably a non-zero number. Oh, and will those rebellions be contagious or will multinational bodies squelch them like the UN squelched Serbia? So many questions come to mind, but the thoughts of our childless doyens are more preoccupied with the praise they accrue at Davos.

    • Its funny you mention the ‘childless’ part. I’ve said the same thing myself on more than one occasion. Thee LAST person you should want running a country is a childless woman. I wouldn’t care if I agreed with one so much it sounded like I was talking to myself when listening to her, I still wouldn’t vote for one. People without children lack the proper incentive to really care about the future of their countries. May and Merkel are two big ones, and there was a picture making the rounds on the internet of (I think) the defense ministers for a bunch of northern and western European countries, all of whom were middle aged women. Don’t know if they had kids or not, don’t really care, but either way its completely absurd.

      I’m not one who thinks all women should do is housework and have babies, not at all. But I do believe that women are biologically wired to want to have children. Those that purposely do not do so because of their career, or politics or whatever are bound to wind up bitter, nasty old crones who, while they act like they hate us normies, really just hate themselves and the choices they made. Such people have no business running a country.

      • Exceptions prove the rule; Hillary Clinton. (I readily admit that there is honest debate as to whether Chelsea is a human offspring or a well-disguised reptilian xenomorph.)

      • It’s not just the childless leaders who lack the proper incentive; it’s childless voters as well. Opinion polls in Germany reveal that unmarried middle aged women are the most pro-migrant group. And yet, they have no interest in Germany 30-40 years from now just so long as they get their pensions until it’s time to head to the suicide clinic in Zurich. With a few exceptions anyone without children after age 40 should be stripped of their voting rights. They have no skin in the game and when it comes to immigration they prioritize their feelings over the best interests of other people children…..

  4. It never ceases to amuse me how you can write such an eloquent and entertaining article just based off one line from some leftist idiot. Ill do the same thing with my wife, though. Unfortunately for her, I don’t have the necessary skill set to write a blog, so she just has to listen to me rant instead. But I’ll hear or read something and off I go. She’s gotten pretty good at the whole ‘smile and nod’ thing. My kids are getting old enough to where I need to start being a little more careful what I say, though.

    It is absurd though, listening to what these people say. Its inconceivable to them that some Swedes, or anyone in the West, really, might want to keep their country in somewhat the same condition it was in when they were born. And they could double the population of their country by importing third world squatters, and it wouldn’t even put a dent in the number of those living in poverty in Africa, but it WILL ruin their country. They all seem to get off on pretending they are making the world a better place, but they aren’t. Africa and the Middle East will always be war torn shitholes as long as they are full of Africans and muslims. Importing a few million of them into Europe isn’t going to change that. But it will ruin their countries, and make them nearly uninhabitable for their children and grandchildren.

    • Barbara Oakley wrote a book on Pathological Altruism and appears to be among the few notable people studying how widespread and destructive altruism can become. One of her articles is here:

      The bottom line for me is that in a time of Plenitude, many people let their impulsive drives to be inclusive so cloud their judgment that they cannot see the easily-predictable horrors that their altruistic acts will produce. WE can see them, but THEY cannot. I submit to you that this is exactly analogous to trying to convince an alcoholic that she has a drinking problem, or a degenerate gambler to stop buying lottery tickets and playing poker. Addictions only EXIST because people rationalize their impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. The same holds true for what we see on the Left, whether it’s inviting Somalis to relocate to St. Paul, inviting kids from the black ghetto to flood into the (white) Leftists’ kids’ schools or opening the southern border to millions of Mestizo migrants. Their minds are flooded with the pleasure of addition to (the appearance of) moral superiority, and they are HIGH on it in exactly the same way as is a cocaine addict.

      I’m not sure that even when Plenitude falters the hard-core Leftist addicts will be able to curtail their indulgence in their drug-of-choice. People’s behavior is driven by processes that have received very little honest scientific study, in part because I think a lot of smart people are afraid to look. None of us wants to believe that we’re puppets to parts of our minds that do not operate in defensible ways. No one wants to confront the Mr. Hyde that underlies their Dr. Jekyll. I see smug people who are convinced that they are entirely the captain of their own minds, exercising Free Will every waking moment. In fact, however, I am quite certain that they are just as pulled along by ancient cognitive pathways as were our ancient, savage ancestors. We all are.

      • I might add that according to Oakley’s definitions, Pathological Altruism is defined by altruistic acts whose predictable outcomes harm one or more of three parties: the recipient, the altruist or AN INNOCENT THIRD PARTY. Leftists who invite the world bask in their dopamine high from being altruistic to Third World migrants, but because easily-predicted harm befalls innocent third parties and ultimately the altruist herself (see Amy Biehl), all of this is the textbook definition of Pathological Altruism.

        Note how much rationalization now surrounds the supposed economic “benefits” of migrants. It’s a naked attempt on the part of the P-A addict to hide his or her eyes from the obvious effects of his or her vice/addiction, exactly the same way a drunk will insist she just likes a little wine now and then.

        • The economic argument seems to be made more from the “conservative” side of the uni-party. They know its a hard sell to most on the right that we somehow owe it to these people to come and live here at our expense because racism, so they try the economic/free market argument instead, which also falls flat on it’s face. But, unfortunately, few people are able to look beyond the “they boost GDP” statement. Not that I even believe that, but even if it were true, and DID boost GDP, it will make GDP per capita fall, which is what I care more about anyways. Sure, we could import the entire population of Nigeria and our GDP would go up 400B instantly. Conservative, INC would rejoice. Look at that economic growth! The pathological altruists would rejoice. Look at all those poor oppressed Africans who are living better lives! But the average American would suffer a drastic reduction in standard of living. Plus the other issues that naturally arise whenever one finds oneself surrounded by Africans.

          The same argument can be made when people demand high school dropouts that can’t even remember not to put pickles on your cheeseburger get paid 15/hr. Why not pay them 100/hr? After all, if raising the minimum wage doesn’t effect anything else, why shouldn’t we pay people more?

          • All arguments involving “GDP” are fatuous if you peel them enough. The entire concept is a tool of the Big Lie.

            I couldn’t care less if importing 100,000,000 brilliant Chinese would raise GDP 500%. If anyone thinks me “racist” for saying aloud that I do not wish to be RULED by a culturally alien overclass, well, FUCK THEM. In my mind’s eye all I see on their faces is a bullseye centered on the tips of their noses.

            What clueless MORON thinks Nigerians want to be RULED by the British Civil Service? I rapidly am losing the ability to tolerate the presence of such fools, who insist that all would be well if the USA simply imported the world’s best and brightest. I’d much rather let others’ best and brightest FIX THEIR OWN FUCKING COUNTRIES, and let me be ruled by my own tribe’s wisest (although I aver that this too is a pipe dream.)

    • The solution is obvious – EXPORT these leftists to African and Middle East shitholes to improve those countries. What, are they saying that wouldn’t work?

    • It is absurd though, listening to what these people say. Its inconceivable to them that some Swedes, or anyone in the West, really, might want to keep their country in somewhat the same condition it was in when they were born. And they could double the population of their country by importing third world squatters, and it wouldn’t even put a dent in the number of those living in poverty in Africa, but it WILL ruin their country. They all seem to get off on pretending they are making the world a better place, but they aren’t.

      Right. They call themselves progressives, but they actually exist to destroy human progress wherever it might occur. You build a nice country? Your reward is to be destroyed along with what you have built.

      Today’s “progressives” are misanthropes.

  5. Funny how you can hit on these pertinent issues that escape the media. What good does it do to take about .1% of the 3rd World. How is it kind to leave anyone behind? The Leftists never have a number for how many refugees should be allowed to invade. It’s just perpetually “more.”

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  7. This minor news story received barely a nanosecond of coverage:

    Before you Nazis make rash assumptions about the murderer’s race, I’m reliably informed by CNN that he is, in fact, an Irishman who tans well. Kind of like the white shooter George Zimmerman, only a shade darker.

    Although I suspect if the deceased Mayor had himself been black, tearful reporters would still be giving daily updates from the Historic Site in the year 2050.

  8. Another excellent post, Porter.

    I find Sailer’s Worlds Most Important Graph, and Roy Beck’s ‘Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs’ are useful for convincing people on the internet.

  9. If I’m correctly informed, today’s Greece is inhabited by people who have no direct genetic link to Aristotle, Plato and the other ancients. The peoples of Greece were entirely submerged and replaced by waves of migration from the east.

    Greatness precedes the fall. There seems to be no escape from the curse of a successful people embracing their own PR, coming to believe in their own infallibility and then ultimately putting themselves into the cannibal’s pot. Is there any hope, that my descendants will be able to in-group enough, and fight/escape as they must, to survive as a sub-group genetically distinct from the (mostly) ape-like locusts who otherwise pass as humanity?

  10. All changing societys go through growing pains. Sweden is no different. The whites there have to get used to losing primacy and unearned privilege.

    • My irony detector is malfunctioning. Be that as it may, I somehow jumped from “growing pains” to the pain of childbirth, and concluded that not only is Sweden’s future emerging breach, the ethnic Swede father can’t help but notice that his ethnic Swede wife is giving birth to a little tar baby.

    • Funny how ‘growth’ looks suspiciously like ‘collapse’ and ‘primacy and unearned privilege’ look like ‘the project of civilization.’

      But hey, when we’re all squatting in dirt-floored huts listening to the lions roaring outside your Gender Studies degree will finally be useful, right?

    • It’s Tiny Duck. The T.D. name, as well as the content, shows this.

      It’s not irony. The Quacker is insane, evil, and stupid.

  11. Hey, David French can only do so much. Weeping with your adopted African child over her biological ancestry while in a Chuck E. Cheese is a passionate scene no one without a heart of stone wouldn’t find hilarious. Why can’t the rest of you get onboard and invite the world’s most important graph into your hearth and home? Your want your own actual biological children? Are you a monster? Would you buy a Labrador puppy from a breeder instead of going to the pound to rescue that pit bull? Nazis were into purebreeds, you reprobate.

  12. Tangentially related to not grasping, I suspect blank slaters on the nominal Right will resist learning to grasp even more vigorously than a generic liberal. A man like Dennis Prager, who is otherwise solidly conservative, is fond of saying there are only two races on the world, the decent and the indecent. Such a person clings to this belief with theological dogma. And in fact, Prager often says he never argues matters of faith. As the saying goes, you cannot reason a person out of something he didn’t use reason to believe.

    • there are only two races on the world, the decent and the indecent.

      Prager glancing about the vast and violent slums of Luanda: “There’s something eerily indecent about this place.”

    • There’s a billboard on I-10 that I pass sometimes with a picture of Garth Brooks on it that says “There is only one race, the human race”. This is in a deep red area, too. Garth must have decided he has made enough money and doesn’t need to sell any more records to us. Oh well, his music sucks anyways.

      And that argument is fine, I suppose. But I wonder what Prager would say if someone mentioned to him that those with really dark skin tones seem much more likely to be indecent.

    • A man like Dennis Prager, who is otherwise solidly conservative, is fond of saying there are only two races on the world, the decent and the indecent. And the “decent race”, to him, is the Jewish race. He’s an ethnocentric Jew, who readily acknowledges that Jews are not merely a bunch of individual humans. They constitute a human group organism that has a life of its own, and the life of that group organism must continue.

  13. Most depressingly for the Swedes, for all of their well-meaning naivete, in a generation’s time they will be blamed for the behaviors of their second- and third-generation guests (such as a tendency to self-detonate, or perhaps indiscriminate forcible sodomy.) If the Guardian somehow manages to keep afloat until 2040, look forward to reading endless articles about how Swedish attitudes made it impossible for the latest offender to ‘integrate,’ how the Swedish state was -designed- to prevent integration, how the Swedish character itself is rotten to the core- essentially how public discussion of the French and their bête noires (and bête browns) is permitted in the media today.

    In time the word Swede will be spoken in the coffee shops and sociology departments of upper-middle-class American Whitopia with such venom, you’d be hard-pressed to believe there was once a time when their society was held up as a model exemplar of everything the Left holds holy, from immigration to anal intercourse.

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