Shine On

There is a rote, unimaginative, almost mechanical aspect to the process of laying cultural pylons in America. That this process of establishing unprincipled expedients is also transparently formulaic has in no way diminished its effectiveness. That’s pretty aggravating for those of us who would like at least a little effort go into dissolving our civilization. But why spend on what’s not required, I suppose the left must ask itself.

The process I’m referring to is the embarrassing tedium of planting shine-words and shun-words, and then defining and refining each according to whatever current tactics demand. Shine-words are, of course, those fittingly vague concepts that aspirants are compelled to be and defend. Doing so thus produces the moral shine necessary for social and professional buoyancy.

In contrast, shun-words are those equally nebulous terms that serve intentionally as millstones to hang around the necks of your enemies or competitors. In both cases all ambitious members of society are obliged to understand these words and their usage rules without ever acknowledging such rules even exist. Everyone above a certain IQ knows this. Because to not know it represents a hazard too great to ignore.

Perhaps this is simply an irritating artifact of human society. If so, future advocates for a coherent nation would be well advised to recognize the program. Because if I can get enough people to internalize that diversity is good and racists are bad, then all that’s left for me is to define each in a manner that facilitates my strategic goals.

If you’d like an even more succinct description, it’s this: diversity is good and it’s what I do. Racism is bad, and it’s what you do. You don’t like that template? I figured a nazi would feel that way.

One of the new shine-words to materialize out of the MeToo movement is Consent. That’s an important concept with which everyone agrees. That means the pillar is sunk into the public’s psyche. Now let us tell you what that means.

According to the New New York Times, consent means…

…seeing and honoring another’s humanity and finding ways to engage in sex while keeping our humanity intact. It should be a culture of making each other feel good, not bad.

And if that’s the goal, then consent doesn’t work if we relegate it exclusively to the sexual realm. Our bodies are only one part of the complex constellation of who we are. To base our culture of consent on the body alone is to expect that caretaking involves only the physical.

I wish we could view consent as something that’s less about caution and more about care for the other person, the entire person, both during an encounter and after, when we’re often at our most vulnerable.

Because I don’t think many of us would say yes to the question “Is it O.K. if I act like I care about you and then disappear?”

You see if a man has sex with a woman he only cares about having sex with, that’s not consent. And not having consent is the definition of rape. And rape gets you 15 years, plus a lifetime on the sex offender registry. So guys, I’d really start caring if I were you.

Now obviously if someone other than feminist liberals were to drape the ornaments of definition on the pillar of consent, then that shine-word might have very different requirements. For instance, instead of men’s obligation to care about tinder trollops, what if consent were otherwise defined? For instance, consent might be described as having sex with unattractive men who have a crush on you. Or possibly consent is remaining loyal to your poindexter boyfriend despite the availability of higher status men. Or maybe consent is white girls having sex with black boys to avoid accusations of raysis.

The point is once we all agree the shine-word is a moral requirement, then we just need to define it. And I’ll be happy to do that for you so long as liberals agree. Though something tells me they will not. And the fact that they want—no insist—on defining the shine and shun words as they go along should cause many more people to question the validity of this moral framework. And they figured a nazi would feel that way.


25 thoughts on “Shine On

  1. “…ambitious members of society are obliged to understand these words and their usage rules without ever acknowledging such rules even exist.”

    As Porter adds to the wealth of Orwellian analysis of language, note well this feature of Approved Vocabulary as promulgated by the Old Demented Grey Lady. The need to keep the rules unspoken and unacknowledged derives from the necessity of preventing those acrid unwashed proles from having a reason to cry “Foul!” When your strategy relies upon constantly shifting goalposts, uniform rules become an inconvenient burden.

    • To elaborate briefly… Less than a generation ago, supporters of “gay rights” might have heard opponents mock their agenda with “Next thing you know two dudes will be getting hitched in a gay bar.” They would have responded, “Don’t be absurd, that’s just fearmongering. We only demand an end to discrimination.” Today, even a whisper suggesting that there is something faintly ridiculous about two fabulous gentlemen strolling down the aisle gets you sent straight to Berchtesgaden in a brownshirt. Or two generations ago, when the sponsors of the Hart-Celler Act assured us that it would in no way change the ethnic composition of the nation, that proved a statesmanlike argument. Nowadays, should anyone propose that our ethnic makeup remain traditional, there is a cell in Spandau prison awaiting you. Unless you propose to reduce exclusively the white component. That’s dandy. See, moving goalposts again.

      • The Overton window has moved almost exclusively left. It used to be considered patently absurd that two men would be ‘married’. Now any objection to such things is considered absurd in polite society. The goalposts are constantly moved. And they always move left.

        Although the window does seem to move in both directions, which is interesting. I went to a gun show today. I was wearing a ‘mi general Pinochet’s helicopter tours’ shirt, and the one person that noticed and understood it’s meaning asked me where I got it. Maybe that means something. I did hold an FAL that was allegedly used in the Rhodesian civil war. I’d love to hear it’s stories.

        • I do some charity work for a few older couples in my neighborhood. Basically just handyman type things. Last summer I made a quip to one of the elderly ladies about my heterosexual marriage. She looked at me blankly and asked: Well what other kind of marriage is there? She’s a great old gal.

          • Good to see hate is alive and well.

            I knew an old lady once who was riding a bus when she told some annoying people of color they should be in cages. The bus driver threw her out because he was a POC as well.

        • Rhodesian veterans are getting old. Most live in Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa. They should have issued us AK’s. Some of our guys did carry AK’s, actually. And RPD’s.

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  4. Overton Windows have a nasty habit of ending up in heaps of charred rubbish after some thoughtful souls decide “Enough of this claptrap” and helpfully burn the entire block to the ground, relishing the screams of those happily nailed up inside.

    Brighter lights can learn from this lesson, and profit thereby, or else prepare for Ascension Day, when they go up the chimney after making ashes of themselves.

    Pendulums don’t swing only one way, and humanity is not naturally wont to swing leftwards at all, let alone perpetually. And history’s default model isn’t a steak BBQ where everyone gets along, it’s a stake dinner, with troublemakers securely tied to it, and gloriously aflame.

    Bet on human nature every time.
    Everything reverts to the mean eventually, and the next reversion promises to pretty damned mean.

      • Ditto. The market was irrational 23 years ago. Yet here we are.

        The last 50 years were a process by which excess capital was laundered into pyramid-building (with a side-order of unimaginable wealth syphoned off by parasites.) Someday the period will be reframed and people will realize that all of what they thought was “stored wealth” was, in fact, just some stone blocks stacked as a monument to Pharaoh’s ability to con the rubes.

        I have given up on trying to guess when the volcano will erupt. Murphy’s Law suggests that this alone may be a half-way decent timing signal, that the end of this long period of monetary/fiscal/political/social insanity is about to enter an entirely new and unexpected phase.

  5. When young Bush tacked on another war in Iraq, the scariest part was the lack of decorum-just the hastily assembled motive that Saddam had WMD and we had to go quick quick quick without reflection. What a departure from the years when war traps were carefully contrived. It certainly signaled that our politicians had nothing to fear from us.

    We should have nothing to fear from these labels.
    If Nazi = Trump supporter and racist = likes own race then just shrug and take it.

  6. This the part of Civil War that I hate, where innocents are slaughtered with impunity in the middle, with other innocents looking on, who do not understand they are next, regardless of where they stand or how innocent they are. The left delights in slaughtering their enemies, or destroying their lives, who in a year or less will be hunting leftists like wild hogs in a thick forest. Because I absolutely refuse to be told what to think or what to say, I make a pretty good target for the leftists, but they will get no gain from me. Give them nothing. Take from them, everything.

  7. The definition of consent keeps getting more and more vague. One of these days, some unfortunate fellow is going to get accused of sexual harassment for NOT sleeping with some woman.

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