I’m With Democracy and I’m Here to Help

I’m not entirely convinced that today’s gasp-inducing sedition memoir about the ongoing sabotage of the Trump presidency isn’t a work of fiction. It probably is real, but I wouldn’t put on a parachute that probably opens.

Though working from a perspective of likelihood, there were several rather remarkable aspects of the article, by a pristine Never-Trump cuckservative. The most obvious of these being its scintillating audacity. Here an administrative hireling summarily discards and subverts the agenda of an elected President vetted through exhaustive multi-year primary and general election campaigns, and finally validated by winning 30 states and 306 electoral votes. This because a cabal of flatulent factotums—and I quote with amazement—“knew better.” Well they certainly didn’t know better how to advance their exquisite agenda legitimately, one might mention at the next National Review cruise.

But of course every lunatic sees a saint in the mirror, and this one no less. Thus his betrayals are varnished in the finest platitudes. Reportedly, Trump is not a true conservative, a true believer in free trade, or a true advocate for war with Russia. And those are precisely the reasons he became the true President of the United States.

But none of that is really what the editorial brought into such clear and unintended relief. Buried amidst the false posturing about defending America’s “democratic institutions” he offers only one contrary conclusion: Democracy doesn’t work.

Forget the flapping tongue and simply take note of his own admitted acts of subversion. By these he is advising the public that there is no peaceful mechanism by which a nation may alter the course of its state. He is telling the American people that you can become dissatisfied and want a change in national trajectory. You can raise money, go door to door, debate and convince, you can evaluate platforms, attend rallies, vote in primaries, scream on twitter, and unfriend on Facebook. You can wait in line at your Chicago precinct along with 300 dead men and then watch the general returns until midnight nearly two years after the process began. Then you can spend the rest of the night cheering an improbable victory.

And it won’t make a fucking ant hill of difference.

Because bureaucrats buried in the deep fat of government and political ticks riding into the administration by their mandibles will simply judge your hard-won presidential selection as uncouth and substitute the policies you voted for with their own. Your input into the matter is not solicited. And this defenestration of electoral results will be done for the sake of democracy, you see.

When the top finally blows on this nation-turned-petri-dish, a former White House hack will blink dumbly in the rubble and wonder: Who needs my help next?


49 thoughts on “I’m With Democracy and I’m Here to Help

  1. I wish Trump was a better president. He has decent ideas but as far as personnel, temperament, and basic management goes he’s been abysmal.

      • Careful with that declaration. They haven’t done anything yet. Don’t forget who put Roberts into office. He was supposed to be our conservative savior for generations, and he handed the left Obamacare on a silver platter, saving it for Obama in a fit of legal and mental gymnastics I have never before seen, essentially rewriting it for them. Republicans have a terrible track record of picking people that remain consistent. Judges put forth by democrats keep moving further left as they age. Unfortunately, so do those nominated by republicans. Don’t go getting your hopes up with these two.

        People looking to the Supreme Court for help are also deciding themselves. You are expecting government employees to willingly limit their own power over the rest of the country. It’s a rare government employee that will do that.

    • and we have another person who doesn’t realize that the only information he(and for that matter all of us ) gets about Donald trump is what the MEDIA puts out . their 24/7/365 hysterical slime machine could make mother tresa look like Hitler. listen berty, Idiots don’t prosper in business and get where he is.
      besides he is there to fix n awful mess . I had a very sick child once. my wife and I took her to a number of pediatric oncologist . the one with the best background was cold and coarse. my wife complained to me after the visit, she is a nurse. I told her I don’t give a dam if he is rude,crude,has bad breath and body odor, and swears like a drunken sailor with Tourette’s. IF he has the best plan to cure my daughter nothing else matters to me. trump is the doctor , America is the patient, caring about anything but results is foolish and juvenile. .

    • You sound like my dad until recently.

      “He’s always acting unprofessional”, “Trump needs to stop Tweeting”, “The other old guys in my workout group don’t like how he acts because he’s not being presidential enough”, yadda yadda yadda.

      My only reply was “So, how did the Bush’s work out being so very presidential? Maybe someone who gets things done that we elected him for is more important than looking good to everyone, unless you think perpetual uniparty rule is going to be beneficial in the end.”

      2 years later, dad realized that having a brash asshole with a track record of actually doing what we hired him for is much better than lip service from another neocon failure. Stop being hung up on useless notions of how the president should behave, and realize that outcome is more important than superficial nonsense.

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  3. I’m more disgusted by the lack of consequences for any of this. Trump has not made any of these people pay…whether it’s deep state subversives, left wing nobody judges, congressional witch hunts, commie media conglomerates, he hasn’t used his executive authority against any of them…and he can and I wish he would start.

    • Fully agree here. Not only have no chickens been vanished to scare the monkeys, we’re well into monkey finishing time. The consequences of not doing so abound. And Porter, excellently put as always. You’re a pleasure.

    • Because that would be falling into the trap.
      If he uses that authority he will be presented as being all the things the Libs claim him to be. They claim he is thin skinned and petty and lashes out at his critics…except he has only done that verbally and not REALLY lashed out at them. If he REALLY did it the deep state would jump on the opportunity to remove him from office. Right now he is basically seen as just blowing off steam and not a real threat. He has to bide his time and let as much scum rise to the surface as possible.

      • Bide his time? He’s halfway through his term…his reelection can not at all be taken for granted. Obama used the IRS among others to deplatform enemies, particularly “Tea Party” organizations, which were harassed out of existence. Team Clinton’s enemies either took swan dives out of 10 story buildings or “shot themselves” in the back of the head 5 times…what’s the point of his presidency if they don’t start rolling back any of this lefty deep state structure?

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  5. 1. Democracy is pure, unadulterated leftism. It’s entire foundation is Utopian, that a crowd together can overcome impossible-to-avoid pathological incentives to create a More Perfect System. The Wizard of Id marries Possum: “The King is a Fink, and the Fink is us.” H.L. Mencken got it right, people still quote him yet none learns.

    2. Trump is a harbinger. “Predisposed,” a non-fiction exploration of the innate, profound, unchangeable biological differences between avowed leftists and their opponents (I reject the term “conservative” as meaningless), illustrates yet another uncomfortable fact of life: No, we cannot all get along.

    Democracy gives all people the sense that the state is an extension of their will (or it will be so after their guy wins the next election.) This led to people accepting the metastatic growth of “government” until it is exactly what Tocqueville predicted, Democratic Leviathan, suffocating everyone under its inescapable blubber.

    Once the state became utterly TOTAL, and every aspect of human existence came under the mailed fist of the vast Permanent Bureaucracy, the biologically-based gulf between people of Left and Right temperament became unbridgeable. Gun control, LGBT promotion in schools, welfarism, open borders, misandrist feminism, abortion as family planning, all of these areas produce public policies one group or the other simply cannot live with. I repeat, WE CANNOT COEXIST under one regime or the other.

    I submit that we are at the beginning of the resumption of the English Civil War. The first iteration was fought between the Right (monarchists) and the Left (parliamentarians) and the latter won. It was possibly the first political battle of the ascension of Leftism as THE dominant theology of Western Mankind.

    We stand at (what I think is) the apogee of Leftist Theology, when every Western Nation is a Left Theocracy in every possible aspect. As the nation-state was instituted to produce order out of chaos, but in its sclerotic phase has itself become the wellspring of chaos, Leftism was born of hope for raising the status of the individual but eventually turned into a promoter of Hobbesian war of every faction against every faction, while enabling the most psychopathological parasites among us to ride its crest to unimaginable riches and power (Soros, Bezos, Rothschild, Windsor, Gates, Buffett, etc.)

    Trump is not “rightist” in any real sense. His presidency is simply “Not Left.” NO MORE, millions of Americans screamed, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! Millions of others, the Trump Derangement Syndrome people, have not changed their minds one iota; they still wish to march Leftward in a circle until Utopia is created, defined by John Lennon’s “Imagine.” They would make a stairway of skulls if necessary to get there.

    Civil War is here. Whether it becomes an overt shooting match is unknown, and it seems unlikely to emerge from a populace grown corpulent with self-satisfaction, but as I’ve noted before, our Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous these past 40 years were all put on the National MasterCard. That’s not a sign of sustainability, and should borrow-to-spend slam face-first into rising interest rates (and declining social trust), sudden hardship could easily form the foundation of a bloody battle not just over who governs from Mordor-on-the-Potomac but over whose biologically-determined political sentiments will survive to next week.

    • This This This. All of it.

      I think Trump’s not a “rightist” because he’s a man rooted in the real world, making decisions in real time that he knows really affect people, as opposed to bugmen in think tanks and bureaucrats buried in the folds of our fat, bloated pig of a government.

      Think how many decisions a normal man makes in the course of a day, week, month, etc., all affecting family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Problems come at him fast, and he’s required to judge the best he can in very limited time. He can’t afford to form a committee, or perform a well-funded statistical analysis. He makes a decision based on all that’s shaped him up to that point and with that he looks as far into the future that he can, which ain’t much. He doesn’t think about whether his decision is conservative or liberal. Trump is a man who spent his whole life in that kind of world. He’s wholly unsuited to work with bugmen, like this oped asshole. Which is why we love him.

      Oped asshole says his decision making is inchoate. I think there may be some truth to that, as loathe as I am to agree. Trump is a mirror into our world, and they don’t like the view one bit.

      Finally, the only thing that surprised me was that the NYT would be so brazen to publish this. It’s an open admission to something utterly unsurprising, that Trump is being sabotaged from within. It’s one thing to not care if we know it. It’s quite another to openly admit it (“it” being treason).

  6. PS: It’s said that there are no atheists in foxholes. Are there pathological altruists in foxholes? My suspicion is that if this Civil War goes hot (an event not possible until there’s an economic and financial cataclysm), any Leftist whites who stick with their religious icons will have the life expectancies of mayflies. Only during the early phases will there be much concern about being fragged by someone wearing your uniform.

    • Its already apparent that there are many minorities just waiting for any excuse to loot, rampage, and burn. Some kind of cataclysm that really unleashes that will see these white leftists killed by the very minorities they’ve spent their entire lives coddling. Death by irony will be a common thing.

      • “Death by irony.” (Damn, that’s good! Thank heaven I had swallowed my sip of coffee before I got to that part or I’d now be mopping it off my monitor.)

  7. I guess the self importance and narcissism of the purported author isn’t reflected in the mirror. If it were, he/she (as written likely he) would realize what an arrogant and pompous prick he sounds like.

    Who the hell died and made you my boss? What would ever give this damnable Piss Ant the idea that he can act in spite of my vote and desires?

    It’s Claire Wolfe time folks…

  8. So much mindless Trump love on blogs like this, ignoring the reality of his broken promises and incompetency. It’s very disheartening.

    • You’re faking. You do not care in the slightest if “broken promises” or “incompetency” is true. You post it on a social media site you despise in order to poison it. For you, In a way it’s even more effective if it is false. that way it ‘gaslights’, and people get weak and confused.

      Congratulations, you are a terrible person.

  9. I should add that I’m not a rabid Trump hater, but have been primarily put off by what a colossal liar he is. He lies to everyone, supporters and opponents alike. He’s lied about the wall being started (Congress has not appropriated one cent to it and likely never will), he’s lied about guns (he doesn’t care if guns are confiscated, but has to pretend that he does), he’s lied about his crooked cronies, he lies about his White House staff. The man is a fraud from top to bottom and I really don’t see why I should have to defend him anymore if all I get in return is boring rallies and crazed tweetstorms. I’m sick of him.

    • Berty
      How about King Barry’s belchings about “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor…etc.?”
      Did that world class lie excite paroxysms of umbrage on your part?

    • Is that “Hillary Won” counter-factual website still up and running?

      For those who are just modest Trump Haters, can we all pause a moment to imagine what we’d be immersed in, had the Witch Queen prevailed? Do we imagine that Obama was as bad as it got?

      Trump is a signal that times are changing. Neither he nor anyone else is going to ride in on a white horse and save us all. FFS, I can’t STAND chicken-shit people who think this or any government is there to “help them.” What a bunch of 7-year-old children in adult bodies. It is a testament to our dyed-in-the-wool Leftism, that we cannot escape this puerile belief that “the Government” is either our father, our friend or an extension of our own will. It is a fucking parasite, run by ingrates, sycophants and congenital criminals . But it is an inescapable one, because people are hardwired to produce a political system due to the innate desire to live at someone else’s expense. The best we can ever hope for is that the citizenry comes to see the political system as a necessary evil, and thus exercises eternal vigilance to defend their lives from it where possible. The system that yields that is some sort of authoritarianism.

      Paradoxically, people are probably happiest under what amounts to a benign totalitarianism, where the King–who is a fink–knows not to tread on “his” citizens’ lives too hard, and the people “love” him only insofar as he keeps his predations on them measured.

      Queen Hillary was NOT likely to be so benign, however. That woman eats babies for breakfast.

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  11. “That woman eats babies for breakfast.”

    Come now. She doesn’t eat. Hillary is rather like one of H. G. Wells’s Martians who saps the bodily fluids of its prey for nourishment. It’s a piña colada flavored Ensure for alien parasites.

  12. “And this defenestration of electoral results will be done for the sake of democracy, you see.”

    If his advent proved anything, Trump demonstrated that elections change nothing. This could precipitate a highly precarious situation depending on the character of the electorate. The sole solid reversals being the replacement of two or three black robed progressive kritarchs with two or three less inclined to degeneracy. There will be no wall, the PPACA was not repealed despite the entire GOPe raising funds on the issue for eight years and owning both Houses since 2016, the military still wastes lives and cash in Afghanistan, on and on. Nevertheless the nation of the blind sternly stumbles down the same rutted path. The sham of Democracy™️ possesses a remarkable immune system, probably only vulnerable to the arrival of a very large black swan. Ornithologists, keep your binoculars handy.

    • The Left wants to re-cement its strangle-hold on the Central State; heretics placed a heretic in the Oval Office and the Theocracy is under threat.

      The problem is, de la Boetie showed us 500 years ago that any polity exists ONLY under conditions of popular consent (or at least acquiescence.) Americans today are still Fat, Dumb and Lazy because even though the country is deflating before our eyes, America’s MasterCard can still get authorized at the checkout counter. After all, “We owe it to ourselves,” so when Wimpy says “I’ll gladly pay you two burgers next week for one burger today,” it never occurs to anyone that “we’re” simply pissing away what little we have left, giving it to the Fat Assed Morons in McDonald’s drive-through lane. Think they’re going to come up with two burgers next week? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

      Wait until the MasterCard is inserted and the authorization says, “DECLINED.”

      What is the inescapable lesson from the Left’s Theocrats’ all-out war on Trump, and the appearance of stasis coming from the White House? That Uncle Sam is a paper tiger, and that when someone comes from Washington DC and says, “I’m from the government and I’m in charge,” if they’re not holding bags of money for you, IGNORE THEM. Tell the federal judge or the federal bureaucrat, “Try to enforce your edict. Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY.”

      In a year or a decade (probably not much more than two decades) I doubt anyone will give two rats’ asses about the petulant little Neros and Napoleons standing in front of a few microphones yelling, “Brawndo, it has electrolytes.” We’ll all have far more local, relevant issues with which to contend.

  13. I agree with the others who are calling BS on this story. According to W.H. anonymous, he claims there are individuals who swipe paperwork off of Trump’s desk at will so that he can’t act on it. No security cameras there ? Nobody keeping tabs on who is in these sensitive areas and can remove work at will ?

    Yeah, right. A reporter writes ‘Never fear – we have an inside man who is keeping us safe!’ and we’re supposed to just swallow that ? We’re being trolled man, its a B.S. story from the get-go. Woodwards book – just for drumming up book sales.

  14. “I’m With Democracy…”
    A simply sublime title.

    I think the article was very likely a creation of the liberal media.
    It is very long on adjectives and completely bereft of anything specific that would suggest insider knowledge.

    Not enough Russia War
    Not enough war monger McCain glorification

    It’s the Left playing offense again with another fabrication since their last one–the dossier–was so successful regardless of the many obvious layers of fraud.

    Now they have another narrative—“Embattled administration. More trouble for Trump. Senior administration turning against Trump.”

    That being said, of course there are all kinds of traitors in the Trump White House.
    I can’t imagine what it feels like to be him.
    Like the dossier, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.
    It’s playing its part.

  15. They **killed** John F. Kennedy in front of the entire country over fifty years ago. Their children are “in charge” today, and their children’s children are being groomed to take the reins soon enough. They believe their own PR, that they are omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

    Who’s to say what’s actually happening? I sure as heck don’t have a clue. But I’m fairly confident that the world is far too complex for any group of men to steer. The short essay, “I, Pencil” shows us that if we dropped all the smart people inside the Beltway on a dessert island, all of them, alone or together, could make a damned Number 2 pencil. Does anyone really think the nepotism-scum of the CIA and every multi-national corporate board, plus all the royal dynasties and centuries-old banking cartelists combined could make a damn PENCIL? NO!

    The world goes by itself. When someone in clown make-up jumps in front of the parade and acts like he’s setting the parade’s path, don’t believe it. His presence in front is an artifact, and when the parade shifts direction the clown will be waving his baton with NO ONE BEHIND HIM.

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