Going Woke

A prudent man does not lavish his hate lightly. It is an exercise that demands discretion. As such, I would encourage economy of the sentiment beyond Bill Kristol. Though a couple of other eminently worthy recipients would be nation-dissolving global corporations, and the various bouncy-ball cartels. The creatures of both these phylums have done astonishingly effective work in ensuring your children inherit only misery from foreign majorities. But misery makes lots of money and what, are you against free enterprise?

I certainly hope you are against it, since that’s the operative euphemism for the extractive work multi-nationals have been engaged in throughout the West. That they have been dutifully defended by representatives of the legacy Americans their CEOs despise is one of the grandest ironies of modern politics. In many ways I think of the Republican Party as a conduit used to convert conservative votes into liberal profits. Tax cuts for Zuckerberg! would be plastered on Paul Ryan’s forehead if he ever forgot he wasn’t a Prius.

Today offered another example—on the remote chance one was needed—of just how deeply corporate America despises traditional Americans. Textile and plastic air-bubble purveyor, Nike, named Colin Kaepernick as their mascot middle-finger aimed toward the heart of the country.

For those enviably not familiar he is an unemployed mullato quarterback, who was abandoned by his black father and subsequently nurtured to prominence by an apparently loving white family. So as one would expect, he is now an ersatz black panther who hates white society and the police. It is telling that this sort of inverse gratitude and complete lack of self awareness is now so customary as to be beneath public notice.

Though it certainly wasn’t beneath Nike’s notice, which leaped at the opportunity to gore the consumer livestock from which it has long since grown fat. As with all corporate evolutions, young and growing companies tend to serve and flatter their customers. While ossified and/or oligarchic ones tend to eat them. In nearly all things I would prefer my enemies focused on trying to get rich rather than attacking me once they’ve arrived. And nothing quite says I’ve arrived like rolling out Louie Farrakhan in cleats and an afro.

Though if I were guessing, this marketing campaign remains somewhat yoked to the accountant’s bridle. The financial truth is that being overtly anti-white now offers a large and growing clientele, and no fear that the mainstream right will dare squeak in protest. So decades of anti-racist dupes have ensured not only a future of increasingly racial politics, but also product promotions. I imagine the next Nike campaign will be even more overt. Perhaps Get woke or get fucked. Ahh, free enterprise.

And while it’s not even a whisper on the wind, I won’t buy another pair of Nikes. They’ve made the mistake of being obnoxious in a highly substitutable industry. There are many comparable shoe mongers willing to extend me the courtesy of sheer indifference rather than contempt. Maybe even a couple of them are more interested in growing their business than urinating down out of the clouds.

So Nike’s inane slogans will be wasted on me. Though that doesn’t mean they’ll be wasted. If Mr. Kaepernick is half the salesman I hope he is, many formerly flaccid conservatives will be looking to acquire a much more fashionable outlook. And The Kakistocracy always carries the latest styles.


29 thoughts on “Going Woke

    • Don’t know about ASICS, but I read that New Balance supported Trump, or at least the CEO made the hateful, provocative and violent statement that maybe sorta perhaps Trump isn’t actually a tangerine Hitler.

    • A few years ago I got my first pair of Merrells and thats all I’ve bought since then, at least as far athletic/none dress type shoes go. I will now try REALLY hard not to learn anything about that company or it’s leadership lest I be forced to look elsewhere. Hopefully, as Porter says, they are at least indifferent towards me and my opinions, or are at least smart enough to shut the fuck up about it and focus on continuing to make top quality products rather than SJW nonsense. I can’t wear Nike shoes anyways, too narrow for my feet, so i can’t really say Ill be boycotting. I do have a pair or two of Nike gym shorts, but I suppose Ill buy them from someone else now. In addition to shoes, there are plenty of people that make gym shorts, so it’s hardly difficult to avoid giving them my money in that area too.

      It amuses me to no end that this entire protest/kneeling movement was based on such a factually inaccurate premise. Namely, that police are shooting black people in such wildly disproportionate numbers that today’s law enforcement essentially amounts to hunting dindus for sport. Pointing out that blacks are shot at a higher frequency than would be expected based on their percentage of the population is a factually accurate statement, but it also ignores several important factors, the most obvious being that they also account for a much higher percentage of violent crimes. I would expect a specific demographic to be shot by police at roughly the same rate they commit violent crimes. Taken in that context, they are actually shot LESS frequently than one would expect. Of course, ‘factually inaccurate premise’ succinctly describes just about every liberal position, so this should hardly come as a surprise.

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  2. The humor in dark times is much appreciated–Paul Ryan if he ever forgot he wasn’t a Prius and “for those enviably not familiar.”

    The corporate evolution is becoming quite predictable. The future billionaires are initially politically coy. It’s only when their futures are secure that they become a mouthpiece for social justice.

    So Nike’s stock dropped a mere 3% after hiring an NFL has-been who hates America and makes the life of police officers more dangerous and less desirable. As a result, police officers themselves will become less desirable and more dangerous because who is going to want that job for much longer.

    The greatest hypocrisy though is the idea that Colin has sacrificed anything whatsoever.
    No more concussions, no more sweaty practices.

    He gets a book deal (like everyone who gets fired in the line of duty) and a Nike contract.

    • Their stock dropped 3% just on the announcement, but that may very well be just the beginning. The real impact will come later. Once a full quarter has passed since this announcement, we will see how their EPS numbers look. If they report a drop in sales, they will see a further drop in stock prices.

      Somehow this just dawned on me: they own Hurley. I own a few pairs of Hurley shorts, and I absolutely love their premium/slim fit T shirts. God damn it. My initial thought was that it wouldn’t really effect me because their shoes are too narrow for me anyways. But I also have a few pairs of Nike golf shorts. A 36 inch waist pair of shorts just hangs off me, and the belt bunches up the fabric even with a pistol holster. But a 34 inch waist is a little snug with my appendix holster in place, because its pretty large. Nike Golf is one of the few companies that makes a 35 inch waist, and those shorts are the perfect size. Fuck it, guess I gotta lose another 10 pounds, so the 34 inch aren’t quite as snug anymore.

  3. “But misery makes lots of money and what, are you against free enterprise?”

    Market zealots today appear largely unable to follow Bastiat’s suggestion and look for that which is unseen. They appear to have no mind for non-monetary cost accounting when it comes to changing Here into the There from which immigrants fled. I guess turning the USA into Central America with some snow won’t bother Mestizos…for whom such Banana Republic suffering is “Homey.” We WASPs may notice a pinch…as when one’s leg is amputated sans anesthetic.

    Concentrated benefit, diffuse cost is the thread that runs through every systemic evil in this One Big Asset Stripping political economy. It is why Lenin was only sort of right about the capitalist selling him the rope he’d use to hang the capitalist.

    When the non-monetary costs of “enterprise” (I won’t call it free) are ignored, consumers will inevitably pay for their own executions.

  4. We may safely assume David French has already posted a fine article to National Review praising Nike’s freedom of speech.

    “Maybe even a couple of them are more interested in growing their business than urinating down out of the clouds.”

    When you see corporate giants actively turning away customers, you see confirmation that the profits lie elsewhere. When YouTube deplatforms channels that generate millions of views, you correctly conclude their business model doesn’t rest upon collecting eyeballs. Apparently profits lie in collecting scalps.

    • A billion here a billion there. Once you’re in the tens of billions, jettisoning a couple in the “name” of some “higher purpose” is easy-peasy.

      So-called investors have not given three figs about what corporate executives do, going on thirty years or more. As long as their 401(k) statement was in the green, who cared if the E suite blew money on stock buybacks, paying prostitutes or eating third world children?

      We. Live. In. A. Theocracy. All other considerations are subordinate to that. (I still aver that someday it won’t be possible to paper over this cesspool by using the National MasterCard, but silly me, I’ve been wrong on that for so long that even I laugh at my reflection in the mirror.)

    • Well said regarding corporate giants. CNN is another example. I noticed a sea change about the time Gadhafi’s billions were up for grabs as he lay clobbered in the streets. Oh scratch that—those funds went to the Libyan government.

      • We got cable a couple of months before Gulf War I, which made CNN worldwide (in case younger readers don’t know that). I watched CNN closely, though less and less closely, for a few years. Then, one day, at the top of the hour, Susan Rook looked into the camera and told us with a straight face that a study had shown that rich people get better health care than poor people. My viewing time fell hard after that “news” item.

    • I honestly think they don’t understand the downsides to this. It’s astounding to me how many of these corporations who have the capacity to properly research this mistake shrill voices for customers.

      • I don’t think this is correct. Many of the people in charge of multinational corporations (Google, various NGOs, the NYT and the WSJ or their parent companies as a matter of public record, many others if you’re willing to dig) quite literally make most of their money by the two revenue streams of a) kickbacks from USG and b) asset stripmining countries they’ve convinced the State Department to ‘govern’ a la Russia in the 1990’s.

        For many of them, your patronage or lack thereof, in fact the patronage or lack thereof of entire large swathes of the so-called American market, are so much noise.

        And that’s what economists call a ‘free market economy’.

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      • A while ago I saw her retweeting someone whose display name was something like “Gas the Kikes.” Probably he changed it after she retweeted him, but still.

  6. Apart from the stunning incision by Nike, and now Levi-Strauss, slicing themselves from the political center there is a very disturbing sense of consolidation among collectivists, elitists, and agitators against reason and logic. The mob energy is growing, the hippie sensibilities are much stronger, and the stubborn refusal to listen is being rewarded.
    Well ok goobers. If that’s your motto let us all watch you live it. Get five or thirty or three hundred of your snobby friends together and pool your resources. Live in a compound that you all own, divide the domestic chores among everyone, dissolve marriages and personal belongings into a group ownership clot, and have a single bank account. We’ll all take bets on how long it takes before mayhem, rage, and murder occur. I’m going with less than three days.
    If Nike desires to be an elitist preaching platform, and Levi-Strauss desires their product used exclusively by like-minded cult members then the rest of us will have to find alternates. If Nike and Levi-Strauss demand we listen to their sermons and add to their collection plate, well, no. And in the mean time: Fuck you Nike and Fuck you Levi-Strauss, and Fuck you NFL.
    I’m sure I missed quite a number of deserving targets, but I only have so much time.

    • The Age of Mass Consumerism is ending. Nike, Dick’s, Levi Strauss, et.al. are simply hastening the day that their firms are buried next to Montgomery Wards.

      Apple. Microsoft. All the retailers. Amazon. What happens to any of them (and all of them) if the New Fashion becomes “hoard what little money you have?” Can every American skip their New Clothes fix in favor of literally mountains of lightly-used (if not brand-new) clothes at the Good Will store? Hell, other than underwear, people could certainly stop buying clothes, toys, phones, and pretty much EVERYTHING for a calendar year and not miss a beat.

      Yes, they’ll still need food. And gasoline (although if the stores aren’t selling stuff, the need to travel will crater, too.) A few other things. Not ammo (Americans have probably hoarded enough ammunition to fight World War Two all over again.)

      “Large” is dying. Big government, Big retailers, Big media, pretty much every large institution in our society is being destroyed from within by the very people who depend upon it for their employment. They can’t help themselves, it’s just we’ve reached that part of the cycle.

  7. Nikes profits have skyrocketed

    Not only are they doing the right thing they are doing the popular thing

    Looks like nobody is wants your ideology!

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