Hell Is Other Liberals

Better to remain silent and be thought a bolshevik eradicationist than to speak and remove all doubt.

I think that’s largely sound advice for our readers on the left. That’s because eradictionist Bolshevism tends to have a suppressive effect on the good-will of those to whom it is directed. As a result the bland politesse that lubricates our every-day social order tends to be most productive in an environment of ignorance. For instance, if you feel compelled to advise me that you want my children planted due to their ‘privilege’, I might smash your face into the sidewalk rather than say “thank you.” And that’s just not a congenial situation for anyone.

Thus social interactions are generally more pleasant the less its factionalized members share with each other. Of course that’s a difficult concept for Prius owners in particular to absorb, since those vehicles are laminated with an adhesive coating that continually attracts banal leftist slogans.

But oddities of Prius-Americans aside, the notion that ‘coming together’ or ‘bringing down walls’ will actually foster worse rather than better relations is not entirely intuitive to many people. But it probably should be. I’m a staunch believer, at least.

My belief in the power of shared opinions to produce impressively profound animosity is repeatedly validated by reading liberal twitter. I sporadically spout-off on that platform, though with little real enthusiasm. However, it is a very effective laboratory for testing visceral human responses—your own included.

One of the self-tests I occasionally conduct is to compare my baseline sentiments about leftists to the level and trend of those feelings after reading several examples of their own words. To the surprise of no one but Harvard researchers, these clinical trials have produced a remarkably robust and uniform response. Specifically, 100% of the instances reading liberals’ heartfelt and candid remarks resulted in not a sense of understanding and shared humanity, but a sense that they are almost certainly hybridized insects. That sounds harsh, and it is. So I attempted to re-create the trial with inputs that omitted the words NAZI, SUPREMACIST, and HATE, but was unable to find any samples that qualified.

In any event, I was fascinated to see these results replicated recently by peer researchers.

Dwelling in a political echo chamber — where you only encounter people who agree with you — is hardly conducive to a healthy democracy.

But it turns out that broadening your horizons by perusing opposing points of view on social media may just make the partisan divide worse.

That’s the depressing result of an unusual experiment involving 909 Democrats and 751 Republicans who spend a lot of time on Twitter.

The dynamic at work here is man’s innate familiarity bias. I don’t talk to many people who think destroying people like me is a good idea. So I tend toward a flawed presumption that that position is somewhat universal. It is, of course, anything but. So when exposed to the honest—and in their mind utterly uncontroversial—opinion that people like me should be destroyed, the response is one of recoil and reciprocal animosity.

Compared to the Democrats who did not follow the conservative bot, those who did “exhibited slightly more liberal attitudes.” The more they had paid attention to the bot’s retweets (as measured by additional surveys), the more liberal their attitudes became. However, none of these changes were large enough to be statistically significant.

It was a different story for Republicans. Compared to those who did not follow the liberal bot, those who did “exhibited substantially more conservative views” after just one month. The greater the number of liberal tweets the Republicans absorbed, the more conservative they became. These results were statistically significant.

In other words, the experiment backfired.

So when exposed to conservative opinions liberals became slightly more liberal, while conservatives exposed to liberal opinions became much more conservative. Almost assuredly this is a function of the varying stridency between mainstream left and right opinion writers. Respectable conservatives craft every sentence in context of the prevailing liberal narrative. Thus when liberals read a conservative—such as anyone from National Review or Weekly Standard—they are not reading fundamental challenges to liberal orthodoxy, but simply suggestions on how its precepts might be politically reapplied.

To use a widely-mocked example, conservatives will agree completely with the liberal premise that racial solidarity among whites alone is the world’s greatest evil. They simply mewl that Dems R Real Racists! That is to say, we’ll be better race liberals than the liberals. So having their premise completely validated, leftists who read this are only slightly moved to annoyance in responding, “No, Republicans R Real Racists.” It’s really not much of a chasm to cross.

In contrast, liberal writers are compelled to grant conservatives absolutely nothing. No premise is spared. In fact to concede as virtuous any conservative pieties or positions whatsoever would be NAZI in itself. As a result, when cloistered conservatives are exposed to completely accepted and mainstream liberalism, it is like seeing Lucifer tap-dancing on his hooves in Sunday school. It is a thing of comprehensive hostility. And thus quite a disappointment to some that exposure to it creates such deep right-wing retrenchment. I mean, can’t we just find common ground to bury you in?

At any rate, it’s back to liberal twitter for me tonight. I’m starting to settle on a hypothesis of rhinotia hemistictus.


29 thoughts on “Hell Is Other Liberals

  1. In light of the Prius reference:

    The rental place gave me a Ford Focus Hybrid when my own ride was in the shop.

    Everything wrong with liberal progressive millennials was encapsulated in that car: backwards, counter-intuitive, histrionic, over-thought (i.e. poorly thought out) and basically a failed desperate attempt to re-invent the wheel.

    • I went from a 4×4 4 door lifted pickup truck to a Prius, and am on my third now. You can’t compare the Focus to the Prius. I’m up to the third person who originally made fun of me decided to getting one after riding with me often enough through all those years. And I’m hard dissident right… but my location does make it a nice chameleon cover when moving through the insect hive, haha.

      I don’t mind the mockery of the Prius owner stereotype at all because it’s definitely founded in truth, but they really are good cars on their own terms which is why it’s crushed the competition for so long and goes toe to toe with regular car sales. The only hybrid likely to start outselling it is the Toyota Rav4 for the exact same reasons Ford is discontinuing sedan production, people are gobbling up SUV lites.

        • If you rub a photo of Tangerine Hitler on the bumper, that usually suffices once a month. Like that flea repellent you put on self-identified canine persons.

        • Porter…Maybe you could repost your alt right version of the “Coexist” bumper sticker that are liberally glued on every Prius I see…

        • Combination of a machete should I see any trying to cuddle up, and vigorous rubbing should any sneak in at night.

          Those who know me have suggested I get an “I identify as a 4×4” sticker though… but like I said… in my area it’s a good cover car.

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  4. “So when exposed to conservative opinions liberals became slightly more liberal, while conservatives exposed to liberal opinions became much more conservative.”

    While the labels are terribly misleading, this is the best outcome possible. The choosing of sides continues apace and works in our favor; exposure to actual “Liberal” thought (there’s actually not one thing liberal about them, but that is another matter) creates more conservatives, and more strident ones at that.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. For all Trump’s other faults, and they are legion, had Hillary won the election we would be in quite a different situation right now. The ongoing, commie-driven Giant Wakeup Call greatly increases the likelihood for being able to find respite and succor among strangers, between objectives.

  5. This post is an excellent illustration of what happened to me. When I was young(er) I was a standard issue republican. To my ever lasting shame, I was a McCain fan. Enthusiastically read his book when it came out. In my defense, I was in high school and apparently a lot dumber than I thought at the time. By 2008 I didn’t much care for him anymore. I liked Ron Paul a lot, but thought his foreign policy was a bit too hands off. Spending a year in the Middle East changed that. Ron is 100% right about foreign policy. If you doubt Ron Paul isn’t right about our interventionism, go deal with those people and the mess we’ve created for even a couple months, and get back to me. Ever since then I have been a libertarian. The real kind, not the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson/Bill Weld variety. You’d be surprised how many of those there are in the military. Anyways, I remained that way until the run up to the 2016 election.

    I suppose I am a good example of what happens to people on the right when they read a bunch of leftist drivel on the internet. It wasn’t the alt-right that drew me in, it was liberalism that pushed me over there. Reading whats posted on Salon et al, or what these mindless cretins say on twatter or faceberg, has greatly altered the way I think, far more than any alt-right or actual conservative (as opposed to the Conservate, Inc type) writer ever could. I still think Ron Paul would make a far better president than Trump, and I still believe that libertarianism is the only just way to run a society, I no longer think America is ready for that type of thing. Trump is the president we deserve, but contrary to what most on the left think, it is they who are responsible for putting him in office, not ‘racist white people’. Even though none of them voted for Trump, they put him in office with their own words and actions. In order for a libertarian system to work, a homogenous, intelligent, honest, and high trust society is required. We no longer have any of those things in America. And each and every day, we drift further and further away from that. Before we are ready for a Ron Paul, I am increasingly coming to believe we need a Pinochet. I don’t have an account on any form of social media anymore, but I still read whats on twitter sometimes. Reading liberal twitter has pushed me over to #helicoptertwitter. I now call myself a libertarian with alt-right sympathies. Theres a little chart that shows the political and economic spectrum of thought thats divided up into 4 squares, left/right and libertarian/authoritarian. It shows a dot down in the right/libertarian corner, then shows the flight path of a helicopter from the libertarian corner up to the authoritarian corner every time a communist speaks. That fits me perfectly.

    As an aside, I saw a link on helicoptertwitter for a ‘mi general pinochet’s helicopter tours’ T shirt, which I, of course, had no choice but to buy. I wear it occasionally, too. Only one person has ever noticed it, and knew what it meant, and said anything to me about it, and it was a guy I work with. He read it and said ‘dude, where did you get that shirt? That’s fucking awesome’. There’s a reason hardly anyone knows of Pinochet. The story of Pinochet is one the left, which controls both the media and academia, would prefer go untold. In short, he took over the country, threw the Marxists that were destroying his country and people out of a helicopter, and later voluntarily stepped down from power after the people no longer wanted him in charge. He could have remained dictator for life, but held elections and stood aside anyways. Truly remarkable.

    Whew. TL/DR.

    • In order for a libertarian system to work, a homogenous, intelligent, honest, and high trust society is required.

      Very few libertarians can digest this, no matter how screamingly obvious it is. That’s probably because creating the necessary foundations of a libertarian society requires a very non-libertarian program. And since dogma emotionally defeats outcome 99 times out of a 100 they brusquely reject the only conceivable path to their own objective. Which makes me think they’d make great generals for the enemy side.

      • ”Libertarianism is really just a weird romanticism for a past that never existed and future that has been foreclosed by multiculturalism. ~theZman
        Short but spot on. Multiculturalism and particularly diversity reduces trust even in groups of the same ethnicity.

      • “That’s probably because creating the necessary foundations of a libertarian society requires a very non-libertarian program”

        Program, or pogrom? Haha. But you are correct, many of them do inadvertently end up helping the other side. A big part of being a libertarian is the live and let live aspect of the non-aggression principle. The problem is that if the other side isn’t willing to do that same, you will end up kneeling over a ditch. The NAP has almost turned some into pacifists. Same with the christian notion of turn the other cheek/love your enemies. While these might sound like nice ideas to some, in the real world they will be used as weapons against you. As others have said on here, rules and standards are the rope the left uses to hang the right. Such is the present case with too many libertarians. I used to think, stupidly, that enough people in this country were intelligent and honest enough to make such a thing work, but I no longer believe thats the case. And, the less white we get, the less that will be the case. You probably could fix the problem, quickly, by tossing a few thousand people out of helicopters, and letting everyone know that was the penalty for certain things from here on out. In the long run, like in Chile, this would save millions of lives, because history is filled with examples of what happens when rabid leftists take over. Most libertarians wouldn’t like that though, which is ironic because those who would be getting helicopter rides would like nothing more than to toss every libertarian/alt-right/conservative out of a helicopter or worse.

        But, yes, as you said, that really is the only path forward for a libertarian society. Reading what people say on #helicoptertwitter, its clear many of them are like me. They were libertarians, but were pushed in that direction from their encounters with leftists. The results of that study are funny, for those of us with an ironic disposition, anyways. Just by talking and sharing their ideas, the left completely transformed many on the right, changing them from libertarians who want to live and let live into people who now want to toss them out of a helicopter. That’s the result of interacting with today’s leftists.

      • Libertarianism is largely based on (((Austrian Economics))) founded by Ludwig von Mises.

        He was a friend of Albert Einstein (and also I think, Richard Coudenhove Kalergi).

        Einstein hated the white race, and said Europe should be peopled by the Chinese.

        Kalergi wanted to destroy the white race by interbreeding with Asians and Africans.

        So much for libertarianism. We are probably better off without it.

      • My own voyage encapsulates the paradox: The more one distrusts and loathes the state, the more necessary becomes an authoritarian state.

        Libertarianism still begins with the Leftist’s premise: by tweaking the rules we obtain a Pareto-Optimal polity, and the libertarian’s tweaks are reducing the state’s size and reach (the ending point varying between libertarian camps.) This ignores human nature, which is characterized by forming gangs even among WASPs, much less the by far more numerous clannish peoples of the world.

        The king will always be a fink. The best we could ever hope for is for the citizenry to view the king as at best a necessary evil, and each man then willing to concede NOTHING to the monarch beyond what is absolutely necessary. Singapore got it right. Sallust was right. The best we can hope for really is a Just Master.

        Ironic, is it not, that democracy ideally makes every man a slave to every other man, a condition that insures only the most ruthless parasites will rule.

      • Ha, good for you. I do hate admitting that, especially somewhere like here. To my everlasting shame, I was, indeed, a McCain fan. In my defense, I was only like 15 when he ran against W in the primaries. I grew out of it, pretty quickly.

  6. “To use a widely-mocked example, conservatives will agree completely with the liberal premise that racial solidarity among whites alone is the world’s greatest evil.”

    Which is why NRO “conservatism”, which hasn’t even conserved single gender bathrooms, is dead….Outside DC, it is alt-right.

    • There’s a pretty easy test to see exactly what kind of ‘conservative’ a person is. If they say things like “I’m all for legal immigration…” and other such platitudes, thats about all I need to hear. But outside of television and print media, it seems less and less people are falling for that con these days. My parent’s could best be described as ‘normie conservatives’ and I’ve heard my dad say he’d be in favor of completely halting all immigration for at least a few years. No exceptions.

      • We had NO legal immigration from the 1940’s to 1965 (check my dates, I may be off a bit) and it didn’t hurt at all. We did have farm-worker guest visas for many years until JFK ended it.

        And today, we need to round up every wetback and send them to Uganda. Let them find a way home. Cut ALL entitlements for ANY immigrant legal or otherwise. Any bunch of people or animals who can’t / won’t /or refuse to assimilate into our WHITE culture, then round them up and send them to Uganda. Or SA, I don’t care, they wanted to come here to live off of me, I want to enjoy what I produce.

        Oh, and I have a special place in Hell picked out for all the so-called “Christian” charities who are in the business of importing musloids and foreign, low IQ niggers into our country and then having taxpayers pay through the wazzoo for set-up and maintenance of these animals. They didn’t come to work. And these “Christian” charities lobby for more. BURN-THEM-DOWN.

  7. The obvious flaw in that survey is the use of elites for the conservative bots. Other than the amount of profanity used there is very little difference in what elite leftists and the rest of the leftist food chain write. While there’s no definition of elite in the LAT article, I assume it didn’t include Breitbart or the Daily Caller much less blogs such as this one, Zman, or even The Other McCain.

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  9. I am quite glad that progressives don’t actually read this blog, as their repeated strategic over-reach is the only dimly-shining light that might lead us out of this tunnel.

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