The Rusty Toggle

The human toggle between war and peace is rarely well lubricated. Most people suffer enormous dissonance and discontent in the transition. It’s just not easy to relinquish old comforts—or conflicts. By virtue of their more stolid dispositions, conservatives tend to be the most stationary of all. That tendency to remain firm while in flux certainly has adaptive elements. Though resolutely baking pies while your enemies are beating swords isn’t one of them.

I was lamenting this trait while reading a description of jury deliberations in the recent Paul Manafort trial. I don’t care about Mr. Manafort aside from his role as a sacrifice in the conspiracy against Trump. Trump being only a foil himself in the larger tribal conflict between legacy America and the color/prog coalition that prematurely assumed its demise.

Thus the proper perspective of Trump is as a proxy for the man in your mirror. The left hates Trump, it is true. But they don’t hate him for any intrinsic reasons. For all his moral frailties the man is Martin Luther compared to the left’s degenerate menagerie. Instead, they hate him because they see you in him. He is the leader of the left’s Other. And the Other, not merely its masthead, is what they want destroyed. That’s why I wish nice, solid conservatives could see the battlefield beyond their nose.

In this case, the fog of war completely obscured the larger context of Mueller’s coup attempt for one such nice lady.

Duncan described herself as an avid supporter of President Trump, but said she was moved by four full boxes of exhibits provided by Mueller’s team – though she was skeptical about prosecutors’ motives in the financial crimes case.

If only there had been but three boxes, alas. Of course she was right to be skeptical, since Manafort’s tainted 1040 had about as much of a relationship to “Russian Collusion” as paying prostitutes to keep at least one hole shut. Unfortunately though that skepticism didn’t find form in jury nullification, which is where the teeth are sharpest.

Jury nullification being the grit in the machine’s gears that every deplorable holds in their hands. Unfortunately, that’s where it always remains. Like the jurors of any “hate crime” show trial, Ms. Duncan could have said fuck you to the left, voted not-guilty and owed no explanation other than to say the case wasn’t proved beyond a reasonable doubt, thank you and good bye. That would have left the basset hound pissing in a corner and the noose one slip looser around Trump’s neck. But, of course, she was a dutiful conservative with toggle set firmly to oblivious. As such, strategy gave way to principle—to the delight of opposing strategists.

We can be fairly certain her peers in the jury box were not so encumbered.

Behind closed doors, tempers flared at times: “It was a very emotionally charged jury room – there were some tears,” Duncan said about deliberations with a group of Virginians she didn’t feel included many “fellow Republicans.”

They didn’t include many fellow republicans because “Virginian” is a euphemism for foreign-born federal government employee. And the teary emotional charge resulted from their high-wattage intensity for shoving a knife in the throat of anyone associated with Mango Hitler. Notice their toggle in the war position. Before such a panel, I fear not even five boxes of exculpatory material would have sufficed. And that’s reason XXCVI why the left wins.

Conservatives do their duty even when duty does them. Liberals simply ask who/whom? And if one side goes into a fight blindfolded holding scales, what are the odds of their statues remaining vertical? I’ll let Ms. Duncan explain why that’s not important.

While her political allegiance to the president raised conflicted feelings in Duncan, she said it ultimately didn’t change her decision about the former Trump campaign chairman.

“Finding Mr. Manafort guilty was hard for me. I wanted him to be innocent, I really wanted him to be innocent, but he wasn’t,” Duncan said. “That’s the part of a juror, you have to have due diligence and deliberate and look at the evidence and come up with an informed and intelligent decision, which I did.”

If Mueller proceeds unimpeded, and Trump gets impeached, and the dems win 435 house seats, and black South Africans are granted refugee status for fear of contracting disease from white corpses, Ms. Duncan can take smug satisfaction at her informed and intelligent decision. It was as clear as the end of her nose.


29 thoughts on “The Rusty Toggle

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  2. The defense wasn’t trying very hard, didn’t seem to object to much of anything, and she knows it’s a witch hunt but that didn’t sway her.
    This moment was about Ms. Duncan.
    Yes she is a Trump supporter, but also so much more.

    She, alone, can prove to her audience–the whole world for a few minutes–that she is a proud, objective…juror?
    No that’s basic and random.
    She’s a Fox News Contributor
    She’s a political analyst
    She has power over the President
    She really likes him. But she has to throw him under the bus—in this moment of glory.

    No doubt she fancies herself unique. Oblivious that she’s one of 6.9999 billion misery enablers and just another virtue-signaling “conservative”

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  4. Funny how the left uses the right’s sense of dignity propriety and fair play against the right and rhe right is always predictable in its willingness to oblige.

  5. She simply exhibited the truth, that all of us are Leftist, it’s just a question of how much. The belief that the political state can ever be anything but predatory is childish beyond description, yet it is a catechism we all learned from before we took our first steps.

    She played her role as a cog in the machine. Digging in, and quietly refusing threats and exclusion from the herd requires a tremendous underlying knowledge, the only way for one’s rational mind to overcome the otherwise irresistible compulsion of the impulsive mind to “fit in,” to “go along with the program.”

    Jury nullification for rational reasons (as opposed to the tribalism of the OJ trial) is a one in a million thing for this reason.

      • You know the old saying: When you point your index finger at someone, you have three of your fingers pointing back at you. I always look at myself for sins I attribute to others, and I’ve decided that the central organizing theme of leftism (to me) is a childish belief that the political state is there to my citizens’ lives, as a whole, better. I was raised in the Leftist Theocracy, same as everyone else. I can no more shed its premises than the next clown. We are all fish. We all swim in the same water. A tiny few of us see, at least partly, that we’re wet.

        I still reflexively sound in my ears like the embarrassing moron who, during the first campaign of Bill Clinton, stood up on national TeeVee and asked the candidate, “But what are you going to do for ME?”

  6. Makes me sick every day to realize these traitors/commies/future compost are in my Great State of Virginia.
    Get a rope.
    Bacon isn’t the only thing cured by hanging it from a string.

  7. I just walked through an incident of prosecutorial misconduct which is the norm in FUSA currently . We are being attacked by kazillions of regs , statutes , and laws that virtually give the prosecutorial state dominion over us and our pocket book . And we are funding it . I will not sit idly by while the Gump brothers come from South Africa smelling of Boer flesh for breakfast with the intent to rape my grand daughter and then my Grandson . My prayer is for the government of G-d to be manifested . No king but Jesus ! If there is to be war lets us as Men of the West and Men of the South fight with honor and overcome the darkness .

    Psalms 144:1 NKJV

    A Psalm of David.

    Blessed be the LORD my Rock,
    Who trains my hands for war,
    And my fingers for battle—

    • I’ve been a juror on a federal criminal trial. That “mountain of evidence” or as she says “four full boxes of exhibits” are there to do just exactly what they did. Sway the dim and gullible. The prosecution in my case tried a similar tactic. The exhibits were legion. I examine all the exhibits, noted what had actually been discussed during the trial and the facts relating to them … and promptly disregarded them all. They were nothing but an impressive show with no bearing on the case I’d just heard.

      But. actually, yes, even if the boxes of evidence were damning, I would be disappointed in her vote to convict. We’re in a cold civil war and Paul Manafort’s petty little crimes don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to protecting our President.

      • It’s embarrassing to hear this dim woman cite a number of boxes as being determinative. She could just as well have gushed that the prosecution stacked eight crates of laundry detergent into a vertical column and that was simply too impressive to dismiss.

        I want conservatives to thrive, but nature doesn’t care at all.

        • Paraphrasing a comment made on here by someone smarter than I – principles are the rope the left uses to hang the right. She seemed to know it was a show trial, a scam, and she felt she owed it to ‘someone’ to convict, just because.

          I say fuck them with a rusty bayonet. You want to all agree to play by a rigid set of rules we all abide by? Straying from these rules results in criminal or civil penalties, plus being drummed out of public life, maybe even meting Mr. Hangman?? Perfect, thats what I’d like to see, too. But until the day the left actually plays by these rules and obeys them at all times rather than just when it suits them, its high time our side did the same. These rules already exist, and only the weak, stupid, or disingenuous still pay them more than lip service. The right has been playing the left’s game with the left’s rules, which the left is allowed to make up and/or change when it suits them. Its time to stop.

    • As they say, a jury is the only animal with twelve assholes and no brain.

      The purpose of a trial is to legitimize something the government plans to do anyway. The jury is selected on this basis. They didn’t put a black panther on the OJ trial for his high moral character or principles. Knowing this, it’s absurd to go into these farces with the goal of rendering a “just” verdict. You must consider, are you on board with the government’s plan, or not? Choose accordingly. This woman did.

      The left has long since learned the fatal weakness in white-European cultures: our crippling need to be deemed morally righteous by higher authorities. The fact that these authorities are morally dubious themselves is not important. As Job teaches us, man does not presume to judge god.

      So it turns out you can persuade white people to leap into an alligator’s mouth if doing so will win a virtue competition; persuading a woman that convicting someone is the morally principled stance is comparatively easy.

      • Javier, your comment was lodged in the spam filter. As a notice to others, I rarely check that so any missing comments may have been apprehended at the border.

    • The prosecution was flagrantly illegal. It was beyond the scope of Mueller’s jurisdiction. And Mueller’s appointment itself was entirely illegitimate, being merely the intended result of a relentless campaign of psychological warfare featuring a tsunami of lies and threats. The fact that he committed the crimes in question is irrelevant. A “not guilty” verdict would have been the just verdict.

  8. So many good comments here.

    “Conservatives do their duty even when duty does them. Liberals simply ask who/whom?”

    Conservatives resemble nothing more closely than gamblers addicted to gaming with card sharks. The one difference between playing with Leviathan in contrast to playing in Vegas being that Nevada casinos at least frown on blatant cheating by the house; there’s enough profit in the natural odds. When you shuffle fifty-two with Leviathan, the cards are always marked. If you insist on winning in a house full of grifters, you had better grift yourself. Nothing less will suffice.

    Put another way, for conservatives the Constitution and the laws we have *are* a suicide pact, given that the only use for these things has become a means to exterminate conservatives and in particular, icky white legacy Americans.

  9. Whether Manafort was “guilty” or not, it is crystal clear that he is being maliciously and evilly prosecuted by the government, on a witch hunt. That is a far greater wrong than tax evasion, and that is what jury nullification is for.

    That’s why the Mueller types don’t want anybody to know about it. And that’s why it was called for in this case.

  10. “Instead, they hate him because they see you in him.”

    I’ve thought this from the start. He is a flawed man with plenty of reasons to dislike him, but there is nothing so vile in Trump to rationally justify the hysterical 200 decibel screeching hate broadcast at him continuously since the day it became clear he would win the nomination. A hatred that deep is one that has been nurtured for a lifetime, and the outrage is over a condemned people objecting to the fate the righteous have decided befits them. There is nothing they could throw at President Trump at his point that could convince me to stop supporting him. Existential concerns trump every thing else.

  11. It seems to me that this case should never have gone to trial; the judge should have tossed it out on the grounds that Mueller has no standing to bring tax prosecutions- that’s the job of the IRS.

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