Where Predictability Becomes Intent

The vein of unique insight about the Mollie Tibbetts murder is a thin one. As learned just today, this young mildly attractive white farm girl was extinguished by an illegal alien. As I’ve mentioned frequently, no one ever said they were coming to make a better life for you.

And so another American becomes legacy equipment. That’s not at all unusual. Certainly nothing that warrants inclusion in a liberal newspaper prior to page 15. I mean it’s not like she was black, lesbian, jewish, or killed by a Republican. So how much coverage do you want?

Unfortunately for our Free Press, their culprit bets were not sufficiently hedged. Thus Miss Tibbetts became a national storyline while the media fretfully carried the options risk that her abductor wouldn’t be caught carrying a confederate flag. To their horror, that was precisely the scenario before them upon today’s announcement that a Mexican national, Cristhian Rivera, had been arrested for her murder.

The story could just as well end there like so many before it. An evil alliance of vote traffickers and merchant treasonists open the borders to millions of aliens, whose criminal predilections remain intact even upon crossing a border. That is very strange to the shamans who gesticulate from their editorial roosts. Though it is much less strange to actual human beings who can test the theory themselves by stepping over and across any number of thresholds without experiencing alterations to their personality. And so Mr. Rivera—contra cutting edge theory—arrived in Iowa as precisely the predator he left Mexico.

As I said, there’s little ore here left to mine. Those who control the waves of human over-wash simply do not care what Americans get drowned. The fate of Iowa farm girls is just not their concern.

But this story has a twist. Sleuths unearthed a prior tweet from Miss Tibbetts, as seen below.

Whether that is legitimate or not I do not know. But if so, the commenting vein is quite a bit richer. It goes without saying that as a pious anti-white race hater, she would have put any commenter here in a hole while glancing about like a beagle for approval in doing so. And that obvious conditioning is what makes her death so tragically predictable. In its predictability one can almost find intent.

Molly Tibbetts would have likely considered herself an enemy of “white supremacy” in perhaps the same way she might have considered herself opposed to cloud flares on Neptune. But those weren’t things that actually posed a danger to her. Unforgivably, one was almost certainly used as a substitute fear-totem for those things that actually did pose a danger. Just because your young and malleable mind has been turned toward raging at phantoms does not mean traffic will stop as you meander across the street. Nor do the products of foreign cultures stop either. What you choose to believe of the world has no impact on how it behaves.

But a person has to live long enough to understand their unimportance. Mollie Tibbetts did not. She likely believed her conspicuous racial self-flagellation and openness to uncomfortably forward Mexicans in the middle of a desolate road would move events favorably. That’s the logical conclusion of progressive ideals. But who caused her to embrace an idea that would treat her life so frivolously?

The culprits are legion: the media entertainment complex, her school, probably her church. None of them gave a damn about protecting Mollie Tibbetts. But they cared deeply about Molly Tibbetts protecting the narrative. Given the present outcry over her killer, I do not think she was successful. And that leads me to wonder one thing:

Will UNC students pull down Mollie Tibbett’s gravestone?


15 thoughts on “Where Predictability Becomes Intent

  1. Dying at the hands of a Mexican national and then rotting in a cornfield as your family and community desperately search for you and hope beyond all hope that you’re safe and breathing is just part and parcel of life in rural Iowa. It’s a small price to pay for economic growth and easier access to authentic empanadas, don’t you think?

    Of course the real tragedy here isn’t the dead white woman, it’s how the far right fringe will use this story to advance their extreme agenda of preventing more foreign murderers from stalking small midwestern towns and preying on jogging women.

    Another telling bit of information: It’s been reported that the murderer followed Tibbetts as she jogged and she threatened to call the cops on him, but didn’t. I wonder what stayed her dialing hand? Could it have anything to do with the blasting media bullhorn of hysterical outrage over 911 happy white women?

    We’ve learned over the last few months that sweatpants wearing minority entrepreneurs face the imminent threat of crushing police brutality because white women can’t control their racist fear when they see darkened skin in public spaces. These stories are pushed to the top of the news feed along with tales of immigrant woe and family separation at the hand of ICE. The effect is a picture of America where whites only imagine danger to themselves because they’re bigots trying to maintain their dominance, while minorities live in constant, nerve wracking yet completely legitimate fear of imprisonment, deportation and lynching.

    I wonder if Tibbetts, especially in light of her anti-white twitter signaling, suspended her survival instinct in the hopes of improving her social standing. It’s a choice many of us in the west are all too comfortable making. At least she didn’t profile the man who dumped her body in a cornfield. Instead of better safe than sorry, it’s better dead than thought a racist.

    Finally, the illegal alien murderer was employed by an American, either an individual or a company. They should be held accountable. The network of responsibility for this senseless murder is long and tangled. The center is the murderer himself. It includes traffickers, policy makers and media apologists. But we must not forget American employers or let them off the hook. Their greed is a far greater threat to our nation than a white woman watching a black barbecue.

    • Great comment. What you’re describing is the new phenomenon of racial insubordination. I’ve mentioned this term here in the comments, but need to highlight it. The left doesn’t merely require whites to not be raysis, it requires them to be racially subordinate. That’s the core of all the flamboyant shaming of white 911 callers. Whites are being conditioned to see and treat non-whites (particularly blacks) as superior.

      There is no doubt the girl feared calling the police on AN UNARMED BROWN MAN WHO WAS JUST OUT FOR A JOG. This to be followed by vicious twitter mobs and 1,000+ comments on the Yahoo story. Far more importantly, she knew the real life repercussions of racial insubordination on her employment and academic prospects. So she remained subordinate.


      • Yep. When put into the proper context, it almost seems proper to list her cause of death as “irony”.

        “Just because your young and malleable mind has been turned toward raging at phantoms does not mean traffic will stop as you meander across the street.”

        Great line. Reminds me of the Rand line – you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. It is an amazing example of the power of propaganda, though. Survival instinct is supposed to be the strongest human instinct. The desire for self preservation has empowered humans to do what would seem to be impossible. People have survived by cutting off their own arm and walking down a mountain after being trapped under a rock. In this case, this girl couldn’t even bring herself to call 911, despite what had to be alarms going off in her head. Such is the power of a lifetime of brainwashing. Although I suppose in this case it was two competing fears. This girl feared being branded a racist more than she feared for her life.

      • She was a reasonable runner one suspects, due to feminist promotion of physical fitness among girls.
        Unfortunately, her minimum escape radius was larger than her race threat detection radius so she did not run away in time.

    • “Finally, the illegal alien murderer was employed by an American, either an individual or a company. They should be held accountable.” Yes. Accessories to murder. Trafficking in humans. Illegal employment. Likely fraud because they probably helped the guy get his fraudulent papers.

    • I’ll bet in the last moments of her life Mollie wished there was a big redneck with a Confederate flag decal on his jacket there.

  2. Mollie Tibbetts on Twitter is still up: https://twitter.com/Motibbs/status/940792919266680833
    So I guess her prior tweet shown above is true.
    Well, now there is one less white person.
    Funny how Karma works.
    And I absolutely guarantee the reason she did not call 911 is the racial subordination effect described (check your white privilege and don’t call out the black person’s bad behavior).
    (Sorry about being a grammer Nazi, but I think insubordination = defiance of authority, whereas subordination = being subordinate).

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  4. ” Just because your young and malleable mind has been turned toward raging at phantoms does not mean traffic will stop as you meander across the street. Nor do the products of foreign cultures stop either. What you choose to believe of the world has no impact on how it behaves.”


    “The culprits are legion: the media entertainment complex, her school, probably her church” [Or do you repeat yourself.] It is my personal (current) monomania, but we live in a Leftist THEOCRACY. The media, the schools, all the Christian denominations are simply sub-parts of it. We swim in this theology, utterly oblivious to it because no one can explain the concept of “being wet” to a fish.

    Equalism [whose subsacrament is a Marxist dialectic of power (the who) and minority (the whom.) Minorities are thus religious icons to be revered, and whites (the powerful) must be subordinated to produce…Equality.]
    Altruism [it is the mark of the theologically ELECT that they make of their own flesh a soup to succor the weak, AKA brown-skinned peoples everywhere, and True Altruism is found in assisting the less-devoted in donating their flesh, too.]

    Was this Mollie salvageable, had she lived long enough to shed her mass-minded, herding folly, or is the world a better place for her DNA to be stripped, by her own volition, from the future? Beats me. Whether the means is Timothy Treadwell’s, Amy Biehl’s or David Ruenzel’s (this one looks most like the last), there are lots of people nominating themselves for a Darwin Award. Her parents probably would have preferred her, instead, to go Hardcore Lesbian.

  5. I’m working on a new term for most of today’s young women (and men, I suppose.)

    German does a nice job adding up separate words to form a new, compound word of elegant description. We need something that adds vacuous, puerile, herd-animal and sock-puppet together.

    I often want to ask such people if it hurts, that someone else has their arm rammed bicep-deep up their butts in order to work their mouths with the hand.

    Volkmar Weiss’ discussion of the Population Cycle is inadequate. I toy with the notion that generation after generation of protection from Nature’s culling has caused a proliferation of people who are high-spectrum for impulsive-mindedness, for which the phenotype is high levels of addictive behavior, indulgence in vice and zealotry regarding the collective insanity of the Leftist Theocracy. The main question for me is whether this high-spectrum impulsivity is hard-coded in the DNA or if it’s an epigenetic switch. We’re not losing only because white people are having fewer kids. Popular fads and fashions are destroying us.

  6. One grisly little detail that will not come to light via Nightly News is that this chick was almost certainly raped. In between that declined 9-11 call and having her bludgeoned body stuffed in a trunk of a car, this hot little piece of Democrat ass was almost assuredly violated while in a state of sweaty semi-undress, likely shrieking for her life beneath the bulging eyes of this filthy bean-picking cartoon villain. This shouldn’t be overlooked.

    It’s also very likely, due to the nature of the small town, that this border-hopping troubadour knew exactly who she was and discussed her with his fellow mono-glots before the seed. That social network stayed silent all month while the search parties shucked ears of corn looking for clues.

    • About 32 years ago in Chicago a pretty med student, Lori Roscetti, was abducted, raped repeatedly, sodomized and her head bashed in with a concrete block. Chicago police arrested four black teens and they were convicted, but released 17 years ago based on coerced confessions and DNA ruling them out. I guess blacks at the low end of their IQ distribution can’t even be trusted to confess only to crimes they committed.

      In 2004 the brother of one of the actual killers came forward to reveal that his bro told him in 1986 that he did it. For 18 years he sat on that knowledge, proving (A) that blacks are extremely clannish and will protect even the most vicious animals among them and (B) vicious criminals are stupid and ALWAYS talk. Someone ALWAYS knows.

      Equalism, the insistence that IQ, honesty, civic virtue and propensity to violent actions are distributed the same across white, black and Mestizo populations, is one of the greatest Lies ever made Big.

      The conscious and unconscious rejection of this Big Lie surely underpins the upward ramp in people obtaining concealed carry permits. Those who look and behave like prey will be preyed upon.

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