Aid from Tennessee

I’m not against violent racial theft; I’m against illegal violent racial theft!

I trust that principled qualifier will confer the respectability required to secure a position at the Heritage Foundation. Therein this writer may opine dryly on the economic impact and deleterious trade disruptions resulting from a mass slaughter of dispossessed white South Africans. Why do we always have to make racial massacres about race? Let’s hold to our conservative values and focus on the state of that country’s free market.

That’s how I presume the mainstream conservative press, which is to say the two or three publications dying along with their octogenarian audience, will counsel we view the land seizures now underway in South Africa. Of course the mainstream liberal press will maintain an uncharacteristic stoicism, while their prog IDs on the Internet cheer the anguish of white children deliriously.

But as for the goobercons, it’s all about legality. And South African blacks have taken care to sow that up by constitutional amendment. So if it’s in the Constitution it’s copacetic. And if the majority changes the constitution to permit boiling Boers in oil? As long as Hawaiian judges have tweezed the penumbras, I suppose there’s no room to grumble.

It makes me wonder about other places, though. Places with constitutions. Constitutions that can be changed by a new demographic majority, or simply re-interpreted by a majority of nine lawyers. What if you happened to live in one of those places?

Obviously it would require many converging factors to envision a scenario where a legacy people were demographically swamped and then had the levers of their own institutions turned against them. You’d have to be able to imagine something like confederate statues being torn down on Southern campuses, for instance.

Though fundamentally, what would catalyze a new majority to pursue something so extravagant as mass expropriation from the country’s original architects? Really only two things: you have and they want. That may seem like a rare combination, but I assure you the elements convene more frequently than most realize.

Returning to South Africa specifically, I do hope the farmers there have stayed strategically leveraged to the hilt. All they can steal is your equity, and if that has been cashed out in a mortgage, I’d hand the marauding Africans the key on the way out and remind them what day the payment is due. Those farmers are surely prudent enough to have kept their wealth out of easily pilferable assets and preferably in foreign accounts.

Hedging aside, we all know how this tale unwinds. As per formerly beautiful Rhodesia, whites will be given the option of suitcase or coffin. And then the starving begins. After that comes the international begging. And the play will conclude with a flood of refugees.

I would love to imagine the West will tell them rot in hell and laugh while it does. But perhaps I’d eventually be moved by the tears of vapid actresses to charity. So in the midst of their disease and famine, I’d paradrop pallets of Tennessee Coates books into Johannesburg. I’ve been told black uplift is contingent on maintaining their high self-esteem, so surely those pages would provide succor. If not cellulose does make for a high fiber diet.

Ultimately this South African announcement was simply another worldview validation event for the dissident right. Throughout history incompatible people don’t live together in peace out of principle, but because they can presently do no more. Once they have the means to advance their position by force they routinely avail themselves of it. This used to be so well understood as to not bear mentioning. And I suppose it still is—as no one will mention it.

Though once the Dutch defenestration is underway, I do hope Europe will be as gentle to its Africans as Africa is to its Europeans.


24 thoughts on “Aid from Tennessee

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  2. The British have endorsed the theft of these lands. No doubt this is the reason they have turned a blind eye to the rape of the UK by the choirboys of a Muslim or black tint.

  3. This is like arguing about abortion when the real issue is impulsive-minded f-ing weeks or months earlier without any desire for emotional intimacy or progeny. We argue about barn doors long after the horses have bolted.

    According to Volkmar Weiss’ paper on The Population Cycle, the Boers outnumbered blacks in SA 5:4 in 1890 and that changed to 1:9 by 2005. As far as I can see it, today’s whites in SA were murdered by their own ancestors, certainly by ignoring trends that were the subject of a (!) 1921 census (!!!) They knew almost a century ago that blacks would swarm them, zombie-apocalypse style, but their sub-group success (SA was a first world country in my youth) blinded them to biological inevitability.

    Sound familiar? IIRC, the people who currently occupy Greece and call themselves Greek are quite literally not the same genetic lineage as Socrates, Plato or Aristotle. The Ancient Greeks were literally swept from the surface of the Earth by tsunamis of migration from the East. Do today’s Greeks maintain and expand upon the perspicacity of those who came before? (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…. Sorry, fell of my chair laughing.) No, they’re pretty much what you see in Turkey or Albania.

    Are people of Anglo-Saxon and NW European ancestry doomed in North America? The answer to that question may already be visible, but some of us are too busy performing a “mad minute” retreat to notice.

    Until I came across the Mouse Utopia experiments, I’d have argued that Mankind is the only animal whose behavior set included population-level suicide.

    • Deter, that’s an awesome comment. I had no idea that SA was 5:4 white in 1890. To me, that’s mind-blowing. And now an ever clearer view of what our future holds.

    • “SA was a first world country in my youth.” First World and confidant badasses as well. The unofficial motto of the SA army was something like “21 days to Cairo.” They could have fought their way across the entire continent with no trouble. What happened to them? Doesn’t bode well for us.

      • As a serious answer to your question, many of them quietly turned mercenary and continued fighting wars in Africa for pay from local dictators (and the UN, western and Chinese mining interests, etc. etc.)

        They’re probably the primary reason, for example, why Nigeria doesn’t have problems with Boko Haram (at least not when compared to Cameroon), and why Nasser and Ghadafi were as stable as they were.

        21 days to Cairo indeed. Methinks they’ve proven that time and again.

  4. But perhaps I’d eventually be moved by the tears of vapid actresses to charity. So in the midst of their disease and famine, I’d paradrop pallets of Tennessee Coates books into Johannesburg.

    You’re a much harder man than I am, Porter. As we all know from Economics™, what “developing” countries in Africa need are good sustainable sources of free energy to bootstrap their ailing industries so that we can finally witness the inevitable African Economic Powerhouse of the 21st (22nd? 23rd? 24th? It’s definitely inevitable, one of these days) century.

    Now, we here in the Enlightened West know deep in our souls that we must sacrifice our children on the altar of the Environment by harnessing things like wind power, preferably driven by the speeches of our politicians. But we look with indulgence upon those poor benighted not-yet-“developed” souls in the dark continent, so that those we don’t simply import to live as our cultural talismans we graciously allow to use ‘dirty’ sources of power, like coal, oil, and nuclear.

    We obviously can’t ship them coal, because we can’t risk the horrible possibility of accidentally turning one of the refugee ships away from Baltimore harbour due to being mistaken about its admittedly similar contents – though we do pride ourselves on our clean coal, these days, so perhaps there’s less chance of that. And once they’ve rendered the remaining Boers into biodiesel oil is out of the question, which leaves only one option.

    We should deliver foreign aid by ICBM.

    • Simply not delivering foreign aid would eventually accomplish the same thing as an ICBM. That entire continent left it’s Malthusian ceiling in the rear view mirror long ago.

      The ‘airdropping Tennessee Coates book’ line of thought also brings a smile to my face. THAT’S foreign aid I could get behind. Those Africans that are at least semi-literate can read about the benefits of living white-free while starving to death.

  5. See “those who can see blog” “widening circle of empathy.”

    Darwin’s Ghost would have us believe that the people who discovered the secret of not dipping your drinking water downstream of your shitters (not to mention the secrets of building ICBMs) would immediately set about exterminating less capable tribes in order to occupy that ecological niche.

    Nature, however, is far more vicious. She reserves her cruelest ironies for those who interpret the cumulative innovation of their most able members as a sign of the whole tribe’s omnipotence. Heinlein appears to have stumbled onto the suicide switch for such a population when his character Mike in Stranger in a Strange Land makes a soup of his own body part and serves it to all comers while preparing for the mob to rip him limb-from-limb, freeing his soul to transcend to a higher plane of existence.

    Leftist (and everyone’s a leftist, it’s just a question of degree) thinking is impulsive; it basks in the glow of promised euphoria the same way a lottery-ticket buyer daydreams of living like a king…the future is the now, and it’s IDEAL. In real nature, lemmings don’t actually mass suicide. But humans sure as hell do.

    We live in a theocracy and have done so for at least seven generations. Its most perfect illustration was Jim Jones’ People’s Temple in Guyana.

  6. “I’m not against violent racial theft; I’m against illegal violent racial theft!”

    Principled. Morally unassailable! Just like our surgical cleft of that other topical Gordian Knot, “I’m not against censorship, just government censorship!” Because our noble American traditions celebrate hounding those harboring hateful thoughts out of their privacy, jobs, and the sacrosanct market itself. Outsourcing persecution to Google and Apple permits our inviolate principles to remain inviolate, as the liquidation of the kulaks is now merely the free exercise of EULA licensing amongst private economic units. But what about the public square, you ask? That is the principled responsibility of people like the Mayor of Charlottesville, and he has states of emergency to redress that inconvenience.

    Yes, it’s a truly free age, where the consequences of free speech spontaneously order themselves into one exclusive and mandatory opinion that miraculously concurs with whatever current caprice Tim Cook chooses to insert into his rectum.

    • Same stupid virtue signalling most ‘conservatives’ do with immigration. Make sure they say, as often as possible, how they are all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration. Its such an idiotic comment to make, too. What happens when amnesty is declared, or the borders are essentially completely opened? Well, it’s now ‘legal’ so I guess conservatism, inc won’t have any complaints. It also encourages such things from the left. Makes the right look like a bunch of inept idiots, too. I can just picture the left laughing at most of these people. “Get a load of this guy, he says he loves legal immigration. hahahaha. Thats easy, we will just make them all legal citizens, the the morons in the GOP won’t have anything to complain about”.

      Same with the the constant need to defend themselves against accusations of racism. Too many on our side have allowed the left to use that word as a weapon, enabling them to shut down any argument they’d rather not actually engage in with just one word. They drop that one word, and their opponent will spend the rest of his time defending himself against that accusation that nothing else will eve be said. It’s pathetic how easy we have made it for them, too. They’ve learned, thorugh years of experience, that anyone in public life can be instantly shut up just by calling them a racist. No debate of the issues, not argument, no fight, just RACIST.

      Same with the whole “its actually the left thats really racist” argument. Its pointless. It is still saying that there is something wrong with preferring your own race over others. There isn’t. But making that argument is you tacitly agreeing with them, which is fucking stupid and counter productive.

  7. To elaborate further: one of the founding fathers wrote something to the effect that had he only one right under law, it should be freedom of speech, because with that he could win back all of his other rights. Over 200 years later, a sour irony proceeds from the fact that using that very freedom today would ensure that he would be deprived of pen, paper and ink.

    • I sometimes imagine the incredulity with which the founding fathers would view our respectable public discourse. James Madison would stare at you agape—as if a pigeon were talking—if you dismissed his position citing “hate.” It would truly be a foreign tongue to them. And not foreign as in French, but foreign as in an infant’s babble.

      We now deploy an entirely alien vernacular of raysis/nazi/hate in debates among actual adults. It’s like grown men eating corn dogs. Any more progress and the left will be crawling back inside their mothers.

      • James Madison? How about your grandfather?

        If sanity is an island, US society is not only out to sea, it’s in geosynchronous orbit.

        Homosexual men have 10 times the STD rates of heteros. Yet homophilia is promoted in pop culture? Let’s not even mention men cutting off their genitals, having a tube of sorts fashioned (which needs to be “expanded” daily lest it close back up), getting silicone implants and declaring themselves women.

        We frogs are already boiled. That we even discuss this insanity with straight faces proves it.

        • Apparently theres a trending thing called “menstruating while not a woman” right now. Apparently large numbers of people are interested in what it feels like for a person pretending to be man to have a period, as though it feels any different for them as it does every other human with female reproductive organs.

          • Pardon my ignorance. How is a non-woman supposed to menstruate? From what anatomical orifice? (I’d engage my imagination but I fear it would immediately be followed by engaging uncontrollable gastric contractions leading to an epic clean-up problem.)

  8. I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2018

  9. The Free Press is absolutely livid at the suggestion that white South Africans shouldn’t be butchered.

    Though the more important point is that every single justification for this “conspiracy theory” that’s insane but they had it coming will also be used in America. The Boers “stole” their land, had apartheid, and now must die. Whereas whites “stole” their land from the Indians, and had slavery. It is as certain as the sunrise.

    • What is needed is a countdown clock, similar to how climate change doomsday projections are illustrated. If we do not do such and such by this time (make up something) then the tipping point will be reached and (insert whatever catastrophe du jour desired here). Only this would be real. And actual verifiable data could be applied to the projections that if the current immigration practices (legal or otherwise) continues, the obvious and inarguable result will be an exportation of everything existing in their point of origin. Economic, social, ethical, etc. Not difficult to quantify and map the statistics. Corporations could create economic sustainability reports showing their American-ness. Landscapes created that required little or no maintenance. Robotics would become the new “green”. Then I wake up.

      • Using the projections of my fevered brain, I’ve come to the conclusion that the countdown clock should read about 35 years ago.

  10. Regarding the SA negros assuming the mortgage debt of the lands they have decided to take from SA whiteys, I think the current King Louie proclaimed that although the government would take the land, the white owners would still be responsible for the mortgage and other accrued debts.

    If that ain’t a plan, I’ve never heard of one.

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