Falling Down

Despite the honest and extravagant antipathy on both sides, I don’t place high odds on a civil war second act. Mostly because the right doesn’t have the funding, leadership, and uniformity of opinion to fight it, and the left doesn’t have the need. If the only skirmishes fought in the future are between antifa and ATMs then the left wins. Europe will become America, which will become Brazil, which will become South Africa, which will become Rhodesia. And while young SJW parents will still furtively seek Good Schools for their 1.3 theybies, they’ll find the selections slim in Harare. But that’s their well-earned problem.

What I wanted to mention in a bout of blogging sloth was someone else’s opinion about likely resolutions to the experiment being conducted in this American Petri dish. I was reading a piece over at Ron Unz’s site who, according to his resume, has an IQ at least 20 points higher than mine. At any rate, one of his battalion of anonymous commenters held forth on what he/xe believed to be the three most likely and lurid national descents. I’ll let him take it from here, and commenters can take it from there.

The three most likely ways the United States will descend into tyranny, from most likely to least likely are the following:

1. Continuous immigration makes the country a de facto one party state; the democrats win congress and the presidency and retain it through successive election cycles, all legitimized through the fig leaf of democratic voting.

With electoral checks removed, radical leftists will rescind most American rights such as free speech and association – tacitly, they won’t directly say that’s what they are doing, rather they will present it with terms like “hate crime” and the like. Say the wrong thing, and you will get fired, your bank will deny you service, and you will be subject to international media scorn. They’ll start with traditionally “right wing” freedoms like gun rights, speech, and religious affiliation. But they’ll move on to internet anonymity and the secret ballot.

Expect endless media-generated witch trials of dissenters and two minute orgies of hate for white Caucasians, and to a lesser extent, East Asians.

Expect a security state that monitors and records EVERYTHING you do for future use against you should it be necessary – phone calls, internet usage, public travel via CCTV and automobile/cell phone tracking (they already do that)…perhaps even what you do in your own home via technologies that can see through walls, record through television and computer cameras and mics, and inquiries to personal AI assistants like Siri. Quantum computer-based AI will additionally be able to track down internet posters through sophisticated mathematical analysis, encryption breaking, and grammar/syntax analysis.

Future development of AI makes brainwashing and propaganda easier than anyone could have previously imagined. This works miracles at controlling the population…for a while, but even AI can’t erase day-to-day multicultural tensions through personal interactions. People begin disbelieving everything they see and hear from the media. Ironically, this presents propaganda opportunities for foreign governments against the US population.

The country will become increasingly ungovernable. The corrupt oligarchical media, owned and controlled by individuals loyal to the democrat party, lie endlessly on their behalf. The internet is eventually censored using “harassment” and “hate speech” as a pretext. Those who oppose this are labeled supporters of hate – a derivation of the “think of the children” fallacy.

The US tries to counter a rising China militarily but fails. America’s military isn’t committed; it’s just a job in a country no one has any true loyalty to anymore (like the Roman Empire in the early fifth century). There may be a battle over Taiwan that the US navy loses. A multicultural US population has no desire to fight a protracted war with a determined, nationalist and nearly homogeneous China, so the US backs off after a single humiliating sea battle. The event presages a new Chinese century much like US entry into WWI marked a new era or the Russo-Japanese war marked the end of Western military hegemony for the first time since the end of the Middle Ages.

Sensing a sea change, Asian governments like Japan begin rapprochement with China. US alliances falter in Asia.

As SJWs take over Hollywood and churn out leftist agitprop, new centers of culture and entertainment pop up in China. Just as the Russians hoarded Western pop music during the Cold War, many white Americans do the same with Chinese movies and books – their own movies and books being uninteresting propaganda (see the downfall of the US comic book industry for an example of what is to come) – and sometimes even racist anti-white trash.

Diversity (non-white) efforts cripple US industry. Meritorious China becomes even more economically dominant than expected at American expense.

US financial life is punctuated by continual boom/bust cycles as minorities use the government to re-appropriate wealth for themselves at the expense of white Caucasians (see Zimbabwe and South Africa’s looming land grab). We saw something like this with the housing crisis of 2008-9: George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy urged banks to lower lending standards for poor minorities; Wall Street got in on the act and, predictably, people with low incomes couldn’t pay back what they owed and the system came crashing down as a result. Expect this to be a more frequent staple of future American life.

The US’s financial stability is threatened when massively expensive social programs – ineptly thought out and implemented – drive up the federal deficit to record highs; the government raises taxes to cover the losses. This works for a time, but there is only so high taxes can be raised before the economy suffers. A sovereign debt crisis looms. The country becomes ever more socialist.

Racial tensions reach a boiling point as intractable racial disparities in everything remain. Whites begin leaving for Eastern, Western Europe and eventually China and Japan once their populations fall enough for those countries to change their immigration laws. This brain drain crushes the United States.

US standing in the world falls dramatically as Europeans recoil in horror at the prospect of their own people’s looming – similar – fate. Democracy is discredited world wide. Elections still happen, but in many places they simply serve as propaganda to legitimize ruling regimes.

The US attempts to solve its problems by picking fights with smaller countries, the logic being that the population will rally around the flag in response, distracting everyone from internal strife. These military adventures will not go well, leading to increasing internal unrest.

The elite will engage in a Cold War with Russia because the Russians are white; the belief among the establishment is that this will distract America’s majority minorities from attacking white Americans, the country’s single most valuable resource. This leads to a series of dangerous standoffs and, perhaps, even war.

By 2060, the US is much weakened. China has an economy 3-4x larger than the total US economy. China has military bases in most of South America and perhaps even Mexico. China also has a military that dwarfs the US military in technological sophistication, size, and overall determination.

By 2070, the US ends up like the Soviet Union: a powerful external entity (China) foments rebellion among different groups; the country, poor and defeated, splits up. 300 years wasn’t a bad run.

2. The democrats take back all branches of government in 2020. By 2028, it is apparent that no Republican can win the White House ever again. One of the Red States secedes. The US military, purged of patriotic white men and filled with immigrant scabs, brutally attacks said Red State; Obama did something very similar when he started filling the military with immigrants. Also, one poll after Charlottesvile indicated that the vast majority of the military would favor using the national guard to shut down those protestors, so they definitely aren’t on our side (your feelings about the protestors and their views are irrelevant, but the sentiment expressed by the military in regards to the expression of constitutionally-protected public beliefs is astonishing); don’t be surprised when the military does whatever the democrats demand in the future, including shooting protestors or putting down rebellions with force.

This is not a civil war because you don’t have a situation where groups fight over control of the government. This is a massacre perpetrated by the left…and it’s been building for years now – from “punch a Nazi” and encouraging violence against Sarah Huckabee to antifa terrorist attacks on protestors and doxxing dissenters.

Future historians (Chinese and Indian) will wonder why Red States didn’t break off sooner when they had the chance. They will point out that a frog put in a pot won’t leap out if the temperature is raised slowly. They will use this to remind themselves that democracy is ultimately a fool’s errand.

3. Some patriotic element of the Deep State concocts a plan for Trump to remain president permanently. The 2020 election is called off. The democrat party is banned and voting is limited to republicans. The government works to reverse the country’s looming demographic disaster.


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  2. Way too sanguine about China, the infatuation runs deep that China will be some new great power and I don’t understand the desire to see it so. They’ve got demographic and economic unsoundness built in in a way that rising empires don’t.

  3. I see a potentially beautiful relationship between the US and Russia. Putin’s nationalism is largely welcomed in his country.
    Meanwhile our guardedly nationalist President is trying to pull America back up from the cliff while half of the country is trying to push him off for the effort.
    I didn’t believe Russia was our enemy in the 80’s and it’s even more ludicrous now.
    What strange times when we count Pakistan as our ally and Russia as our “greatest geopolitical foe.” (Thanks Mitt)

    It seems that this relationship is purposefully thwarted as one can now be in a great deal of legal trouble for meeting with a Russian.

    • Mitt was incorrect in calling Russia as our “greatest geopolitical foe”. The correct answer is ”the American Left”. Unless and until it is defeated utterly it will remain the single gravest threat to our society and our Republic.

  4. The first scenario is generally correct imho. But i’d like to add some whitepills

    1) The decline of Jewish wealth and power. The Jews are the lynchpin of the progressive coalition .The secular jews who manage the coalition are in decline. They are marrying out, not having kids and growing lazier. In addition their ethnic sepoys are growing ever more restless and want power. The Jews will be overthrown.Their place will be taken by South Asians, whom I believe will not be as canny or effective. This means more infighting amongst the coalition.

    2) shitholification will cause a decline in immigration. The Migration wave will end. I think the USA might even become an emigrant nation.

    3) Nonwhite fertility will drop into the toilet. They will decline even lower than whites. Conservative whites actually have higher fertility than most groups in the USA. Not only that, the Highest IQ quartile has more kids than lowest IQ quarter. I think in the second half of this century white fertility will begin to rebound and even surpass the others.

    4) A new Ethnogenesis in white america. Liberal whites dont have kids. Conservative whites do. With the boot of colour and antiwhite persecutions, the shitlibs will die out. More and more kids will be born to shitlords. A shared sense of grievance and identity will arise.

    5) With Jewish power smashed, the immigration wave ended and the coalition wrecked by infighting, one faction will turn to a large, alienated and neglected source for an ally..white america.

    • I wish i thought even one point of yours was correct. Its the liberals who are out in the streets, no job but plenty of funding to do nothing but protest. It gives the illusion they are the majority. I’ll explain it better to you when we are in reeducation camp.

    • Too hopeful I’m afraid. The Orthodox Jews aren’t degenerate, have huge families, and are now entering into the fray as per Chabad Lubavitch who have colonies now in China. Ever hear of Jared Kushner? He’s one. Can you believe someone who believes what they do actually work in the White House? Poor Trump is far too sentimental. His own daughter is an enemy who pissed on him by saying, Media isn’t the enemy after he said it was. And he tried to help the grotesque Omarosha who stabbed him in the back.

  5. I’d day these are out of order, or that the first two are likely to combine. Israel will assist China in parting out the US once it loses first superpower status. They will do this by continuing what they have done this far: push the left to attack whites until the right reacts (or false flag attack can be orchestrated eg. Gulf of Tonkin).

    Once the right is declared outlawed and fair game the massacres begin and the “international community,” sweeps in to denuclearize the US with heavily Israeli intel leading the charge (in order to purchase the protection of China from another mass invasion on all sides, which would assuredly follow the failure of the US empire).

    From there the international forces would part out the former empire for resources. Very likely anti-white hostility would continue to be stoked until most worthwhile white talent was successfully poached to Asia.

    Also, contrary to popular belief the biggest losers in this will not be White. India will be wiped out when China reaches top spot and the US becomes denuclearized. Africa is also very likely to be the subject of extinction level genocides. The Americas and Europe will be left to decay in mediocrity except for pockets of resource extraction and assertion of foreign domination.

    • The what happens to all the nuclear weapons, is an interesting question. I can’t imagine the “International community” looking kindly on 3rd world control of all that ka boom boom. I’m less certain about what happens when the U.S.becomes a majority minority state. While the idea of a Zimbabwe/South Africa situation ought to scare the shit out of everyone, blacks are unlikely to be in charge. Their demographics are not growing either, which means Latinos will be the majority minority, and they can’t stand blacks. Whether that means whites don’t get genocided, who knows. Here’s an example of why it’s unlikely a coalition of non whites will be able to keep the U.S.together…


      • I’ve thought the same thing with the nuclear weapons. What happens when a western European nation with nuclear weapons finally achieves it dream of muslim rule? I’ve long worried about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, too.

        Supposedly South Africa had a nuclear weapons program a long time ago too, but they abandoned it once they saw the writing on the wall and realized they’d be turning a nuclear arsenal over to the ANC.

        Some pretty good stuff in this post, though. I agree with a lot of it. Hard to believe the quality of comments on ‘hate blogs’ you’ll see sometimes. I’d read a blog written by whoever that guy is.

        One small point, about the military. Combat arms, the actual hard jobs, tend to still be staffed almost entirely by white males. For all the talk about our increasingly ‘diverse’ military, you still see white males filling the majority of the jobs you think of as being military. Minorities and women tend to stick to administrative or support type jobs. Make-work kind of bullshit.

    • Africa might be host to terrible genocide, but it wouldn’t take anything but a collapse of western economic largesse to cause a massive die-off there. They have long ago surpassed that continent’s carrying capacity. Sure, its resource rich and it shoudl be able to support itself, but not with black africans running things. If the west stopped sending food and medicine, the populations in many of these overcrowded countries would drop off in a hurry. I always laugh when people show that chart about projected populations out into the future. There’s no way that happens. It will leave Europe facing an even bigger crisis when that happens, though. If you think Africa is bad now, just give it another decade. Even if none of the above predictions happen, thats baked into the cake at this point.

  6. I’m in on the dissenting opinion. In the end, the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Therfore, what was good in European culture will not die out completely. Plenty monkey shines between now and then, but despair is not befitting the white Christian, because it is not in his toolbox. Be fruitful, brothers, and multiply.

      • Said mountain cracker as he shifted his bare feet uneasily as the dusty clay warmed with the rising sun. His glassy eyed gaze was the product of an all night marathon of cooking meth and downing shots of home brew with his 200 pound common law wife of 12 years. His far away gaze finally focused on his audience; a mixture of grade school dropouts, tatted up Antifa types, and barely literate liberals who had washed up here from “up nawth”. He had no pride, no self respect, no ambition,and no future. He scoffed at anyone who believed in the goodness of Christianity and those who believed in helping those in need. He was an empty shell of a man with no soul. “Damned Christers” he muttered as he scratched his matted beard with one hand and his genitals with the other……

      • Christcucks are some of the most dangerous people on the “right” because they are leftist in both ideology and delusional ability whether they like to admit it or not. Jewish Desert Space Zombie will save us all!

        Christianity when it was Inquisition and Crusades had ‘teeth’ to get things done. This modern version is a pathetic shadow of that.

        • You’re no predator, and when you’re crying like a little girl in a cell one day, it will only be karma if your mate is an oversized muzz or a big boy from hood town. Keep up all of that big talk about how stupid it is to have faith in God, I’ll believe you are as big and bad as you make out to be when you tell a muzz his Allah is just a fictional dust cloud and he is retard for believing in him. Bash Christians all you want, it’ll probably be one that pulls your dumb butt out of a bad situation one day after the rest of your unbelieving buds laugh at you as they scurry to safety.

  7. Continuous immigration makes the country a de facto one party state; the democrats win congress and the presidency and retain it through successive election cycles, all legitimized through the fig leaf of democratic voting.

    Democratic politics, like water, always finds its own level. As the population browns, the parties will adjust themselves accordingly and the balance will be restored. In most aspects, especially economic, the parties will both move to the left. But in social policy they will probably move right.

    There was a referendum on gay marriage in Australia last year. Disgracefully, the phorces of phaggotry prevailed with 61.6% of the vote, winning every state and territory. Out of 150 electoral divisions the sodomites won 133 of them. Crocodile Dundee wept.

    Three of the ‘No’ divisions were in rural Queensland, the most conservative part of the country. Two were in suburban Melbourne and the other 12 formed a contiguous bloc in Western Sydney.

    Being a race-obsessed racist I naturally wanted to find out the race of these dissenters to the globohomo orthodoxy. Unfortunately the Australian government doesn’t collect racial statistics (except for aborigines), but they do report on country of birth, home language, and religion, and from that we can get a pretty good idea of the racial/ethnic makeup of the dissenting divisions.

    The 3 Queensland divisions are mostly white with a significant minority of abos, who seem to be more into child rape than homosexuality. But the remaining 14 big city divisions are heavily wogified, where non-whites probably form a majority. These divisions are largely Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and, especially, Muslim.

    In fact the most Muslim division in the country, Blaxland in Western Sydney, was also the least homo-friendly with 74% voting No. The racial divide on this issue was especially glaring in Greater Sydney, with the richer, whiter eastern suburbs voting overwhelmingly Yes, and the poorer, browner western suburbs voting almost as overwhelmingly No.

    OK you might be saying, but a single issue vote like this won’t translate into normal electoral politics, where the wogs vote like a phalanx for leftist parties. Au contraire, dear reader, I’ve seen it happen closer to home, twice.

    The 2014 Toronto mayoral election had 3 major candidates: John Tory (liberal, the winner), Doug Ford (conservative), and Olivia Chow (socialist). Out of 22 white-majority wards, Tory won 16, Ford and Chow 3 each. But in the equal number of nonwhite-majority wards, Ford won 17 and Tory 6. Even the Chinks voted overwhelmingly for Ford rather than one of their own (Chow).

    So the racial divide in this election was stark, except contrary to the usual expectations, and just like in Sydney, this was a battle between based wogs and woke whites. Unfortunately in both cases the whites won (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type!).

    Doug Ford later became Ontario Conservative leader and won the election 2 months ago. In that election the Conservatives won 19 of the 27 ridings in and around Toronto where “visible minorities” form the majority, a significantly higher percentage of ridings than they won in the province as a whole.

    Can bizarro-world political racial divides like these spread beyond Canada and Australia into the US and Europe? Bet on it. Remember that Asians were a reliable Republican voting bloc up to the 1990s. Or that Jews have massively shifted their votes from leftist to rightist parties over the last decade or two in almost every Western country (except the US). Or that Trump is actually competitive for the black male vote now.

    As white people descend further down the rabbit-hole of homo-tranny decadence, the wogs are taking a pass. Maybe we need brown people to save us from our own worst instincts, a damning indictment of our race if there ever was one.

    I mentioned in the comments here a couple weeks ago that alt-right journalist Faith Goldy is running for mayor of Toronto. There’s still a total media blackout on her candidacy because the establishment is utterly PETRIFIED that this “white nationalist” will have great appeal to nonwhite Torontonians, the same people who voted for Doug Ford twice. What will they do then, call the wogs racist? Good luck with that.

    Contemplating all this I sometimes wonder why any of us fight for our dying, decadent, undeserving race. But then I think that some nonwhite conservative politician will emerge in the near future, reassuring white people that it’s perfectly legitimate to take their own side in a fight, and that it’s OK to be white. Because we don’t seem to be able to assert that on our own.

    • Blacks were also the biggest supporters of California’s futile gay marriage ban. In Our Democracy you can’t just leave these matters to the voters. Though it doesn’t seem completely counterintuitive that the most hostile non-whites would also be hostile to the tropes and pieties of modern (liberal) whiteness. I can easily imagine a very conservative black society that is very inhospitable to white conservatives.

      • Good point about the Cali referendum. If I remember correctly the buggerers took their shrill, whiny anger about the results out on the Mormons, the only identifiably white group to vote NoHomo. They must have known that if they tried that shit with the blacks they’d get the buttplugs beaten out of them.

        It’s hard to say how this reaction to white degeneracy will play out in the States. I expect Asians will return to the GOP fold, and the whiter Hispanics too, especially the more religious ones. Some blacks will switch to the Republicans out of disgust at the white liberals, but it’s almost impossible to imagine a majority of them ever voting GOP.

        The Jews will almost certainly move right, though for their own anti-Palestinian reasons. Which would leave the most decadent group in the country (Jews) voting Republican, and (arguably) the least decadent group (Muslims) voting Democrat along with the degenerate whites. Strange days ahead.

      • Things like that make me doubt the viability of the left’s uneasy coalition of voters. You have your usual collections of weirdos, the BLT groups, all that, which tend to be mostly white, unfortunately. But they rely on a lot of groups that don’t typically like each other. Hispanics and blacks sure as hell don’t like each other. Muslims and gays, muslims and jews. Plus most blacks can’t stand white do-gooder liberals. All that unites these different groups is that, at present, they are able to be manipulated into despising straight white men more than they despise each other. I don’t see a coalition based only on the premise lasting very long. But, I suppose once there are enough of those different groups in the country, they will out number us anyways. So ya, guess we really are F-ed

        • An un-natural coalition particularly when the money runs out. Why exactly should the average Hispanic of Black guy care about Transgender bathroom rights?

          • Ya, when the money runs out is right. Eventually its going to dawn on the blacks that actually want to work (they exist, I’ve been assured) that allowing massive numbers of low skill/low IQ foreigners into the country hurts them most of all. Hopefully when this occurs to them, they will realize that the democrats and republicans, together, are the problem. But I don’t hold out much hope.

    • The poop storm isn’t personal yet, it’s just on the news.

      If the chimps are shooting at each other in front of my house, my NRA-enthusiast neighbor will probably deploy a mini-gun on ’em. I kid you not, the stupid crap we see nightly on the Idiot Box only passes muster in a tiny section of North America. Put it in every neighborhood and people will discard their “go along, get along, ‘me-no-racist’ bow-and-scrape” and they shoot the CAPITAL F out of whoever is harshing their mellow.

      During the LA riots did no one notice that the chimpout never approached the suburbs? And that was BEFORE copies of Eugene Stoner’s toy became the America’s Doll of middle and upper middle class suburbanites.

      People desire order. Right now disorder exists only enough for the news cameras to populate their morality plays. If chaos actually gets going, I don’t expect it to last too long.

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  9. I’m not sufficiently educated in history or geopolitics to offer useful analysis or prediction. But I heard something a few months ago that I think provides an inadvertent snapshot of one possible future for our country.
    My son lives in Seattle and is a senior in college there. I was visiting and took him and his best three buddies out to dinner. Four very bright and conscientious young White men, about to get their degrees in math, physics, chemistry and computer science. At least two of them, my son included, applying to graduate school.
    And all four agreed that it was important to get sound educations in valuable disciplines that will always be in demand because the United States may not always be the best place to live. Now, these guys aren’t deep thinkers. Just your garden-variety beer drinking skirt chasing college jagoffs, and yet even they, perhaps subconsciously, sense that their country is in a state of terminal decline.
    It was the way they discussed it, so off-handedly and matter-of-factly, that was most alarming. What should be the future bedrock of our country is looking at the exits.

    • I’ve frequently made the point that many so-called leaders will be shocked to learn whites have feet too. Whether there will ultimately exist any haven for those feet is the question of our time.

      • You can see those white feet in action around any major city. Whether or not that leads to an exodus of the country remains to be seen. One of the reasons a break up of the US wouldn’t surprise me is that exact reason. There isn’t anywhere else to go, so enough people just get fed up and make a place right here in the US.


        If you have the time, give the above link a read. Its a little lengthy, but its full of useful and depressing information. Its where I grew up. Hardly anyone I know lives there anymore. The ‘new’ nice white area is now to the North of the city, thats where all that can are running to. How long it will remain that way is anyone’s guess. But, if any of you read that post, keep in mind it was written 6 years ago. Literally every single bad thing about that area has gotten worse in the last 6 years. I just looked it up. In 2000 I was in high school, and my area was 90% white, 5% black. By 2010 it was 60% white, 30% black, in both cases most of the rest was hsipanic. I have no idea what it is now, but its definitely sub-50% white. And when you look at the make-up of elementary school classes, it’s on track to be sub 25% white. A couple years back I talked to a gym teacher from my elementary school that was retiring that year, and had been there the entire time I was in school there, from kindergarten through 5th grade. He remembered me and my friends, and my family. He said he was retiring because it just wasn’t fun anymore. He said the kinds of things we used to pull to get in trouble were just a fond memory and told me how it was now. My jaw dropped. He said he couldn’t turn his back on his gym classes anymore, because of what they’d do to each other or the gym when he wasn’t looking. Also wasn’t comfortable ever being alone with any of them, or being surrounded by too many of them. This was at a fucking elementary school. And, once again, it was several years ago, so I’m sure its worse now.

        The above is slightly off topic, but it is truly amazing how fast a certain type of person can destroy an area. I’ve seen it first hand. Apparently they are extending the altanta mass transit system out that way too, so it will only get worse from here, a little faster. Fortunately I don’t have any reason to go there anymore, so I don’t have to look at it. Just wait for it to reach me, I guess.

        • Can confirm. Wife teaches in a Los Angeles school where the make up of students is mostly Hispanic, with an over representation of blacks and some unspecified flavor of Asians. She literally cannot leave anything out on the desk or on shelves and tables within reach because if she turns her back she’ll never be able to guess what has been picked up and thrown around or broken. One kid would roll himself up in a rug on the floor like a burrito. Yet the school is desperate to keep any kids possible in order to keep the spigot of cash flowing into the school, which isn’t even that much despite total enrollment in LAUSD declining. Perhaps the population growth in east towards the inland empire or to the high desert. The LAUSD district here flounders and money and very little of it actually ends up in the classrooms. It goes to things like the iPad fiasco, spending billions on devices that were never used. I was recently endeavoring to find statistics about the changing demographics of the child population in Los Angeles but it’s incredibly hard to find anything clear-cut.

        • My niece went to public high school in Atlanta. I was visiting and went to pick her up from school. On the ride home, playing my role of dorky uncle, I asked “What are you learning in school these days?”
          Her instant reply…”Nothing.” Thinking this was perhaps typical teen snark, I asked what she meant. An amalgam of incredulity, impatience and weariness passed over her face and she said “My school is 60% black. We learn nothing. Most of my teachers are stoned. There is a fight every day. I’m just waiting to graduate so I can get the fuck out of Atlanta.”
          What a waste. This beautiful and bright young lady could have been filling her mind with calculus and Hemingway but was instead imprisoned with feral animals and teachers who smoked pot in the parking lot.
          Regression to the mean is nature’s most powerful law, isn’t it?

          • Something else about when I was in school in the suburbs around atlanta. According to what I just read, it was about 5% black, give or take, when I was in high school, which seems about right based on what I remember. What I don’t remember is the blacks that were there causing too many problems. Sure, they did slightly more than whites, but they really weren’t that bad. There’s just a tipping point. The more of them together the worse they act. A handful of them in a white school can behave and act like normal humans, but once they reach a certain percentage, its irredeemably fucked and cannot be stopped.

            Don’t know where in atlanta your niece was, but if it was Dekalb county, or Fulton, its even worse than my old home town is now. But, Gwinnett will get there, soon enough. I had relatives more from there recently, too. They took it on the chin pretty bad selling their house, but were happy to get what they got and get the hell out of there. They just realized that in another couple years it will be even worse so they might as well get it over with.

            The place to around Atlanta now is Cumming, Canton, Woodstock. Any of those places. Last time I was up there, I shit you not I didn’t see and dindu for the first day and a half I was there, it was amazing. Takes money to lvie up there though, and god damn the traffic is terrible. But, if you want those mythical ‘good schools’ thats what you have to do, keep moving further out from the city to escape the Africans.

    • Good story. Now my question to these young men would be: Where will you go? What other socialist septic tank will you emigrate to? How much of your honest, earned wealth will be confiscated by some corrupt tyrant in a South or Central American country? How will your children survive with their morals and honor intact in an Australian or New Zealand public school system?
      One thing I have learned is all politics is local. When I lived in a very conservative county on the SW Oregon Coast, Tea Party patriots were successful more than once in thwarting the efforts of corrupt public officials bent on raising our taxes. Now that I live in Rawles Land, I see local politics from Boise to Bonners Ferry and it all has the same message: leave us alone, do not tax us, and welcome to cutting-edge businesses and start-ups. Those young men in Seattle need to look east. White Idaho has places for them to live and prosper.

      • And that, exactly, was my question to them. Where the heck you gonna go? Which English-speaking majority-White nation with Western civilizational cultures, norms and expectations is beckoning you? One of them may have mumbled something about New Zealand but he is probably just a Lord of the Rings nerd.

        • “Where the heck you gonna go? Which English-speaking majority-White nation with Western civilizational cultures, norms and expectations is beckoning you”

          You people truly are Americans to the bone. You don’t get out much do you? This is why Americans are roundly mocked globally many times. Astonishingly ignorant of geography, other nations, most anything really. But wearing that ignorance like a badge of pride. ‘Merica, fuck yeah! Best country on earth! (says the guy w/o a single passport stamp who has never been more than one state away from home.)

          Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, just for starters. The Visegrad 4 which has more white people w/ traditional values than you’ve seen in your lifetime. You have to REALLY try to find die-versity in these places.

          Get out a little more brah…

          • I am going to get out more. Brah.
            I’m going to check out the countries you just named.
            Not everyone there can be an arrogant, antagonistic asshole who instantly resorts to mocking and ad hominem attacks instead of patiently and graciously contributing to a conversation.

          • @Major1

            Ok, mea culpa. I am a big enough man to admit wrongs. I probably came on a bit too strong, not my intention.

            The point was I see so much “black pilling” lately. Where will we go?! What will we do?! And the truth of the matter is, not everywhere on this blue marble is as fucked as the West. Eastern / Central European countries have seen what die-versity brings and they are having none of it.

            But they are also highly nationalistic which is a good thing. So where I was wrong is you are right, they are not ‘english-speaking’ but my point was, in the major cities you can easily thrive in any of those places because there are many english speakers. The better bet would be to learn the language and culture. That way, you are doing what OUR current immigrants no longer want to do. Assimilate.

          • Not sure why I blew my stack either. Could have handled that a little more graciously myself.
            You and I are on the same team, we butted heads and now we move forward.
            You did me one big favor though, Apex. You told me to check out the Visegrad 4 so I did.
            My oldest son and I are planning our trip to Prague.

        • NZ might be a trap. At least in the US you can get big guns and sit in your bunker.
          Lots of elites buying properties on South Island, lots of Chinese in North Island.
          Israelis all through South Island too. Rumored to have large weapons caches there…

        • Worst of all is to be a stranger in a strange land when hardship arrives.

          I used to imagine “GOOD” (Getting Out Of Dodge.) Unless my entire family goes with (including the kids, the grandkids, the in-laws, the kids’ in-laws, the cousins and aunts and uncles and dogs and cats and goldfish…well, you get the idea) then it’s all just baloney.

          We stay. We do the right things. We maintain flexibility.

    • It’s a little bit like the Titanic:
      The ship—America – is pleasant and comfortable
      The lifeboat – new country—scary and unknown
      And we haven’t hit the iceberg yet.
      We’re just going way too fast towards it.

      The alternative is to wait until we have reached shit hole equilibrium
      to halt the invasion.
      We have a Republican political trifecta, at least for a few more months

      Yet an illegal immigrant wanted for murder, driving his illegal wife to have a scheduled C-section
      (Not even an emergency delivery
      a scheduled C-section)
      To bring forth a blessed American citizen—-he gets picked up by ICE and liberals are outraged

      Citizenship at this point is less than zero

    • The country is Titanic, already holed.

      It’s the lifeboats that count. When (not if) the era of the nation-state visibly ends and the USA becomes de facto a place of differing polities, what will matter will be Much More Local.

      Everything today points to the importance of what happens in Washington DC ceasing to be important. When the states (?) resume being laboratories for what works and what doesn’t, then will come the hard work of building different conditions.

      I favor a place where parasitism is treated harshly, where honor is deemed critical and where everyone basically agrees to abide by the rules and if someone insists on breaking them, they’re given a fast trip outside the boundaries and told that if they return they’ll be BURIED outside the boundaries next time.

  10. These things all look dark indeed, with a future of fear and foreboding. While times and lots of things have changed since WW2, Korea, and VN, you should be recalling your Sun Tzu and Pearl Harbor. The whole situation right now is looking very grim if not impossible to fix or survive. The thing to remember is that to fix and survive, you’ll have to get to work on it, rather than just look and talk. When we get to that stage, we can start repairing things and setting them to right. It’s only a matter of getting to it, and forgoing the doom and gloom. Recall if you will, the Battle of MIdway, when three whole squadrons of torpedo bombers were shot down by the Japanese, without scoring a single hit on a Japanese ship. The dive bombers went in next, without hesitation, and the rest is history. We will just have to keep fighting until we win, like those guys did. Don’t quit.

    • The masses will be the masses. What matters is what an individual member of Nock’s Remnant does. If you’re one, then what you do will matter far more than what you read in the news.

  11. Yawn. The fact that this poster throws out the tired “the election will be cancelled!” nonsense in point three tells me the rest of their points can be safely ignored as well. We heard the same lamentations before 2008, 2012, and 2016. This fanciful prognosticator should just stick to self-published survival fiction.

  12. Leftist is theology.
    The last 50 years have been a “5th wave mania,” common to the final rally in commodity markets (remember when oil was $147, going vertical, and every other news article and blog post was about Peak Oil and the inevitability of $10/gal gasoline?) Oil collapse over $100/bbl in over THREE WEEKS.

    We have no idea what’s coming. I’ve long predicted two things:
    1. Large polities will break up into smaller ones.
    2. A resumption of the English Civil War, which was Royalists (the Right) vs Parliamentarians (the Left.) The Left won that round and every other round in the last 400 years, reaching apogee with a few notable conditions:
    A. Borrow-to-Spend, where for each dollar borrowed and spent into the GDP-producing economy, a second dollar (an Asset) was added to the collective balance sheet. This was literally two (or more) dollars of wealth created for each dollar borrowed. Yes, bat-shit crazy, but it fueled nearly every decent job that was created during the last 30 years, and when it ends, all those jobs will go “poof!”)
    B. Leftism is run by the lunatics, hopelessly hopeful idealists and herd animal virtue-signalers, but it was the loons who set policy and jettisoning Christianity in favor of the Bible According to John Lennon (“Imagine”) was a bad idea, and it has run its course.
    C. Democracy, a Leftist notion through and through, is based on the naïve fallacy that electing rulers makes the interests of those few who govern parallel to those many who are governed. This led to the state (political rule) taking control of ever aspect of human life, a condition no absolute monarch of antiquity could have imagined. It was because the common man stopped resisting, as though he figured the guy who was raping him was “on his side” so “rape away.”

    I think Leftism is at apogee.
    Of course, I don’t know the future. I could be wrong. Either way, my ancestors surely survived worse than what’s coming…and five generations of existing without Nature’s full onslaught of culling out weakness means that by definition me and mine are WEAK compared to our ancestors. Ours will thus be one rough ride, like using a dry corn cob instead of Charmin.

  13. Northwest Front leads a breakoff of the Northwest American Republic (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and half of Wyoming.) and fights a insurgency like the Irish or the Iraqis. After taking a large number of casualties, the FUSA backs off and the NAR becomes a defacto White homeland.

    Utah, Vermont, Maine, the Dakotas stay relatively White. Texas and New Mexico and California ceed back to Mexico. FUSA continues to oscillate out of Control till the Central government in Washington D.C. is seen as more and more irrelevant, like the Austrian-Hungarian central authority at the end of WWI. Michigan and Illinois descend into a Caliphate with tribal warlords fighting over resources and leading raids into Kansas and Ohio. Except for the NAR, technology remains about year 2000 level or less with Medical supplies are most precious. Whites continue to leave for White States till they are drive out of most. Mississippi declares itself “New Africa”.

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