My Astounding and Beautiful Nimrod

Modern Neo-Bolsheviks tend to give the game away with the first question. What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist is the Accused? Well if MeToo was propelled by any neutral morality, then nothing different would happen whatsoever. The accused would be guilty, their career would be over, and prosecutors would be preparing their closing statements. Instead, the NYTs had to ask the question rather than answer it. And that’s more of a lewd reveal of their pantiless principles than they probably intended.

In this instance it was a male accuser and a female accused. That creates an uncomfortable tension in the left’s decision tree. Are accusers always right or are men always wrong? There’s only one way to know for certain: which of the two are heterosexual, conservative, or white gentiles? But here it was neither. Both of the warring grapplers were leftist homosex jews. This, paradoxically, put the NYTs commenters in the unusual position of debating facts, context, and logic rather than Hate and Nazis. I mean when both combatants occupy the identity apex, all you have left to discuss are irrelevancies like what actually happened.

In this case, I couldn’t give a shit less. When a mewling, effete, gay israeli academic protests the encroachment on his boy parts by a hideous fem yenta, my mind begins wondering how much better this trial would be on the bottom of the ocean. That’s selective indifference, which may or may not be worse than selective life ruination and incarceration. I really can’t say for sure.

Though there is a point this intra-ADL squabble does highlight. It is a point made in these pages routinely, and thus one I was startled to see printed in the Times’ august combox. It said this…

MeToo advocates need to decide if their cause is a moral one or a tribal one.

If it is moral, a universal principle, then they must be prepared to defend that principle even when it is inconvenient, even when the principle is being invoked by a member of a despised “out group”, and even (when necessary) against their own.

On the other hand, if MeToo was always just a tribal vehicle to promote favored sub-populations, they can hardly complain when others treat it with the disdain such tactics deserve.

That is except when those others are applying that precise critique to the left’s myriad other tribal vehicles, and so must incur the necessary invocation of Hitler.

What’s interesting is that the passage quoted above was the highest receiving “recommended” comment at the time it was read. Thus Times readers display a nascent capacity for objective thought, though not the inclination to extrapolate those thoughts to a practically identical premise.

Though that also is as meaningless to me as rutting communists. The salient point for our purposes is the same one unintentionally articulated by that Times commenter. Hate, Raysis, and Nazis are not and never have been principled positions in any of our lifetimes. They are only and always tribal vehicles. The purpose of which being to turn you into petroleum and your children into janissaries.

That means you, you relentlessly dull conservatives. The left doesn’t actually care about nazis, because there are no nazis. They care about destroying you. Your history, your culture, your traditions, your future, your family, you. That is their operational principle. Even their own are capable of recognizing it in other forms—and yet so many of you are not.

So stop bleating about not being racist to enemies who racially attack you. Stop believing that colluding monopolistic corporatism equals free enterprise. Stop believing that legal immigration won’t swamp you just the same. Stop applauding wildly wasteful military misadventures on behalf of Our Greatest Ally. And finally, stop thinking that a government instruction pamphlet is the basis of civil Western society. There’s only so many maladaptive mistakes a side can make before it is defeated with finality. No one is going to praise your virtues once that side is yours.

So I will appeal to each conservative using the same term of affection as the feminist philosophette did toward her aggrieved gimp: My Astounding and Beautiful Nimrod. Your charms are safe from me.


16 thoughts on “My Astounding and Beautiful Nimrod

  1. Well it was almost a level playing field–I don’t think the following has ever helped a privileged man get out of trouble:
    “The Title IX report concluded that there was not enough evidence to find Professor Ronell responsible for sexual assault, partly because no one else observed the interactions in his apartment or her room in Paris.”

    Your closing admonishments are of the utmost urgency.

    Stop groveling now, or grovel South African style pretty soon.

  2. “Stop believing that legal immigration won’t swamp you just the same.”

    A point not oft made, but the crux of the whole immigration debate.

    I would also add that well-behaved, hard-working, quiet immigrants will genocide the white race even faster than Somalian savages and Mexican mestizos.

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  4. Agree with the whole post, but especially that second to last paragraph. It can’t get repeated often enough. I’ll bet that not 1 in 10 ‘conservatives’ can explain exactly just how many are allowed to “legally” immigrate into this country, and I’m guessing even fewer than that have ever even heard of Hart-Cellar. The point being, its pretty stupid to say you support something that you know next to nothing about just because the experts of Conservative, Inc say its ‘legal’.

    I’ll say the same about expending so many dollars and American lives in the service of Our Greatest Ally, and pissing away so many billions on general military expenditures. It irritates me to no end to hear people call themselves ‘fiscally conservative’ while at the same time calling for moar money to be pissed away on such things. I’ve seen it, first hand, so I can tell you – you could cut most unit’s budgets in half and they’d function just fine. There are also so many useless people loafing around most places that the same mission could easily be accomplished with less people. Also, we wouldn’t need to “rebuild our military” if we hadn’t spent the last decade and a half foolishly wasting people and equipment on fool’s errands in countries that cannot hurt us. If our current crop of leaders can’t keep America safe (you know, the United states, not to include all of Europe and most of Asia, etc) for something around what we spent when W came into office (about 300B) then they should all be fired and replaced. I could go on and give countless examples of profiligate waste but Ill stop here.

    • Most of the people you refer to as “conservatives” are not. They may be Republicans, but they have no idea what conservatism is about. They need to be removed. Matter of fact, I think around 100 million will need to be removed from this place before we can begin to live like the founders kind of sought. And then, just 20 minutes later we will need to begin a second purge of those who would challenge just what we had won. There’s nothing going to be easy about this.
      I hear so many people who don’t want what is happening to our country but cannot imagine hurting anyone’s feeling in changing the culture back to what we want.
      Sorry, but there’s a whole bunch of commies that will have to die. No other way of saying it. It is either them or us. I don’t intend it to be us.

    • So true…the thing I find interesting about these “fiscal” conservatives point of view, beyond ignoring the $300 wrenches, or constant cost overruns on our designed by committee weapons systems, is the fact that almost all of their spending on military hardware comes at the expense of any investment into national infrastructure. We haven’t built a new airport in this country in 30 years, no high speed rail, tunnels, bridges, nothing. Let alone the space program. Anytime I watch any of those extreme engineering programs, all these projects are taking place in Asia, the gulf, or maybe Europe; the U.S.doesn’t build anything world class anymore except, aircraft carriers or predator drones. These people are so fucking blind it’s beyond belief.

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  7. The rant in the 2nd to last paragraph should be inscribed on the side of a mountain.

    “government instruction pamphlet” – can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard muh constitution brought up as the Great Talisman to ward off evil spirits. The One Ring to Rule Them All. Reminders that muh constitution (barely) kept a tottering Republic together for about 80 years, then massive bloodshed, gets me blank stares, basically. That it means whatever 9 black robes says it means, and that fine ideas are worthless without a people able to maintain them, more blank stares.

    Really, how we’ve stumbled around this long astounds me. We’re the Forrest Gumps of history.

    • Exactly. Citizenship for invading hoards vaguely endorsed in the pamphlet. Don’t like it? Here are the impossible terms for amending—a two/thirds majority–when you can count the reasonable members of Congress on one hand.

      Sun Tzu gets a lot of attention but look at Porter–The Art of not Giving Everything Away to Barbaric and Pernicious People who Hate You—in just one paragraph.

  8. Exquisite! The selection of the Sedona, Arizona red-rocks picture to adorn your essay about the mindless Progressive circus we citizens are compelled to rebuke, it was pure genius!

    (If it was a script-selected slide, it’s still accidental genius.)

  9. I have many friends who hunt. They spend hours upon hours in deer stands and duck blinds, and spend significant treasure to pursue this hobby. Culturally, I’m with them, but just don’t have the drive to invest the time or money for meat that tastes about one-tenth as good as a Supermarket ribeye.
    Similarly, I have friends whose greatest pleasure is derived through the success of their sports teams. They also spend lots of time and money on this diversion.

    Most of the people around here are cursed with an interest in civic affairs. If you’re reading this blog, you’re pretty deep (sorry Porter) in the weeds on political affairs and the myriad ways in which our country is going to shit. You’re worried about what your kids will inherit. But we are a minuscule minority in this country, with most men interested in pursuits like those above, and most women distracted by even more vapid pleasures.

    So while I agree fully with all that’s in the penultimate paragraph, the recurring question I ask myself is how we get people who just aren’t wired like we are to give a crap about the crumbling walls? Getting them to vote every four years is hard enough, but to get them interested in participating in the activities that would really make a difference would entail educating them in a way they just aren’t interested in. And long term investment in the political education of normies is just not going to cut it with demographics so solidly against us. God forbid a deep recession happens along before 2020; that’s a SHTF accelerator.

    My guess is that as we approach the point of no return, we could see McVeigh or Breivik-type lashing out, but that plays right into the leftists hands.

    Where is this rambling comment going? Perhaps the best bet for a NW European style, high trust, traditional society in North America is a counter-revolution scenario. One where the jackasses we so vigorously oppose us take over, fuck up, initiate violence, and get their asses kicked. All of the education Porter talks about is important, especially if the message is consistent throughout all the ruckus that is probably coming.

    Just thought I’d share a small portion of what Porter’s provocative writing stirs up.

  10. Watership: Speaking of SA, I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent move there to make racial land theft all nice and legal-like—just like our million+ migrants/year. Of course, one strives in vain to convince conservatives (or obviously liberals) that the levers of democracy can be turned just as enthusiastically in America given a similar demographic profile of electorate and court. Meaning there is nothing whatsoever that would prevent Our Democracy from legally boiling white conservatives in oil.

    Bob: One of the things I am (perhaps counterintuitively) grateful for is the flamboyant racial malice and hypocrisy on the left. It’s truly our only lifeline. If the left simply embraced, and enforced, a universal color-blind standard of behavior, whites would accept it with near statistical unanimity. Eventually miscegenation, immigration, racial violence, and below replacement reproduction would end us as a people. It is as certain as math.

    But because that process would be somewhat slow and somewhat dignified, it is completely unacceptable. Instead, the left demands a frenetic, painful, and humiliating get off the planet now program. This obviously generates intense animosity and resistance among those observant enough to notice a tire iron being swung at their head.

    So the left plants its own opposition as a result of its inability to delay eradicationist gratification. How fitting, given its emerging majority demographic.

    DN: I completely relate to your comment. Though rather than “how” I am always asking “how many?” The answer to that is even more daunting. War is logistics, and our train is so badly outclassed it almost seems gauche to mention it. The left generates soldiers on an industrial scale, internally via academic and media indoctrination, as well as through their limitless foreign auxiliaries. Whereas we on the right are mere artisans, crafting our ranks painstakingly.

    The left’s long march through the institutions was the march to secure the means of production. Our simpering forebears were cajoled into relinquishing this critical institutional control by false appeals to universalist principles. As we now see on vivid display with Progtech, those same appeals today find no purchase whatsoever when made to the left.

    Though as I mentioned to Bob, the left is starting to make even the obstinately blind see uncomfortable sights. And that may eventually produce more for us than their drone assembly plants do for them. But the model of white South Africans isn’t one that produces great optimism in that regard.

  11. “The left doesn’t actually care about nazis, because there are no nazis. They care about destroying you.”

    The habitual way the vaunted Hitler shibboleth is hurled willy-nilly from proggy’s Harry Potter bag of spells, the sane man might think it’s a universal wrench, the duct tape of the political toolbox. Like the five feet of magic waterproof tape that guy on TV sells for 20 bucks, it can fix anything that rankles the progressive pieties.

    The mere fact that the NSDAP vanished nearly seventy years ago troubles no uninquiring minds. Note that we do not say the deplorables are like Nazis, or that some of their policies resemble Nazi policies but we instead settle on a final, decisive declaration of bald identity. Such a nuance-free and hamfisted judgment is a feature, not a bug. The feature being precisely the obtuse and utterly imprecise nature of the epithet. It’s the strategic bombing of the enemy: you.

    Godwin’s Law needs amendment to state that the time required to go from disagreement to HITLER! now approaches the length of a single clock cycle on your 2.4 GHz CPU connected to the internet. Not only do they want you dead, they want it at light speed. Hardly enough time to discuss the matter in civil discourse according to any possible arrangement of principles.

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