Sherman is Ready

The weight of pretense wears heavy. So heavy, by appearances, that Progtech no longer wishes to bear it. I understand. Free speech, free markets, open exchange of ideas, and every other feel-good food pellet hardly seems necessary to lie about at this point. The left controls the monopolies, and monopolies aren’t in the business of platforming their competition. Ecumenical platitudes about non-existent principles are the things one utters while building a military infrastructure. In contrast, HATE is what one says when that infrastructure is deemed secure enough to form a foundation of attack.

Of course the goobercons are reliably oblivious to anything so overly apparent. And so they scramble to concoct ever more lavish tax breaks for the same Silicon Valley borg that colludes to crush their own constituents. By now I imagine Tim Cook’s lover must be forced to buy him anal beads made of antimatter—at six trillion/gram it’s the gift for the gay man with everything.

I’m referring largely to today’s synchronized defenestration of the Alex Jones media presence. Now to be honest I’ve watched precisely one Jones video. It struck me as a sort of cantankerous civic nationalism, which equals Hate since the left doesn’t care for that at all. Hate being a passive recipient state in conservatives. That is to say, we only know they have it after the left hates them. Of course hate is also an emotion native to all human beings, which explains why liberals claim to be devoid of it. You can see just how devoid below.

That’s all well understood. Though the fact that Jones became Hate through being hated simultaneously across all Progtech platforms is the sort of coincidence that should attract the attention of Jeff Sessions, if he could be roused from slumber. For if AG Sessions were to man his post for perhaps 20 minutes per day, he’d find little better use of his precious waking hours than to go full Sherman Act on the hostile tech oligarchs.

Anti-trust is a powerful tool simply sitting at this administration’s feet. And even better, it is a tool that can be wielded with an extremely high-yield cutting arc. In practically any other circumstance one could identify good people harmed by decisive government intrusion. Yet in this case, the field is all bogeys. Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple would look best looking nothing like they do. Imagine how much less pernicious each of these companies would be in a scenario where shareholders demanded growth and performance from their small corporate shards rather than posturing and political bans from behind today’s deep market moats.

As some of you may have astutely noted, I am not a particular fan of our legislative judiciary. Though I did appreciate this explanation of the Sherman Act from the Supreme Court.

The purpose of the Sherman Act is not to protect businesses from the working of the market; it is to protect the public from the failure of the market. The law directs itself not against conduct which is competitive, even severely so, but against conduct which unfairly tends to destroy competition itself.

What we have here is a market failure. Because the market these malign behemoths make is in speech. And their conduct doesn’t just tend to destroy competition in that market, it does so frenetically. If only John D. Rockefeller had thought to scream “We did it to fight petroleum-based Hate!” at Standard Oil’s Anti-Trust trial. But the world was less stupid then, alas, and so the gambit lied dormant until today.

But that doesn’t mean Trump need be dazzled by such idiotic incantations. Any moron can cite Hate as a defense for their attacks. And many morons do. Though that’s insufficient for non-morons to grant the position legitimacy. Here’s a novel principle for respectable conservatives: fight for your own side.

In alignment with that principle, it’s time to stop babbling about “free enterprise” for the enterprises trying to bury you. A nation is not a monopolistic merchant syndicate. It just may have no greater enemy.


20 thoughts on “Sherman is Ready

  1. Here’s a point to consider: what when gas, electric, water, or phone companies deplatform their customers for Hate? What when those customers are progs?

    • Those utilities are common carriers. Common carrier status should be imposed on Social Media. Social media companies should also be forbidden from producing content of any kind whatsoever. There is an unresolvable conflict of interest when an entity (the phone company, for example) provides a medium of communication and content carried over that medium. Everyone see that. Now, apply that same reasoning to YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, etc.

      Much of this also arises out of globalism. Most large markets (China, EU) do not have free speech provisions, and are far more restrictive than in the US. So in order to obey stricter anti “hate speech” laws in those countries, the multinationals throttle speech in the US. That should also be a crime.

      • Re: “Much of this also arises out of globalism. Most large markets (China, EU) do not have free speech provisions, and are far more restrictive than in the US. So in order to obey stricter anti “hate speech” laws in those countries, the multinationals throttle speech in the US. That should also be a crime.”

        “That should be a crime…” – but it isn’t. So what does that tell you? What can we learn from that fact?

        The powers-that-be, the ruling class, the oligarchs – call them what you may – despise the Bill of Rights, and are working tirelessly to destroy the liberties therein, or at least render them null-and-void. The most-visible attacks have been against the Second Amendment, but the First and Fourth aren’t far behind.

        A significant and very wealthy portion of the international globalist movement is composed of the sheiks from the Sunni Muslim Arab oil states. These men abhor the fact that westerners – the hated infidels – can criticize Islam freely, an act which is prohibited under sharia law. Via the UN and other avenues, these Arabs and their allies in the West (most of whom hail from the political left, but by no means all), have in recent years been attacking free speech and expression in Europe (with great success) and in the United States (with far less success).

        Like their Muslim partners and allies, the Leftists (Cultural Marxists) despise free speech and expression, since the rights protected by the First Amendment can be used to criticize leftism. Like the Arabs, they too want very badly to crush what few liberties free people retain.

        Having failed to finish the job through legislative and judicial means, the powers-that-be are now shifting their game to the multinational corporations – an avenue of attack through which they have had considerably more success. Since companies are free to set policy regarding the communication habits of their employees, and increasingly, their customers – all of the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter, cable TV and news, big media, etc.) have been able to throttle free expression.

        What the multinationals are doing is a crime – or ought to be. So why isn’t it? The only conclusion possible is that the multinationals have some very powerful patrons and allies who support their actions, namely the deep-state apparatus – including a large portion of the permanent federal bureaucracy, federal judiciary, and Congress.

        Any totalitarian system built upon lies cannot abide even the smallest amount of truth – for that truth threatens to spread and undermine the whole, rotten, corrupt and criminal enterprise. This fact accounts for the absolute panic the Trump movement is causing amongst the leftist deep-state and its allies. The latter are worried that the former will blow the lid off of the enormously profitable criminal enterprise which they call their own.

  2. “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith, but when we started your paperwork, a routine web search showed you have commented on sites that question the equality of all people and discuss race in a hateful manner. That doesn’t represent our institution’s values. Perhaps you can schedule your cardiac surgery elsewhere.”

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  4. The donor class is unanimous in their dislike of vulgar civic nationalism. It simply won’t be tolerated. The long awaited open labor market of global liberalism is at hand. Until and unless proles kill on their own behalf, they will be of no consequence to said ruling class. The former have nothing the latter desires.

  5. 18 U.S.C. § 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights

    Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime.

    Give that eunuch Sessions a testosterone injection and start the prosecutions.

    It would be difficult to bring charges under this statute for e.g. banning people from Twitter for something they wrote in a tweet, but you could when Twitter bans people for constitutionally-protected activities outside of Twitter.

    Where this really could apply is when companies like Google (Damore) or Disney (Barr, and throw in Gunn for balance) conspire to use their hiring and firing power to intimidate their workforce into not engaging in constitutionally-protected speech.

    Even these prosecutions would be immediately dismissed by a leftist or cuck judge, but just the sight of Susan Wojcicki and Bob Iger being handcuffed and perp-walked would be enough to end the practice in corporate America.

  6. Anal beads of anti-matter. What an interesting visual. Thanks. Although I wonder if the anus anti-matter would have the same explosive release of energy as regular anti-matter does when contacting its counterpart? If so, it should rid the country of everyone within a few miles of where ever Tim Cook lives, which would probably place enormous dividends for this country in the long term. Maybe even an entire quadrant of California would be gone, we wouldn’t even have to wait for the big earth quake to do it. Don’t know about you guys, but Im getting impatient waiting on “the big one”. Its long overdue.

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