Hope and Change

One of the points I’ve continually reiterated is that a political or social proposition must work both ways to be a principle. If it only works one way, then it is merely an attack. If raysis is bad and only white people are raysis, then raysis is just a racial club and should be dismissed out of hand. It is also worth noting that the term “principle” is value-neutral itself. There are plenty of idiotic and destructive principles. Though at least they can be fielded as a consideration…in principle.

The principle I’ll focus on tonight is that of equality between the sexes. I don’t have high aspirations for the success of this old topic; mostly because things that aren’t equal tend not be. The fact that unequal doesn’t mean better or worse is surely a qualifier not needed in this venue. In fact, equality itself is a concept as value-neutral as the one of principles. People have been well indoctrinated to glow when the word is invoked, though equality can be quite detrimental. I mean I’m personally receptive to Ashley Judd only taking equal breaths of air as a porpoise while they swim together across Puget Sound. Though I’m uncertain just how much equality she’s up for.

Though one principle of equality I presume Ashley holds dear is that there should be equal numbers of women and men in each occupation. If there are less women, it is because the patriarchy has ruthlessly suppressed their ambitions. That’s why activist actresses like her have been so outspoken in their desire to be coal miners, sewage line repairmen, and termite inspectors. These male-dominated fields simply aren’t going to keep starlets on the outside looking in any longer. Or maybe the equality feminists claim to seek isn’t entirely a principled position either. That would be a real disappointment.

But the truth is there actually has been a great deal of occupational and cultural sex equalization over the last generation. One of those is the inclination of law enforcement to equally apply statutory rape laws to attractive young women. Until about a decade ago, I had never heard of female teachers being stuffed in the can for giving their teenaged male students precisely the experience those boys spend every waking hour trying to obtain. Having been a teenaged boy once myself, the thought that I might be sexually plundered by a predator such as Hope Jacoby (below) sometimes left me so shaken that only a soiled Kleenex lingered as evidence of the horror.

I was thinking today about how lucky I was then not to have been victimized by a beautiful blonde. Perhaps my high school principal had been sufficiently far-sighted as not to put his male students in such mortal jeopardy—as our faculty was comprised exclusively of crones, blobs, and BLTs. I’ll have to remember to thank him for the courtesy.

Though not all high school boys are so fortunate. Apparently one was again recently assaulted by his teacher in North Carolina. Though with all praise be to Allah, a grand jury has handed down a five-count felony indictment against the comely perpetrator. Thus with her criminal reign concluded we can only hope high school football players will one day feel safe again to walk the streets in Cherokee County.

Though ridiculous, this is precisely what our prostration to equality demands. Viewing men and women as civilizations have since humans walked upright—that is to say as different—is no longer within the purview of polite discussion. Because equality is godly in our secular theology, society is obliged to pretend that it has the same interest in protecting teenaged boys from sex with women as it does protecting teenage girls from sex with men. If we did not embrace that pretense certain Misogynist Woman Haters might ask why we must embrace others. And that would be too cumbersome an explanation for intellectuals like Ashley Judd. Thus the imprisoned female teachers represent a sacrifice to social fashion: if you’re equal then you’re equally culpable. And so they must be.

I just wish Hope Jacoby had been equal with me.


20 thoughts on “Hope and Change

  1. That woman is every high school boy’s dream. No harm in dreams come true.

    I remember being 15. Good God almighty, any red blooded boy prays to be “victimized” by a teacher who looks like she does.

    I’m curious how that high school boy could be persuaded to testify (consider the origins of that word!) against her. Seriously, what could he be offered or threatened with that could persuade him to condemn her? When I was growing up, “Yeah, I fucked her” was said proudly, even if its truth was inversely proportionate to the frequency of its proclamation.

    Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap. They’re different, not equal.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys in these cases weren’t asked to testify, at least in court. Which would be a shame.
      Prosecutor: Did Miss Jacoby touch your genitals?
      Witness: Hellz yeah she did! On purpose! *tries to high-five the Judge*

      Porter, the soiled Kleenex bit was lol funny.

      I’ve truly tried to wrap my head around the trend of hot teacher seducing student thing, and I still keep coming up empty. Hypergamy makes sense to me, but this phenomenon seems to throw a wrench into the gears. How does this increase their social status? Is it that they revert back into the high school mindset, and their hindbrain starts to compete with the girls? That’s the best answer I can come up with.

      • I assume every single boy she didn’t fuck, who had been told about the affair (which would be all of them), would be just about ready to testify.

        There’s definitely some reversion to the high school mindset for the Jacoby types, which seem to be the majority of them. Then the lesbian predators, as in NC, and the screwed SPED teachers screwing their students through some perverted mothering instinct.

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  3. If men and women aren’t equal then it is even worse for a woman to be having sex with kids. If you were considering marriage to a woman, what would you make of her confessing that her last boyfriend was 13 years old? What do you make of the husbands of these women having sex with boys who often show up in court to support them? Maybe it’s true that the crime they are charged with is not appropriate, but that’s because the standard of female chastity was so completely abolished in the name of equality

  4. One blogger pens an excitedly gibbering critique of this post here.

    Edit: I removed the link. After looking at it again, I want nothing to do with that site.

    • Never mind the mediocre content, someone please get the poor fellow Porter linked a copy of Strunk and White’s Elements Of Style. Blog as you please, however to rely heavily upon internet neologisms in place of solid nouns makes the author read like an IRC chat log.

  5. Good points here, but then again, does today’s typical 16 year-old tatted sexually-mature high-school chick already sleeping and at some point impregnated by the school’s dope boys and hoops players NOT want to sleep with the hot male teachers and coaches? Sure she does.

  6. This issue represents a confluence of law, morality, and social utility. All three of which can yield different answers.

    The law is age of consent, which varies state by state from 16-18 and in the majority of these sultry teacher escapades was actually met. Though it was legally overcome by additional statutes that bar contact between teachers and students age regardless. In one case I read the toddling boy was even 19. But the law is sex-neutral and authorities are merely following it. Just like laws against discrimination are race neutral and thus why college administrators routinely face federal civil rights prosecution for their affirmative action programs.

    But I was really musing more on the latter two decision vectors: morality and social utility. Obviously the former has a long history of being driven by the latter. In the case of female chastity, it was critical to prevent unwanted and out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the millennia before birth control. As RealGarySeven notes above, sperm are cheap and eggs are expensive. As a result society has always emphasized protection of those expensive eggs and the young women who bear them. Women and children first may have been gynocentric, but it had a biological basis.

    Additionally, men in their prime have far more aptitude in achieving egg access than do bumbling, pimple-faced teens. Thus there was again a societal interest in keeping them out of the youthful henhouse until those females had seasoned into more capable stewards of their wombs.

    That’s at least part of the basis.

    Then there are the differences. Unlike the common (but certainly not uniform) ambivalence and angst of teenage girls, heterosexual teenage boys want to have sex unequivocally. They yearn for it, they jockey for it, and spend their most intense contemplations pondering how to get it. But maybe they want heroin too, so that’s not a sufficient justification for allowing adults to provide it. Though heroin frequently addicts and kills those who indulge that for which they yearn. This in contrast to the relatively benign emotional and physical impact from say cunnilingus.

    Now certainly there is an age and maturity level at which boys are literally still boys and should not be subject to having sex put forward by an adult in any scenario. Further, teenage boys—no matter how willing and eager—lack the emotional maturity to form a peer relationship with older women. And so if that second point is the basis for prohibiting the practice, I understand. Though I probably wouldn’t understand prison time. Which is itself no comment on what an appropriate punishment for reverse male offenders should be. In both the term “predator” is deployed with ludicrous promiscuity.

    The summarizing point is that the 16-19 year olds involved in these affairs almost certainly viewed their victimization as unbelievable serendipity. And most will only have to bear the envy of their friends as scars of the ordeal.

  7. “Teenage boys…lack the emotional maturity to form a peer relationship with older women.”
    Exactly. That’s the crux of the matter. Men in their 30’s (with their 30 year old perspective) look at these news stories and universally proclaim they wish they had been so abused.

    I would assert that there is something very wrong with a woman who wants to have sex with a young teenage student. Most likely she wants a relationship where she has the complete upper hand. The youngster is left to deal with all the emotions when the relationship ends. I’ll take everyone’s word for it that sex is everything for teenage boys. The boys may have their high-five moment but that belies the complexity.

    • WS, I really don’t disagree. Beyond the issue of contrived equality, the core of my complaint is probably more focused on the proper societal response. Being convicted of a sex crime in America is a death sentence to any hope of a decent life. As miserable as prison must be it really pales against the prospect of lifelong membership on the sex offender registry. Having your name on this guest list ensures a life of poverty with no possibility of meaningful employment. You will struggle (likely in vain) to ever find a pleasing mate. You will be shunned from every polite social circle and source of support, and barred from living in great swaths of real estate…forever.

      I think I read that Miss Jacoby was 23 years old at the time of her infraction. I wonder if that fate suits her crime, as I wonder it for many of the men as well.

      • Yes, crime and punishment in the US has become very warped.
        I do wonder why these teachers think they will get away with student sex, though.
        The reveal rate has to be close to 100%.
        Clearly they are too dumb to be teaching anyone. (This 13 year old boy will keep my secret?)

    • “ I would assert that there is something very wrong with a woman who wants to have sex with a young teenage student. Most likely she wants a relationship where she has the complete upper hand.”

      Nah, they just want re-enforcement that they’re still hot. They like that they are more popular/get chosen over the male student’s female peers.

      • Maybe my guess is right, a young wahmen teacher, with memories of high school still fresh in her mind, reverts back to competing with high school girls, but now with more sexual experience.

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