Whistle While You Work

“This is a very nice door. Can you use it to go in and out?”

I was about to ask my realtor that question while house-hunting a few years ago, but felt a little sheepish wondering if it might be a dumb question. So while she wasn’t looking I tried it myself. In…out. Out…in. Yes, the door seemed to work just as well no matter which direction I tested. This was a real selling point, since it meant I wouldn’t have to worry about how to get guests out once they came in. It seems obvious to cutting edgers, though you’d be amazed at how many people still haven’t heard of dual-direction door technology.

That’s what I was thinking upon reading a piece recently at Unz’s website. Derbyshire had written something he normally writes about migratory herd animals, when I noticed Fred Reed arrive in the combox to sulk on behalf of the senoritas. Those of you who don’t know Mr. Reed, he is an aged American expat living in Me-hi-co with his mamita. His writes as a wry curmudgeon with decent lucidity on a range of social topics. That is until his adopted mestizos suffer mild rebuke, at which point he goes completely native. In these times it is best to think of him as Dances with Tacos.

In any event, Reed hurtled into battle against the offending gringo by demanding Derbyshire answer some key deportation questions. The following is only a paraphrase, though I think it captures Reed’s indignant demand fairly.

To Derbyshire: Tell us precisely how you intend to deport 50 million people. People who have jobs and homes and American children. What is the precise mechanism? And how many per month? How many years will you maintain the pace? Do you know 20,000 deportations per month would take 208 years? Sorry, you won’t live to see it.

This is pretty insipid sophistry. Though it does deploy a tyrant’s favorite argument: inevitability. It’s funny how hopeless an endeavor is that your antagonists don’t want you to accomplish. As far as they want you to know, the first step in any task is to give up on it.

It makes me want to ask a similar series of questions to Reed’s neighbors circa 1970: So you want to transport the equivalent population of Mexico (52 million that year) into America? That being an 88% white country with a culture and demographic profile completely distinct from your would-be colonial horde. And you think the Americans are not only going to acquiesce to this historically unprecedented incursion, but actively subsidize its participants? You think you’ll just walk over the border by the millions and get free housing, food, and healthcare? What is the precise mechanism by which you intend to accomplish this? What is the logistical train of this fantastic population transfer? How many of you will cross the border per month without being stopped? Do you know how many years it would take to accumulate 50 million colonists? Sorry, Diego, you won’t live to see it.

Maybe that Diego didn’t live to see it. But him seeing wasn’t the project’s purpose. What I would say to Reed is that we’ll simply commence deporting in earnest. All day every day. And each day we’ll hire more men to do it. We’ll deport them from home, on the job, or mid shoot-out. And we won’t “tear families apart.” They’ll all be welcome to ride south together. We’ll sincerely suggest they leave on their own. And a great many will. Though those who do not will lose everything via forfeiture—we’re not shipping houses, cars, and other assets to a forward address. Frankly, I think you will be amazed by the effects of such incentivization. Though your amazement isn’t our purpose either. So will it be 10,000 deportations/month? 20? 30? Who knows? We’ll just keep deporting. And whistle while we work.


16 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work

  1. I agree with you about Fred. He nails it sometimes, but goes off the rails when it comes to anything involving Mexicans. He is clearly an intelligent person, so its curious to hear him take such illogical positions as he sometimes does. Makes you wonder if he is being intentionally dishonest with the types of things you paraphrased above, or just has a giant blindspot when it comes to Mexicans. Few things frustrate me as much as hearing people say things like “we won’t ever be able to round up all of the illegals in this country, so theres no reason to even bother trying”. Getting rid of all of them probably isn’t possible, and to be honest, I don’t think I want to live in the type of police state where that was possible. Still, getting rid of 20k a month still sounds great to me. And it’s not that important that i live to see it either. But at least having the flow of illegals move in the opposite direction than it is now would be nice to see. Is that really so much to ask? To Fred and the left, apparently the answer is ‘yes’.

    Another curious contradiction is the view by some on the left that rounding up and deporting 10-12 million illegals is a completely impossible undertaking, but rounding up a few hundred million guns from pissed off and fed up people would be no problem at all. But, just like these gated community liberals don’t have to deal with the problems caused by all this ‘diversity’ the rest of us must contend with, it wouldn’t be them having to go door to door attempting to confiscate guns from people who aren’t going to give them up willingly.

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  3. The only thing that makes the end goal of deporting 50 million (or 30 or 15, however many it is) illegals damn near impossible is the optics of it. It can never be done actively while we have a free press + female voters.

    That’s why the passive options like eVerify, discontinuation of all social services for legal and illegal immigrants, and elimination of birthright citizenship, have to be prioritized. Self-deportation will work.

    Spot on with the main point; who cares how long it takes, just reverse the flow already.

    • One notable mistake in my post: I conflated the numbers of Hispanics in America with the pool of illegals, which was an error. I’m sure many American Hispanics didn’t come here illegally or aren’t the posterity of those who did. Maybe even in the thousands.

      • I’m technically Hispanic, in that my great-grandfather stole a Mexican woman during the Mexican-American war and brought mamacita home to sire his second set of children. Worse still, her family were actually Mexican crypto-Jews who fled to Mexico to escape the Spanish Inquisition.

        The same side of my family (but through that father) goes back to the Mayflower.

        That’s the kind of Mexican I’m okay with staying in this country. Maybe. As long as they can prove the story’s just a funny accident of family history rather than a point of identity politics.

        I’m even ecumenical on the point: I don’t care if you’re Mexican, or Cuban-Mexican, or Guatemalan-Mexican, or even Argentinian-Mexican.

  4. Fred will never live down the Dances With Tacos gag. So funny.

    Mass deportation is just a simple matter of motivation, and a motivated, inspiring leader could and would accomplish it, and far faster than Dances With Tacos thinks. We still hold out hope that it’s Trump, but if not him, someone else savvy enough to grab the reins that are just lying there for anyone to pick up. Maybe we need an inspiring speech:
    “we shall deport them on the beaches, we shall deport them on the landing grounds, we shall deport them in the fields and in the streets, we shall deport them in the hills; we shall never surrender, etc.”

  5. Writing from the American Southwest, it pains me to say that, sadly, Fred is probably correct. People who don’t live down here don’t quite get it.

    Example: last night I took my daughter out to upper mid-scale restaurant in upper-middle class suburb of city in the reconquista section of America. Dinner for three was $150, so this is no taco truck. My best guess is that 75% of the visible staff and 40% of the customers were Hispanic. In a quite literal sense, this business would not exist without Hispanic immigration. If you live in the Southwest you will repeat this experience on a daily basis.

    The discussions we are having today should have been had 30 years ago. Now I’m afraid it’s too late. The horse left the barn a long time ago.

    • I’ve spent a decent bit of time in south Texas for work, you are correct. Its pretty bad. Going around town somewhere like Port Isabel or even a little further north to Corpus Christi, the demographic makeup of the people there makes it easy to mistake the place for Mexico. We usually call that area ‘North Mexico’. About the only thing that makes it evident you are in America and not actual Mexico is that there isn’t usually trash all over the place and most of the buildings aren’t falling apart, although I suspect that in the not too distant future, trash and crumbling buildings will be as much a part of south Texas as they are in Mexico. Since its more Mexican than American, that seems a likely outcome.

      And while i agree that we should have had these discussions 30 years ago (I’d argue we should have had it prior to passing Hart-Cellar, but thats a separate topic), its that defeatist mindset that allows the left to run roughshod over us. No matter how much worse things are now, and how much more difficult this will be compared to how it would have been 30 years ago, it will be a hell of a lot worse, and more difficult, 10 years from now if we continue to do nothing. Remember, it isn’t actually necessary to go round all 12 million or so squatters here. The right set of policies will make huge numbers of them self deport. Simply turning off the welfare magnet would work wonders.

      • I don’t know if my mentality is defeatist or simply accepting the reality of the political decisions made years ago.

        I’m old enough to remember when gas cost about 25 cents a gallon. The political and economic decisions that caused the great inflation of the 70s and the simmering inflation since that drove gas to $2.50 or $3 per gallon were equally stupid and if we could turn back time we could certainly advocate a different course. But there’s no point in debating that the current price of gas is $2.50 to $3.00 per gallon.

        Much like the price of gas, our current demographic reality is a fact of life. Yes, we can deport illegal immigrants, but even if we deport every last one of the 12 or 15 million illegal immigrants in the country it will not change the course of our demographic future. Future demographics are baked into the cake at this point.

        Any notion of an Anglo-centric or even Euro-centric nation state necessarily involves separating from the U.S.

  6. age old truism, incentivize behavior you wish to replicate. And vice versa. The volume of flow is important, but the direction of the flow is critical. This administration has the reins now, and, albeit with limits, can reverse the flow. just do it.

  7. We don’t have to ramp up the Stasi to make a major impact on the deportation front. But what we do need to do is ruthlessly deport all illegals who somehow interact with the system. Ironically the sanctuary cities policies are furthering these efforts.

  8. I’m curious to see what happens in Italy following the call from the Interior Minister to deport 500,000 illegal immigrants. I would expect triple digits at best, but it may put a damper on new arrivals.

    Kindness to illegals means cruelty to Americans.

    I’m always amused by the comment section following a pro-immigrant article.

    “Pregnant Mom of 8 Faces Deportation Back to Guatemala”

    1000 to 1 thumbs-up for a comment like “good riddance.”

  9. Nicely done. Fred Reed is a clown act curmudgeon. I see his name and move right along. Writes self-reverential Boomer drivel.

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