Right, Now Go

Unless a bayonet is in their back, people are typically not compelled to observe another man’s pieties. That’s frequently a shock to those other men. I’m reminded of a personal example from when a few friends convened to sit on the back patio exaggerating old stories while oppressing women and blacks in the background.

One of our group, Steve I’ll call him, had recently embraced a sort of clean-living, whole-person, self-improvement program. He had also embraced the sometimes supercilious evangelism that frequently accompanies such things. So when another of our party, Pete, reasonably inquired as to where the beer was stashed, Steve archly responded: Alcohol is poison to the soul.

Without a hint of disagreement, Pete replied: Yeah. So where is it?

That’s a trite anecdote, but one that would do more work mitigating our children’s misery than a book of thousand word essays.

Pete could have dug ruts in the rhetorical road arguing whether souls are actually tainted by fermented hops. Or he could have chosen a more customary conservative counter attack: pointing out the poisons Steve doesn’t find disagreeable. But those tactics grant your opponent’s position something even more valuable than legitimacy. They grant them respect.

Pete wasn’t saying Steve was wrong, he was saying he didn’t care. Steve’s strictures were not Pete’s. And assuming they must be was an unspoken imposition that in subtext was meant to establish who was calling the shots. If I’m dictating your morality, then you have a new boss.

I was recalling that old exchange upon reading of Austria’s recent decision to jettison some Turkish officers from their colonial barracks in Europe.

Now obviously deporting Muslim imams is a grave affront to the morality of Muslim imams. And that’s the morality Austrians are ostensibly obliged to observe. So the response was predictable.

Ankara quickly denounced the move, saying the move ‘is a reflection of the anti-Islam, racist and discriminatory populist wave’ in Austria.

That is to say An Austria for Austrians is poison to the soul.

That depends entirely on whose soul we’re talking. But such wing-flapping is entirely according to script. Its intention is to produce groveling, back-walking, and pledges that no such soul poison will ever be coveted again. But instead, the Austrian government seems to have responded to accusations of raysis deportation not with apologies or debate but rather with Pete’s Razor: Yeah. So get out.

Vienna’s back patios will be happily in their debt.


26 thoughts on “Right, Now Go

  1. “Ankara quickly denounced the move, saying the move ‘is a reflection of the anti-Islam, racist and discriminatory populist wave’ in Austria.”

    wew lad. Austrians not wanting their hills alive with the sound of adhan is very h8ful indeed. I look forward to accusations that the transformation of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque was “anti-Christian, racist, and part of the discriminatory Ottoman wave in Constantinople”.

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  3. Wow, busy day in headlines…





  4. This the “BFYTW” meme, in a nutshell.
    Also known as noting that the other party is paying for their philosophical argument with Confederate money.

    • Agreed. And once you get into the weeds with anything other than a ‘BFYTW’ type argument, you are granting the other side a legitimacy it needs but does not deserve. Not wanting to be colonized by a hostile power is a perfectly reasonable position if you are among those who would be colonized, but outrage is always going to be the response from your would be colonizers. This is essentially the black guy that broke into your house getting offended and calling you racist because you point a shotgun at him rather than allow him to walk out with your television. The hypothetical burglar and the Turks have the same right to be outraged, in the amount of ‘zero’. But its nice to see a European country take at least this small step.

      I have a BFYTW t shirt, with the letters written using various long guns. I love that shirt, but I don’t wear it very often, both because shirts with some kind of vulgarity, even abbreviated, aren’t really my thing, and because I don’t really like things that advertise “that guy is probably carrying a gun” while out in public. But, its a pretty great shirt. Sums up my feelings on this and many other subjects quite well.

        • Try this a second time, my first one disappeared. Hopefully its not because Im posting a link. I’m not trying to sell anything here, Porter. Promise. Heres the link :

          I saw that imagine on WRSA a few months back, with the link to Gab. I followed it, logged into my Gab account for the first time since i made it, and asked the lady that posted it who owned the image, and if was available on a T-shirt, and if not, why hasn’t it been? She responded that she owned the image, and would make a shirt for me. The next day, she posted a link to her Teespring store, saying “Just for Gator” on it, with the shirt available for order. The very next day. Nice lady. Who says us hate blog types aren’t kind and considerate?

          So you know if you do want to order one, they are kinda ‘slim fit’, so if thats not your thing, go a size up. Im just shy of 6’2 and weigh 208, and a large fits me fine, but is snug enough to make my G19 in a T-rex Arms sidecar appendix holster print a little bit depending on how Im standing, so if thats a concern of yours, just be aware and size accordingly.

          • Wow…I was trying to respond to the comment higher up and hadn’t seen this yet! I was gonna say, “I hoped it was my design on Teespring,” because I’d believed it was unique when I made then posted it online. It is one of the few designs I still have in my shop there, as I have no way of hand-stenciling it (!!!), as I’ve been doing in my tiny online website-shop. Thank you for the kind words! If you’d like some other IDEA made into a shirt (and I can accomplish it, even a one-off) just ask and please check out my home-studio-stenciled t-shirts at “housewife3-0.”

    • And to anyone considering buying one of the many Turkish made firearms, (Canik, Sarsilmaz, etc), choose Glock instead. Better yet, Steyr. Made in Austria, and outstanding all around.

      • Sorry – too late on the Sarsilmaz. Bought the K-2 as an affordable F**k You to the gun grabbers (14 round mag). Load it with of 230 grain HP fat boys and you can send LOTS of pork fat down range to the manufacturers. Good gun overall, fun to shoot, but starts misfeeding after ~ 100 rounds. Cool it, clean it and back to the range.

      • One step ahead of you on the Glocks, I’ve got a bunch of them. Carry one with me every time I leave the house, too. And shoot one in various competitions. Every single one of them functions perfectly, and always have. I really only use 2 of them, though. The rest just kinda sit there, just in case. But if any of you guys still don’t own a handgun, or carry one, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a G19. If you are only going to own one gun, thats what you should get. And even if you have a lot of guns, you should still get one of those.

        Steyrs are nice guns, cool looking, and reliable as hell, but I don’t like the mag being back there. I don’t know if its just yet another curse of being left handed, but I can’t reload one fast. Plus, I’ve had a bunch of training on ARs, and spent too much time and money on them, to switch to a different platform at this point. Unless I finally pony up the money for an HK-91, that is….

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  6. The ideal face to face tactic with leftist trash is quite simply, indifference, as evidenced by your alcohol anecdote. Don’t care, wont pretend to care about their thoughts, ideas, opinions or philosophies. Attempt to force those beliefs on me when all I wish from them is distance and we can all see how that horseshit works out, together. Fuck ’em.

  7. I agree with the strategy of BFYTW … mostly ‘cos I’s just tired of arguing with ’em.

    “BFYTW” is a plain statement that, “I’m not gonna even try reasoning with you.”

    There are only 3 ways to gain a man’s co-operation, Force, Consent and Deception. The internet is making us all sensitive to Deception, and “BFYTW” effectively precludes the prospect of Consent. So, that leaves ’em with but the one option, which is Force.

    It’s the adult variant of that school-yard challenge, “So, wotcha gonna do about it?”

    It’s kinda refreshing to have the Truth revealed; that ALL of politics distills to this, “Wotcha gonna do about it?” The whole of the political system is no less than a low-level war, prosecuted by the ‘takers’ against the ‘makers’. Before much longer, the swords will have to be unsheathed. There’s no way around it, afaics.

  8. Awesome. I’ve used this tactic for years, I just didn’t realize it was BFYTW. I have a board of directors that hate me because I won’t kiss their dumb asses, but my immediate bosses and I get along great because of my job performance. They like the fact that I make them look good and make their job easier. I’ve been called before the board several times to answer their petty juvenile complaints. I just basically flip em the bird, in a respectful way so as not to legitimize their stupidity, then just go on doing what I have been doing for years. It drives them crazy because they can’t fire me because of my job perfo4mance, and my attitude towards them, like I said, respectful but I don’t give a damn what they think, is like a splinter in their backside.

  9. When the Left accuses, the Right grovels, explains, apologizes.

    When the Left offends, the right solicits an apology. You better say you’re sorry, Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee (who no one ever thought about until now)

    A little agreement would go a long way. Yes we are intolerant. Yes thousands of babies have been lost at the border. We’re very bad. Nothing wrong with Haiti. Stay put.

  10. austrian here, this affair began when pictures supposedly showing turkish kids re-enact the battle of Gallipoli in a mosque were leaked. it can be used as an ideological litmus test:

    real lefty: doesn’t care as long as it’s not austrians/germans doing it
    liberal: is appalled by such a barbaric celebration of violence
    cuckservative: is appalled by such a barbaric disregard of our values
    real right: doesn’t care as long as turks do it in turkey

  11. In related news from the old country, my paisan Salvini just gave a hearty vaffanculo to an NGO ship attempting to bring 600 cultural enrichers on Italian soil.

    • I saw that. A western leader acting for rather than against his own people. I guess if you see enough cats with a vacuum cleaner attached to their hindquarters, one with simply a tail begins to look odd.

      I also noticed the Spaniards have graciously accepted Soros’ cargo in the Italians’ stead. Whatever populist politicians exist in Spain might want to start considering their future cabinet.

      • *culture enrichers.
        I don’t know if the Spanish government really intends to house and feed these people while their own youth unemployment rate hovers around 34%, or if they’re hoping most refugees will eventually end up in France/Germany.

        • “or if they’re hoping most refugees will eventually end up in France/Germany.”

          I wouldn’t be surprised, but that’s an incredibly short-sighted action. Does Spain REALLY want an Islamic France/Germany as their neighbors? They already have nothing but Trashcanistans to their south, so you’d think it would be in their own self-interest to do what they could to prevent their neighbors to the north from becoming the same thing, regardless of most Spainaird’s feelings about the French. I may not particularly care for one of my neighbors, but I still wouldn’t want a bunch of homeless people squatting in his back yard a few feet away from my kids’ swing set. While that may be a bit of an oversimplification, the same principle applies.

          Unfortunately, though, western politicians acting in a short sighted manner is the norm, as few seem to care about anything further out than their next reelection campaign. They can’t even concern themselves with addressing their own imminent insolvency, so worrying about the ethnic makeup of their own country 20 years from now is far beyond their visible horizon, so concerns about a neighboring country are non existent.

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