Wall of Bubble Voodoo

It’s interesting how thoroughly bubbles inform perceptions. Or, at least in most instances. Everyone lives in a bubble; only the radius and topography vary. So it’s more than minutely amusing to see how frequently accusations of alleged bubble life percolate among Internet antagonists. I suppose the real question is how far beyond our own bubble we can see. Just far enough to remain employed is usually the correct answer.

I was contemplating bubbles today—my own in particular—while leaving a trail of melted rubber down some boiling desert highway. I was close enough to the Mexican border to almost make out the Kuiper belt of decapitated heads that orbit Ciudad Juarez. And of course there is that unique white privilege of hearing your native tongue dwindle to near disuse while still nominally within your own country. I hear the talking of the DJ. Can’t understand just what does he say? I understand just a little. No comprende, it’s a riddle.

But back to bubbles. Social bubbles. The kind of social bubbles that keep Mexican coyotes disgorging their inventory on your property rather than Mark Zuckerberg’s. And so he wonders why so much anti-migrant bigotry? His chief of security doesn’t report a problem at all.

Like you and Mark, I live within my own bubble. Mine features a roster of significant but not extreme intelligence. Most of the people I interact with are what I would speculate to be of the 2SD variety—or what IQ Run Unz would self-report if his brain was bisected. They are also at least somewhat diverse in that colloquial sense that causes so much crotch lubrication among liberals.

I deal pleasantly with a black man who is a model of courtesy and professionalism; a jew who would despise this blog for its overly leftward slant; and a mestizo who wants all fresh beaners deported yesterday. All of them completely competent, friendly, and productive. In that way my bubble is somewhat like the bridge of Star Trek’s Enterprise. A small clutch of disparate creatures that interact amiably on a superficial basis by virtue of sharing similar intelligence and philosophy. Thus, I extrapolate that a majority black and mestizo society doused with a film of jews in positions of leadership will prove completely safe, prosperous, and nurturing for my posterity. I can see it with my own eyes!

That’s the misapprehension frequently embraced in social groups comprised of people from different races but the same IQ. Because all institutions are increasingly driving social arrangements into silos of intellect rather than blood, more and more smart whites are becoming dumb enough to forget that their own bubbles aren’t representative. And that societies are reflections of averages, not outliers. A fact I was able to discern today in vivid detail.

But at least I wasn’t in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana.


20 thoughts on “Wall of Bubble Voodoo

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  2. “I deal pleasantly with a black man who is a model of courtesy and professionalism; a jew who would despise this blog for its overly leftward slant; and a mestizo who wants all fresh beaners deported yesterday” is a bubble I enjoying popping with that well worn old Nazi refrain, “So which one do you want to father your grandchildren?”

  3. “A small clutch of disparate creatures that interact amiably on a superficial basis by virtue of sharing similar intelligence and philosophy.”

    This is a prime reason that Christian pastors are, almost to a man (or woman), such raging cucks. Pretty much the only blacks they’ve ever interacted with are the ones they knew in seminary, or current black pastors. Similar intelligence and philosophy, therefore racism is stupid and sinful. Bubble? What bubble? Which helps to explain why the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the most conservative of Protestants, recently bended the knee to White Guilt/Black Outrage with overwhelming approval of the Racial Reconciliation Amendment. I fought against it in our church, but our young pastor, along with the huge majority of pastors, enthusiastically passed it at General Assembly.

  4. “driving social arrangements into silos of intellect rather than blood”
    Pure but insidious Gnosticism. Intellect is to us what the spiritual was to pre-moderns. Old Gnosticism: Matter doesn’t matter, only the spiritual matters. New Gnosticism: Race is a social construct.
    Our state religion is Gnosticism.

  5. “…societies are reflections of averages, not outliers.” And one does not make good policy based on outliers but on the center of the bell curve. However, inside the Cloud People bubble, the misperceptions reinforce themselves. “Look at all of these exceptional and brilliant non-whites mingling within my ivory minarets! Behold, my Blank Slate religion is true and righteous!”

  6. —or what IQ Run Unz would self-report if his brain was bisected.

    Big brain nibba Run Unz runz the alt-right.
    All our best writers belong to Run.
    Lots of dreck at that site too but Run’s frontpage has..

    Steve Sailer aka The Franchise
    Anatoly Karlin
    Pat Buchanan
    John Derbyshire
    Kevin MacDonald
    James Kirkpatrick
    Andrew Joyce
    Paul Kersey
    Gregory Hood

    ..as of right now. If Run runs Heartiste, Anglin, Porter, and maybe Vox Day, then that pretty much puts an end to independent goyische thought on the interwebs.

    So if Run comes at you flashing shekels, run.

    • Unz (presumably) and I used to tussle occasionally at a now-defunct website whose proprietor I won’t name for fear my association might render squalid his near-mainstream legitimacy. At any rate, “RKU” (Ronald Keeva Unz?) would frequently expound on the myriad benefits of replacement level mestizo migration, while dismissing critics with his “very, *very*” firm grasp of social statistics and various regression analyses.

      Anyway, one of his pro-mex California-demographics-are-great pronouncements attracted an even greater amount of denunciations than usual, resulting in an atypical shortage of his return scolding and mockery. This unusual quietude was noted by your host who remarked on it as follows…


      As the typically loquacious RKU has fallen strangely silent, please allow me to respond as his proxy: albeit one under the intoxicating effects of many glasses of fine California cabernet from grapes hand-picked by one of Juan Valdez’s seventeen offspring—in vino veritas.

      California demographics are extremely favorable because we have a large and pliant mestizo peasant class to perform the menial tasks for which my atrophied body is ill-suited. Having long since diverted the majority of nutrients ingested through the surgically-attached feeding apparatus to system support for my neural processing appliance—that’s “brain” for you dummies—I require physical surrogates. My specifications are that they be low-IQ, as more intelligent populations have an unfortunate tendency to question my designs and are also generally unimpressed with the Fast and Furious film franchise.

      Yet, they must also be capable of somewhat living within a turnkey civilization and be trainable for the tasks I deign to assign them. This obviously rules out blacks, and thus I am not an advocate for their importation.

      And while the media and Hollywood have done great work, certain whites prove themselves to be insufficiently docile for these purposes and are, frankly, fractious to the point of being worthless to me as drones. They are however useful in maintaining and, as importantly, paying for the civilization in which I prefer to reside.

      Yet they must not exist in numbers which would allow political self-determination. If given such free rein, they could try any number of deplorable ideas…cessation of immigration from the third-world, deportations, secure borders, hell maybe even a flirtation with the notion of having their own white countries! As I mentioned, deplorable.

      So what we must have is a well-crafted social terrain featuring 1) a large and inevitably resentful mestizo labor class who provide the backs and the votes, 2) a smaller, eternally violent and parasitic black underclass who nonetheless also votes appropriately, and 3) a flock of politically powerless and criminally set-upon white sheep to pay for it all. The only question is proper balance. And yes, I’ve thought of that as well.

      Some of you may recall my noting in another thread that I am happy to live in a 40% mestizo community. Not 20% and not 60%; 40%. I arrived at this preferred demographic using a complex set of proprietary algorithms which I could explain, but you would not understand. You see, I have a very *very* large brain; perhaps you have heard whispers of my renowned IQ—I assure you, the rumors are understated. So unless you want to spend some time reading dozens of medical reports confirming my cranial capacity and analyzing a huge database of PET scans and completed Sudoku puzzles, you’ll have to take my word for it—or not, as you so choose.

      Though you may be asking yourselves how I intend to maintain the optimal 40% mestizo, 40% white, and 20% other demographic in light of the country’s dissolved borders and high invader fecundity. Well, that’s easy. Every evening, after Conchita has refilled my feeding tanks, I will place two fingertips to my right temple and begin to concentrate very *very* hard. My brain will subsequently begin to throb in a manner that emits force-wave radiation in a 360 degree arc from my person. This radiation will humanely sterilize the entire cohort of squatty 19 year old Latinas who would normally be pregnant with their third child. It will further cripple the range-finding capacity of Mexican coyotes, causing them to turn and transport their human cargo back to Guadalajara unharmed.

      So you see, this hand-wringing is quite pointless. It’s all according to plan. One only needs sufficient IQ to comprehend.

      • How about a page here for your past and future shit-poasting on other sites? I guess that’s pretty much what Twitter is for, but I hate Twitter, and you can’t create a masterpiece like this with only 87 characters or whatever it is.

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