The Arc of the Wave

At some point the #MeToo movement will have to address its anti-semitism. That was my first thought upon learning of the career pogrom visited upon New York’s formerly flouncing attorney general last night. Though my second thought was a bit more significant: this is only the beginning.

Let me axe you a question. Have you ever heard of a prog enterprise that acted with judicious and temperate discretion? One that sought to moderate its ostensibly righteous advance to avoid the momentum of horrendous overreach? One that strove to punish individual cases of criminal behavior rather than punish classes of criminal thought? No, I haven’t either.

What I have heard, however, are the sounds of lib jackals eating one of their own. It’s not an entirely unsatisfying sound until one realizes plenty of hungry jackals will still remain when the meal is over. One of those is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who, following the accusations against his AG, said that his fate was sealed “given the damning pattern of facts and corroboration.”

There’s certainly a pattern…of two. Two identified women and two other anonymous sources who may be Marge Simpson and Amelia Earhart with equal likelihood as anyone else. But I couldn’t help alighting upon the governor’s use of the terms facts and corroboration. Cuomo does hold a law degree, so one imagines he chooses his language with some amount of precision. So I presume—speculating strictly as a layman—that in legal venues the word accusation is accepted as a synonym of facts and corroboration.

I know the comparison isn’t exact, but as an exercise ripped from the headlines, consider this hypothetical:

Anderson Cooper says he saw Trump talking to Putin on Monday.

Joe Scarborough says he saw Trump having sex with Putin on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert says he saw Trump entering a flying saucer with Putin on Wednesday.

And on Thursday Tennessee Coates just says “I’m black” like every other day.

So here are my questions: 1) What facts have these four witnesses established? 2) Which of their individual stories have been corroborated? Any to either? I’m willing to stipulate that Coates is black by his sheer repetition. But what else above is a fact? And if Cooper says Trump also had sex with him, that’s actually not corroboration of Trump having sex with Putin.

Another element I pondered was one of the accuser’s statements that a) Practically every time they had sex he beat her, b) the sex with him, which she continued to have for months to years, was entirely consensual, c) the beatings were entirely nonconsensual. Are these logically tenable positions? If X=Y, as it did per her own statement, then what range of activities was she knowingly consenting to upon climbing in bed over and over and over? Are her revealed preferences consistent with her stated preferences? Is her tongue saying one thing and her 🙀 something else?

I obviously don’t know the answer, as she may have been treated as horribly as she claims and just couldn’t remember the prior 852 times. Honestly, one minute listening to Eric Schneiderman would make a believer out of any skeptic. Though if that treatment was true, it plainly didn’t provide sufficient disincentive to seek more of it.

Finally, as mentioned initially, I very much doubt this movement will linger long on the most deserving subjects. Once the most egregious whales have been harpooned the ship will only steam faster. The predictable trajectory is to progress onwards to regretted affairs, drunken one-night stands, sex spanking, and conjugal “Who’s your daddy!?”s.

But before taking action such as terminations and prosecutions, we are obliged to establish the facts. He did it! Ok, now we have the facts.


13 thoughts on “The Arc of the Wave

  1. What seems to be forgotten is the fact that these women are whores. I say that with no malice. Really. A woman who has sex outside the bounds of marriage, repeatedly, and often to advance her career or her social status, is a whore. If there is a case where the accusing woman is a morally upright virgin, I’ll gladly take her side. I’ll be right here, waiting.

    Unleashed, primal female sexuality (unrestrained hypergamy) also unleashes primal male sexuality. Women don’t like the consequences? Two tears in a bucket…

    Porter, you’re so right. Yeah, it’s funny to see them eat their own, but the greasy, slippery slope ain’t hard to see at all. We’re next.

  2. That whole New Yorker article is pure, undistilled schadenfreude. Is Schneiderman a sleazeball? Yes. Is watching yet another sanctimonious “feminist ally” hypocrite get absolutely rekt by the p*ssyht wearing Furies fun? Definitely. But, by their own admission, several of the women kept going back to him after the alleged abuse started. As with the broader MeToo movement, we’re seeing a torrent of pent up remorse from these women bursting forth. And although the waters are sweeping up some deserving filth, I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of allegations against innocent men by women who are racked with feelings of guilt about giving it up so easily/not getting the commitment they hoped they would. We killed God, so the (healthy) pangs of guilt and shame that would’ve resulted in a trip to the confessional a few decades ago now manifest themselves as mattresses dragged across campus and hashtag campaigns. It’s a brave new world, and frankly I’d prefer the old one.

    • Well said. From suffragettes to remorseffragettes. I hope the number of non-liberal men imprisoned for doing something with a woman in the past that she didn’t like in the future will be zero. I fear, though, it will be significantly higher.

      Another item in the Schneiderman case I thought was particularly below the belt was his former brown slave’s sharing of his bedroom remarks—her own notably missing. Every socially functional human adult knows that sex talk is completely common and completely different than how people speak in polite society. That’s why no honest ex-lovers hold such things over each other. But because these were prog womyn on the new narrative rails, then the last millennia of understood accommodation for passion chatter simply goes out the window.

      • Yes. Did she respond with a “wtf are you doing?”, awkward silence, or enthusiasm? If Sahib Schneiderman’s remarks were so demeaning why didn’t she break it off the first time he tried some British Raj role play? Weimerica may never know.

      • Anyone who has been involved, even marginally, in the BDSM community instantly recognized this story as a case of regret rape, BDSM style. He was the Dom. She was the Sub. The relationship was consensual, the sex was consensual, and so was the “violence”, until she decided in retrospect that it wasn’t.

        Virtually every American city has a BDSM club. Visit it and you’ll see Sub women (and men) tied to tables, benches, St. Andrew’s crosses, or handcuffed to fixtures in the walls or ceilings. I’ve watched Doms flog and whip Subs until their back, ass and legs were a bloody mess. They come back the next week for more because they need it.

        The main source of fresh Sub meat in the BDSM scene is the recently divorced (or abandoned) psychologically wounded woman of a certain age. They come into the scene seeking validation of their worth after a failed marriage, and many of them crave the cleansing power of pain. They find that validation by entering into submission to a strong Dom who administers the pain they need. These relationships are entirely consensual.

        A lot of these women know, deep down, that they destroyed their marriages by emasculating their former husbands, and their submission in BDSM is a form of penance to absolve them of their sins. Most of them flirt with the lifestyle for a few months or a year then move on to the next phase of their recovery. Most have the good sense to leave it behind when they move on with their life as a normie.

        I did not follow this story and know nothing about the AG or these women, but the script is unmistakable. I suspect the MeToo movement is encouraging these women to “reframe” their time in the scene as abuse, rather than a voluntary exchange.

  3. As funny as it is to watch them eat their own (and it’s fuckin’ hilarious) it does make you wonder where this leads. But, if it leads where you suggest, and drunken one night stands become cause for charges to be brought, where does that leave us? How many heterosexual men haven’t had those? Is anyone actually guilty if we are ALL guilty? Seems like this shit train might pick up so much momentum it derails itself with its cargo of absurdity.

    • Here’s what I see as becoming increasingly common. The following is from some Dear Abby column…

      A friend recently called me and said she had a one-night stand after drinking too much. She was beating herself up over drinking too much and going home with a guy she met at a bar. I reassured her that everyone makes mistakes and didn’t think much more of the account. However, since then, she has told many people that she was a victim of date-rape—that the guy must have put something into her drink . She spoke to a rape crisis line, and they said even if she was drunk, she couldn’t have given consent so she was a victim of rape. She now wants to press charges—she has the guy’s business card. I have seen her very intoxicated on previous occasions, to the point she doesn’t remember anything the next day. I’m not sure on what my response should be at this point. Pretend she never told me the original story?

      The moment this dizzy lush goes to the police, the man has lost his career and reputation instantly and irrevocably. And that is the best case scenario. The worst is prosecution by an unscrupulous DA who is terrified of being accused of “protecting rapists.” And given that anything can happen in the hands of a jury, this drunken one night stand culminates in years behind bars and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Or suicide if the man calculates that his shattered life is no longer worth the cost.

      It is a hell I wish only on men like Schneiderman.

      • Maybe I’m just talking into the void, but again I think it boils down to abandoning God/traditional Christianity and the concept of shame. People today, especially women, are taught that it’s not their fault if their poor choices result in soul stunting regret – F YOU DAD, IT’S SOCIETY THAT MAKES ME FEEL BAD!!! We all screw up, but in a healthy culture people would strive to live up to the lesson of the story of our Lord and the woman caught in adultery – go and sin no more. Instead we have a society that enshrines vice as a virtue and is baffled at the (predictable) fallout. I don’t presume to lecture to men, but imho being volcel to avoid the accusations of some thot with buyer’s remorse beats forced involuntary celibacy because you’re doing a dime in prison.

        • Just so. Our entire social infrastructure exists to insulate women from the consequences of their own decisions.

        • I’m not religious, so I don’t look at things through that lens. I look at as society as a whole abandoning any notion of self responsibility. Drinking to much and sleeping with someone is no ones fault but your own, and that used to be understood by all parties. Everyone who went to college knew at least one girl that was a drunken train wreck on frequent occasions. I knew more than one that would get that way on purpose so they could trot out the ‘it’s not my fault I went home with that guy, I was drunk’ excuse, because somehow that made them feel less slutty. The response, as recently as 12 years ago when I was last in college, was ‘well if you don’t want to go home with random guys all the time, stop drinking so much’. As recently as way back in the early 2000s, personal responsibility still existed. Nowadays, it so much.

          The notion of a drunk female not being responsible for sleeping with someone because they were drunk and not able to make sound decisions brings up another question- if they aren’t responsible for that, are they responsible when they get a DUI on the way home from a bar, or does the absense of responsibility for your decisions while drinking not extend beyond the bedroom?

          • Here’s another example of what I expect to become more miserably common.

            A couple of months ago a female pilot accused her male colleague of raping her on a layover. They had been drinking together in a hotel bar, and she barely remembers the evening. Obviously she didn’t over do the wine and sleep with her coworker. We know that because she couldn’t remember what she did and didn’t like it after learning. So he must have drugged her.

            Fortunately that’s an easy item to resolve. She can just go get tested promptly for the presence of date-rape drugs in her system. Except that she didn’t come forward for nine months and now all traces would be gone. Which leaves us only with the evidence of her regret and speculation. These being entirely sufficient for ABC News to print the male pilot’s name nationally as a RAPIST.

            As I mentioned above, he is now luxuriating in that newly unemployed (I presume) national limelight as a best case scenario. If a DA picks up the chase his life goes steeply down from there.

  4. In the short term, the Schneiderman thing is very valuable, since his predilection for ruff stuff is a crowbar to pry into his connections to the NXVIUM mind control/trafficking cult. That investigation is part of the ongoing war with the Deep State, and pulling on those threads will lead to figures like the Bronfmans, Fox, Salinas, Gillibrand, et al. Soon the question may be “What did Cuomo know and when did he know it?”

    I agree about the dangerous impact on privacy and free speech in the medium and long term, but if we can get those Deep State dominos well and truly falling, the Overton Window will look a lot different in the future than it does today.

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