Lake Wobegon, Where All The Advances Are Wanted

As we know, Hate Speech is something a leftist doesn’t want to hear. As a corollary, Rape Speech is something a feminist doesn’t want to hear. I suppose the effort to brand Rape Speech in the mold of its venerable predecessor was predictable from the moment #MeToo began mining its rich vein of ancient accusations.

Probably the most prolific example of Rape Speech is the now hourly allegation by women of prior unwanted advances. The fact that this natural and timeless byproduct of human courtship is now routinely insinuated as sexual assault should receive far more mockery and condemnation than it has—which is effectively zero.

Admittedly, this is more of a problem for some than others. I am likely one of very few men blessed with sexual clairvoyance. All of my advances have thus been wanted because I am able to accurately foretell which ones the recipient female would be receptive to before engaging in them. This gift is a tremendous aid in reducing the occurrence of unwanted advances; though many men are too malicious and misogynistic to have it. Some even come on to women without knowing for certain whether their efforts will be well received. In these instances the man should be publicly accused, fired, and prosecuted. If not now, then at least 50 years later.

One of the most troubling aspects of criminal unwanted advances is how prone certain profiles are to commiting them. Within minutes an observer will notice that men who are ugly, poor, or not useful to a woman’s aspirations are wildly more disposed toward making unwanted advances than men who are handsome, rich, or a potential career catalyst. Why do undesirable men act so reprehensibly in comparison?

I’ll give you a perfect example. Today in the company cafeteria I watched with my own eyes a good-looking, wealthy executive approach a cute girl from accounting. He gazed slowly down from her eyes to her tray, drinking in every contour of her meal, before salaciously asking “Chiliburger eh?” She beamed and winked in response. See, that’s a sexually considerate man. One who makes wanted advances.

In comparison, I watched a janitor take a break from his hate-mopping to approach the very same woman not 10 minutes later. With no concern at all for her emotional safety, he leaned down closely to ask if she was enjoying her lunch. The stricken girl seemed to almost vomit it on him. This was not a wanted advance. What the DA will do with this information, I do not know. But more importantly, I don’t know why the janitor behaved so criminally compared to the executive.

Her positive-at-the-time reaction notwithstanding, the executive himself is hardly free from jeopardy. For sexual harassment and Rape Speech feature a somewhat unique temporal flexibility. That means his advance may have not been unwanted at the time, though with erosion of the years may become completely unwanted in the future. And that’s much more of a problem than he realizes today.

If this feels difficult to grasp, imagine a decade later the executive is fat, broke, bald, and frankly useless to the formerly cute accountant’s marriage prospects or career. Was his earlier advance still wanted? Of course not. I hope he knows a competent attorney.

The point I may be trying to make with over-abundant subtlety is that if we are going to toil under a regime of sexual reproduction, there will be sexual advances. A significant portion of these will inevitably be unwanted by virtue of women’s natural facility for selection. Furthermore, their perceptions of an advance’s desirability are frequently not static over time. And the man is wholly responsible for any downturn.

Though periodically an antique advance actually becomes more wanted with age. Before gaining the gift of sexual clairvoyance, I myself once made an unwanted advance toward a woman. She rebuffed me, and then a few years later she married me. What the DA will do with this information, I do not know.


11 thoughts on “Lake Wobegon, Where All The Advances Are Wanted

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  2. Our present state of accelerating collapse has a lot to do with the fact that our women are allowed to roam as feral, unsupervised animals. Unless and until we again assert control over our women, all the other things we discuss here are really arguments over furniture placement on the Titanic’s decks. Repealing the 19th Amendment would be a good starting place, and I stress starting place.

    Our current social order allows females to give moment to moment consent, which of course means our current social order is not durable. Women certainly should not vote. Women should not have much say in who they marry, and women should have no option whatever to end their marriages. Civilizational survival is far too important to be left to the whims of your typical lust-addled female.

    We can either end female emancipation, start studying the Quran, or begin researching mud hut construction. There is no fourth option.

  3. True story, I once a nice looking young woman experience a truly unwanted advance, in a big city near where I live. The man was poorly dressed, unshaven, unattractive, and clearly not a good match for her. He shuffled over to her and asked “do you have any spare change?” She recoiled with horror and hurried away. That guy really needs to work on his Game with the ladies. Or maybe he was just a hobo.

  4. Broke: Boy Scouts of America teaches young men how to make a stretcher out of saplings and a tarp in an environment that emphasizes traditional masculine virtues.
    Woke: Scouts of America teaches young men how to avoid stare raping their female troopmembers during the annual Stop Toxic Masculinity Camping Trip.

  5. A quite late welcome back (cue Welcome Back Kotter song). This is off topic, and addressed to Porter fans, not you, if you will allow a hijacking: what is the bonnest of Porter’s bon mots? My vote, from quite a while ago: “California, which has only two Jewish senators.”

  6. So apparently the statute of limitations evaporates in exact proportion to your bank account…at least when it comes to unwanted advances.

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