The Wrong Side of an Ice Pick

One of liberalism’s most unflattering mottos is being on the right side of history. The fact that this not a compliment of one’s morals but rather an indictment is hardly a nuance noticed by right-siders. Committing oneself to whatever side is winning is in no way a commitment to honor or integrity, but cowardice. It’s simply the weaseling of a sucker fish who finds more virtue riding a shark’s body than swimming in front of its jaws.

That’s not to suggest there’s no validity in craven strategies for social survival. After all, the world is bursting with the genes of cowards who weren’t killed on the battlefield. But to suffer suggestions that such winner cheering is an act of valor is really more than a sober man should have to bear. Though fortunately sober men don’t always bear it for long. That’s because a winner’s morality is wholly contingent on who’s winning. And, contra liberal doctrine, that’s not a fixed value. To put it another way, Trotsky once thought he was on the right side of history, but found himself instead on the wrong side of an ice pick.

I was thinking of figurative ice picks for the literal right-siders while reading a piece about some black 80s post-punk band called Joy Reed. I had never heard of the outfit, though apparently one of their members had previously penned some mildly mocking commentary about homosexuals on the band’s now defunct website. Reportedly, the problem was not that the comments were lies or threats, but something far worse: they were on the wrong side of history.

I say reportedly because I am as morally committed to not reading the contemplations of Joy Reed as liberal remora are to swimming on the south end of their social shark. Though what was written is as irrelevant as whether or not it was true. Today’s pieties were breached yesterday. And the fact that Joy Reed had no conceivable means to speak within unknowable future confines in no way diminishes the fact that those previously innocuous and acceptable opinions are now HATE SPEECH. As a black leftist, I’m sure she’s well acquainted with the term.

Of course all of the resulting criticism has to be startling to such a dim, entitled figure. Blacks accuse others of hate speech, they’re not accused of it themselves…unless they try to punch above their hate weight class, that is. Joy Reed is almost certainly coherent enough to avoid that career death trap. But prior Joy Reed knew nothing of the homosexual ascension that was to later occur, and so now the ghost of blog posts past is scratching on her door. Prudent men realize the key to all modern social navigation is to know who can’t be criticized before they do.

This is the hazard of which I occasionally warn my many liberal readers. When the past is always changing, even your own prior actions frequently fall into sordid disrepute. Because as frantic as you are to be a forward-looking sucker fish, one can not do more than speculate on what direction history will wind. And thus there is no way to know for sure whether you’re actually riding a shark or a tuna.

I’m sure Joy Reed’s female liberal blackness will strongly aid in her moral convalesce. She will recover. What people like her never understand is that Trotsky probably will not.


12 thoughts on “The Wrong Side of an Ice Pick

  1. Unrelated: this comment comes a few days late, but welcome back to a hungry audience. Your voice’s absence impoverished many out here on the lonely plains untarnished by clownworld.

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  3. I want to thank those who have written in with welcome backs in the last couple of posts. I can’t commit to a routine or even that any given post won’t be the last. But it’s gratifying to think that someone other than Heidi Beirich is interested in the content here.

  4. Somewhere out there, a gender queer studies major is working on xer doctoral thesis of a victim hierarchy decision tree. But what will ultimately confound this project is that standards are evolving more quickly than maggots emerge from cow pies. To an aged faggot like Glenn Greenwald, the crime of Joy Reid is the denial of past sins. He’d be satisfied with an apology and a public statement that she’d “evolved” to the point where she believes gaysex is really, really, really normal and healthy. To America’s lesbian Latina skinhead heartthrob Emma Gonzalez, nothing short of total deplatforming will slake her anger in the face of departure from orthodoxy. Is summary execution the next iteration of woke?

    I guess none of this matters in the long run, though. The right side of history will be determined through the slanted lens of the Han eye.

    VERY glad to have you back, Porter. I’d like to think you’re husbanding your strength for Trump 2020.

    • “The right side of history will be determined through the slanted lens of the Han eye.”

      It will, indeed. I can’t decide if I want to be alive to read what Chinese historians write about the formerly dominant West. On one had, people who had cultivated an ironic disposition (most of those who comment here) will appreciate the humor. But, the resulting world isn’t likely to be a place I care to live in. Were I a Han Chinese in this scenario, I would feel nothing but disdain and distrust for Westerners who allowed their vibrant society to be torn apart by inferior groups of people, and would certainly not welcome them as equals in whatever world order emerges.

      Welcome back Porter, damn good to check back in and see new posts. This place was a daily visit for me, and I still stopped by at least once a week since your last post around christmas. Glad it paid off.

  5. “After all, the world is bursting with the genes of cowards who weren’t killed on the battlefield”.
    this is so “Porter”. Welcome back.

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