Paddies and Poles

Irish and proud, baby, naturally
But you got the luck of a Kennedy
So grab the wheel, keep on holding it tight
‘Til you’re tottering off into that good night

At some point we’re all going to have to accept some excruciating conclusions. Most excruciating for me was the realization that I am not going to get out of life alive. So I engaged certain biological safeguards to bear my critical genetic payload into the future. These actions were taken with the necessary, though sometimes reluctant, participation of my wife, and have produced multiple offspring for sake of operational redundancy. Overall, the propagation of my DNA is a matter of such gravity that I insist on remaining in constant practice even though active reproduction has been discontinued. It’s simply that important.

Nations are a lot like this. We as individuals won’t get out of life alive; but if they’re insufficiently deluded our posterity just might. So we build countries for our nations as parents build homes for their family. But owing to perfectly ample delusion, some of our nations aren’t going to get out alive either. And most seem sanguine in the knowledge.

The thought that ancient peoples would simply cease to exist in any recognizable form outside the scourge of plague or war is one our forebears would almost certainly puzzle over. But then again no one ever called them names, so who can really guess how they would respond?

The people so frivolous as to prioritize national existence over bouncy-ball tend to think of Swedes as Earth’s most intrepid self-annihilators. Though the islands to their west should more often be recognized for their similar fortitude. One of those islands is Ireland. And when people there start fighting, it’s never on behalf of the Irish.

Unlike most other Western grovel pits, the Irish have taken conscious measures to see themselves off the planet. I think that country remains today the only one to actually choose something called “gay marriage” via referendum, rather than requiring it be inserted down their esophagus by bureaucratic mandarins. And that’s not the only popular choices they’ve rendered. The country’s prime minister is a homosexual son of an Indian migrant; as obviously Ireland can’t entrust its future to its own women-chasing sons.

A similar item of which I hadn’t been aware was the travails of Irishman Ibrahim Halawa, summarized recently by the blogger Irish Savant as follows:

The great day had arrived. The most famous Irish prisoner since Oscar Wilde was returning to his ancestral homeland in a blaze of publicity and unprecedented outpourings of joy. Dublin Airport throbbed with anticipation, flashbulbs popped, TV cameras whirred amid an explosion of cheers and tears as the child – that’s how he was referred to – eventually emerged, flanked by an array of virtue-signalling dignitaries. Yes, Ibrahim (‘Paddy’) Halawa was back from his four-year long hunger strike undertaken while confined in a microscopically small cell of six square inches in Egypt. Success at last for the massive campaign waged at huge cost to the Irish taxpayer to get the child back. This included frequent visits to Egypt by senior Government figures and just about every parasitic quango in the country.

A photo of the previously incarcerated Irish child being welcomed home by jubilant countrymen may be found below.

The Savant goes on to juxtapose this occasion of national ebullience with the plight of Éanna Ó Cochláin who is presently decomposing in a Philippine prison without the faintest concern of the Irish government. The stories of these two children(?) appear utterly outrageous when compared. Though to be honest, how Irish can a white man named O’ Cochlain really be? Surely not Irish enough for his sisters to be named Ireland’s women of the year, as seen below.

So as we speak of startling juxtaposition, it is impossible to not set the mewling, cringing, creatures of prog apotheosis in Ireland against the bracing and virile display that just occurred in Poland. Or as the prodigiously duplicitous Associated Press described it: Tens of thousands of fascists and white supremacists.

As I have written many times with only the insight of my eyes, Europe, as she exists in men is marching briskly east while Africa and Arabia continually move their human borders north and west. Lines on a map tell you very little. It’s lines of men that draw nations. And 60,000 Poles tacitly supported by a government actually aligned with its people are drawing a stark distinction between the Europe of Ibrahim Halawa and the one of her women-chasing sons. That doesn’t imply fascism or supremacy any more than does the fact that my children get to live under my roof and squatting foreign migrants don’t. For now.

As I have also written, this radical divergence between the states of Western dissolution and patrimony has great potential to seek its resolution in blood. Already a row has erupted after the female German defense minister openly called for internal resistance against the Polish government’s indulgence of their own people’s opinions. Obviously such things are not well tolerated in Merkel’s Germany.

And they will be decreasingly tolerated outside it. The death bloc simply can not have a pro-European union on its border. The conflicts and contradictions become too obvious to paper over with customary threats and platitudes. Why does Budapest not have burgeoning, parasitic black ghettos? Why is Prague not scraping its streets of dead Czechs? Why can people in Warsaw advocate for their children without being arrested or water cannoned for “hate?” The obvious answers can not be said, and so increasingly idiotic and insulting rhetoric has to suffice. More and more people will travel to or merely contemplate the East and think: This is quite peaceful. Don’t Africans already have their own countries? Don’t Arabs, Turks, Indians, and Pakistanis? Why can’t we have our own country too? This represents an existential problem for the anti-west.

That’s why Visegrad/Three Seas are going to experience ever increasing hostility unless and until they succumb. This will take several forms. One of which includes media and election meddling from the country who screams about meddling loudest. Of course Soros will also be aided by state support of antifa drones in opposing capitals. Huge conflicts and casualties will result. Economic sanctions are also likely at some point to incentivize “human rights.” And when all those don’t work, tanks usually do—as Czechs and Hungarians can both bitterly attest.

For all of our precious paeans to liberty, it turns out freedom wasn’t about freedom at all. It was instead about who gets to possess and control your country. The Paddies and Poles have both largely decided. And leaving them each to it is about all the freedom a man could ask.


23 thoughts on “Paddies and Poles

  1. “Why can’t we have our own country too?”

    It’s all about the meaning of that tiny little word “we”.

    In most languages a distinction is made between the second- and third-person plural. This distinction has always corresponded, until just now, to an actually existing distinction among the furnishings of the “real world”, as every sane person understood.

    The distinction itself still exists, of course — with, as always, mortal import — but those sane enough to perceive it are fewer now, and besieged.

    • That’s true. And obviously, if “we” means everyone, then there is no meaning to we as it would be indistinguishable from “they.” Amazingly, the left has managed to create parallel ‘we’ plurals, and achieve social acceptance of both. When talking about immigration or redistributions of Western wealth, the whole world is one harmonious we. We have to do things for us all.

      Though in context of internal politics and culture, the narrative transitions seamlessly to “they.” There are the evil whites who are moral debtors, and the noble non-whites who are the creditors: us and them. Suddenly that tiny little “we” word is carved in 50 foot granite.

      That is until it’s time for “us” to take exquisite pains on behalf of “our” fellow DACA Americans. This being a cohort who simultaneously expresses contempt for the whites whom they overtly consider to be “them.”

      There’s a lot of ruin in plural pronouns.

      • To further the thought: If they are my “we” then I must be their “we” also. But that would mean abandoning the entire white demonization project, and so is a complete non-starter on the left. Thus I am to accept that they are my “we,” while simultaneously I am their “them.”

        That’s quite an inconvenient position for “us.”

  2. Ireland lies outside the Hajnal Line but is as cucked as full-Hajnalian Sweden. Ireland clusters together genetically with Britain, so essentially they’re the same people. Their residual Catholicism, unlike in Poland, offers them no support against moral decay or Islamic invasion. Their Prime Minister is the only ‘man of swarth’ in Ireland not out chasing ‘n raping da white wimmin.

    They’re a special case, more like just another province of the greater Anglosphere than an actual European nation. Dublin is much more akin to Boston or Sydney than it is to any Latin or Slavic city. If at one time the Irish were a distinctive Celtic people with a unique culture, they’ve long since been absorbed into the Anglo-Germanic borg, with all the pathological altruism that entails.

    Poland is the natural leader of the resurgent, women-chasing East. No homo paki PMs for them.

    In a way, Poland can be said to have “won” the 20th century. In 1900, they were a mere province of Imperial Russia. After WW1 Poland was independent but had big minorities of Germans, Ukes, Belos, and especially (((them))). After WW2 Jews disappeared and Germans deported (thanks, Hitler!), but Red Army moved in to stay (you suck, Stalin!).

    But by 2000 Poland was a 98% Polish nation throwing off the shackles of communism, and without the baggage of decades of Western globohomo propaganda weighing them down. And today Poland is the undisputed leader of the post-communist bloc in the EU (which has become stronger with impending Brexit), and has become the ideological lodestar for white people worldwide.

    Great essay, Porter.

  3. Mr. Pollack incises to the core.

    Until “we” define who is inside and who is outside “WE,” we’re going to have a serious problem grow worse. I still think the Credit Mania, fiat monetary systems, the debt ocean, Roundup in our food, our political systems auctioned to the highest bidders, the absurdity of women (often fat-assed) wearing yoga pants, and xenophilia all stem from one cause. I sincerely hope they all reverse soon, as the pinpoint of light above our heads is apt to wink out of sight should this hole in which we dwell get much deeper. My grandkids deserve better.

    • What ‘one cause’ do you attribute all of that too? Just curious. My grandkids deserve better too, although my oldest kid is 4

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  5. Good for Poland. Good or Hungary. One thing I’ve tried to explain to people, but never seems to be understood with the white supremacist charge – Im also a mexican, japanese, and chinese supremacist. I believe that they should all get their own countries. Mexico should be for Mexicans, etc. Forced integration only breeds conflict.

    • I believe that they should all get their own countries. Mexico should be for Mexicans, etc.

      I think the left would agree with you that they should all have their own countries. But whites should not. That’s the accepted exception.

  6. The import of that second to the last paragraph can not be overstated. The “We” of Visegrad need to be vigilant for decades while this Ponzi scene of insanity collapses. The Sorosian left can keep chipping away at cultural foundations with elections and referenda, which they only need to win once to enshrine perversion that then becomes “who we are” more than the Magna Carta. Only once do they need a barren spinster to get elected and let in a million Turks. Only once do they need a province the size of Connecticut (or Kosovo) to declare independence and screech “oppression” for NATO drones to rain fire on them. Godspeed, Visegrad.

  7. Why do I keep hearing references to this mythical “Hajnal Line”? A cursory glance reveals that Poland’s fertility rate is 1.32 children per female – lower than Germany and Japan.

    Suicidal fertility rate + net outward migration = full-scale enrichment within 30 years, guaranteed. From Angela Merkel’s perspective, no tanks are required. Only patience.

  8. We Irish are very good at communal pretending. An example in the familial sphere is how good we are at pretending that Uncle Danny doesn’t have a drinking problem. An example in the public sphere is when our politicians and broadcasters insert ceremonial Gaelic phrases into their speeches so that we can all pretend not to be an English speaking nation. So the communal pretending of “not seeing race” comes very easily to us, especially when playing along gives you moral preening and social approval. Our media is in the habit of referring to Ibrahim Halawa as “Irishman Ibrahim Halawa”, which it doesn’t do for every Irishman it reports on – we recognize the game, and most of us play along or at least don’t want to be the one to spoil it.

    We were geopolitically lucky in the 20th century, especially compared to the Poles. We got free protection from the Nazis and the Communists, while believing that our policy of military neutrality made us morally superior to the British and Americans under whose umbrella we were sheltering. So we have a very weak awareness of the world being a dangerous place where you can’t always be nice to people who have bad intentions towards you. None of my relatives fought in the Second World War, and none of my friends’ relatives – it might as well have happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away for all the reality it had for us. I do have a relative who died in the First World War, but it wasn’t talked about in my family because it was the wrong war for an Irishman to have fought in. So as far as our experience tells us, the world is a safe place where grandiose moral gestures can be indulged without any cost, and we have no living relatives who can tell us otherwise.

    Another factor, which we have in common with the Jews, is the belief that white guilt doesn’t apply to us. Other white countries have terrorist attacks coming to them because of their legacy of colonialism, but surely the Islamists will recognize us as fellow *victims* of colonialism.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      but surely the Islamists will recognize us as fellow *victims* of colonialism.

      It’s, of course, comically naive but reminds me of the “we’re all immigrants” trope. As if having ancestors (often mutually hostile) that each moved from one point on the map to another is a legitimate source of solidarity. They may as well say “America was built by people with genitals. It is a nation of genitalia. Well we have genitals too, so how can you deny us?!”

  9. Ireland’s attitude toward foreigners, it should be remembered, is not universal among its people — there may be a dominant ideology in the Cathedral but it lacks total Membership. This is because the one big Achilles’ heel of the Cathedral is that it must pretend to be VOLUNTARY. If “everyone agrees” with the Cathedral then OBVIOUSLY there must be no need for a gun at the head.


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