Big Wheels Keep on Turning

So here’s a question: if someone discovers the dusty diary of teenaged Dolores Peachman, who within it alleges sexual advances made in 1894 by Senator Patrick Leahy when he was 35, is he then prohibited from seeking a 17th term? Well certainly not if he’s a democrat naturally, but what’s the standard for non-progs? Are ancient, unsupportable allegations made with meticulous coincidence before a key senatorial election morally disqualifying? Would Bernie Sanders’ career be over the moment an antique accusation emerged from the assisted living center? If so, Republicans better start canvassing as if they’re Democrats. All it takes is a pointed finger…and a colluding media.

Now I obviously have no knowledge whatsoever of what’s true in the ongoing Roy Moore/teenaged girls scandal in Alabama. If he actually laid hands on a 14 year old as a grown man then he’s a degenerate and I presume a criminal without knowing Alabama’s age of consent at the time. Though a well-known feature of sexual degeneracy is its very high rate of recidivism. People rarely stop doing what arouses them voluntarily. And by narrative of the accusations, Moore apparently ceased pursuing teenaged-girls generations ago. That should seem odd to someone.

Though following his alleged ephebophilic rampage, today’s accusers remained obstinately mute. In the interim, Moore served years as a county prosecutor, private attorney, circuit court judge, and chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. At no time throughout this long public service did his prior improprieties trouble their conscience sufficiently to warrant mentioning. But what if he were preying on other young girls? Wouldn’t there exist a moral duty to warn the public? Well, not before the left needs to win a Senate election 40 years later, there isn’t. And besides, a young woman doesn’t just come right out and accuse a man until she’s had time to gather her thoughts and her grandchildren.

But languid reporting aside, another dutifully ignored element of this story is America’s changing customs of courtship. As you may know, we habitually project today’s mores backwards, and hold our predecessors strictly accountable to them. It’s a remarkably dishonest cultural tic that someone should eventually write a piece about.

Pertinent to this topic was a conversation I had with an old friend I’ll call Mike following the Roy Moore revelations. As boys, Mike and I occasionally played at his grandparents’ sprawling farmhouse, with he being one of some multitude of grandchildren that marriage ultimately produced. While talking the other day Mike described how his grandfather first approached his future father-in-law seeking permission to court the woman who would eventually become his wife. His grandfather was 32 at the time. His grandmother was 17. Her father said yes. A 50+ year marriage was the result. So was Mike’s grandfather a predator? Was his great grandfather a pimp?

If the answers are yes, then the old age homes are bursting with malice. That’s because the median age of women at first marriage was 20 as late as 1970. I understand math is a less precise discipline to liberals than raysis, though that figure suggests half of all marriages in America involved a teenaged bride within most adults’ lifetimes. Does anyone think some number of these completely common unions didn’t involve men in their early 30s? Were all those people child molesters like Roy Moore and Jerry Seinfeld?

Like every WaPo reporter, I know nothing of Roy Moore’s sexual pursuits. Though the left’s replacement pursuits are quite a bit clearer. Thus I tend to side with populist conservatives, even when they are being attacked by the media organs who hate me. If the age 14 accusation were confirmed that would change. But it’s likely that stealing an election is the only salve his accusers seek.


28 thoughts on “Big Wheels Keep on Turning

  1. I too find it quite suspicious that, after all these years, they come forward now, during this senate race. Its also funny we are back to “women should be automatically believed when they claim abuse” with the left. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to Bill Clinton though. Another take on this, with some interesting holes in the story:

    Like you, I have no idea if this is true or not, but I don’t automatically believe anyone. Especially when two groups of people I can’t stand, the left and establishment republicans, all say essentially the same thing.

  2. If the nation can be said to benefit from decades of statesmanship by a philandering and drunken motorist, who left his paramour to drown alone and abandoned while he ran to his retainers to arrange affairs to secure a lifetime in the Senate, we can surely elect a man who liked teenage girls. Let’s play the game by Kennedy rules. They always do.

  3. All well and good, one expects as much from the media. But what about the republican party doyens lunging at Mr. Moore’s neck like a pack of jackals?

    Ah, right, we expect that as well.

    Someday will be the day that this all ends. That day will be a great day, almost regardless how terrible it is.

  4. 14 yo girl and 30 yo man was totally normal for 99% of the West’s history. A woman has no more sexual agency at 30 than she does at 14. The only degenerate thing is attraction to girls who haven’t become biologically viable as mates.

    The entire notion of sex being based on consent is a cucking perpetrated by the left. Humans mate like animals mate- male advances, female rebuffs, male persists, female submits. The only alternative to this is patriarchy- parents making mating decisions for their kids. This latter restriction resulted in civilization because it freed up male energy from mate competition. The current left’s restrictions on mating behavior do not free up male energy from mating pursuits, and it will kill civilization.

    • “The current left’s restrictions on mating behavior do not free up male energy from mating pursuits, and it will kill civilization.”

      Could you please elaborate on this? What are the left’s restrictions? In what ways do they not free up male energy from mating pursuits? (In what ways do they require male energy for mating pursuits?) What evidence are you seeing that it is killing civilization?

      • In short, men aren’t naturally motivated to monogamy unless their options are constrained. The reason why men compete with each other for jobs, status, and money is, at the bottom of things, pussy. The deep, primal reason for all of the accomplishments of civilization is men maximizing their status so that they can fuck hotter, younger, tighter. That’s why men go to war, that’s why they settle frontiers, that’s why they create art, that’s why they produce things of value. It’s also why tribal societies are violent and unstable. Only the alpha mates, so every man is looking to kill the alpha and take his harem.

        Societies that invented monogamy could outcompete merely tribal societies because men of lesser status were encouraged to contribute to the group so that they could be rewarded with the opportunity to mate, with reasonable paternity guarantees. The way that the king rewarded his jarls with land, the patriarchy rewarded its loyal enforcers with pussy. Pussy patronage. It took the violence out of status competition because the fail case was still a loyal wife and kids who look like you. The win case was an exceptionally young and hot wife along with potential mistresses and a LOT of kids that you can provide for. The aristocracy in medieval times actually outbred the lower classes. Trickle down eugenics.

        Now that women have defected from monogamy by spending their 20’s slutting it up with bikers, athletes, urban playboys, etc, men are spending more time either attempting to be one of these dominant badboys, or are unmotivated to acquire old-school social status. We’re back to the veldt.

        In my granddad’s day, having a solid, stable job and a house guaranteed you an 18yo virgin wife. Today, all of the same guarantees you a jaded 31yo cum toilet with a notch count in the dozens. Hence why men today are still living with their parents in their late 20’s and working dead end jobs for videogame and weed money.

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  6. My grandmother was 14 when she became pregnant and 15 when she married and gave birth to her first son.

    Regarding Leahy, surely you meant 1984?

  7. Praetorian: Yes, the republicans have been customarily despicable. When the enemy attacks, they shoot their own.

    Guest: I was just joking about Leahy. In reality, I think he’s only been in the senate since 1921.

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  9. 1) That they got this story into the discussion river is enough.

    2) This is but another brick in the vast wall forming to tell us that the relevance of national politics is due to collapse. Everywhere we look we see reasons to turn our backs on all of it. All we await is a switch to conditions where what is local & current matter far more than the distant & promised.

  10. I am not surprised at this. These kind of last minute allegations are par for the course – especially with leftists. The only question I have is: are the voters in Alabama stupid enough to roll over and accept this crap (though I did see a story somewhere that a survey showed widespread doubt about this smear among Alabamians (?) asked about it).

  11. A Leftist acquaintance of mine recently opined that men accused of rape should be put in jail until the investigation is over, “so that the accused feels protected.” No, the concept of due process, a trial, “innocent until proven guilty” or any other silly idea didn’t slow cis-her down a bit. We’re on the clock, fellow sane people. We need arguments that will put a stop to this malarkey.

    • That puts your leftist acquaintance on an equal plane with GOP rep Peter King:
      “Ordinarily the person is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But in this case it’s so serious…and it’s so hideous…unless he can prove his innocence…he should step down.”
      Immigration laws mean nothing.
      Name calling is a crime.
      Trump supporters deserve no rights.
      Conservatives must prove their innocence on demand.

      All of the above presented to us as reasonable.

      • I hadn’t seen that King quote. It’s astounding.

        “Prove his innocence.”

        I would love to hear what means Moore (or anyone subject to such ancient accusations) has at his disposal to accomplish this. Of course there are none, and so King is stipulating that accusation equals exile, which is the same as saying the lying left has veto power over the right, which is precisely the status quo cowards like King are trying to perpetuate.

        David above is right in that simply injecting this calumny into the national dialogue was the primary objective. If it results in a Democrat senator from Alabama, then its success was absolute. But if it only results in a castrated and ostracized senator Moore, well they’ll happily accept that as consolation.

      • Porter nails it. We’re not at the point where the accused looks at his inquisitor and says, “Fuck you,” and if said inquisitor keeps throwing BS he (or she, I’m not willing to discriminate any more) gets beaten to and perhaps beyond the limit of that person’s life.

        We’ll get there. Urban underclass blacks already spray bullets at those who they feel “disrespected” them, and we all know that urban underclass blacks set the style for everyone nowadays. All we have to await is the trickle, trickle, trickle.

        I tire of “playing nice,” allowing the scum to set the rules by which I (but not they) must comport myself.

        On a related note, I’ve decided that “white privilege” is a term that implies a person’s parents gave that white person what amounts to stolen goods. Excuse me? You’re calling my parents thieves and scumbags? I think that rises to the level of “fighting words,” and is fast approaching an incitement to violence.

        Vi o lence.

  12. If only Moore had been a woman, and the teacher of his victim, and French, and 25 years older instead of 18 years older, he would surely be celebrated.

  13. Regarding the election-sabotage, not the girls’ age issue…

    Curious too is the *unexpected* yet perfectly coordinated (as to challenge any synchronized swimming team) outrage by “the usual GOPe suspects,” incl. but not limited to McCain, Romney, Murkowski & Co. . That’s what makes me see this as another “Mississippi Cochran” act of the GOPe.

  14. I pray that anyone who has been sexually assaulted by John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Pete King, or the rest will come forward and tell their story. Just remember:

    If they won’t prove “no”, they surely must go!

    After all, that is the standard they are endorsing for Judge Moore. And Mitt Romney approves…

    • I and other taxpayers in Arizona have been ass-raped by Rino McCuck for years. I just hope this revelation helps those victims ass-raped by the Queen of Carolina come forward.

      Let’s remember that the Grim Reaper wins the final election, and McCain’s next is close.

  15. And of course every democrat now has complete amnesia about their response to serious female accusations against Bill Clinton. Odd there was no requirement at all for him to prove his innocence.

    • As you know, for a Leftist only the sins of the right have no statute of limitations. Their notion of fairness means that any true accusations and any fictitious ones have the same zero-limit standing.

      This was a war a long time ago. It’s only just beginning to FEEL like a war because we’re less distracted by reality as the Left goes full schizophrenic. Peter King’s demand to “prove innocence” just highlights how far off sanity reservation we’ve sailed.

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