Do Look Down

There’s an interesting optical illusion in that the higher Peter Dinklage climbs up a giraffe’s neck, the taller he appears to be. Though rather than an imposing stature, his ascension actually represents increasing precariousness. The more towering he looks, the more unstable he is. That may sound gratifying if you hate being spit on by a dwarf. But it is much less so when jockey and beast both come careening down on your head.

That’s essentially how I conceptualize the relationship between white progs and the imported resource-aggregating omnivores these midgets ride to political power. Between convincing your peers and swamping them, there can be no question the latter produces more robust results. And thus it is the one pursued without moral qualm by the white Western left. As in all things, such abject dishonesty is kept hidden from relevant context. I mean if your family votes on where to eat, see how the rest of them feel about bringing in Jose, Alejandro, and Manuel on your side each election. Hey, it’s tacos again! What’s wrong sis, you don’t like Our Democracy? No, she probably doesn’t.

Though being elevated to undeserved power by imported voting blocs isn’t entirely without risk. As alluded to above, a person or a movement’s height isn’t accurately measured by how tall they sit in a saddle. Though the thrill of grinding your own people’s face into the asphalt seems a sufficient narcotic to forget such technicalities. As such, white progs know only elation when they win by the sheer numerical force of foreigners. And that’s called climbing the giraffe’s neck.

Because the diversities they’re presently riding to electoral victory will eventually (and with increasing promptness) begin to ask why on Earth they need a honky on their back—even one that has conspicuous homosex. One of the classic examples of this dynamic is from Minnesota, where the ancient, liberal, and trailblazing Jewish lawmaker, Phyllis Kahn, carefully cultivated Somali votes for years. That is until Somalis realized they actually had very little use for trailblazing Jewish lawmakers, and so dumped her for a trailblazing Somali. What if it’s actually the giraffe that’s using the midget?

That’s a question more midgets should ask. But now’s certainly not the time they will. Because after Tuesday’s Democrat victories, the smell of BLTs are in the air. For instance, in Virginia a silky-tressed man named Danica Roem became the first American transvestite legislator to wear his brassiere to work. While in Palm Springs, California, the entire city council now eschews the opposite sex. Which, in the case of Christy Holstege (pictured below beside Hansel and Gretel’s nemesis), is quite a lamentable loss indeed. Though regardless, this represents a real victory for liberal values—perched atop mestizo voters.

But I wonder, as surely one day will they: can’t Mexicans provide their own lesbians? Can’t everyone?

How interested do you think “the future” is in white liberals?


30 thoughts on “Do Look Down

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  2. Shitlibs only need the giraffe until they ascend high enough to climb up the neck to leap over to the back of the pterodactyl and then… crap, analogy is breaking down.

    Their plan is to ride the minority vote to the point they can dispense with the facade of freedom & democracy, then use force to keep everyone in line. This is why gun control is such a huge issue for them. Dems need whites mostly disarmed by the time non-whites start getting uncontrollably uppity so that no one with real power (i.e., ability to do violence) can object to the militarized police & policified military crushing non-white riots & white tax revolts equally harshly.

    • As much as I love my guns, Dems don’t need to take them to establish a totalitarian state. This video making the rounds at Twitter is a great example of how many degrees of separation there is between a first world military and a weekend redneck militia.

      Our guns may come in handy for a SHTF – post EMP strike as envisioned here a few months ago. You might keep your neighbors off of your rice and beef jerky a few extra months.

      The end game is controlling the military, which is why every indication post Major Hassan is really frightening.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about the military’s usefulness in a domestic conflict.

        What you have to keep in mind is that we live in a media-university-administrative theocracy, not a military aristocracy. The military does not have power now, and it is unlikely that they will be able to take it in a domestic conflict.

        Our military may be the finest in the world, but my understanding is that our soldiers are some of the worst. They are motivated by vague values and the fact that their jobs are not that hard. Killing foreigners with advanced weaponry is easy, killing your own countrymen when your supply lines are constantly in danger from the rear is a lot harder. What strength we have is industrial, and I don’t see americans going to work in the middle of a continental war.

        And this is leaving aside the matter of deployment. America has media coups (see Nixon) instead of military ones because the media can deploy much faster than the military. Every soldier involved would recognize the nature of a domestic deployment, and they would have a long time to defect and grab all the gear that they can. This will happen, because the military deliberately rotates its commands to prevent any personal loyalties from forming.

        The police, on the other hand, are already deployed, more than willing to oppress (some of) their countrymen, and already have a relative monopoly on violence. Add to that the gear they’ll get as a result of any disastrous attempt to deploy the military against americans, and you’ve got the basics of a military aristocracy.

        tl:dr: If violence happens, don’t worry about the military. Worry about the police.

  3. The plan worked the first time. My family were German immigrants in the 1830’s. Father and son went to Shiloh and fought for the north–only the son returned. The Know Nothing party tried to put a halt to immigration, but they had no success. The German immigrants did not understand the concept of limited government, or the rights of Englishmen. The Germans overwhelmingly supported the north. As new immigrants settled the west, and western territories became states, the electoral college assured continuous northern domination of ALL political questions–not just the slavery issue.

    Since the Quaker/Puritans won round one at Gettysburg, we cannot be surprised if the today’s Puritan/Jews elite try the same strategy for round 2. I think it will probably work for them. A pretense of democracy will remain as in central America. Elites will pull all of the levers behind the curtain while token blacks, lesbians, or trannies hold various political offices and make work jobs.

    • There were a lot of Germans who came earlier, mixing with the Scots Irish, settling the frontier, who fought for the Confederacy, both sides of my family among them. Too many immigrants at one time and you get a backup of unassimilable people. Even sub-Saharan africans could assimilate if the numbers are few enough and given enough time. That’s the issue.

      There are some who will never assimilate. Guess who?

      • wrong. Sub 100 IQ 3rd Worldsrs can NEVER assimilate. There is no magic dirt here that transforms an illiterate goat herder into a productive member of the middle class. Trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse fails every time.

      • Sticky Burr, wrong.

        1.) There’s nothing wrong about establishing a general principle.

        2.) When speaking of “a few”, I had in mind maybe a dozen, carefully vetted on the extreme right side of the I.Q. Gaussian distribution.

  4. When this overlong delusion ends, I figure there will be more than enough engineers (chemical, electrical, biological, mechanical, etc.) left to turn their attention to systematically conquering and, if necessary, exterminating those who openly are enemies.

    If North America was 70% non-white it won’t change this calculus.

    • Unless most of the Engineers are Asian. I’d guess whites will spend more time and effort fighting each other than fighting other races in such a SHTF scenario. Whites are historically the most martially successful race, but most of that success has been demonstrated against other white tribes. I’d like to be wrong.

    • The Germans were supposedly efficient at this (Jewnocide) but there are serious questions if they were really able to perform what they are accused of.

      Are you also dc sunsets… man of many names?

      • Nope. I’m just me. Dc Sunsets is more articulate. I did have a blog about Christianity a few years back. I reasoned that fixing Christianity would fix most of what is wrong with western civ. I soon realized that this is like trying to change the course of an aircraft carrier with a trolling motor–and less fun.

      • David on the phone, dc.sunsets on the pc. I’m too lazy to reconcile, but my monomania tends to come through whenever I speak my mind. (Grin)

  5. Your average White liberal who is not (((Phillis Kahn))) would be delighted to be replaced. They would be able to purge more of their own guilt and demonstrate the lengths they are prepared to go to all in the name of envy avoidance. No price is too high to ease their troubled conscience of their nagging feelings of superiority.

  6. This essay is a metaphorical marvel. If there’s any hope for the future, it’s that people might be made aware that they are plotting for their own demise.
    Thank you, Porter for this stunning piece.

    Omar’s win “in a fiercely competitive primary” was predictable. I was a little surprised to see who her Republican challenger was in the not-so-competitive general election:

    Conservative stalwart Abdimalik Askar who ran unsuccessfully for Somali President in 2012, but was also almost a pretty good fit for Minnesota. He had to drop out of the race because of several reasons–one was his dad died and two was he learned that he was busy. But really who cares. (Like McCain vs Obama)

  7. So with Danica Roem, Virginia threw diversity out the window and elected a white man in ladies undies. Why doesn’t that make me feel any better?

    • It should make you feel better. What can be more publicly self-effacing than a man running around in women’s clothes? Whitey is denigrating himself to the max here. The vibrant diversity has got to be cheering and laughing uproariously over that. It’s a prog victory all ways. Whitey has so little self-esteem he elects a drag queen. Whitey trashed himself. All the right parties win and it took no effort. Only way it could be worse for whitey is if the sod wears a diaper under the panties.

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  10. Life Support, what is it? The issues were Climate Change and Social Justice back then and of course the financial fiasco, that he helped create by community organizing. Was it the biggest lie ever told? Because of that the good old USA is on Life Support today. It was no accident that America had elected a god back in 2008 complete with Greek Columns. Still we know Little of this god, how did he become president of the world? It was not Just US!
    Before that, 2006 there was an eerie calm to our discontent, yet everyone was doing pretty well, then all of a sudden I get check for $600.00 from the US Gov., just enough to pay some of my taxes and then the AX fell, why was that? I know all the excuses real and imagined and I remember thinking, what do we pay these people to do? I know we cannot go back but, we can certainly improve the future if we want to. I AM pretty sure of that. The question is, do you want to?
    Before we get to that, let us go back a couple of thousand years to the life and times of one of the first teacher that did not write. Socrates and the Law:
    Argument in an Athenian Jail, Created September 24, 2010 NEH.
    This lesson focuses on the Crito, in which Socrates argues against the idea that he should escape the penalty of death imposed on him by Athens, laying the groundwork for future debates over the rights of the individual and the rule of law. Students read the dialogue and analyze its arguments in class discussion, extending the dialogue by adding themselves to it. They then consider how Socrates might have responded to extenuating circumstances: for example, if his sentence had been imposed by a tyrant rather than in a trial, or if it had been influenced by prejudice. To conclude, students consider whether this Socratic argument still holds true today, finding examples in contemporary American society to demonstrate their point of view.
    The Socratic method, also can be known as maieutics, method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions. Wikipedia
    Anyhow, the point of all that is “critical thinking”, which we do not do a whole lot these days. The philosophy, or the idea of the idea to prove a point, or to disprove it. And, to put you into the argument of the absurd to perhaps prove, or disprove an idea by of course elimination the absurdity of the idea presented. Shall we dialogue?
    Please note also, as I do, I know nothing and of course I AM no body as did he lost his for such thinking. The thinking of Athens was corruption of the young and for that he was on trial and sentenced to death. Also, note that Critical Thinking is NOT the same as Critical Theory, yet one should think critically about that theory. Critical Theory is a more recent product from the Frankfurt School of Marxist thinkers.
    The core concepts of critical theory are as follows:
    1. That critical social theory should be directed at the totality of society in its historical specificity (i.e. how it came to be configured at a specific point in time), and
    2. That critical theory should improve understanding of society by integrating all the major social sciences, including geography, economics, sociology, history, political science, anthropology, and psychology.
    So this is where we get the idea of the middle class and I might add the lower class being dragged along kicking and screaming because the upper class allows them to be poor and the middle class should pay for it and eventually want to eliminate all the classes, except for them that are the upper, but don’t tell anybody because it is a secret. In other words the end result will be only two classes, which are the Upper class and all the rest. It is that simple.
    Now you may ask? What does that have to do with Climate Change and Social Justice? The short answer is Life Support.
    First off, Climate Change was never about the actual Climate, it is about the Political Climate and Critical Theory. The settled (real) science is never settled, that should have been the first clue and that came from the highest office in the land, The President of the United States of America, was indeed a lie! However, it was determined the argument of the absurd could be use to support the Critical Theory to some degree of change which is 2 degrees determined by those determined in Paris to Social Justice and Climate Change of the politics.
    There are physical reasons why the Climate changes, none of them political, of the world does change and it has nothing to do with the body politic of living human beings, other than life support, as in, the Air we breathe. Our atmosphere is made up of mainly Oxygen and Nitrogen and a whole bunch of other gases to include Carbon Dioxide which is .035%, the key word there is CARBON, because that is the dirty word as is all carbon burned from Fossil Fuels, which they are not anything more than natural resources. Not to mention why only something less than .035% is exhaled by human beings which is used by real green things by means of photosynthesis (think light here, from the sun)that the product is OXYGEN! Of course so we human beings can breathe and to further note, NITROGEN makes plants grow, what a vicious little circle of life. Need I say life support? Another reason is it is 70 billion dollar per year industry and that is only a fraction of what is intended to spend, or total cost of complete madness. Please disregard any real progress and the advancement of any real technology, it has nothing to do with the politics, only who is going to pay for it.
    Just a suggestion here, but before we collectively spend another dime on Climate Change, let us put our collective heads together, perhaps do some critical thinking and answer the question, just exactly why do we have an atmosphere for which the Climate to Change, life support? And then who came up with that self sustaining process for living creatures and plants that require an atmosphere to sustainable? The short answer is nobody knows! The answer may also be the Political Pseudo-Science has replaced the real science in the absurdity. But, let us get back to the Ozone Hole shall we? As you may recall, that was the end of the earth then, however ironically we don’t talk about that anymore and you want to know why, I suppose not, yet then as now, it is a non-issue. Still, everyone wants clean air and water, don’t they? Even more ironically we spend billions and billions of dollars year after year in the pursuit of everything green with envy and then perhaps even more billion upon billion for MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, Mad is not the word for it, stupidity is more fitting for both the pseudo-science of climate change and of course MAD politics of socialist Just US.
    Shall we move on to Social Justice to see what caused the Climate Change? Not surprisingly President BHO Climate Change policy reads directly from the United Nation 2030 Agendas. The agenda was the transfer of technologies from US to third world countries FREE of charge that are controlled by the Communist among other things of national security interests. And then the restriction set forth by UNESCO to create green spaces which are restricted areas- Man and Biosphere (MAB) World Network of Biosphere Reserves—to come up with and establish different means of sustainable development in promoting the local communities’ relationship with the natural environment. All this for the cause of Social Justice, I don’t think so!
    Please note how many times BHO said the word Sustainable. I cannot determine if I, was used more that Sustainable by him, or perhaps it was vacation!
    Its declared purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter. It is the successor of the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation. Think Critical Theory here.
    Aside from the original religious intent Social Justice has come to mean a political agenda of the Progressives, Socialist and of course the Communists. The Agendas are clearly written in the United Nation of communist Charter. Thank Alger Hiss for that, he was the first one to go to jail of the upper crust-ers.
    Damn Communists!
    Communism IS diametrically opposed to a Constitutional Republic, it is that simple. There is nothing they have in common, or can be adapted either way. Property is the only issue of any real importance; the rest is only the result. Communism ya all own everything together, so to speak, yet no one owns nothing. A Constitutional Republic is the protection of property rights. The most valuable property is a human (think DNA here), one of a kind, beings own property, self, free will, so to speak of self ownership of self. Communism is the collective ownership of human beings, but who is the owner, the collective? Then who tells the collective what they should think? The obvious answer, you don’t own you. The Constitutional Republic intent was about how to run a Federal Government and not much more other then that, who, what, when and where of it. Properties rights, are the Bill of Rights, starting with the Freedom of speech, religion, assembly and too redress the press, as well the Federal Government. The Second Amendment is the protection of the First Amendment, Thank You! How far sighted of you the founders to think ahead to a time when it may be required. How fortunate for US.
    The only thing remotely resembling a collective in the Constitutions is the states, however the 50 states, a result of the 13 original colonies are an experiment of that Constitutional Republics continuation, it is not a collective, separate but equal state was the intent. If the law changed to something else, please tell me because I was not informed that we had decided differently. However incomprehensible the US code (LAW) is and not even the regulation of the various unconstitutional agencies, as is the IRS regulation (78,000 pages and growing), not to mention the EPA as well all others. Seventeen agencies of National security not including the military and nobody knows much of anything, Doing a search for the total number of Federal Government agencies, offices of and so forth, the first thing that pops up is, nobody knows!
    Ignorance of the LAW is most certainly an excuse!!!
    The fact of the matter is ignorance of the law is a pretty damn good excuse. Not only to read it but to understand it takes a lifetime and most people don’t have time to do that, ya know? So, it would seem, it is pretty safe bet in the big Casino of gamblers anonymous in what we disinfectionatly call the pond scum of the primordial alphabet soup of human waste products represent not US, but other interest of PIG Pharma slop tough slurppy farm of animals less than human concerns of planning our future demise, did not have a plan!!! That of course for your Health Carelessness Insurance, TAX PLAN, the DAMN WALL!!! FACT of the matter, them did not expect to WIN! Therefore no plan was necessary, ya know?
    Concerning the TAX Plan, repeated ad nauseam is the richest 10% pay 70% of the TAX. So why don’t you pick up the remaining 30%? You see that way they can bitch and complain some more on the subject of getting screw and the rest of don’t have to pay for what we never asked for, what we don’t want and what we certainly don’t need. You want a program, pay for it your own damn self’!
    Saudi Arabia, I think is on the right track, yet it remains to be seen the actual intent and outcome, to round them all up and confiscate them wealth of ill gotten gain, however, I might suggest we could GITMO satisfaction off shore, if you catch my drift?
    A SaLT, the tax plan, all of it! What it pays for is little more than lifestyles of the infamous bitch (hint here, her last name start with a Cu) we should redistribute some of them wealth to the less fortunate, mostly me. And then I could buy a newspaper and publish every bit of gossip real and imagined about the her and Billy and the Infarmmouse B-Rack Insane O bomb US and entire international entourage of the derangement with reverse style Chicago style POLITICS! I have a plan for you.
    But, seriously how can you be deadly serious? Well, actually it is pretty easy, all you have to do is to question the absurdity. Put yourself in their position and ask what would a communist do? Then of course it stands to reason and only fair if there is CBC there should be CWC, as in Congressional WHITE Caucus with a military component, of course. Better yet, shut it all down and take a serious look at what it has become, a lot more than disinfectant is needed.
    The SaLT mines of the minds state slavery too tax, fee, and fine with penalty we owe them nothing. These have become proving grounds of governmental dysfunctions, little more than day care for the deranged. Sanctuary for the classless cities, intimidation of immigration dumping grounds and I might add owners of the national DEBT and you can bet on that.
    It does not matter how we got here, the issue is we are here, now what are we going to do about it. For too long that was the political, in your face, spit in your collective eye, what are you going to do about IT! Perhaps it time for some Critical Thinking about Critical Theory and perhaps change Global Climate? I will tell you this, the reaction of the Global Community is watching very closely, what will we do? My suggestion is to of course declare our Independence.
    “A kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.” — Sun Tzu
    That may be true, but we should always remember to never forget.

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