Dixie Drove Down

Those of you fearing a grim reanimation of Lee’s formidable Army of Northern Virginia will find comfort and respite in this report. Winthrop University recently released an illuminating survey of opinions in Dixie. To the acclaim of their perpetually considerate countrymen, the sons of Jackson and Forrest are now certain to cross the Potomac bearing more mulattos than cannons.

The survey was fairly extensive, though only a few nibbles are needed to give one ample taste of the carcass. Here’s some of the gristle:

Wrong Track
Like practically every other man, woman, and BLT, southerners see America on the wrong track. Though it’s interesting to note the divergence of intensity between blacks and whites on the topic. Only 55% of whites said wrong track, compared to a remarkable 88% of blacks. Both figures are ludicrous.

That barely a majority of whites see their intensifying dispossession and demonization as something other than copacetic speaks to the power of positive delusion. The intensity of black disillusionment speaks to something else. American blacks enjoy a lush standard of living far beyond their native capacity to supply. This fact is one the feet of their African cousins reiterate at every opportunity. Yet they are increasingly miserable and immiserating.

I think that is because man does not evaluate his fortune in absolutes, but in relation. Blacks are furious that they see so many whites with so much more. Whether they themselves have more than ever before, or the capacity to ever accommodate their own material aspirations is never considered. Already abundant in nature, this envy is fertilized to nausea by an entirely separate tribe in the media. Thus when a group endowed with modest powers of circumspection and already prone to hysterics, is prodded continuously with woke propaganda, the only surprise is that a whole 12 percent of them are somewhat content. Of course this discontent can be easily alleviated through benign separation.

Confederate Statues
Whites mostly want them, blacks mostly don’t. Now let’s ask that question to Mexicans and Chinese about the MLK monolith in DC. One of the most ridiculous white delusions is the presumption that tribalism will disappear if your tribe does first.

Sentiment Grades
Next the pollsters pinged their respondents for warmth of sentiment regarding various movements from 0 (contempt) to 100 (adulation). I found these results quite surprising. For instance, I would have predicted antifa would score lower than spider droppings. Any white not in antifa feels sheer visceral hatred for them, and blacks just see a bunch of crackas in masks. So it was a shock to note approval scores of 21% for whites and 42% for blacks. That was until I looked at the fine print: *Because we feared unfamiliarity with the Antifa movement, this was the only item on the Feeling Thermometer that included any explanation. The explanation included was: “the Antifa movement, who have clashed with white supremacists at some demonstrations.” So the description of antifa was basically “the good people who fight the band people, now what do you think of them?” That’s some honest polling. I presume Winthrop would describe Devin Patrick Kelley as “the man who clashed with religious fundamentalists.” Hey, he’s surprisingly well-liked too!

Though aside from the comically tainted antifa scores, it was shocking to see white approval rates of 35% and 41% for black lives matter and the Democratic Party. In contrast, “White supremacists” earned only a 7% approval rate among whites, compared to an 8% figure among blacks! We have become so CUBAR (cucked beyond all recognition) that the blacks who hate us hate us less than we do. Though similar to the antifa subterfuge, the “supremacist” label is not intended to actually solicit honest sentiment, but as a totem to generate recoil against a bete noire. The pollsters know this; they just don’t want you to know it.

But that tactic notwithstanding, the pollsters may have inadvertently painted an honest portrait. Because a few questions later they ask if America should “protect and preserve its white European heritage.” Only 31% of Southern whites said yes, while a brain-jarringly similar number of blacks at 23% agreed.

Et Al
The races were also in harmony as it pertains to their antipathy for political correctness. However each respondent defined that term, whites and blacks by two-thirds majorities both said it threatens our liberties of speech. Of course those numbers should be 100 as restricting your enemy’s speech is PC’s reason for being. Though since blacks are hardly the ones muzzled by it, I have to offer praise for their accurate perception.

Going on, whites and blacks were again mutually and overwhelmingly enthusiastic about miscegenation. This being an act of outrage and humiliation only one generation earlier. Never underestimate the efficacy of propaganda therapy.

Similarly, whites and blacks continued their solidarity with huge majorities in favor of a petri-dish society, or whatever it is multiculturalism is actually supposed to mean.

There were two remaining points of broad contention. Half of whites believe both whites and “minorities” are under attack in America. Whereas blacks returned to their customary posture of pristine solipsism to opine that nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen. Blacks recognize it’s never prudent to allow the victim train to grow crowded.

Whether readers find these results depressing or merely boring it is worth noting their origination in the people most closely associated with modern American conservatism. Certainly absent white southerners, the left’s national agenda would have advanced at a far brisker pace. So one imagines such bulwarks would be a bit more doughty than the cultural mealworms these figures suggest.

What’s really happening is simply a strangled South straggling behind a broader zeitgeist moving left on a maglev. Southerners have dutifully slouched into liberalism just as the left has abandoned it entirely. So mewling southern liberals are seen as unreconstructed confederates through the eyes of eliminationist progs. Chancellorsville II remains only a pleasant daydream.


7 thoughts on “Dixie Drove Down

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  2. My observations from a lifetime in the South:

    Whites are incredibly altruistic, and generally feel deep shame over slavery and Jim Crow. No racial group on Earth hopes for black success more than whites. Every godly intention in the world supports this ideal, and it is preached from pulpits across the South every week. You will get no argument from me: slavery is morally repugnant and economically absurd; Jim Crow is morally dicey and antithetical to a classically liberal society.

    And speaking of economics, the South is a powerhouse. Flexible labor markets, sunshine, and low taxes work. Red States are good places to be a disciplined, ambitious ethnic minority. One consequence of this is every white person can find enough model minorities to reinforce their high-falutin’ ideal.

    Of course, the harsh reality will not go away: black means of intelligence and impulse control a full standard deviation lower than whites; Asians and Middle Easterners who while polite and intelligent couldn’t be more different had they come from Mars. But whites are nothing if not incredibly idealistic as well. You are not going to convince Southern Christians floating in a sea of prosperity that their sincere beliefs are unworkable. Of course, idealism can only take you so far. Different people are different, and a huge chasm of historical baggage and cultural preferences yawns between me and even the most similarly functioning black, not least the feral hood rat.

    And so, as always, Southerners shape their reality around their cherished ideal. The groups craft parallell pathways in the multicultural stew in which they find themselves. Whites move to the suburbs, then to the exurbs. Whole socio-economic sectors are meticulously, and sub-consciously, hewn out to keep hope alive. Tenuous alliances are formed–my Hindu neighbors came to my cook-out! We had, uh, chicken.

    I can point to numerous acquaintances who date white, marry white, work white, eat, live and breathe white, all while telling you we all bleed red. But we are running out of geography and so whites stake out their last bit of turf and cede the public spaces–thank you Amazon and e-Bay.

    If anyone can think of an outcome that doesn’t end in Brazil or the Balkans I would love to hear it.

    • The Balkanization has started, even within a legal framework. “Incorporation” has been going on for over a decade now, especially around Atlanta, but also in Birmingham and Montgomery. It’s kind of like San Franciscoization: make it way too expensive for poor blacks to move into, and then only the smartest and most capable blacks will be your neighbors, with the added ego benefit that you now have black people in your Dunbar number. “See? This ain’t segregation! There’s an (anomalous) black family in my neighborhood!”

      • Yeah, well, I wish I could afford to live in a place where the riffraff can’t afford it. My neighborhood gets darker every time a few homes change hands, but the real issue is that with EVERY SINGLE SALE it gets dumber. The whites who move in apparently relocated directly from trailer parks.

        If and when partition comes, please let there be a place for me and mine where people of both rightist politics and higher-than-average intelligence (not to mention classical “good neighbor” openness, trust and observing the inversion of the Golden Rule—AKA don’t do unto others what you DON’T want them doing to you—-) are the rule.

  3. I know I have blinders, but to me, every “poll” these days simply mirrors the DJIA’s 24/7 refrain, “Everything is Awesome.” Fat, complacent people who have had it far too (frankly) fucking easy for three generations are not particularly prone to deep analytical considerations.

    I’ve expected the sky to fall for 22 straight years. That’s a long time to get my nose rubbed in the dirt by people I consider less useful than cattle. When the tribe’s savages herd in the up direction, nothing else matters because their impulse to do so is driven by cognition, such as it is, at the limbic level. They can no more “change their minds” than could a man with a profound snake phobia lay covered in a writhing mass of harmless Corn Snakes. Trapped in this trance-like state (it resembles group-hypnosis more than anything), people will march right into a volcano itself, so the current fashion of self-abnegation is not particularly notable even as I practically rip my own hair out watching it.

    So I watch stocks roll from insanely high to whatever is higher than that, while politicians promise to add trillions of dollars of IOU’s to a quantity of pre-existing debt that passed any semblance of sanity over 20 years ago, and well-paid professional people talk like the Fed can “raise rates” as though they have not one FUCKING clue about how that affects the underlying capital value of that GALAXY of IOU’s now in place.

    What, I ask, will happen when my Village-Idiot fellowmen awaken from this 50 year stupor? That’s the only question that matters to me, because obviously I’m too stupid to know how long this folie a plusiers (madness of the many) will last. If it lasts long enough, will me and mine be forced at gunpoint into the volcano?

  4. Whatever cultural distinctiveness the South still possesses (and it is still there), is probably of no more utility to a race realist than is a camel to a jihadist. Although the yids like to keep the bad old lynch-law image alive as a scare tactic.

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