No Steel Unscrubbed

One of the most difficult elements of telling a big lie is maintaining its logical consistency. Because of that difficulty, most liars don’t even bother. I mean We’re all the same, let’s celebrate diversity is as inherently self-contradictory as I hate racism and white people are evil. None of these components will actually fit into coherent grooves and so you just leave them all spilled out on the table and keep screaming about nazis. That’s not so hard, is it?

Modern liberalism offers an abundance of such self-contradictions. If you could convert them all to plankton, we’d have blue whales sprouting in our swimming pools. Another example, perhaps as much counter-intuitive as contradictory, is the premise that the hardest working people come exclusively from the most destitute societies. It should generate far more explicit contemplation and questioning to say that white apex sloths consistently produce the planet’s most coveted living spaces. While, in contrast, the hardest working people can generate only columns of “””refugees.””” What are they working hard at, I wonder? More importantly, are we deficient in refugee output?

An inadvertently humorous example of this narrative tangle appeared in a recent industrial media puff piece about Haitians in Mexico. Here’s a flavor:

Jose Luis Millan found a new crop of star employees at an upscale Tijuana car wash where customers cross the border from the U.S. to pay up to $950 to have their prized possessions steamed and scrubbed for hours. They’re never late, always hustle and come in on days off to learn new skills, traits that he says make them a model for their Mexican counterparts.

They are among several thousand Haitians who came to Mexico’s northwest corner hoping to cross the border before the U.S. abruptly closed its doors last year. The Mexican government has welcomed them with visas that help them fill the need for labor in Tijuana’s growing economy.

Yes, Mexico is fortunate to have such hard-working car-cleaning Haitians. Just don’t look too closely at Haiti. But if Haitians are the star employees in Mexico, why does America need millions of mediocre Mexicans? Shouldn’t we seek to trade them for Haitians? And peering beyond the point of our nose, we are compelled to ask who are the hardest workers in Haiti. Army ants? If so, who needs Haitians? I’m starting to wonder if “hardest working” isn’t perhaps a designation society can only reach in its rubble.

Though speaking of the natural end-point of diversity, the Associated Press author does offer this astute observation regarding demographic densities:

The new arrivals, currently numbering around 3,000, are manageable in a country of 122 million.

Right, 3,000 out of 122 million is close yet still manageable. But wait a minute. I’ve been assured by outlets such as AP, that keeping numbers of foreigners manageable is something Hitler would have said. Thus I’m stunned to see the concept splashed in respectable opinion papers across the country. So is keeping foreigners manageable hate and bigotry here, but prudence in Mexico? It’s important to maintain an accurate ledger of our unprincipled exceptions. And by the way, what’s the official media manageability quotient for 30 million Mexicans in America? I fear we’ll never learn.

However, I did learn that America has many more than Mexico’s manageable 3,000 Haitians: approximately one million, in fact. Our car washes are surely the envy of the world.


10 thoughts on “No Steel Unscrubbed

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  3. One million Haitians. 30 million Mexicans.
    What is the real population of America? 800 million perhaps.
    One of the more surprising revelations of the Great Ebola Import of 2014 was that Dallas has a Liberian community of about 10,000. From just one country in Africa, to just one city in America–10,000 people. All flying around back and forth. Where do they get the money?

    Who decides to stay in their own dismal countries and why, when you can be flown into America?

    As inconsistencies go, the most glaring is the complete silence of liberals as they facilitate population explosions by every means possible.
    Also it’s hard to miss the linked article’s glaring absence of judgment for Mexico’s ‘harsh, racist’ immigration policies. They don’t even allow chain migration of families. But it’s okay….because it’s Mexico.

    The absence of logic and consistency really illustrates the cowardice of liberals as they stick to pre-approved behaviors and collect their rewards.

  4. Articles like that just prove that 30 million Mexicans in a country of about 320 million is not manageable.
    Mexico has a population of 122 million- why are 30 million of them here? If the Mexican economy is booming- why aren’t the 30 million Mexicans here self- deporting back to Mexico, where there is a great shortage of car wash workers? Washing cars is not as difficult as being a landscaper, or bricklayer, or construction laborer.
    The huge influx of Mexicans and Cubans in Florida in the 1980’s depressed wages in the building trades to the point the white guys who worked in the trades all moved to states without
    “refugees” – I was one of the guys that moved. Went from $7.00-$9.00 an hour for framing houses in Fl. to $15.00 an hour in N.C. in 1986- 1987.

  5. Just another brick in a vast wall, or another pixel in the sign that says “Violent Conflict Ahead.”

    It isn’t rocket science to look at the mass migrations and culturally alien invasions occurring these past decades and imagine what history books two hundred years from now will record of what is coming as soon as this Extraordinary Popular Delusion finally ends.

    Truly, life is a consistent tapestry of evidence that people learn nothing from history.

  6. I think y’all are missing the most outrageous part of this Outrage Porn: $950 for a car wash? In Tijuana? How much does it cost in San Diego, 10 grand? Please tell me they give the driver a happy ending.

    • Ha good point, I looked right over that. Though the article does say:

      customers cross the border from the U.S. to pay up to $950 to have their prized possessions steamed and scrubbed for hours.

      I think your happy ending remark may have hit upon the confusion as to what precisely men most prize. The only counsel I can offer readers is that if you’re going to pay a grand to have your “prized possession” steamed and scrubbed for hours, you do so somewhere other than Tijuana.

      • And don’t drink the local liquor.

        It certainly is interesting that these Haitians are working so hard, when they otherwise would do absolutely nothing at all apart from a bit of light rape. Is it possible- just maybe- that their dreams of endless leisure in the good ol’ US of A may not actually have been forgotten, but just delayed until they can put together a bit more cash?

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