A Painful Passcode

In so many ways modern liberalism has metastasized into a mass social filter. Its intricate series of postures and pronouncements acting as a passcode into the secure area of upper-middle class Western society. Industriousness, innovation, and high IQ make navigating these checkpoints easier, though those traits are not nearly sufficient in themselves to gain or maintain entry. And if you don’t believe me, try being a renowned investor who makes obvious but impermissible observations about America’s demographics without being cast out of society. The liberal laser maze isn’t for show.

The function of this secure perimeter is to couple a comfortable life with the leftist narrative, and thus deny the former to those who reject the latter. And in large measure it succeeds, to our posterity’s anguish. In much the same way mice must know the cat’s location, human cogs within this system necessarily keep a keen eye on the always changing passcodes: Halt. Pro-homo was last week, trans is the code today. Security alert!

And though I said this framework is largely successful in screening the conservatives who will tomorrow be called nazis, it’s certainly not foolproof. The comically hypocritical and rote liberal narratives can be memorized within minutes by practically anyone with the intelligence, cunning, and desire to live well without suffering self-lobotomy. And so a significant number of “nazis” gain access to the perquisites of their fathers’ countries without actually committing to hating their fathers. I guess no system is perfect.

Given the fact that insufficiently programmed adults can still earn a comfortable living, the framework faces quite a bug indeed. But that flaw is constantly being addressed. So rather than that, I’ll discuss a side effect of the liberal security fence that sees precious little publicity. There are those who enrich themselves by pretending to believe. And then there are those who destroy themselves by truly believing.

Owing to poor insight or intellect, a significant number of dupes do not understand that the liberal security perimeter isn’t meant to be coherent or aligned with healthy life decisions. It is meant to bar the bad-whites from comfortable lifestyles. Actually embracing what you must repeat for entry is very little different from sitting on an electric fence: a total misunderstanding of purpose.

Canny liberals understand this implicitly; dumb liberals destroy themselves in not understanding. For example, smart liberals know to parrot pro-black canards and racial blank slatism while simultaneously seeking safe, homogenous neighborhoods in which to actually live. This wink-wink has been noted in these pages many times previously as Good Schools. Dumb liberals, in contrast, think the we’re-all-the-same-but-whites-are-worse spiel is serious, and so enroll their children in public ghetto daycares to affirm their alignment with current passcodes. To their shock, only immiseration is the reward.

The list of such examples could go on at length: Adopting Africans in lieu of producing their own children; pursuing empty “justice” degrees rather than a useful education; women choosing cube farms or polyamory over families; miscegenation; promoting self-annihilation; and degeneracy as self-expression. The smart liberals pass through security and then watch the dumb liberals hang themselves on it.

One of the most lurid examples of our current retinal scan is the BLT advocacy position combined with denial of binary sexuality. This recent passcode was implemented with astonishing efficiency.

Present senior citizens, say those age 30 and up, would have found themselves flummoxed in their youth to hear that men and women were actually not. That sex was not objective and immutable, but rather subjective and fluid. Thus no outside party can say what sex a person is until that person has stated their preference—a position that may be different tomorrow. Fortunately we’re not yet to the point of having to quiz grizzly bears and squirrels as to which species they are before we know whether to run.

This theory of subjectivity in our physical sex is all an act of ridiculous pretense. One that is probably intentionally insulting so as to filter the right-wingers who can’t bear to feign belief in it. And though the premise is pompously absurd, that doesn’t mean many credulous imbeciles won’t be badly harmed in its embrace.

I hold an enormous reservoir of contempt for those abusive parents who actually allow deranged quacks to chemically or physically disfigure their sexually confused children. Hell burns hot for these people. Those who remain confused into adulthood at least have the benefit of choosing self-destruction on their own, rather than having it put upon them.

There’s probably few avenues of that destruction more gruesome than going under the butcher’s knife to carve one’s body parts into some bloody imitation of a picture nature chose not to draw. I’m talking obviously about sex-change “transitioning,” and the horrors associated therewith. Like every contra-narrative indicator, the media keeps these buried deeply under the blankets. Though a few accounts do leak out.

What follows below is someone else’s screen capture and concluding comments of one of these accounts. It is of a man who mutilates himself in the expectation of becoming a woman, but is dismayed to learn he is instead merely a mutilated man. The descriptions are quite gross and I encourage those with a sensitive stomach to pass it by in favor of imagining something more pleasant: like maggots consuming a deer carcass. Though it speaks, with unintentional sincerity, to the wretched creatures caught in the liberal security fence. The ones who actually believe the lies they are required to repeat. Just remember, some of these lies end up requiring thrice-daily dilations. And those are the kind you never forget.


8 thoughts on “A Painful Passcode

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  2. Excellent article and insights.
    It’s a strange world where your obvious compassion is considered hate and the layers of cowardice that led to the mutilation of that man are considered superior. How quickly we’ve morphed to this state is astonishing.

    All this hypocrisy is ripe for the harvesting:

    The depressed wages and the environmental destruction from immigration.

    The misery from a welfare state which instills in people an abhorrence of work and produces millions of neglected children. (If they actually had to take care of their own crack-baby, or pay for that 8th child, they might think a little harder)

    These easy arguments rarely make it to the forefront. Maybe the college screamers (“Communists aren’t racists!”) will bring about their own destruction, but more likely, we will quickly adapt to the new normal and keep pressing on.

  3. At least primitive cultures looked at their barbarism full in the face, and owned it. Cultural Marxism spawned a Gorgon, and it hasn’t even the guts to gaze at it in a mirror. The Cloud People live in golden palaces, resting on carefully hidden foundations of blood, pus, agony, scar tissue, despair, horror.

  4. I read all your articles religiously. Just had to let you know this one about the filters feels like a very accurate hit to the anti-White regime. I will repost it. Thanks

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  6. Some people have good results. Good meaning everything from minimal pain, good appearance and function to not perfect to not even better than what you had before but you can still accept and live with what you now have.
    Bad results are constant pain and depression resulting in addiction to opiates and suicide.
    Gender Reassignment Surgery is I think the ultimate case of “Your Mileage May Vary.” It’s that risky of a procedure no matter how good the doctor and support staff are. Any doctor will advise a potential patient of that but those concerns tend to be put aside in the patient’s rush to schedule a surgery.
    The standard for the gender reassignment surgery used to be that it is the final option if all the lesser steps don’t work. Meaning it’s either the patient gets the surgery or they will likely suicide.
    Now anyone who is willing to say they always felt female inside with two letters of recommendation for surgery – one from a gender therapist and one from a psychiatrist – which are easy to get once you have completed the required number of visits and been on female hormones for a year and got a legal name change – can apply to be put on a one to two year waiting list for the surgery and as long as they can come up with a (approximately $20,000) certified check before the surgery they can get one.
    Some people do need the surgery and benefit from it. The younger much more naturally femine ones.
    The middle aged mid life transitioners far too many believe the Magical Rainbow Unicorn hype that surgery would fix everything for them.
    Well, it’s only cosmetic surgery, and it won’t fix anything if you don’t already accept yourself as you are.
    And it won’t fix anything if you have made a lot of otherwise bad decisions in your life.
    But there is money to be made in offering the therapy and prescription and medical and surgical services and it is politically incorrect to call the wisdom of anyone choosing to follow this path into question, so it rolls on…

  7. Love this blog! Gotta binge read after shopping. re: Damore, the sad thing is, he’s actually very moderate, liberal even; supports diversity and all that. Simply questioning the narrative, even a little, was enough to get him shunned. The good thing is, he’s now famous, doing very well, and is probably gonna sue the pants off Google for wrongful termination. Go James!

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