The Stand

I’ve always felt sympathy for those who haven’t even been a head of state by their mid-30s. For instance, Augustus Caesar was already 36 when he became emperor after defeating Mark Antony. He ruled for 40 years and was declared a god upon his death. I suppose such modest men make do when blogging is beyond their capacity.

Alexander the Great was a bit less wasteful with his youth. He ascended to the throne of Macedonia at 20, and in the 12 years of life that remained he proceeded to subjugate…practically everyone. So Alexander had risen, ruled, conquered, and died all by the age of 32. This is at least a more reasonably productive pace than the indolent Octavian.

While mildly impressive for his time, not even Alexander can compare to the ambition and ethic of rule displayed by Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. This monarch, the present ruler of Africa’s Toro Kingdom, ruthlessly clawed his way to the throne at three years of age. Now 25, he strides gloriously into the second of what will likely be many generations in power. That’s initiative. As I have counseled my own sons: Success doesn’t wait for solid foods.

With that truism in mind, I wanted to comment on Austria’s relatively geriatric Sebastian Kurz. Mr. Kurz seems to have idly twiddled his thumbs until becoming foreign minister at 27. This being a minor post in which he inexplicably frittered away four more precious years before finally becoming chancellor in the twilight of his life at 31. He surely understands there is much to be done in what time remains.

And maybe he does understand. There must be an urgency to his work; if not from his time left on Earth, but that of his civilization. Kurz is certainly a skeptic of the EU and demographic change, and also an admirer of Hungary’s Viktor Orban. As foreign minister, he claimed credit for closing the Balkan migrant trail in 2016 that ushered in successive swarms of refugees fleeing diversity. Kurz also wants to reduce the flow of milk to foreigners from taxpayer teats, and restrict the power and influence of EU apparatchiks in Austrian affairs. This is a positive agenda.

Though even more striking than the 32% of the vote garnered by his conservative party, was the Freedom Party’s second place finish with 27%. Perceptive readers of this blog may note a subtle scarcity of optimism, but these results are truly encouraging. When the most popular mainstream party is wading into the tenets of nationalism, while their second place opposition are criticizing them for not being nationalist enough, you’re know you’re moving in the (far far far) right direction. This being essentially the healthy dynamic in Hungary between Orban and Jobbik.

Other thoughts on Kurz are as follows:

Desperation for Representation
So many of these unusual characters (e.g. Kurz and Trump) emerging from the right are the result of conservative failures. Politicians are venal and corrupt almost as a condition necessary to their trade. But most are not entirely idiotic. Republicans (as a for instance) know that their constituents have been begging for an end to foreign invasions—both of our infantry and theirs. A huge number of people throughout the West are utterly sick of suffering under liberal globalism. But their politicians refuse to provide representation for that position. Our Democracy is about giving the people a voice so long as they use it to say the right things.

As a result, voters have begun to flow around these calcified parties and candidates like water around a pylon. But because the institutions that naturally groom national leaders refuse to provide the finished goods the people demand, some unusual political creations are appearing from the population’s raw material. If General Motors and its peers refused to build anything but electric trikes, then you would eventually see very unorthodox hand-crafted SUVs hit the market. All to the horror of General Motors, naturally.

That’s what so many of these currently atypical candidates represent: people’s response to the malign disinterest of their political institutions. There is a scream intentionally not being heard. And a desperation for new representation as a result.

State and Nation
Undoubtedly a great many Austrians were motivated in this election by racism. That term being defined as whites insufficiently subordinating their interests to non-whites. Many of these vile, hating voters might even believe their tiny country—one third the size of Gabon—is reserved for them exclusively. Perhaps they even go so far as to think Austria exists less as a font of liberal feel-goods, than as the only home and sanctuary of indigenous Austrians.

For that home to remain secure requires an alignment between nation and state, with priority given to the former. That is to say Austrian babies aren’t born to provide for the pieties of bureaucrats, but rather the government exists to protect Austrian babies. Otherwise, what are parents of those babies paying for? Values are social fashions that shift with the seasons. No man says his house belongs to whoever embraces the NYT’s latest editorial position. People are for whom homes are built.

Ancient Friends Lend Their Support
As proprietors of their own explicit ethno-state, you can imagine the good-will and congratulations that flowed from the Jewish community following the Austrian elections. For instance…

Ronald Lauder, who heads the World Jewish Congress, said the Freedom Party is “full of xenophobes and racists.”

“It is sad and distressing that such a platform should receive more than a quarter of the vote and become the country’s second party,” he said in an emailed statement. “My only hope is that they won’t end up in government.”

Ahh well, he probably says the same about Zionists in Israel. Or maybe not.

Visegrad Versus
As I’ve predicted previously in these pages, Europe is increasingly bifurcating along very fundamental lines. Although there are a continuum of factions within each country, a general drift toward accepted consensus is occurring in each. This drift is forming into two hostile floes: one representing Europe’s values, the other its life. That these concepts exist in existential antagonism is never discussed. But that is not to say they are never thought. And people will increasingly seek a side for what these thoughts represent.

The Visegrad Group is presently the only broad multi-state champion of European life. Though one that is quite small and weak in comparison to the wealthy Western necrocracies. Yet it is feasible Austria will eventually join either outright or in spirit, with other future pro-life states following similar elections in stair-step succession. States under strain always seek allies.

Those allies will form in opposition to the core bloc of European death-states. A union whose dysgenics, Islamization, and internal strife will do relentless work in leveling these societies with their Eastern opposition. That doesn’t even speak to the possible future phenomenon of Western European out-migration. Absorb enough refugees and eventually the refugee is you. Viktor Orban is patiently waiting.

I hope he accumulates many bright young allies like Austria’s new chancellor in the conflicts sure to come. Europe is probably not going to peacefully coexist with two diametrically opposed philosophies living cheek to jowl. You don’t negotiate anodyne trade treaties while still struggling over which people will occupy your home. That’s the fight that matters. I’m glad to have young Mr. Kurz join it.


24 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. I’m not so hopeful. The powers that really rule Europe can easily generate a plethora of “Kurz-like” “independent” “politicians” “representing” “new progressive” “parties” across Europe. Macron seems to be the first in that cohort. Money + a total control of narrative is a powerful tool. The key words: controlled opposition.

  2. @ Literally Putin

    The powers that be couldn’t stop Brexit. They couldn’t stop Trump. And whilst they escaped utter ruin in 2008 – by the skin of their teeth – they cannot stop the coming economic crash. When unemployment explodes and the so called “middle class” is living on food stamps, it’s game over for open borders. The globalists have, at most, 5-10 more years of lunacy to inflict upon the Western world. Their demise still won’t save us. The demographics are unstoppable at this point. But the fall of Globalisation will buy precious time for our children. And that’s a sip of water I’ll gladly take in this desert.

    • Will the white race survive this century?

      Deciding THAT question is the purpose of this planet for the next 100 years. Everything else is distraction.

    • In 5-10 years, the US will have welcomed another 5-12 million immigrants, most of which hate us. Trump was barely elected, and won mainly because less dindus voted this time around. Add those 5-10 years of continued replacement migration, white people will cease to matter electorally. Absent a ‘when the Saxon began to hate’ moment, it’s already game over.

  3. So proud to be Hungarian these days…
    However, be aware that in Hungary, Jobbik is already history.
    In the next election in 2018, it will be only Fidesz and Orbán Viktor for every Hungarian right-winger.
    Nationalist voters are turning away from Jobbik en masse, oldschool Jobbik politicians are leaving the party in droves. The Jobbik of today is not the Jobbik of the past.
    The reason for all this is Vona Gábor, the leader of the Jobbik, bowed down to the Jews (with his infamous Hanukkah Greetings), turned towards PC in a historical time when everybody and his dog is eschewing Political Correctness, openly sold out to one of the Hungarian oligarchs name Simicska Lajos (former friend turned enemy of of Orbán Viktor) and doing everything he can to destroy Jobbik from the inside. Either he is a political illiterate, or he is a tool.
    Be that as it may, at least we have Orbán Viktor who is implementing pro-Hungarian politics, defending the border against colored Islamist invasion.
    He is the greatest Hungarian politician of the XXI.the century. His next election is all but guaranteed.

    • Best to ignore the Jews.
      He is not a Palestinian politician, he is a Hungarian politician.

      Note by Palestine I mean the place they call Israel.

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  5. Remember that Austria is the only West European member of the Three Seas Initiative, basically an expanded version of the Visegrad Group which includes all the former communist nations in the EU.

    The Austrians are definitely more based than the Germans, with the Peoples Party being a much more hardcore version of Merkel’s pathetic CDU, and the Freedom Party getting double the vote of the ideologically similar AfD.

    Could this be because of their relative positions vis-a-vis the Hajnal Line?

    Germany is well within the bubblecuck zone north and west of the Hajnal Line, while the line cuts right through the middle of Austria. The southern and eastern influences on the Austrian character, along with their Catholicism (as opposed to historically Protestant Prussia/Germany) might give them an edge on their northwestern neighbours when it comes to defending themselves from the Afro-Islamic invasion.

    May the baby-führer Kurz successfully smite the myriad enemies of Christendom and serve as a role model for the gelded krauts silently suffering in Merkelstan.

    Hail Victory

  6. Warriorhun: Thanks for the update on Jobbik.

    Jeppo: That’s an astute point on the Hajnal Line. I’m of the mind that the cuck bubble may see some states peel away, possibly in the form of Denmark or Switzerland. Also, the Three Seas Initiative (which I was remiss to mention) is probably a better model than Visegrád to define the lines going forward.

  7. in the twilight of his life at 31. He surely understands there is much to be done in what time remains.
    Contrasted with Our Guy, who in the spring of his life shows no urgency in repelling our own invading hordes. It’s like that weird, inverted sense of time the elderly have, where they take for-effing-ever to walk through the door, drive through the intersection, lick the stamp, whathaveyou, when their days are clearly numbered and posted on their own refrigerators. You’d think they’d have an urgency to extract as much value from their remaining lives as possible, before retiring to the coffin or nursing home; but you’d be wrong.

  8. Alex, come on. If Trump was inclined to while away his days playing golf and struggling to open jars, he wouldn’t have run for President. Criticize his actual accomplishments, sure, but it’s not because he’s low-energy. It’s because he’s struggling to navigate past the Deep State and a hostile Congress.

    • I’d never accuse him of being low-energy; and I am hard-pressed to think of an actual accomplishment of his, that I can criticize. Perhaps the Syrian Tomahawks? Long-forgotten.
      He already lost the popular vote to an evil, lunatic, barely-ambulatory cunt. Whichever freak they run in aught-20, the Dermocrats will have had four years to redistribute their pawns on the electoral chessboard, redouble their blatant cheating in the right precincts, and own the White House until the termites eat it.
      So if he only has this one term to serve, I’d like for us to get more out of it than four extra years to add bump stocks and lower-priced cartridges to our TSHTF sheds.
      To echo Porter’s recent “Down Payment” post, every migrant here is an actual down payment, guaranteed to multiply and balloon until we each find ourselves suffocated under a 325-lb African. And they can be stopped. Congress has set quotas for immigration, but to my knowledge those numbers are caps, not base minimums. If zero applications get processed and Emma Lazarus gets to shelter zero new wretches under her nose, then that would not constitute an Impeachable Offense. (The difference between “Can Issue” and “Shall Issue” comes to mind here.) There must be a hundred different ways to accomplish things like this in the Exec Branch, without deferring to the courts and congress to “please fix with words, at earliest convenience”.
      As for congress, I’m thinking Trump should publish an Enemies List or Report Card, with frequent updates. That way voters can quickly look up their district on a chart, and know if their rep is MAGA or SSDD, and possibly who they should be supporting next. I doubt anyone at home is keeping score, or weeding through twitter feeds for their guy’s name. Better to put pressure on “””his fellow republicans””” now, than wait til Primary Week.

      • “He already lost the popular vote to an evil, lunatic, barely-ambulatory cunt. ”

        Stop that. There is no such thing. He didn’t even campaign in California, a state that had 3.5 million dead people voting for Hillary.

        If the “popular vote” mattered, he would have campaigned accordingly and won it.

        Please stop repeating lies like a moron. I’m sure you’re not a moron, so stop acting like one.

      • Alex, I agree with you. Trump will soon have been in office for a year and done precisely nothing to stop the overrunning of the U.S. by invading foreign rabble. His accomplishments to date have consisted of some Tweeted “zingers.” Other than that, his presence has only been good for “not-Hillary.” That in itself is excellent, but it would be pleasant if he actually DID something to prevent the ever-more-inevitable moment of “the U.S. is no longer the U.S.”

      • Bob, I’m sure you, also, are not a moron.
        If the doesn’t matter, then, as a non-moron, where do you think electoral votes come from? Muh smoke-filled rooms? The fact remains there are more votes against him than for. In 2016, the Fors were distributed in the right numbers in the right places to win him 306/538. But even if the numbers remain the same, such a favorable distribution is not guaranteed to recur. Voters may gravitate to Redder pastures – for economical reasons, or if the state line is near enough, to re-register in order to fix the next vote. Surely, as a non-moron, you have also seen that Texas is projected to turn Blue in a few years. Whether it’s mudmoths attracted to Texas’ economic flame, or the simple arithmetic of muds outbreeding Whites, or both, will matter naught but as a footnote; that state and her electoral votes will be lost.
        And if there were multi-millions of #fakevotes against him, then why hasn’t he put his foot up Sessions’ ass, or whomever’s (not the Whomever from this combox) ass to put a stop to it? That he hasn’t, implies the numbers are accepted to be legitimate; and if the numbers are real, then he needs to plan accordingly for 2020. I’m sure he is also not a moron, but he does have that ten billion$ of fuck-it money to fall back on, in case he decides that being the recipient of hysterical hate and slander and witches’ spells isn’t worth the $1 paycheck. Who could blame him?
        In a sane world, he should have murdered her in both the popular vote and E.C. Since that didn’t happen, we can only surmise that we don’t live in a sane world, or even a sane country. America – GOP Republicans included – simply Do. Not. Want. MAGA. Therefore, it must be the imperative of the Alpha And The MAGA to drag this decaying country kicking and screaming to greatness.
        Or not.

      • Alex you goon, he won by a large margin. He campaigned correctly in order to do that. He ignored California because he knew he’d lose it.

        There has been exposure of the voter fraud. A recent MSM article reiterated that millions of people over the age of 106 voted. Since there are only about 100 people above that age alive, its a neat trick.

        Maybe it will become impossible for the Republicrats to win in times coming. Then surely other means will become necessary.

        What do you expect Trump to do? He won. He’s got 3 years to fix the voting system if he wants to. I’m sure he’s got plenty to do right now, like avoiding impeachment.

        The R party needs to come out as pro white. Will they?

        Even Huffington Post says its a myth. Read this, and understand.

        Another view. Read the baseball analogy, it’s pretty good.

        Sure the popular vote would be great if you want California to choose the winner all the time, but if that was the case Trump would have campaigned there. He designed his campaign for the system you have. If you had a popular vote system like we have in New Zealand then he would have spread his campaigning according to a different strategy. That’s what you do if you want to win. Some States just vote one way and nobody campaigns there.

        Why are you sticking up for the illegals in California anyway? That’s all a popular vote would benefit. And why are Americans so ignorant of their own system?

        You even doubt that there was voter fraud, right after saying “their blatant cheating in the right precincts”. Can you get your story straight so we can have a proper argument?

      • “(The difference between “Can Issue” and “Shall Issue” comes to mind here.)”

        As usual (((they))) knew that those things are the same the day it was written down, but it takes the goyim at least 50 years to notice. By then there’s a new bamboozlement method available.

    • I often wonder who is keeping CNN afloat. The cynic in me then wonders if somehow it’s me, one of the slaves in Pharaoh’s quarries cutting stone for the next pyramid, whose labor (and consent) is channeled by the scum who rule us into the steel in the chains that bind my ankles?

      Tinfoil hat time, I figure the CIA is for all practical purposes a state-within-a-state, almost certainly now a hereditary monarchy/oligarchy and whose budget is undoubtedly larger than those of entire nations (and not small ones.) How difficult would it really be to have that hidden system funnel some of the swag it pirates from the Real Economy into attempts to directly control the Narrative? After all, nothing is what it seems, and the first thing we know about extremely powerful, unaccountable people is that their reason and morals are utterly corrupted, their self-assessment warped beyond recognition. I have no doubt that the people who run such organizations surround themselves with their own clan (who else could they trust?) and quickly come to believe themselves in complete control of the world and all reality.

    • Kurz has already eased tensions by backing Israel. He is yet to back Austria but we don’t expect that at least until his current political activities are concluded.

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