Purpose Beyond a Pill

What doesn’t make you stronger kills you. I think that’s how the saying goes. While not completely sold on the premise, it’s still probably prudent to know what those things frequently are. Obviously heart disease and the Big C usher a great many souls to the afterlife (or, alternatively, to a decomposing void for our atheist romantics). However, both of those afflictions are examples of nature’s capriciousness rather than man’s. And it’s what we do to ourselves that most often attracts our notice.

So consider some prominent examples of our own efforts to bolster the embalming business. Transportation takes a significant toll. Car wrecks cause many thousands of deaths every year. It’s interesting that American road deaths actually peaked all the way back in 1972. That’s so long ago that Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus were good guys and illiterate equatorial Amerindians were foreigners. As I’ve said before, in liberal societies the future is fixed; it’s the past that’s always changing.

Though, of course, there are plenty other sources of anthropogenic mortality. Gun deaths are frequently in the news. As they are even more frequently a prog bete noir. And if you include suicides (which you should not), accidents, and general black barbarity then gun deaths account for a number of annual deaths eerily similar to spinning tires on asphalt.

Between cars and guns the equivalent of a small city is vaporized each year. But do you know what approximates the butcher’s bill for both those combined? Drugs. Last year 64,000+ people died from drug overdoses in America. That’s probably not enough for National Review’s Kevin Williamson, though there’s always old photos of Dresden to comfort him in the night. Yet despite its insufficiency for some, the number of drug overdose deaths remain very significant.

For years this was mostly a mystery to me. Why would people kill themselves over an idiot buzz? To be honest, I never really had much appreciation for narcotics. That is until I snapped a few bones some years ago, and found myself in more anguish than Seth Rogan watching the birth of a gentile baby. My attending quack prescribed a high-caliber analgesic and, after initially refusing to take it, I finally relented under misery’s counsel. The result was phenomenal. I don’t know if the pain actually went away, only that I didn’t care. I felt euphoric, elated, and entirely contented. If I had been blogging at the time, something like this would have been that day’s entry.

It was only after recovering my senses and cynicism that I was able to reflect on the immense power and allure of these chemicals. In particular I considered the appeal they must hold for people whose unfulfilled and unappreciated lives represent such a stark contrast with the fleeting bliss available in a pill. I’ll return to that idea momentarily.

Though first, it was surprising to learn that fentanyl has surpassed previously preeminent opioids such as Oxycodone as the plurality killer. Though it shouldn’t be surprising given fentanyl’s potency: allegedly 50 times more powerful than heroin. With heroin itself still accounting for over 15,000 annual overdose deaths, something multiples more chemically vigorous is likely going to offer much greater highs…and lows.

That’s not to say fentanyl is strictly a manifestation of pharmaceutical malignancy. While the Mexican drug kitchens that ship it north certainly exist to convert coffins into pesos, its original form actually has a legitimate function. There are people whose debilitating pain had made their lives a carnival of agony. For many of these, a fentanyl patch has made life bearable again. Thus banning the product outright would present its own victim profile.

So rather than take a position on legality, I want to discuss why so many young people are losing their lives to a needle. I have no data, but only intuition to say that the vast majority of opioid abusers are from America’s untouchable caste: whites on the bell curve’s left flank. There is no group so universally despised. That they would be held in contempt by more diverse trough feeders is hardly a surprise. That they are equally demeaned by more affluent whites is a thing of sheer malevolence. Some of these goodwhites will one day find comeuppance in the similar treatment of their own posterity. Because reversion to the mean is a real thing. And unlike Lake Wobegon, not all children are above average.

Unlike much dumber and more flamboyantly pathological inner city blacks, left-flank whites do harm primarily to themselves. And no cities burn for their folly. As a result of this restraint, they find themselves utterly bereft of institutional support. While every “minority” enjoys a catalogue of advocacy organizations and pandering politicians, these forgotten people attract only apathy when they can’t attract scorn. There is no affirmative action, or Appalachian lives matter. They have no outlets of righteous outrage or stepladders into the middle class. Rather, living in their tiny houses and trailers, they are said to be privileged. As such, absolutely no one champions their culture, their struggles, their history, or ambitions. Their livelihoods are dissolved by outsourcing and immigration, and their protests are dismissed as supremacy. To call such modest people supremacists for taking pride in the few things they have to call their own requires a special kind of evil. The kind Hollywood and Washington produce in abundance.

So considering the emotional delta between a life of few opportunities and vast popular disdain, compared to the euphoria of opium’s sanctuary, one can begin to understand the drug’s mortal attraction. Even for those who don’t feel it themselves.

That’s not to say personal accountability is voided. No matter what their lot, it can not be denied these people are still making conscious decisions to poison themselves. Which means positive alternate decisions should be far more available. Their public state universities should provide scholarships and slots to citizens of their state. American industries should employ Americans. And the political representation of poor whites should treat them as kindly as if they were violent, parasitic, foreign colonists. None of these things are charity, but merely the natural functions of a healthy nation. And there’s no drug necessary to feel euphoric about them.


37 thoughts on “Purpose Beyond a Pill

  1. Porter, next to you post titled “The portrait of Dorian Grey” this is one of your most memorable, articulate and insightful. A joy to read, as usual

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. The Dorian Gray post is the only one written here that was actually planned and outlined before being written. I should probably consider using that process more often.

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  3. Good post. A couple of small suggestions: add a link to the Williamson column or to a discussion of it; add a colon to the end of the sentence preceding the YouTube vid.

      • Thanks. If the link was there before I made the comment, it was not showing up in the format of your article that was presented to me upon first reading. I see it now, perhaps because I am now reading it in a different format. (I haven’t figured out why, but your full essays are presented to me in one or the other of two formats. Perhaps the difference is in arriving through Twitter versus directly through main website.)

      • The format difference is probably twitter. Instead of direct left-clicking from there, I open articles in a new tab to avoid their weird rendering.

  4. Bulls-eye, Porter.

    I live in Columbus, but own a small business that frequently takes me in all directions away from the Ohio state capital.

    My hometown is flush with the appearance of affluence…state capital jobs, major university, an insurance company that’s “on your side” (jingle) and a TBTF bank that has 12,000 employees alone in one sprawling location (good job, I guess, JP).

    Drive an hour in any direction….Zanesville, Mansfield, Springfield, Washington Court House….it becomes Third World America, home of the voiceless you describe.

    The vape shops and drive-thru beer stores are on the main drags and doing a booming business, for those who can’t afford or are too scared to Chase the Opioid Dragon. Plenty of their local neighbors have no such inhibitions, however, in any of the towns.

    I have no plans to leave Ohio. It is my home. But, it is becoming increasingly bifurcated and increasingly dysfunctional.

    • Buckeye,
      Like a few other eastern states, Ohio has had a big influx of Amish and Mennonites. I see this as a Very Good Thing. Particularly in the communities where the less insular Mennonites arrive, they are a great influence. Old, rundown barns suddenly revert to the architectural gems they once were. Small town storefronts go from 90% empty to 50% empty. Thrift and industry are returned.
      I hope that these habits can rub off on the rural whites in these states. They HAVE to be able to see how the habits and work ethic of their neighbors is within reach to them. Even if it doesn’t have that effect, their influx will be as momentous from a population replacement perspective as that of Mexicans has been to south Texas. They routinely have 6-16 kids, and they start having them at around 17; a powerful force multiplier. Even if they lose half of them to rumspringa temptations, those “lost” are probably still positive impacts on their towns.
      I think this is at least one cause for hope in the rural counties of eastern and Midwest states. Political ramifications are hard to predict, but my sense has been that they lean conservative, but with a strong sense towards the cuck.

  5. “… Seth Rogan watching the birth of a gentile baby.”

    There’s something really creepy about that picture.

    Is there any hope that Affirmative Action in all or any of its forms can be rescinded or rolled back in our lifetimes? (Or your lifetime, I’m a geezer). That would do a world of good for the forgotten people of this country.

    • I too wish to live to see the end of Affirmative Action. Today it surely seems permanent, like death and taxes. I keep hoping that when the Mount Debt, the supervolcano that smokes and shakes us periodically, finally blows its top, the “we can afford it” sentiment that underlies AA (and welfare in general) will evaporate and people will be ready to kill over being passed over for “equality’s sake.”

  6. Their livelihoods are dissolved by outsourcing and immigration

    The list goes on: they have no communities, religion, families, food, country anymore, … even their women are taken: most uneducated women are obese these days. There is literally nothing to live for. First they destroy their bodies through piercing and tattooing and then their lives through drugs.

  7. Sadly, I believe hopelessness has only begun to grow.

    If you look at Japan, their suicide rate has followed a nice inverted relationship with their stock market, and they’ve been in a bear market since—-1989! The same will happen here when this 36 year Long Boom, fueled by pathological trust, optimism and a social mood mania for the record books, finally succumbs to gravity.

    Pain is a funny thing, as are its treatments. In the last 10-15 years an entire new medical subspecialty arose, “Pain Management.” And as it arose, so did legions of people who it turned out live in chronic pain. Is their pain real? How would anyone know? Has it an emotional component? Probably. Lonely people have more pain (which should hearten we who want to see harpy-cat-lady-feminists suffer.) Do the drugs, the implanted devices, the needles and shots and nerve ablations help? Beats me. But commerce is being transacted, so all is good.

    I feel sorry for people for whom opioid drugs bring euphoria. I’m not among them; Vicodin just gives me a chemical lobotomy, a feeling I absolutely loathe, so I won’t use it. I used to sell pharmaceuticals, including a couple unusual pain pills. Like the hair guy, I didn’t just sell them, I was a customer, too. The more “oxycodone-like” of the drugs I sold (it’s classified the same way, a “C-II”) actually doesn’t work quite the same way, but FDA regulations demand it be sold like it’s just as addictive so those who would find it most useful (people like me, who don’t like the zombie effect of true opioids) largely don’t even know there’s an alternative. Doctors are among the most ignorant people on the planet regarding this kind of thing. They think the effectiveness of a pain pill is directly related to how much people seek it for recreational purposes.

    Bottom line: The OP is spot on. Low-talent whites are THE most hosed people in North America, and if my wife’s 4th grade classes are any indication, North America is going to be full of them for generations.

    • A great deal of “pain management” takes place in VA hospitals, as it is much quicker and cheaper than actually doing or curing anything. This happened to my brother…and there are hundreds in the same boat in the hospital he goes to, and surely multiplied across the country. He had to go outside the system with his own $$ in order to actually get a proper diagnosis, that included something more than medicating his way to an early grave.

  8. If there was a way to bet on despondency, it would be the trade of the century. What is the USA’s GDP? Around $20 trillion? And debt? Now about ten times that?

    All of that debt represents promises of future cash flows. What happens when it all evaporates? What happens to the US economy when interest rates rise (only fools think interest rates are actually controllable, it was a routine, 35 year secular bull market for bonds, that’s all) and choke off all borrowing? Whose job is NOT dependent on pulling future demand into the present via the “magic” of saying, “I’ll owe you?” How many jobs in “medical services” can survive if the means to pay for Medicare/Medicaid up and disappears? The military industrial complex? Higher ed? All of Wall Street and money management? And when those wrenching changes come, who will be able to stay ahead of their debts, and “retool” for whatever work is demanded (what little may be demanded, that is?)

    Few people are resilient. How many “preppers” can stay ahead of their bills if the whole shebang hits the reset button (except their debts.) How many people are trapped in occupations that have no applicability to anything else?

    Blacks will riot and burn down their cities. That’s their thing. Whites will suicide, fast with a gun or driving their Harley into a bridge abutment, or slow with cheap wine, cheap vodka, some weed and a handful of whatever opioid is available. My bet is that suicide will become the leading cause of death in the USA. Loneliness is already killing people en masse. Figuring out a way to live amidst others who have lost the will to do so may be the single most important notion any of us can cultivate, with a close runner-up being, how to help loved ones endure the coming trip through the valley of hopelessness. For it will end, and the eventual boom on the other side will be enjoyed only by those who show up alive to see it. It will be a hollow accomplishment if we’re our families’ & friends’ sole survivor.

  9. If I could do one thing only for these forgotten communities it would be to EMP their kosher-boxes. The degeneracy and social pathologies shoveled through the teevee are multiples more corrupting to minds less equipped to filter them. If these people had the benefit of being guided by traditional institutions, mores, and behavioral standards uncorrupted by Hollywood and the media, they would much more resemble their dignified grandparents than squalid tattooed junkies.

      • Agreed. MASH the movie was based on a novel, and the novel had a couple sequels, all of them set in rural Maine. A staple was a sub-community made up of a highly inbred clan who lived on “Hump Hill.” Pretty much all they did was screw, old on young, down to barely pubescent.

        I add this to observed reality: one example was two “special ed” students attending a high school dance together who literally began to have intercourse on the dance floor, so single-minded was their urge to couple and so limited their ability to know not to, right there and then.

        Take away their TV’s and you’d better tie the tubes of every girl over 12.

      • On a trip to Smalltown Midwest Whiteysville in the 80s, I opened the yellow pages and was amazed at the number of abortion clinics listed. I think it covered 2-3 whole pages. What shocked me most wasn’t the number itself, but that it dwarfed my Bigcity Gomorrah’s listings which only had 5 or 6 clinics total – maybe a full column.
        Only explanation I could think of, was they had nothing to do for fun out there, but screw. The poor sods.

  10. This is a serious issue, the predicament of the white underclass, but I firmly believe there is a great galvanizing event in our future. Then everything will suddenly change, albeit through a vast social upheaval. What concerns me in this respect more than anything however is that these forgotten people, the potential partisans of this cause of its own rediscovered identity,will not be up to the effort required. Here’s why I say that:

    We’re all familiar with the nature/nurture debate. Nature being genetics. But what about epigenetics, the recently-discovered switching machinery of the genome? This is the difference between Lamarckian and Darwinian evolution. Does the giraffe get its longer neck because it stretches for the higher foliage or because it’s the descendent of countless generations of longer-necked giraffes who were thus more successful at reaching the higher foliage? Actually, we’re now learning, it’s both. Lamarckian evolution, the older and at one time seemingly-naive idea that it’s because the giraffe stretches, has regained respectability with the discovery of the epigenome. By our actions, we can directly pass on to our immediate children and grandchildren traits that are responsive to that switching activity.

    The problem is that the last few generations have been so enervated and demoralized through the incessant propaganda, dope, McDonald’s, Grand Theft Auto and so on that they possess nothing like the toughness of their grandparents and great-grandparents. Ulster Scots may have conquered the frontier but can their descendents defend their conquests? It’s almost as though this moral and physical laxity so widely observed is the result of a fiendishly evil scheme being slowly and methodically effected by a subversive Entity embedded within the key ranks of all our institutions to degrade this people’s ability to fight back.

    … But nah, that just can’t be possible

    • I think epigenetics has been oversold. To me, it’s clear that each of us is born with a segment of opportunity which is a subset of the larger spectrum, for every human attribute. Our environment can change a few of those things (i.e., malnutrition during a key period of growth will stunt maximum attained height) and we can possibly leverage some things by effort alone [if we were genetically pre-disposed to the higher part of the spectrum for ‘thinking for ourselves.’] By this last, I mean that a motivated, conscientious man with a 120 IQ may well be more happy and successful than a less conscientious man with an IQ of 140. But the man with a 140 IQ will not be capable of what a man with a 160 IQ can do, all other things being equal (which they never are.)

      In the end, however, such things are minor tweaks, though, compared to what’s in our personal genome to begin with.

    • I don’t think those older generations were any better genetically. Reading about my ancestors, many were drunks. Many were highly successful: mayors, mall owners, bankers. Sometimes the drunks were highly successful too. Some of the drunks had kids that never touched a drop.

      Remember, even in WW2 most soldiers just hid in the trench and waited for the noise to stop. We are just as tough as they were. There’s just no war to enlist in yet.

  11. Epigenetics clearly can move the needle quicker (a few generations) than genetics (hundreds of generations) but genetics is the base condition so yes, it affects us more profoundly, no argument there.

    My only point is that epigenetics plays a role, it has an impact and that there is an actual physiological basis for the moral and physical turpitude that is occurring as evidenced by the opioid epidemic. Actually, more specifically, it’s not entirely that either; there is a positive feedback loop going on here between nature (epigenetics) and culture (chosenite influence).

    You always come up with interesting observations.

  12. I am a slowly recovering Heroin addict.
    What led me to stick needles into the veins of my arms full of smack?
    Being an Incel, an involuntary celibate, due to my Feminist conditioning and lack of Game.
    I was 35 when I discovered the Manosphere/Red Pill/Game/Pua/Alt-Right in 2013.
    Since then, it is struggle to put my life back on track with the help of self-employment and Game.
    Wish me luck, gentlemen!

      • First I had to realize that being Incel was at the root of my using Heroin in the first place.
        That Heroin was not THE problem.
        It was just a symptom. It was a sort of self-medication for my soul combined with self-inflicted destruction for my body.
        So in order to quit it, I have had to deal with the reason I was doing it.
        So, I had to figure out why was I an Incel? And I was involuntary celibate for two reasons: my Feminist conditioning and lack of Game. So I had to shred my Feminist conditioning, and learn Game.
        Other than that? Classic self-improvement. Going to the gym, finding work, going out with the intention of seducing women. And the beauty of Game is that I can report success with women whom I would not have dared to approach five years ago. Game saves lives, I can attest that. It certainly saves mine…
        As for the Heroin itself? I am now on Suboxone maintenance, so I do not feel the cold turkey withdrawals, but still crave the flash. It is not easy, especially that am am nearly 40 and I am missing so many years which could have been used for self-improvement. Sometimes I feel it is already too late for me… then I slip… but then I do not give up. Because the goal of the enemy, the Cultural Marxist Jews, was exactly to put us where I am now, and I refuse to let them have their victory and I will not give up until I am put into the grave.

    • “Because the goal of the enemy, the Cultural Marxist Jews, was exactly to put us where I am now, and I refuse to let them have their victory and I will not give up “. Correct, and that applies to other things, like the wave of gayness in the young males or females. If you are on the edge of deciding your future sexual orientation and you have weighted everything, there is one additional thing to consider : it is the goal of the enemy that you turn LGBTQIF…. So Resist !
      How ironic it is that ‘Resist’ used to be an old antifa meme, antifa who have now turned KAPO for the system.

  13. Very thoughtful comments here and I wish to add on the Evolutionary discussion, on dc sunset about epigenetic. I also agree that it is at the very least a ‘booster’. Anyways i am going to try to prophesize the ‘next step’. You can’t predict Evolution since it is not entirely computational as I mentioned in the ‘whose in who’ thread, but humans can still prophesize. So, in my opinion, the next step will be about ‘communication’ between self sentient beings. I mean true connection as opposed to the social media ersatz that we are being told are ‘connecting’ us. A form of telepathy would be the less wrong approximation. It is difficult to elaborate, but some mental states could allow this sort of interaction. When you think about the consequences of this evolutionary step, you find that, if it was allowed to spread in the population, it would be extremely subversive and lethal to any Evil agenda. But here comes Evolution into play, Lamarck : use an organ and it will develop, don’t use it and it will atrophy and eventually disappear. OK, so now consider the social media, like Facebook and so on. They are not just a constant noise in our minds, but some sort of physical prosthesis for the ‘mental connection’ I am envisioning. The ‘social media connectivity culture’ is currently acting, intentionally or not, as a Lamarckian hindrance for the evolutionary emergence of a higher mental state. We may even loose this final evolutionary opportunity and de-evolve to lower mental states.

  14. I know you may find my posts strange but let me elaborate. Consider things like Language or Writing, They are allowed within our cognitive capabilities, but they are not innate. Although a Maternal Language can be learned by a baby without effort by just listening, teaching language arts is still necessary to refine the process. Writing and Math demand an even greater mental effort and not surprisingly this is at this step that innate capabilities start to show limitations, in short, Math and science discriminate among race, gender and personality types such as extrovert vs introvert. From there, anybody will agree that it is very likely that the higher a mental state is required for a thought process, the more discriminating it is likely to be. Math demand deep thinking, self discipline and a capability to focus for a long time. What could be more discriminating than Math ? Meditation. Note that Math are a sort of ‘Meditation’ already. But pushing the concept further, teaching Meditation in school would most likely show the same inconvenient truth : it will be very discriminatory in essence. Of course there would be no point to try this in Middle school, no more than there is a point to teach calculus in Elementary school. But the reward of putting Meditation in the curriculum at the High school level could be huge. It would truly elevate the mental state of many, at least of a big part of the population. It will enlighten a few among us, and perhaps, with chance, be the trigger event needed for a new Mental Revolution, or Evolution. Back to reality now, a population unable to focus on anything, addicted to social media and brain washed since the Elementary School has little chance to succeed in this endeavor. This is as well for our governing Elite who thinks that this kind of enlightenment should be the privilege of itself. But so here it is, I suggest 1 hour of supervised Meditation per day in the High school curriculum, even to those on the Left Side of the Bell Curve. There are great chances that the curve may flip on a Meditation IQ and that those that are positioned right now on the very far right side of this curve are in fact ‘human calculators’ and they may well find themselves stuck to the Left side along with homo erectus.

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  16. “decomposing void for our atheist romantics”

    I don’t understand this. The atheist can’t explain how he got here. Why does he assume he will simply cease to exist?

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