Every Payment is a Down Payment

What if you knew every payment was a down payment? And that every down payment represented a new debt. And instead of amortizing over time, payments only made your liability grow. So that who you paid today, claimed you owed not less but more tomorrow. Thus the more you paid, the greater your obligation, the more egregious your perceived failure to meet it, and the more contemptuous your creditor. Given that process, I think you’d probably become quite judicious in offering charity.

Unfortunately, such discretion does not align with late-stage liberalism, and so Western societies have fallen into a sort of perfunctory parasitism with their colonizing client groups. Take Puerto Rico, for example—or better yet, for good. As of the latest year I could find without doing much looking, that territory paid $3.7 billion into mainland coffers, while suctioning out $21.1 billion. That’s enough of a one-sided fiscal relationship to make Puerto Rico Our Second Greatest Ally. That $21.1 billion is also more than Washington transferred to thirteen actual states—all of whose citizens are obligated to submit federal income tax returns, unlike some people.

Like most Caribbean idleocracies, Puerto Ricans are loath to earn their own living when someone else is offering. Only about half of working age men actually work, and those who do aren’t prone to much vigor. As a result, Puerto Rico produces a GDP/per capita figure that would make it by far the most destitute state, even with its lavish federal subsidies.

Of course, having over half your working age men horizontal on hooch, and the other half selling ads for Telemundo is certainly an insufficient excuse to not enjoy first world living standards. After all, these are Americans we’re talking about. Think of them as family—that despises you. So to pay for what they can not natively produce, the island has accumulated a ludicrous $70 billion dollar debt for which its apologists have found many culprits—few of whom, strangely, are Puerto Ricans. Once a portion of this financial burden is inevitably forgiven, and added to ongoing Hurricane relief aid, we’ll have more zeros on our philanthropy for these people. And more hostility and demands as a result of the effort. It’s all quite gratifying.

You can get a taste just how gratifying in this recent article from Gentleman’s Quarterly, of all places. I thought GQ was a classy mag about ascots, Windsor knots, and prostitutes draped over Bugattis. Though apparently “minority” whining has gone haute couture.

America Never Deserved Puerto Rico

My first thought was: you got that goddamned right. Though additional points of agreement were much more difficult to pinpoint.

The strangest thing about going to Puerto Rico was always the plane, right after boarding or just before disembarking at the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in San Juan. Not the smell—which is pungent and alive, the red clay in the soil giving the island a fragrance unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been—but the people. White people, specifically. Tourists sporting skin that’s too tan and teeth that are too white, in flip-flops and T-shirts, talking about where the good food is and how often they’ve come here to summer.

I laughed out loud reading that tossed-off lead. I’m sure you know people who talk like this: Hey, good to see you, how’s your family? By the way, I just have to say Trump and the rethuglicans are ruining America! Their psyches are burdened by a singular overriding animosity, and only a thin line of etiquette separates it from you. In this instance, it’s quite comical how thin it is. Ahh, the vibrant smells of Puerto Rico, how I love them so much, and by the way, I HATE WHITE PEOPLE. You just can’t waste precious page space on empty pleasantries.

So we tell you that Puerto Ricans are citizens, and therefore require your attention and action, because to white Americans the suffering of a brown person in some other country may as well not exist.

I always wonder whether the suffering of non-brown persons in other countries may as well not exist to people like Puerto Ricans. Actually I don’t wonder at all. Though given the assertion that my attention and action are required on their behalf, I’d like to establish what principles of reciprocity we’re working with.

This is a nation where people are enraged at the very sound of a language that isn’t English, where even the temerity to even look like you might utter a word of Spanish in a white person’s presence makes you a target. It does not matter if you are a citizen or not.

Another item I always wonder is why these dire racist conditions are never passed along to potential migrants. If the author cares for Puerto Ricans as much as he implies, I expect he would want to see them kept from harm. Yet a 100,000 are thought to be in route to Florida, without even a murmur of warning from GQ. Given what I have just learned in this article, it’s likely most of them will be executed. Yet still they come. It’s almost as if their feet are more honest than their tongues. Maybe we should consider that possibility.

The United States’ history with Puerto Rico is one of hypocrisy and shame, where a nation that sells itself as a beacon of freedom and democracy has repeatedly denied agency to millions of its own citizens, goading them into violence and poverty.

I really wish we of the white-teeth would stop goading brown people into violence and poverty. I notice we do a lot of goading, mostly into a myriad of social pathologies. We are truly masters of the goad. Which makes it galling that—despite intense conscious efforts—we have been unable to goad the same people into industriousness, responsibility, honesty, accountability, empathy, courtesy, thrift, prudence, or frankly anything that would make their homes worth not swarming into ours. Maybe we aren’t the most effective goaders after all.

The piece continues on in that vein interminably. This should lead many more people to conceptually ask the question of what is the proper response to “I hate you”? Is it…

So I’ll let you in?
So I’ll give you more?
So I’ll gorge on your toe cheese?
All of the above?

I don’t know if SATs still incorporate a logic component, but the correct answer is none of those. The truth is white charity has only ever had one child, and his name is brown resentment. He isn’t going to be goaded away.


18 thoughts on “Every Payment is a Down Payment

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  2. What are they a target of? Hate? Violence? There are so many times I’ve been some place, a grocery store, retail outlet, etc., and a group of mestizos are chattering away in Spanish, and you know what the white people do? Nothing. We politely ignore them. Maybe that’s what they’re a target of, being ignored. So, apparently, we’re supposed to go up and talk to them, even though they won’t understand what we’re saying.

    The lunacy of what we’re being accused of is infuriating.

    • Foreshadowing, mate, foreshadowing. They know they’re the stars of the coming reality show, “Zombies of the Apocalypse,” the ones shambling around from place to place trying to cannibalize everyone and everything, while the valiant heroes of the story hone their head-shot skills.

      I do not believe the Coalition of the Fringes will coalesce and be capable of pulling off a Pol Pot level of decapitating an entire country (the size of the USA) of all those they most envy and loathe. The C-of-the-F saw whites as MILK COWS, not adversaries. Their actual adversaries are their erstwhile “allies” while performing the milking routine. Once the cows get hip, or wander away, or somehow cut off the C-of-the-F’s from their benefits, all those “allies” will turn on each other (which we already see happening, only the tip of that iceberg.)

      Given this, when the Hobbesian War arrives, I think me and mine will be more capable of ingroup rallying and defense. We create the First World, and the moment we decide to stop surrendering it to the extortionists we’ll be forced to drive them into the sea.

      Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans, they all have to go back.

  3. Even the most stupid dog owners knows that you get more of what you reward. Give poor people money? Get more poor people. Give unwed, destitute mothers more bennies? Get more destitute kids. Give resentful, incapable, envious people a hand up? Get more of them trying to bite off your fingers.

    You cannot ameliorate the suffering of a child without rewarding the parents who produce the suffering. Kids are hungry? Did we note that mom smokes a pack a day? Or has the latest iGadget? Money is fungible, and all benefits can be monetized. Hand Junior a free lunch and dysfunctional mommy (or baby-daddy) gets the fix.

    Nothing, not ONE DAMN THING will change until Joe Citizen is put to the wall over worries that he won’t be able to feed his own kids. During this period of Extraordinary Popular Delusions, putting everything “on plastic” means that the illusion of Unlimited Resources will maintain right up until it fails catastrophically.

    When that day arrives, all that the last 50 years will prove to have accomplished is blending all of the chemical ingredients together of the most unstable explosive imaginable, and during this last blow-off rally in open borders, enough “ammonium nitrate” and “nitromethane” will have been brought in to insure a Poor Man’s C4 detonation of epic proportions.

  4. Another item I always wonder is why these dire racist conditions are never passed along to potential migrants.
    Do they not also fear being made racist, by our Magic Dirt(tm)? The too-dark tans – they already have. The too-white teeth – Good Dental; that would be nice. But the raycism virus? Hail too the naw!
    Take Puerto Rico, for … good.
    If we had a bonafide 4D chessmaster in charge, he might order the CIA to spark up one of those P.R.Liberacion terrorist groups they’ve got mothballed in one of those warehouses. Have them light off a few bombs, start a new hashtaghashtag, a yewtube channel, kidnap a gringo official – and then “Uncle! You want your independence, you can have it. You are right, and we were wrong. You = noble natives; We = bad yanqui oppressadores. And here are all your fine citizens back. Wait, some of them aren’t really PR’s, they’re Dominicans and Mexicans who used stolen PR ID’s to enter the USA? I’m sure you can sort them out. Vaya corn dios.”

  5. All I knew of Puerto Ricans in my youth were rusted out muscle cars with their PR flags, and the annual parade whose closing ceremony would always involve violent knife play. Oh, and I also recall the old chestnut; “what are the first English words a Puerto Rican kid learns? ‘Attention KMart shoppers…'”

    My perspective on them grew from that thanks to the protests they held which ultimately led to the closure of the Vieques naval base. This event crystallized two separate but parallel viewpoints; one that they were thankless assholes, along with the sense that GWB was somewhat a pussy. Time has validated these opinions, I think.

  6. First…great post.

    Second…first time poster here so I feel like I want to show you my creds: itulip.com since post dotcom; Keith’s housing panic blog since 2007ish; Bens housing bubble blog since the same time; throw in some Schiff and Rhoubini in that mix; sprinkle all that with some charles hugh smith and some zero hedge on the top.

    Third (and my thoughts): what we are experiencing is the demise of Pax Americana.

    Now I respect your thoughts and your eloquence at expresing those thoughts but I am just curious…how long did you expect this U.S. hegemony to last…especially after the 2008 shit storm?

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  8. Dang. I hate when I get so busy paying for these people that I get behind on Porter’s blog.

    Also wondering: How much in hurricane relief did Texas and Florida receive from Kenyans or Moroccans?

    The bill on brown resentment is overdue. And she’s a bitch.

  9. You know, the interesting thing is that in the absence of these vile, sanctimonious, bleating, accusing, brow-beating, lying, sneering, holier-than-thou, repugnant leftist swine, I wouldn’t hate the various browns at all. I’d view them as some kind of quaint curiosity to be kept at very long arm’s length and studied in their natural habitat by nerds and butch-looking short-haired women in helicopters.

    However, since they’ve been used and are still being used as a feces-covered stick with which to beat most white people in the mouth endlessly while our ears are filled with the din of blatantly hypocritical accusations and gaslighting, the said weaponizing of these orcs by the leftists makes me loathe them with a venom equaled only by the detestation stirred up by their wielders.

    • And the worst part is we’re not allowed to respond in kind, lest the full force of the Empires police state come down on you. I’m waiting for the time whites finally get tired of being victims, and organize a good old fashioned lynch mob…

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