Fish Found to Commit Majority of Marine Defecation

Do you ever start to offer an opinion, only to remember you’ve already said it ten times before? After hundreds of posts on this blog it begins to feel as though the world is out of events that haven’t already been pre-explained. I suppose we haven’t yet covered the earthquake swarm / super volcano, though that can be corrected immediately: Minorities and BLTs hardest hit; racist republicans fail to provide acceptable catering.

Though more pertinent to the past, I wanted to return to the Las Vegas shooting. At this point I am extremely skeptical that authorities have released all they actually know. I say this because the massacre was an act of extraordinary meticulousness and precision. This was not random or a sudden “snapping,” but rather a manifestation of well-cultivated fanaticism. And fanatics are rarely reticent in describing their motives. So where is the manifesto? Where are the furious online comments?

I have even contemplated predictable movie plots. Was Paddock actually nothing more than what he seemed: a shiftless, childless retiree pissing away his last years staring at high dollar slot machines with a freeze-dried asian on his lap? If so, how on Earth does this translate to such extraordinarily murderous zeal? Is it possible he was a patsy? Could it be that some poor schmuck was simply enticed (or taken) to the real sniper(s) firebase for use as a dead decoy? I don’t know, but I’m certain Paddock has been an inconveniently close-lipped assassin.

But what I more wanted to discuss was the left’s reflex action in the wake of these killings. It was a thing of morbid astonishment to immediately see twitter hashtags of #whiteprivilege attached to the shooting of 500+ whites. Rarely has privilege seemed so luxurious. Maybe liberals were aggrieved that local emergency rooms received surviving victims ahead of Hondurans with foot calluses. Being attended to by medical infrastructure your taxes have paid for is privileged indeed.

Though beyond the bellowing and instantaneous white hatred came a cacophony of gun control calls. The most enterprising leftists took the occasion to combine both: fewer guns and whites! Newsweek leaped into the effort reminding us that white men have committed more mass shootings than any other group. I wonder what percentage of mass shootings mestizos commit in Mexico? Well, Newsweek does not wonder. But the point is that white people are responsible for some significant percentage of crime in white countries. And that’s a newsworthy item. Below are a few examples:

And here is where I descend into rank repetition. As stated previously in these pages, it is not a compliment, and should not be a goal, for white majorities to say they commit a small minority of the crimes in their own country. That is, in fact, a sure sign of their own descent into gibbering madness. The ideal percentage of crimes committed by any host society is 100%. This means their criminal franchise is entirely endogenous, which itself means they have imported no crime whatsoever. And wouldn’t the optimal number of imported violent criminals be zero? China and Japan certainly think so.

But instead of being treated as so obvious as to be obtuse, citations of white crime in a white country are used as tacit (and increasingly explicit) justification to attack whites. That they should be replaced with populations having far greater violent impulses is of no consequence at all. Thus the demand is to either have societal heaven or don’t complain when we make it hell.

But saying 10 is the same as 90 because neither is 100 is a stupidly transparent ruse. Fortunately for the left, there’s no deficit of stupid people. So let’s import the most prolifically violent populations in the world to push the white crime ratio into something that doesn’t injure our refined sensibilities. Hey, there’s practically no white gun violence at all in Zimbabwe. Mugabe must really be on to something.


15 thoughts on “Fish Found to Commit Majority of Marine Defecation

  1. Yes, you have said this all before. But it bears repeating. It brought this thought to mind; Has there ever been a more accurate and appropriate euphemism as “melting pot” is for diversity?

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  3. Any DOJ crime chart, with racial categories for victims and assailants, will show that we are being vastly outscored in every quarter and inning. Once in a while, I’d say we could blame the refs, but every damn time? It’s our own fault. Dylann Roof probably didn’t get us to break-even for that one day alone. We really need to step up our game, fellas. Except for the Rape. I wouldn’t wish that on any White man. Perhaps some wiggers out there are willing to take one for the team?

  4. I’ve said nearly everything I’ve typed on here many times before, but I still come back anyway. This place is my festivus pole, somewhere to air my grievances.

    I peruse the lefty places sometimes. They were gleefully reporting that white men are responsible ‘for a majority’ of mass shootings in the country. You read, and the number is 54%, while they are only 31% of the US population. A clear sign that white men are extremely dangerous. Everyone in the handful of comments I could handle reading accepted these numbers at face value and ran with it. Since mass shootings are nearly all done by men, its pointless to bother including women in the numbers. So, based on the fact that this is something men do, that means that white men, at 61% of the male population, are under represented among mass shooters. Another little ‘trick’ they like to do is use the statistics that don’t bother separating hispanics from the white crime numbers. These often show white people committing something like 70 % of crimes. But, once you remove the hispanics, its back well below the white percentage of the population. The REALLY funny ones are when they show “white people” committing the same number of crimes as black people and act like they’ve made some kind of big point, until you point out that there are 5 times more white people in the US. In many crime stats, whites and hispanics combined STILL don’t reach the numbers of black crimes, despite being 80% of the population vs 13%. I’ve seen professional liars do some amazingly deceptive things with numbers, but not even they can make the obvious go away in this case.

    • its pointless to bother including women in the numbers
      Equality of the sexes and all, they have to do their fair share, too. Pussies, the lot of ’em.
      once you remove the hispanics, its back well below the white percentage of the population.
      It’s like the One Drop Rule’s been flipped, like an Othello chip.

    • And it’s such a puzzle how that happens because after all, probability theory and statistics were invented south of the Sahara, were they not? I mean they wuz kangs before the evil mutant cave people escaped from the lab and stole dey fire.

      • I’ve never been able to comprehend the “whites stole our knowledge/technology” concept. If Joe invents algebra and Mike learns it from reading his notes, does Joe then cease to know it?” Within the black paradigm, is knowledge similar to a 40 oz malt liquor in that it can not be possessed by multiple entities simultaneously? Thus learning new ideas requires sales, barter, or (in our case) theft.

        Perhaps that explains why Africans can’t feed themselves. Whites have locked away the secrets of agriculture, because if we relinquished them then our own fields would instantly fall fallow.

        Imagine a Sudanese across the ocean opening the secrets of crop rotation as a white farmer in Iowa suddenly stops, looks quizzically at his tractor, and thinks: “What the hell is this thing for?”

      • Porter, you crack me up. okay I’m drinking. Just back from Costco, discovered they’re now carrying my favorites.

      • I will just post the whole thing here. If this doesn’t piss you off , what will?

        “Let’s start with all the medical personnel in the Vegas Metro Area.

        The nut wounded some 500 people.

        The medical scam system has now almost-certainly bankrupted all of them with charges that are 5-10x what they would be in a transparent, price-posted and everyone-pays-same market. What’s even better is that many insurance policies explicitly exclude any sort of “act of war or terrorism”, and they define what that means, so you can bet this event will “count.”

        Of course you’re not in a position to negotiate when you have just been shot and are flat on your back bleeding out. That’s exactly the sort of circumstance — an exigent and genuine emergency — that leads the state of Florida and most other states to jail you if you attempt to gouge people on, say…… gasoline.

        That’s true in fact for basically every service or good in an emergency in virtually every state, save one: Medical services.

        There the states and federal government let the providers **** with you impunity.

        Every one of these hospitals, physicians and every single employee of same should be under indictment right now for financially screwing every one of those 500 shooting victims.

        First they were victimized by being shot. Then they got financially raped, and most still are being raped, by the hospitals, doctors, nurses and other medical providers.

        This conduct needs to be treated as the felony that it is under 15 USC Chapter 1.”

      • Chief Wunderbrod,

        That shit don’t fly in Tennessee. See Doe v. HCA Health Services of Tennessee, Inc., 46 S.W.3d 191 (Tenn. 2001), and West v. Shelby County Healthcare Corporation, 459 S.W.3d 33, 44-45 (Tenn. 2014).

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  6. Porter, I don’t know if your point was too subtle for me, but the reason you invite criminals is easy if you take it logically: The Aztec neighbors invited the Spanish to find out imbalances, the Dutch Tea company gave shelter to Sephardis to reveal greed, the Jews brought Africans to show the accursed, the Germans brought Irish to demonstrate hostility, the Irish let in Italians to display entrenched corruption, the Italians brought Puerto Ricans to prove garish criminality, the Puerto Ricans made room for Dominicans to show the deterioration of neighborhoods, the Dominicans worked with Colombians to show murderous drug dealers, and the Communists brought Muslims as being incompatible with Western Civilization. The exposition, shame, and spite of foreigners is a fable in need of an Aesop.

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