The Amazoning of America

The slow almost imperceptible abandonment of America’s common spaces has made Jeff Bezos a staggeringly wealthy man. When you can buy Zuckerberg in total and have enough change left over for Carl Ichan, you’re comfortable. But Bezos isn’t that rich by pluck alone. The diversity he yearns for others than himself to experience has helped pave his driveway in platinum.

Obtuse observers often confuse Amazon as the catalyst for this inward migration, rather than merely its beneficiary. But I think Amazon has caught what’s fallen to them as much as they’ve shaken the tree. Yes, people are increasingly choosing to shop and gawk online rather than in malls and movie theaters.

But why?

Convenience is only part of the answer. For those too young to recall the retail topography before Amazon, Bezos originally had to peddle his paperbacks at a significant discount. This because physical shopping was considered a premium experience over sterile browser clicking. This has changed entirely, yet the Internet was just as convenient then.

However, entering our common area Babels has become much less convenient. Aside from the ambient rioting of teens, a visit to the mall now makes Jakarta or Dakar seem far closer to reality than memories of shopping among members of an actual organic community. And as last night’s unbelievable carnage in Las Vegas bitterly reminded: Babel isn’t always the worst of it.

This sort of event is a tiny statistical anomaly, but one still potent in what it carves into the psyche. I once lost a good friend in a head-on collision on a two-lane road. Even though not directly involved, I still find myself years later unselfconsciously cringing at a fast approaching car in narrow lanes.

As my history revealed, even vicarious experiences can leave long residuals. And public violence accumulates indelible marks, whether or not you’re specifically on its business end. I don’t think about such things much. But I think enough to never sit in restaurants with my back to the door or feet far from an exit. Such expressions of minor paranoia are, for my purposes, preferable to a one-time dawning horror. But they are also not ideal, and the happy hour in my own kitchen is.

Millions of people will increasingly be tugged toward their own intimate refuge without ever even making a conscious decision in that direction. Most will only be reflective enough to know that I think I’d rather just stay in tonight. Hey, we could buy 20 albums for the cost of that concert ticket. The alienating discomfort of increasing diversity along with a remote prospect of lightening bolts by psychopaths will ensure Jeff Bezos maintains a very lucrative delivery franchise.

A couple of additional thoughts on Las Vegas.

A 64 year-old retired accountant? The murderer’s brother says he must have “snapped.” But snapping is a manifestation of spontaneity, not meticulousness. A person snaps when they realize Rachel Madow is a woman. When they do, they might throw a vase at the wall in horror. But they don’t surreptitiously construct a hotelroom firebase with multiple rifle tripods and surveillance cameras on their six. If that’s snapping, then the military pays a lot of men to do it competently.

So why wasn’t this geezer in his retirement home pushing Cialis to its chemical limit with his Indonesian prostitute? Also, what made him select a country music festival? There’s an obvious answer to the second question that may or may not prove to be correct. A hypothetical leftist lunatic couldn’t choose a better proxy for despised Trump America than the target pool at a country western concert. That was my initial speculation. Despite ISIS’s claim of credit, I thought it was likely to be another Steve Scalise style shooting in massive bright neon. If you’ll recall his assailant, James Hodgkinson, was similarly 66 years old and a loner. The possibility of another antique antifa remains quite viable as of this writing.

Tragedies are fertile ground for trite remarks. One of those to be counted on in such events is: You can’t live your life in fear. Well actually you can. And you can almost certainly live much longer if that fear is risk-based, rationally managed, and longevity is a priority. It isn’t the cool rush of reason that keeps most people from placing their lives in pointless jeopardy, but rather fear. Without that helpful and adaptive emotion, proto-humans would have ended in predator bellies. In a modern example, there are multitudes of base jumpers, who chose not to live their lives in fear. I wonder how many wished briefly they had.

Though I think such thrill seekers are uniquely insensitive to healthy, visceral messaging. But many other people will be much less so. They will begin to experience those uncomfortable, perhaps unconscious, niggles in packed public venues…as the Amazoning of America proceeds.


27 thoughts on “The Amazoning of America

  1. The commercial below was recently released on UK television. It’s merely one of a tidal wave of identical offerings that we’re treated to All of them insisting hysterically on one theme to rule them all: grinning diversitopia, dancing to the never-ending music.

    The fact that these scenes have literally never happened once in real life, is an irrelevance. This is how reality is *meant* to work. And so we must accept it as absolute truth. A woman with a “Fuck you” afro grown to Level 12 is nestled blissfully amongst her cracker friends. They are practically family to her. Meanwhile, the white women are giving serious consideration to producing the first British Obama, while their boyfriends look on with fixed, beaming smiles. It’s “cheers!” and high fives all round. And don’t you dare mention that it’s all a pack of lies.

    • I used to work in TV closed-captioning. All the (((network))) gay/miscegenation/negro worship was too much,
      so I quit the well-paying job. Struggling now, but at least I can look at myself in the mirror.

      • I knew a woman that did that. She never complained about the diversity but did complain about captioning multiple news stories every day that never got shown because the diverse news selector only chose bullshit stories to air.

    • “these scenes have literally never happened once in real life”

      My Gaia, but television is infested with garbage like this. From car commercials to cereal commercials, all they sell you instead is the poz, and pozzed make-believe nonsense like The Ultimate Multicultural Dance Party. Maybe today it’s the joys of race mixing (for bonus points, note carefully the frequencies of black man and white woman vs. white man and black woman vs. white man and asian woman, etc.). Tomorrow it may be the what I call the fictional black family; the upper middle class, svelte, four person family with high end house and car (and father!), yet not an EBT card in sight. The next day it could be White Dad is Dumb Dad/GRRRRL Power.

      Don’t even get started on the content of the TV shows themselves.

      • All of our modern life is a vast network of temptations, of invitation to indulge in self-destruction. It is a vast culling of the populace for people so easily led, so easily manipulated that they cross the threshold into “f-up your whole life because TV told you it was okay.”

        White women bearing black men’s children is just this; it’s a fact of biology that the “reversion to the mean” of their kids’ intelligence is probably (as in statistical probability) lower. (Yes, I know everyone frequenting this blog knows this well.) But it needs to be articulated. Such women render their descendants’ likelihood of thriving ever lower. Darwin will have his day, sooner or later.

        The boy who seeks attention from peers by announcing “he’s gay,” the woman who insists her 5 year old son is “trans” (as clear a case of Munchhausen’s Syndrome by Proxy as you’ll ever find), the blonde cheerleader who goes to her high school one day not wearing anything beneath her cheerleader skirt to better enable getting banged in a stairwell by a black athlete (TRUE STORY!), all because the Pied Pipers told them it was new, chic, cool, edgy and attention-getting…they are in the long run revealing themselves to be unfit to be part of future generations.

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  3. “Millions of people will increasingly be tugged toward their own intimate refuge without ever even making a conscious decision in that direction. Most will only be reflective enough to know that I think I’d rather just stay in tonight. Hey, we could buy 20 albums for the cost of that concert ticket. The alienating discomfort of increasing diversity along with a remote prospect of lightening bolts by psychopaths will ensure Jeff Bezos maintains a very lucrative delivery franchise.”

    Interesting observation.

    No where now is safe.

  4. Did you notice what happened here? No sooner did his Indonesian girlfriend leave the country than this white privileged male up and goes on a shooting spree. We simply have to come to terms as a nation with the fact that we have failed to allow enough immigration to provide the kind of cultural enrichment & cross-pollination of ideas necessary to keep this country vibrant and relevant on the modern stage.

  5. Whether the official Narrative is true or false, the conclusion is obvious: It is increasingly dangerous to participate in group activities where throngs of people appear happy. In our sick times, large numbers of happy people draw chaos like a scantily-clad girl stumbling drunkenly down a dark alley attracts rapists.

    • Avoid crowds. I’ve been doing it for years, so I suppose I’m ahead of the curve. Same with not having my back to the door in restuarants. My wife knows thats my seat, and unconsciously helps arrange the kids around that seat facing the door. Same with automatically finding every exit every time I walk into a building. I carry, but that is only for if I am cornered. Plan A is scooping up the kids and running, as fast as possible, out of the building. I know some people will have a hard time adjusting to life like this, but for me it was easy, I already didn’t like large crowds of people. I used to go to a shitload of concerts, but haven’t been to one in many years. Being trapped inside a steaming mass of humanity gives me the willies. Same with a movie theater, haven’t been in one in many years. I think the second of the Christian Bale Batman movies was the last for me.

      Im curious if Trump will betray us on this one as well. Thus far, it appears none of his campaign promises meant much of anything. I’ve been reading things like “he wouldn’t dare betray his base like that, they’d abandon him” and other such nonsense. Apparently people haven’t seen his “winning” record on the rest of the assurances he gave us rubes to get our vote. I bought a shitload of AR mags before the election, way more than I need, and kinda laughed at myself after Trump won and we were ‘safe’ for 4 more years. Now I sell them at a slight loss to friends because they are taking up space, but maybe I should just hang on to them until after Trump has a sit down with Chuck and Nancy, and see what kinds of concessions they get out of him, in return for the usual *NOTHING* in return, of course.

      • Gator, I’m the guy in at the next (restaurant) table, doing exactly what you describe. The gun is there in the very low likelihood that 1) something bad happens and 2) escape and evasion won’t do for protecting me and mine. My actions will not be predicated on playing Hero. If lightning strikes and I’m forced to deploy on the spot, if others are saved it would be purest collateral benefit. Protecting cattle is only important if they’re next week’s hamburger.

        The path ahead will happen no matter who is dancing in front of the marching band.

  6. RE Vegas; one plausible scenario to explain the bizarre quantity of firearms involved; left wing nut decides to demonstrate the level of mayhem that is possible using weapons legally purchased and modified to prove the need for more gun control, and used a targeted group that is typically opposed to such infringements on our rights as a sacrificial lamb.

    • He was active for 10 minutes.

      The first five minutes is available in the taxi stand video.

      I (carefully) counted over 550 shots in that first 5 minutes. I don’t know how many shots fired in the second five minutes. I suspect he fired a lot less because in minutes 5 to 7 the taxi was near the concert and there were no more shots during that time span.

      Also don’t know why he stopped. Cops came and busted him more than half an hour later. In the pics leaked he had 30 round clips in the room. Apart from the first 100 rounds, the next 400 rounds were mostly in continuous 100 round bursts so he wasn’t using those 30 round clips.

      The driver thought there were two shooters. That’s what I’ve found so far.

      youtube: I was at Mandalay Bay in the taxi line

  7. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to kill the unsuspecting.
    Paradoxically, it’s both shocking how much its occurring and surprising that it isn’t occurring more, considering the abundance of crowds and the very well funded enterprise of Create Hate Inc.
    Journalists, celebrities, politicians, foreign governments, football players, universities…really a staggering amount of capital going into the project.

    Like 9-11, the Las Vegas horror was a smashing success for the bad people. Lots of conservatives killed and the best of all scenarios for a narrative:
    Guns bad
    White man bad
    Immigration okay because this killer was a homey.

    The accounts of the police officers risking their lives to save people, and the men who died shielding their wives—there’s a story there that won’t be told.
    Adding to this particular horror is knowing that we will never hear the truth about the shooter or the circumstances.

      • “Army of One,” most likely, stopped because it was in bad taste.

        Though 23 firearms up there. That’s several hundred pounds of metal to lug up there. If he wasn’t selling them, it was either for display purposes (“see how many evil guns I have? Ban them!”) or he was nuttier than his careful planning suggests, since each one brought in raised his risk of discovery.

      • That was very odd. He was jovial–making jokes and stating that he was surprised, while not appearing surprised at all. Hard to imagine considering the circumstances.

  8. The pictures of bloody corpses have been horrific. So much carnage.

    Actually, there have been almost no such pictures, in spite of 10,000 camera phones on the scene.

    Really impressive restraint by the 10,000 survivors. Nary a picture on social media. It’s better this way. We wouldn’t want to, um, like, upset the families.

    Great restraint by the media, too. No investigative journalism into the actual events–just repetition of talking points from “the authorities.” Not a single journalist has seen a corpse, or even a bullet wound. But that’s better. Think of the families. They don’t want some ink-stained wretch confirming facts. It would be disrespectful. Why would anyone doubt the statements of politicians and officials? Those types of people never lie.

    But the journalists have shown a LOT of hustle in writing about the victims. I’ve seen scores of human interest stories about “the final hours” of victims, exactly why they were in Vegas, why they went to the concert, the funny thing they said on the phone to their mom in their final hours, their grad school/wedding/travel plans, etc. etc. Some of these stories were more elaborate that the backstories of Olympians on CBS Sports. So the journalists have been “busy” looking into something, I guess.

    As for the perp/patsy, he meets the burning demand for a white male shooter. And perhaps his advanced age serves a purpose too. There’s a lot of money to be made from the coming mandatory dementia screening. And a lot of money to be SAVED from the coming pensioner euthanasia movement.

    Here’s something interesting from snopes, quoting a post from 4chan a couple weeks before the event. Snopes says this is too vague to count as a prediction, but he does confirm that this was posted a few weeks before the event.

    look i feel bad for some of you on this website. so i’ll let you in on a little secret. if you live in las vegas or henderson stay inside tomorrow. don’t go anywhere where there are large groups of people. also if you see three blacks vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area. you’re welcome

    it’s called the “high incident project”. they want to make the american public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe. they are trying to create more regulations. you will see laws proposed within the next few years to put up more metal detectors and other security devices. media and politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police. i can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds.

    if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. osi systems and chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. mr chertoff has been in contact with sheldon adelson. mr adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes. this is my last message for now. don’t expect me to return anytime soon

    • Boo hoo. Casinos become like prisons. Cavity check before craps? (I couldn’t resist.)

      I don’t gamble, so making the cattle submit to an anal probe before pressing their little video poker machine’s button over and over is not high on my give-a-crap list. The same thought applied when pro sports venues and places like Six Flags amusement parks started frisking attendees.

      There’s a corollary to the old saw:
      1. Don’t go to stupid places.
      2. Don’t hang with stupid people.
      3. Don’t do stupid things.
      4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      Don’t volunteer to be treated like cattle.

  9. P.S. Back to the original point of the post about the Amazoning of America. Indeed immigration reduces social trust and makes us want to cocoon. But the atomization and cocooning aren’t just a side effect, they are one of the goals. The scariest thing for exploiters at the top of the pyramid is free association among the exploitED. Rebellions are fomented in pubs. Scaring everyone into staying home helps “leaders” feel more secure in their power.

    Think about the Boston Tea Party. At some point, a bunch of colonists had a few meetings and they said to each other, “no taxation without representation.” Can you imagine that today? Can you imagine 100 guys meeting in a pool hall today and complaining about government abuses? I can’t.

    • If 100 guys met specifically to complain about government, 80 of them would be paid informants or on the direct payroll of alphabet-soup agencies.

      Remember the old saw: Every poker game has a patsy; if you look around and can’t identify him, you’re the patsy.

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