Climbing Mt. Supremacy

In the last month we have seen the capture of a serial killer and a mass racial church shooting, both of which are events accustomed to lengthy headline media coverage. This accompanied by removal of the offender’s preferred symbols from public view, and abject disavowals by any politician with whom he may have once conceivably shared a position.

But the murderers in this case are black, with the victims white. And as Robert Frost once remarked, that has made all the difference. As a result of that difference, the well-established liturgy of prostrate racial atonement was promptly tossed out the window, african democrats remained virgins of disavowals, and the only people who can even recall the victims’ names are their own grieving family members. This is what we call white supremacy. Sometimes this even permeates into movie theaters, granting its recipients unearned facial fractures. Though whether its manifestations are flamboyant or mundane matters less than the imperative that the media bury them deeper than the Lost Dutchman gold mine.

Of course white supremacy is hardly worth the effort unless it is properly maintained. And that’s why we have immigrants, diversity, and ancient friends. This isn’t a part-time job. It requires continual labor.

For instance, an ISIS-sympathizer reinforced white supremacy in Edmonton, Canada last night by stabbing a police officer and running over four pedestrians. Not wanting to lag in comparison, two Frenchwomen today emphasized their supremacy by having their throats slit to the classical Gaullist strains of Allahu Akbar.

Given that whites are being butchered, denounced, demonized, and replaced in their own countries, you might be inclined to conclude this is surely the shittiest supremacy in world history. Though be assured we’ve just begun the ascent. The apex of white supremacy will only be reached when our children are huddled in hovels while a mob of POCs brays outside for their livers. That’s the unfair life of kings.

But what I am circuitously coming around to saying is that actually having societal supremacy is the surest means to not being broadly accused of it; and losing it is the most certain path to an indictment. Obviously some group is always going to be preeminent in any petri-dish society, and no one carves a country out of their own blood and sweat with the hope that their posterity will get no particular benefit.

So when you are being accused of supremacy, the subtext is always replacement rather than absence. The accusers are not saying “no supremacy.” They’re saying “supremacy for us.” This theory may be tested by asking how much you believe the left’s myriad tribalists respect your legitimate interests and seek an environment of reciprocal good-will. Or possibly we just don’t understand their means of expression.

In any event, I expect man’s nature will remain unmoved by our fallacies. That is to say, those who truly wield power will hardly permit unpunished allegations of it. While those whose grip has been relinquished will be denounced daily. This is how the human psyche operates. Someone we hate who can’t harm us: that’s who it’s safe to openly call supremacist.


8 thoughts on “Climbing Mt. Supremacy

  1. I’ve often thought of blacks as the stereotypical immature, spoiled child (or adult) that isn’t having a good time, or doesn’t like something, so they try to ruin it for everyone else by constantly complaining and talking about how terrible everything is. Or they themselves cannot do something, so rather than appreciate someone elses skill or talent, they constantly trash it. On a macro level, this attitude applies to blacks, who have proven themselves utterly incapable of building, or even maintaining a society in anything resembling a civilized form. Give a group of Europeans a pile of bricks, they’ll build you a civilization. Give a group of blacks a civilization, they’ll leave you a pile of bricks. They have long realized that they cannot build a community, city, or civilization, so they set out to do the next best thing: destroy everyone elses.

    • Their temper tantrums would mean nothing without the US Government (sole possessor of the franchise on ultra violence) constantly protecting, reinforcing, and financing that behavior. Focus on the blacks misses the real evil loose in our midst. Defeating the swamp must happen. If not, you may arm up, but you still won’t have enough ammunition.

      • And this is why whites never retaliate, and are always victims now. If these feral Negroes were to ever get the fear of God put into them like their predecessors did, this shit would stop pronto.

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  3. I just went through and read the links. Under the French women getting killed link, I found this little gem:

    “The presence of Sentinelle soldiers, their speed and efficiency ensured that the death count was not bigger,” police union official Stephane Battaglia told Reuters.

    Readers of this blog are no doubt familiar with that type of statement, which is made in some iteration every time we have such a diversity incident in the US or Europe, where hand wringing leftist writers have to attempt to cover the gruesome events and mindless platitudes uttered by their hand wringing, leftist politicians without actually casting blame on anyone other than the ‘lone, possibly mentally ill individual’ who did it. Praising the police, which work for these same politicians doing the praising, is essentially patting themselves on the backs. Left unmentioned, and never EVER said in any MSM publication, is that the death toll should have been *ZERO* in every one of these cases, as none of them would have happened had these very same politicians not spent the last several years importing these animals as fast as the NGOs can ferry them over. They proclaim their disgust and shock every time, while continuing the same open door policy that guarantees these things keep happening. Which is understandable, given their citizens reaction is typically to keep re-electing them. Don’t really know that this rant has much of a point, other than I can’t believe that most white people can read those types of articles so often and not have a similar reaction to mine. Obviously the Germans don’t, they just re-elected ‘barren’-ess Merkel again.

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  5. Looks like the false flags are flying high today for white supremacy. Hillary tweets some shit about putting aside politics to fight the NRA, lol. Gotta get me some more of that supremacy stuff. I figure as long as I can keep from using it, the more valuable it will be when I really need it.

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