The High Cost of Sharing

Briefly tonight: A new study reveals that illegal migrants in America cost $135 billion in upkeep while paying in a scant $19 billion in taxes. This resulting in a $116 billion dollar net drain. But everyone knows having nice things isn’t cheap. So what nice things are we getting for that $116 billion? Hey, look at the time.

Though it is necessary to make a few points on this topic. And since you won’t see those points made in the media, you’ll have to resign yourself to reading here.

First, because Washington fires mountains of money into the abyss like an ongoing terrestrial gamma burst, $116 net billion may not sound so unwieldy. But it’s a more egregious sum than you may imagine. For context, consider that what we pay illegals to squat here exceeds the annual state budgets of Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined.

Second, the above calculation of revenues and outlays related to illegal immigration is so rare to see because it’s so useful to read. In contrast, more duplicitous commenters perpetually alight upon GDP as their metric of choice when appealing for the importation of Pakistan. They do this because gross GDP is worthless in measuring the alleged benefits of immigration.

A slug leaving its mucus trail across the wall can conceivably add a dollar to GDP. But that tells you nothing whatsoever of whether its presence represents an economic boost or burden to the host society. And that absence of actual insight is precisely why liberal economists find GDP so useful.

Third, a first world society requires far more than mere break-even participants. Imagine if illegals were so productive as to be just that–they’d still represent an enormous deficit. Because maintaining the social commons of a modern Western welfare state requires huge numbers of highly positive contributors to make up for the broad cohort who are not. Perhaps this fact hasn’t yet been revealed to left-wing columnists, but migrants will eventually grow old, just like the legacy Americans they come to call racist. If we received only break-even contributors, what surplus wealth would pay for papa Paco’s Da Vinci machine and dialysis? No one ever seems to ask.

Fourth, I am far more concerned about importing swarms of hostile aliens who will attack my traditions, nullify my vote, and crow about taking my children’s national inheritance, than I am how much money they kick into the till. If George Soros were here illegally, would tax contributions alone cause us to feel grateful for his malice? A nation isn’t an economy. And sharing a country isn’t sharing a future.


25 thoughts on “The High Cost of Sharing

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  2. It’s nice to finally have the costs revealed. (Also including the cost of legal immigration would have been helpful since the two are separated by the flimsiest of lines)
    If Americans could only draw the conclusion that these costs impact them directly, we wouldn’t have an immigration problem.

    Tucker Carlson did a decent job pointing out as you did that it’s rare to see the numbers, the argument is always emotional.
    There’s a counter emotional argument which is quite under-utilized: Why not spend that money on better charities like children’s cancer research.
    Show the crotch grabbing, bird-flipping Mexican thugs, vs the little boy in leg braces and crutches.
    Who’s getting the $116 Billion? And why?

    • Exactly. This isn’t money that just drifts in and out of the ether. These are things we could be paying for us. Roads, schools, clinics, research, probably little of which would call us supremacist for the funding.

      • I don’t know, those roads can be pretty salty. Especially up north in the winter.

        … Sorry, that was hideous.

  3. This “next Obama” Abdul El-Sayed, who’s running for the governorship of Michigan, and may be positioning to run for POTUS in 2020, Wow! This will of course be a constant feature of our politics from hereon-out, regardless of whether he is the “next Obama”.

    Naturally, he denies being the spearhead for Sharia law, being advance guard for Muslim Brotherhood, being hand-picked by Soros. But why wouldn’t he? That’s allowed under the religion of piece. I never bought that Obama was a secret Muslim, I just figured he was a queer mulatto Marxist. But this guy? right upfront. If he even has a chance, we’re already doomed as a nation.

    • I never understood the ‘obama is a secret muslim’ nonsense either. Obama is a progressive. Or, if you’d prefer, a communist, socialist, marxist, whatever you want to call that brand of collectivism. But, for people like Obama, the one true god is government. People like him worship at the alter of the State, with enlightened people like him running it of course. But the state is a very jealous god. There can be no other entity competing for peoples loyalty. Thats why the left has launched such a sustained assault not just on traditional western religions, but on the very foundation of western society – the family.

      • He spent his formative years in Indonesia. He may or may not be Muslim but he and many Democrats certainly pursue a pro Muslim agenda. Benghazi, the Chinook helicopter crash in 2011 and the Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl’s parents are a few examples suggesting an odd allegiance.

      • And removing his wedding ring during Ramadan. One can assume that was a religious observance, and not a mere coincidence of it sliding off in Reggie Love’s bunghole, then coincidentally reappearing after the holiday.

    • He may be a secret Muslim. He managed to keep it on the down low with the help of his worshippers in the (((controlled))) media who hate us.

  4. Add to that the cost of legal immigration. And chain immigration. Stopping illegal invasion is a worthy and immediate priority. But the aggregate cost of perpetual importation/immigration should be quantified, publicized and put into the public discourse. If everyone knew the price we were paying, we may have more of a discerning attitude.

  5. Not to mention, whether or not these New Americans get here legally, overstay a visa, climb over a wall, ford the Rio Grande, or float here on a raft, they and their descendants in perpetuity will receive Affirmative Action benefits in school admissions and job hirings over our own progeny. My kids have Dreams too.

    • Funny. Unequal treatment before the law (Affirmative Action) was once rationalized due to the lingering effects of slavery and Jim Crow. How did Mestizos or anyone with a surname associate with SPAIN(!) get baited-and-switched into that?

      If anyone ever goes to the guillotine in the USA, I hope those first in line are the sophists who swatted up that whole lie.

  6. In the 1970’s there was continuous and loud handwringing about pollution, running out of landfill space and of paving farmland. Along came the social mood boom in 1981/82 (to now) and suddenly no one seemed to give a fig for what population growth meant.

    Your essay is Spot On. What would it matter, if importing 500,000,000 Nigerians made my family rich, if they subsequently voted to turn North America into Africa with more snow? The GDP argument is a lie on its face: government spending is counted in GDP, even if it’s paid for by issuing IOU’s (which are somehow ALSO counted as growing wealth.)

    Some day, maybe soon, this 36 or 53 year lurch into Charles Mackay’s worst ever Extraordinary Popular Delusion(s) and (the) Madness of Crowds will FINALLY end. No tree grows to the sky, and this long boom is Nursing Home aged. When that happens in earnest, EVERYTHING people see will suddenly be reframed in an entirely different light.

    I am utterly certain that “heritage” Americans will become apoplectic with rage over a host of fears resurrected from prior periods of social mood “correction” like the 1970’s and eventually the 1930’s. I fully expect the bloodthirsty sentiments of Sherman’s letters to his wife to return to today’s seemingly bovine Euro-ancestry Americans.

    I don’t relish it, but it’s predictable. Seeds of chaos are planted these past decades. We only await their germination.

    • If anything comes through the onrushing darkness that is interested in history, future historians are going to have a field day analyzing the weirdness in countless books and papers.

    • Its funny how their arguments on things like GDP only work on a small scale. They say this amount of illegal immigration is good, because look at all the GDP. But, ask them why not import another 100 million, wouldn’t that be even better? No, not THAT many. Oh, so there is a limit? What is that number, and why? Crickets. Implying there is such a thing as too many Nigerians is racist. The same thing happens with minimum wage. If raising to causes zero economic distortions, does not cause unemployment, especially under the ‘demographic groups’ (dindus) that its supposed to help, won’t cause inflation, and will boost GDP, why stop at 15/hr. Why not 50, 100? Is 15/hr the magic number, and why? Crickets again.

      Most of their economic arguments fall apart under anything resembling real scrutiny, and I don’t even have a degree in economics. Of course, that lack of an economics degree is probably why the simple appears so obvious to me. As far as the “voting to turn North America into Africa with more snow” line, thats already well underway, no more Nigerians required. They have plenty of white help.

  7. The appearance of 10 million Mexicans on the orange-skied horizon is not the expression of a Roman-style decline, but it certainly seems to reflect a weakening of the law & order apparatus which most traditionalists who cherish the law would seem to abhor.

    If you like stability in your culture, if you’re a meat and potatoes not Thai Fusion kind of man, the Brown Swarm must seem like the Movie blob stretching out over your house to your backyard, arching over the entire domicile like a malign creature too diffuse to shotgun out of existence. And what does all TV do? All TV celebrates it. It’s as disgusting as finding another man’s used condom in your marriage bed. Gross — and a backstabbing beyond measure. Beyond measure.

    • I realize you are using the food thing for a metaphor, but I’ve always disliked the food argument. Im a meat and potatoes guy most of the time, but I also like Thai fusion. And burritos, and even shwarmas. But, I hate the food argument because it implies that we somehow need to allow foreigners here to cook for us if we enjoy their food. We don’t. A white person can make any of those things. I’ve never seen a single mexican working at my favorite burrito place. None of the rest of it is any harder to make. You can enjoy your ‘diversity’ of food choices without dealing with the foreign squatters.

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  9. Our ancestors went to war with Mexico for a lot less than we tolerate today. Fuck NK, they just want money. We should already be at war with Mexico, because of the big problems they are sending here. I’m not beating the war drums, I’m calling for all out war with Mexico, because they are destroying the US. No drums are needed to recognize the invaders, and meeting them. I think we are close to not being able to resist them.

    • Our best hope for war, is a border skirmish during an immigration/drug sweep, or an ambush during Wall construction. If formal hostilities break out, Trump can legally and muhconstitutionally round up every mestizo non-citizen, and intern/deport/both them all. Even better, he can hang any domestic obstructionists as traitors. John McCain would probably still be buried at Arlington, but that’s a compromise I could live with.
      Again, this hinges on Trump’s inclination to take serious MAGA action, which is dubious.

  10. One of the arguments invasion defenders like to say is (often omitting the word illegal) ”immigrants pay taxes! sales taxes!” ignoring the fact that sales taxes are state-level while most assistance programs are federally funded. Not to mention illegals often either work ”under the table” for cash or engage in ID fraud to whitewash their status. That they consume a lot more than they contribute I never doubted, this is the first time I’ve seen numbers to back it up.
    It been such a long-running problem there is a meme pic of it:

    BTW, I’ve seen that machine before, never knew what it was called. Now I do, thank you.

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