What is Best in Life?

On occasion I will read translated passages from VI Lenin and Joe Stalin. I do this primarily to marvel at their pristine, almost ebullient, evil. They were as if Brett Easton Ellis’ Patrick Bateman became flesh and assumed control over a superpower. Though malevolence is not a synonym of stupidity, and so I am also frequently impressed with the insight that heated their vast human blood bath.

One of Stalin’s remarks I always remember came presumably from an old conversation with Conan regarding what is best in life. Said Joe: My greatest pleasure is to choose one’s victim, prepare one’s plans minutely, slake an implacable vengeance, and then go to bed. There’s nothing sweeter in the world. He wasn’t particularly averse to hearing the lamentations of their women either. Though this quote captures well the elation of crushing your enemies.

And while that is indeed a deeply gratifying experience, it is one trailed closely by the satisfaction of watching your enemies crush themselves. Before we get to the edifying example of that, consider the logical sand hole white leftists are burying themselves within. They serenely proselytize the gospel of evil whitey to quickly converted “minorities” without ever seeming to wonder how those receptive minds might extrapolate the message. If a preacher in boots says the devil wears shoes, he better make them move when the congregation looks down.

That seems simple enough for you and me to comprehend. Yet it is too esoteric for antifa, alas. For these cosmic dullards, Smash the White Man! means certainly not me, but that bad one hiding behind the tree. And what when the tree is bare, and there is naught a whitey but the one standing there?

Hey! Hey! Easy little chums. I’m sure we’ll catch a nazi when the time comes!

Well our feet are aching and our bellies want stew. We’d like to eat a nazi, but any whitey will do. You’re all racists, you’re all haters, you told us that. Now give up your privilege and get into the vat.

As pleasurable as that image is, you can watch one of its initial manifestations right here. In the video, a droopy masked antifa bean pole is accosted by a plump and reproachful latina. She, having found herself entirely unimpressed with his insipid zeal, disciplined him remorselessly before the loitering leftist menagerie. For those who prefer reading over clicking, here is the exchange.

🌮 That’s like the height of white performativeness. If you’re really an ally, you punch for allies. You risk going to jail for the fact they have the platform. Just punch. Yeah.

🐀 Are you seriously (sic)?

🌮 I’m seriously telling you to do the work, yeah. Punch a nazi, stop being performative.

🐀 Dude, you have no idea. I put in work all the time.

🌮 Punch a nazi, and stop yelling about it. Be about this shit, if you’re a white ally.

🐀 I am! I’ve been fucking fighting for like three months! I put myself at risk for us [for you] all the time. Fuck off! Somebody threw a fucking megaphone on my head!

🌮 Punch a nazi, the performative shit is done. Punch nazis! Beat their fucking ass if you’re a white ally [trained seal]!

🐀 I will [obey]!

🌮 Do it then! Be about this shit! You’re pathetic.

🐀 I was here last time and fought all day long!

🌮 You’re still white! You’re still responsible! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! YOU’RE INHERENTLY RACIST! IT’S IN YOUR BLOOD! IT’S IN YOUR DNA!

And into the pot he goes. Janissaries never understand who are the suckers sitting at the table. Though I suppose given the above genetic pronouncement we can dispense with claims that race doesn’t exist. Lib social scientists just got progressively stacked. Hate is in their blood.

And it’s in mine as well, to be honest. Man has never held a sentiment but contempt for those who attack their own people. Seeing white antifa eaten for its efforts would surely make their bolshevik saints quite amused. For the rest of us, there is nothing sweeter in the world. 🍰


16 thoughts on “What is Best in Life?

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  2. I’m thinking white holmes not getting any chocha tonight or any night. Chinga tu madre puto. I love the little ahole toward the end who chimes in about it.

  3. Watching that clip, you have to wonder what it will take for white liberals to figure out they’re fighting for their future overlords. Brutal, cruel, and not yet in control.
    Go to jail for us; die for us, you monster.
    It’s really strange, the power of mob mentality. I feel sorry for the bean pole. I hope he finds his way out.

  4. As he’s walking away, watch the looks that the two mud chicks (and the frosted-haired gay mudboy) give to each other. They are just fucking with him to amuse themselves.

  5. A prog came in the commune

    And brought a Nazi’s head.

    Latinx up with a crowbar

    And beat him till he was dead.

    Then all the progs came running

    And dug the prog a tomb

    Then knocked over the tombstone

    For the prog was white, it said.

  6. “Well our feet are aching and our bellies want stew. We’d like to eat a nazi, but any whitey will do. You’re all racists, you’re all haters, you told us that. Now give up your privilege and get into the vat.”

    It’s like Beatrix Potter intersectionally crossed with African cannibalism.

  7. I predict that this year – or at least in the near future – a very ordinary baby will be born to a very ordinary family. It’ll be a boy. He’ll grow to say “please” and “thank you”, to always wash his hands before dinner and to love his mother. He’ll also be the next Hitler. Only, he won’t resemble the original. He will instead hail from African or Asian lineage, though born in the West. By the time he reaches his 50’s, the demographic landscape will be so overwhelmingly favourable that he and his genocidal promises will be democratically elected into power.

    Can you guess who the New Jews are going to be?

    Hint: the New Jews won’t have a homeland to escape to.

    “I told you so”, when whispered to an Antifa thug’s culturally enriched skull, may provide the sweetest feeling in the world to some. But it will ultimately offer precious little comfort to those being herded into questionable shower blocks.

    • After 38 Europeans were slaughtered in Tunisia in 2015, one of the survivors said:

      “We don’t want to stay here. We just want to get home now, right now. I want to go home.”

      To which I mused in these pages…

      Home. Yes, it’s critical to our psychic health and general well-being to have one of those. I’m certain young Ms. Makin is a dutiful and tolerant liberal not yet sufficiently seasoned to logically expand on her sentiment. Though one day, at least subconsciously, she will.

      Home is not just geography. Home is a place of comfort, safety, and familiarity. Of mutual trust and understanding. Of common past and shared future. Home is where children play without fear in a parent’s eyes. Home is where speaking honestly offends no shrill aliens. Home is what is passed from your father to your son. And most importantly, home belongs uniquely to you.

      There are great swaths of her country now no more Ms. Makin’s home than the violent North African city she longs to escape. And when those swaths broaden to encompass everything, where will her children seek sanctuary upon saying: I want to go home.


      • Acknowledging the unfolding nightmare is so profoundly grim that I can only cope with it in short bursts. It’s those fleeting moments of lucid consciousness that have brought me back to this website, over and over again, since I first stumbled upon it in 2015. I’m basically an addict at this stage.

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