Protests at the Fryer

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how much time I spend watching NFL performances: about two hours per year. I’m sure the Super Bowl actually lasts longer than that; but life is short and I’ve only got so much time to give. So I’ll donate approximately half my annual allotment to comment on the current foot-ball foofaraw.

The conflict owes its genesis to former ball-tossing mediocrity, Colin Kaepernick. Reportedly, Mr. Kaepernick was the fruit of a fleeting union between a 19 year-old white girl and her black boyfriend, who customarily disavowed the relationship upon learning of her pregnancy. The girl subsequently put the child up for adoption, where it was claimed off waivers by a white family who apparently provided a loving and stable household. So to summarize: the black father of a mulatto boy abandoned him in utero, while an unrelated white family stepped in to raise him with care and attentiveness. So predictably his allegiance is exclusively to blacks.

At any rate, his disdain for the ineffectually racist society that had elevated him into a lifestyle of wealth and fame inconceivable to 99% of its members, became a weight he could no longer bear in private. So he cultivated a roof-height afro to establish his aesthetic bonafides, and began kneeling in protest at the national anthem.

Unfortunately for Kaepernick, his talent proved insufficient to buoy his convictions, and he soon enough found himself not worth the hassle. Though in his absence, equally oppressed millionaire imitators began to take up the protest. Eventually (and inevitably) this drew the wandering eye of Trump, whose subsequent criticism has impelled even more well-paid expressions of black contempt for the trappings of traditional American society.

If there is any surprise here, it is only in that it has taken so long to occur. Blacks broadly do not like whites, and care even less for their history and its symbols. From their perspective, the American flag and anthem are representative of them not us. This intractable tribal division is a state of affairs the dissident right has been patiently trying to explain for decades. Though apparently it requires low IQ black prima donnas to articulate the concept effectively.

Unfortunately mainstream bouncy-ball fandom is little inclined to absorb the lesson, and so finds itself perpetually disappointed by black expressions of separation and hostility. It is as if by supine fan-worship whites can extinguish the hatred their heroes hold for them. It’s an unlikely hypothesis, and one historical evidence continues to accumulate against.

Of course stadium monkeys hold no monopoly on Sunday afternoon stupidity. The players themselves are even dumber. It simply does not occur how tenuous their own position is in this culture conflict. Their lavish livelihoods are premised entirely on the public’s continuing appetite for the same choreographed routines. It’s remarkable when you consider the huge industry that has blossomed around watching a skirmish line of armored mutants repeatedly crashing into each other for hours every Sunday. If we weren’t so inured it would seem surreal.

Though these same commercial skirmishers indicate no awareness at all of how little those modestly compensated accountants, electricians, and plumbers in the stands actually require their services. Or, additionally, what salaries foot-ball players in less racist countries command–Cameroon, for instance. Thus players this afternoon will offer pious expressions of solidarity against the very people upon whose patronage they are utterly reliant. What they won’t offer are protests against their million-dollar paychecks. I guess there’s just some aspects of racist society a man learns to live with.

But why should racist society live with them? That’s the question most minds don’t spend sufficient time contemplating. Despite what some think, fans don’t actually cheer for specific mercenaries. They cheer for a colored jersey. Whoever occupies it is their team. The next season it will be someone else. I once remarked to a friend that if all the players in blue exchanged colors at halftime with the players in red, he would spend the next hour screaming for the same performers he had just been cursing. He disgustedly told me I’d just ruined the game for him. I told you I was his friend.

The point is that sports fan loyalty is extraordinarily elastic. And thus the cheers would rain just as hard for players wearing “Baltimore Ravens” jerseys if they were Mexican migrants being paid $7.50/hour on game days. This being an income level to which Colin Kapaernick may soon find himself adjusting.

Now obviously the NFL syndicate has its own perspective on the matter. Like practically all big business, it has gone all-in for the left in America’s culture wars. As a result, you see no public criticism of its anti-American employees. Certainly not to the extent you would if they did something truly intolerable: like a touchdown dance, for instance. But the league is in as precarious a position as its players. Owners feel equal antipathy for the NFL’s conservative white consumers, while very much still coveting their money. So they must extract revenues from a customer base they would prefer didn’t exist. From climate-controlled box seats, to the sideline, to the offices at ESPN, there’s a uniform philosophy of Just pay me and go away. I personally don’t care for either condition of that deal.

Hopefully NFL fans will eventually feel the same. None of whom actually need the mental novocain of professional sportsball. What they do need is an order of crispy fries. And whether Colin Kaepernick cooks those while kneeling is something we can look forward to taking up with the store manager.


32 thoughts on “Protests at the Fryer

  1. I think gambling accounts for a lot of the NFL’s popularity. Everyone’s interested in the point spreads and billions of $ are gambled away every week, probably far more than any other sport. Football is very conducive to betting, which is why I doubt the league’s popularity will totally crater like it deserves to. Sad.

    But if you like sports and like gambling and aren’t a racial cuckold, there are lots of other options for you. Basketball and football should be completely boycotted, and baseball and soccer aren’t much better. Tennis, golf, lacrosse, auto racing, skiing, rugby, Aussie rules and especially hockey are much better choices for the self-respecting white sports fan.

    Watch this clip of a microphone failure before an NHL game, as the crowd steps up and sings a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner:

    You’ll notice that none of the players takes a knee, and this all happens in Edmonton, i.e. outside the United States. That’s respect, something that Kaepernick et al wouldn’t even know how to spell, much less show.

    Also, the German election. Any thoughts?

    • I agree, gambling is a significant feature of the NFL landscape. And in fairness to its fans, I don’t accuse those at the Kentucky Derby of being equine acolytes. Though inasmuch as its overall societal effect, sportsball has been completely malign.

      As for Germany, my initial impression is good but not good enough. AfD is a very young party, with yesterday’s success belying its age. But what Merkel did was fairly monstrous, and yet there she is returned again to power with her closest rival actually to her left. Regardless of AfD’s limited pedigree, they were still the only option (as far as I understand) for a Germany of Germans. And only 13.5% chose that option.

      My pessimistic extrapolation is that Western democracies appear largely incapable of responding to their demographic peril until democracy is no longer a means to save them.

      But if you have a brighter take, let me know. Most of the commenters I’ve read have seemed quite jubilant at the results.

      • You’re right that the AfD’s situation does not instill confidence that democracy is capable of solving its problems. At this rate, it might actually gain control of the government somewhere around 2298 AD.

      • I don’t know much about AfD either, but the bottom line is very simple: as you said, it was the only option and only 13.5% of them chose it. In a generation or two, there will be some type of sharia party, and with a couple generations of being out bred, along with a generous helping of virtue signaling whites, they will get 13.5% of the vote too. At this point it’s hard to imagine anything shaking them out of their reverie if nothing that’s happening so far has done it.

      • To their eternal credit, the Derby’s athletes don’t spend their free time roaming the bars and towns of Kentucky, looking for white women to rape.

      • What is the percentage of truly awake and caring Americans? Cucked out Repubs know something is wrong but they are so fogged they can’t figure it out. While they are being groped by DHS on their way into the game they pause to justify their patronage as being necessary to uphold the flag n shit. Have another Flourided Hops and call your bookie on your way to your 200 seats asswipes. All so you can watch a bunch of roided morons struggle over an inflated piece of leather. Modern Panem et Circenses. You could have bought a new supressor with those dollars,

        The National Foolsball League just shot itself in the foot, just like Germany. Good riddance. Tempus Fugit.

      • All the bright takes will be in the reaction to AfD. As with NSDAP, they don’t elect themselves, they let communists do it for them. The German left reacts to AfD like the American left reacts to Trump.

  2. Everywhere I look I see institution and firm and industry working tirelessly to destroy the basis for its existence. News so fake it insults the intelligence of those at whom it’s aimed, advertising that nauseates customers and entertainers who express loathing for the very people who they’re supposed to entertain.

    Ritual suicide or natural apoptosis, it looks like the old Narrative reaching the end of its lifespan.

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  4. It’s the idiocy of this whole pathetic issue that’s most infuriating. It’s not just a contemptuous display of disrespect for the country’s values and history that gets framed as free speech, it’s that objectively and statistically there is no injustice to protest against. The underlying premise of these preening displays is that America won’t truly be free until black criminals can violently resist arrest without facing any consequences. The public discussion is focused on the “right” of these morons to insult the majority of the fan base instead of the fact that the entire exercise is based on a lie.

    But that’s a very important lie to defend, isn’t it?

    • That is well stated. It is essentially the lie that America is a racist country against blacks.

      And but all the while it would seem to Bad Whites that America is a racist country against them!

      The reality of (real) racism though, is that if both groups are acting in their own interests, then they will be acting against the other, and that will be (accurately) perceived as racism. Because it is.

      The real trick of the matter, is that racism got to be seen as an un-natural and immoral thing. (((Somehow))) many Whites were and are convinced of this.

  5. I quit watching a while ago. Cancelled the cable subscription, in no small part because of this. Personally, I think the left is doing the country a favor. Think of all the other productive things people can do with the time they waste in front of the TV, watching these overpaid dindus that hate them. Maybe, just maybe, this will lead to the awakening of a few bad whites out there.

    What I find the most amusing out of all this is that they are destroying their own livelihoods based on a patently false premise. Blacks might get shot by cops at a disproportionally large percentage relative to their percentage of the population, but they get shot at a lower percentage than would be expected based on the number of violent crimes they commit. And it’s not really the 13% of the population that is black, it’s the 3-4% of the population that’s black males 16-40 or so. They commit something like 50% of the murders in this country, and a similar % of things like armed robbery and assault. Based on that, the 30 or so percentage of the people shot by police each year is actually pretty low.

    Another point in the ‘they are stupid’ category is that fear of becoming the next Darren Wilson is preventing cops from doing their jobs in black areas, which is why places like Baltimore are seeing such an uptick in black on black murders.

  6. Now obviously the NFL syndicate has its own perspective on the matter. Like practically all big business, it has gone all-in for the left in America’s culture wars. As a result, you see no public criticism of its anti-American employees. Certainly not to the extent you would if they did something truly intolerable: like a touchdown dance, for instance.

    That is an interesting contradiction. Why is it that blacks doing touchdown dances is frowned upon but blacks showing disrespect to the flag is allowed and encouraged?

    As for the picture at the end of the post. That was the memorable scene from Heat, a scene in which many viewers might have liked to imagine themselves walking off the job in such manner; hey isn’t there a song about that?

    • I was tempted to mention it in the previous thread, where Gator proclaimed Mike Judge the “Nostradamus of Our Age”, but here will do. Judge has a new show (on Skinemax, I think, or wherever you can download it) called Tales From The Tour Bus. The subject of the premiere episode (aired this week) was Johnny Paycheck, whose claim to fame was that song.

  7. Trump is no fan of the NFL. He was prominent in the USFL and has tried and been rejected by the other NFL owners for decades now. He waits until they are already shooting themselves in the foot, and then pokes the hornets’ nest to really show the American people what the NFL & NBA really think of them (and probably MLB too since they just had their first kneeler over the weekend). Probably Trump’s greatest gift is making people declare their true allegiances, like the RINO’s and now the sportsball players, owners, and executives. Then the American people can decide how to react.

  8. One aspect not covered sufficiently in my post was mentioned above by Suburban Elk. This is a player initiative, but entirely an owners’ decision. Restrictions on the height of their socks, the color of their towels, and their gyrations in the end-zone are as much free speech impediments as their posture during the national anthem. And yet the syndicate regulates all of the former ruthlessly and tells its performers to go cook fries if they don’t like it.

    Try to imagine the owners’ so-called #Unity if players raised signs saying “fuck Roger Goodell” or “cut the cable, goyim.” Yes, suddenly their principled commitment to player expression would become a bit more ambiguous.

    The point being the owners are the only adults in the room, and they have conspicuously chosen to let their children attack the customers. As always, I wish the customers would take the hint.

    • Here’s an idea: once the frycook job doesn’t pan out and they have to fall back on the Shannon Sharpe solution. Since we have a private for-profit prison industry (whatacountry!), maybe we could export those correctional jobs to Nigeria et al. They build a shitload of correctional facilities in Africa and are able to produce a lot more volume at a much lower unit cost. Winning! Then when the product gets released, it gets a bus ticket home.

  9. Maybe the solution here is to replace the performance of the national anthem with a performance of the Internationale. Or perhaps Nigeria or Zimbabwe can lend us their national anthem for a more colorful, contemporary verve; one more felicitous to our pigskin centurions.

  10. I’ve canceled cable on many occasions, missed it because I still kind of like Fox News, and succumbed. However as media is probably the most pernicious institution in America, and ‘bundling’ the great enabler, it’s time to boycott again.

  11. If a person actually enjoys watching football as a contest between athletes with an uncertain outcome why would off-the-field events disturb him? The reality is that professional sports are a government-endorsed and encouraged substitute for tribalism. TPTB relish the fact that the untermensch are mesmerized by meaningless athletic activity instead of aligning with others in opposition to abhorrent government policies. The tribal affiliations of the NFL fans are phony ones. Since they cut across socio-economic lines, they’re no threat to the political/governmental status quo. That’s why the NFL, and other pro sports, are in bed with the US military, who pay for their presence at games. Certainly pro sports are bread and circuses but they’re more than that, they’re part of the indoctrination that American children go through from their first look at a television screen through their entire educational experience that continues for the rest of their lives.
    Isn’t it curious that a country that can send an object into outer space to gather information and return it to earth years later still uses 14th century technology, a fast chemical reaction to drive a metal pellet through the body, often with fatal results, of a person who fails to instantly follow the commands of a government servant?

  12. Great post, K-man. Spot on.

    It’s interesting to note that Kaepernick wasn’t always like that. When he was QB1 for the Niners, they went to a Super Bowl. His hair was short, was a team player, and a decent guy. He was, at one time, a pretty good QB.

    Then he got a Muzzie girlfriend (some MTV chick), and things changed – she apparently convinced him that the country that allowed him to make multiple millions of dollars playing a kids game is a crappy place, and he decided to ruin his life forever by spending too much time protesting and not enough time working on becoming a better QB. He lost his QB1 job to Blaine Gabbert! Who? Exactly!

    Colin Kaepernick is a beta loser. He deserves everything he got.

  13. Frauke Petry has quit the AfD and will sit as an independent in the Bundestag.

    She actually led a nationalist coup against the more libertarian founder of the AfD, Bernd Lucke, back in 2015. But now it seems she’s being forced out by more rightist elements within the party. Good.

    Nothing against her personally I think she did an OK job, but they should just keep pushing that Kraut Overton Window evermore rightward. And it must be said, she be a sexy byatch, albeit in a somewhat severe, she-wolf of the SS manner.

  14. Wait ’til this shit starts at NBA games.
    It’s one thing to insult the fans when you’re way, way down there on the playing field in a big stadium.
    It’s another thing entirely when you’re within earshot of shouts of, “On your feet, nigger!” and well within range of a thrown battery. Let a few of those fuckers take a C-call to the back of the head, then let’s see how it goes.

  15. I used to think that perhaps blacks were capable of some form of civilizing, if you controlled their women. So for example, prior to the Great Society, some blacks would marry, and learn their children’s names, and so on. I have become convinced though that such thoughts are more wishful thinking than hard reality.

    In a way, I can understand their animus towards us. Blacks will never achieve anything resembling equal outcomes in a majority white society, because they are not capable of it. They are reminded of their inferiority all the time. It’s cruel to keep them here. In this specific context, I am not all that worked up about their refusal to stand for the anthem. I wouldn’t stand for the Nigerian anthem either.

    Your point about the (((owners))) is one I hadn’t considered before, though. Hopefully this dust-up begins to awaken a few normies to what is happening all around us. If this results in the NFL losing a little market share, and a little money, that’s a great result.

  16. I commented on Twitter about how taking a knee as a protest is Cuck-worthy. The whole NFL doing it is total convergence.
    #FTNFL. The people who stand around on Monday reflecting on “my team” wasted hours watching TV for 11 minutes of action. These folks have more free time to waste than me.

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