Innocence and Obligation

As of this writing, the DACA legislation appears to be in an awkward purgatory between being a done deal and the embarrassment of having to admit as much. Which leaves some sliver of time to comment before it has all congealed.

One of the facts that often seems to elude Donald Trump is that only his family voted for the personality of Donald Trump–and they’re probably jivin too. Most of his other 63 million supporters voted for either what he pledged to do and/or the America-first mindset in which he pledged to do it.

Unfortunately, that mindset seems as distant as white Texas at this point. Certainly Trump’s own kaleidoscopic political philosophy seems to have metastasized into the political consensus that foreign squatters should hold a monopoly on our government’s compassion.

In that vein it’s become morbidly tedious to hear It’s not their fault! No, actually it’s not our fault. We didn’t ask to be Mexico’s daycare drop zone. And we have no duty to continue, as those (now mostly adults) do have a duty to obey our law. Unlike the dreamers and their burglarizing parents, this is our only home. There are no foreign heads of state lobbying for our interests. We don’t even have domestic heads of state serving that role. Our nation in this country is our children’s only inheritance. Aliens don’t just get it for sake of wanting.

Though the wants of others weigh heavy on those who rely on them for votes or profit. And since the left has made (another) amnesty its migrant cornerstone, there’s no doubt ruthless republican negotiators could extract bitter concessions from helplessly salivating dems. And by God they apparently did: Pelosi conceded to share her Jarritos fruit punch with several conservative congressmen.

But beyond cases of colored water I have heard nothing that’s actually been yielded to the right in return. Trump offered a wan tribute to newly “powerful border security.” Any novel power in particular you can wave before your loyal constituents, Mr President? Or is it all just tacos in our time? Regardless, what does powerful border security even mean in context of legally importing the equivalent population of Montana every single year? In practice it means the left wants Pennsylvania and Trump will ruthlessly hold them to Colorado–and not a goddamned state more. All of which makes it astonishing to not hear a word about immediate and dramatic cuts in legal numbers being attached to these thus far nonexistent negotiations over DACA.

And legal immigration reduction is far from the only thing Trump could demand. Why do we still suffer a vast apparatus of anti-white affirmative action in government? Does the 14th Amendment mean everything except for what it says? End racial preferences. Then demand e-verify. Levy massive fines and prison sentences on employers who hire illegals. Cancel chain-migration. And abolish H1bs and the pristinely idiotic “diversity” lottery.

Have any of these topics even touched Trump’s tongue as it caressed Schumer’s oily scales? If so, he has remained uncharacteristically reserved in reporting on it.

The truth is the left wants a perpetual pipeline of sweet dreamers. Each more innocent than the last. Those yesterday brought those today who will bring those tomorrow. And always their innocence is matched only by our obligation. Your innocence and their obligations being items far beyond acceptable discussion.

But it’s not just a matter of the dreamers themselves. Because Mexicans on this side of the Rio Grande are endowed by their creator with the inalienable right to produce “Americans” from their womb. Each one being more American than those supremacists who merely paid for the maternity ward.

And as noted above–though never by the media or politicians–each dreamer eventually christened as a citizen becomes a fulcrum for further family chain migration. Between the children they will bear directly and the family “reunification” they will sponsor (who will in turn sponsor more themselves), every individual dreamer represents a vast migrant multiple in reality. Thus the frequently cited figure of 800,000 can be taken with the sincerity of a MS-13 philanthropy drive.

Finally, I suppose it goes without saying that practically all of these squatters and colonists will find their political home on the left. There they will be courted by primly traitorous politicians who will appeal for their affections with increasingly lurid commitments to white disembowelment. All of which should accumulate quite a heavy balance on the “no fucking way” side of the decision ledger. But the other side does have its own compelling case to make: Vete a la mierda, gringos.


35 thoughts on “Innocence and Obligation

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  2. “And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep cucking, cucking, cucking. We’re going to make Amnesty great again!”

    • Sounds oddly familiar, didn’t some guy a long time ago say something like “Read my lips: NO NEW DACA’s!!”?

      This is stupid for so many reasons – he has royally pissed off his most loyal supporters, the ones who don’t give a shit what he says, how he acts, or much else other than he stick to the very simple promises he made. He is also delusional if he thinks this will make any of the whining SJWs or foreign squatters hate him or white people, or the republican party and less. It won’t.

      I refuse to believe he is stupid enough to think Schumer or Pelosi can be trusted to deliver anything they may be promising in return for some type of amnesty. The political graveyard is littered with the bones of republican politicians who fell for the ‘tax hikes now, spending cuts later’ or ‘amnesty now, border enforcement later’ con job the left has been pulling since time immemorial. If we go with the premise that he isn’t that stupid, that means he doesn’t care, and he is knowingly selling us down the river. If he thinks we will forget about this in the next three years, he is mistaken.

      • I’m wondering if he’s even going to run again… He almost seemed surprised he won in the first place. The real question is with the “browning” of the left, when do the demands for leaders “who look like us” begin? Isn’t about time whites turn over the job of racial lobbying for negroes and mestizos, to the brown and black politicos?

    • The Mexican empire avoids the “reconquista” of its former territories Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicuragua, and Guatemala opting instead for an unexplained northward bias.

  3. Immigration (and esp. amnesty) needs to rise to the level of gun control. Congressfilth need to understand that voting for either, despite what they’re told by their pollsters and their media bedfellows, is the fastest trip to having to get a real job.

    I wish it were that simple, though. As long as this Collective State of Insanity (represented by trust in the Bond Ocean, no matter how deep and wide) lasts, people like Paul Ryan’s constituents will pull the lever for “keep going,” violating the First Rule in Dad’s Rule of Holes: When in one, STOP DIGGING.

  4. Fucking cunt, what the fuck. Where the fuck are white people going to be able to “white flight” to? Seriously. Its a phrase for a reason. We dont want to be anywhere near these diverse multitudes.

  5. Jus 600 gorillion face dreidel guize!

    Schumer: You’re a little dipshit President. With a dirty asshole. And you shit out your dick.

    Trump: Oh that’s what people think, huh? Well, maybe I won’t build the wall and repeal DACA. What do you think about that?

    Schumer: Yeah, you will, because you’re a little retarded shit bitch.

    Trump: God damn it! Hold up! Hold up on the wall a minute!

  6. “We didn’t ask to be Mexico’s daycare drop zone.”

    Unfortunately, yes, we did. You and I might not have, but those who have been in charge of the government for the last couple decades, and millions of our countrymen/womyn/zirs did, in fact, insist on being the entire third world’s daycare drop zone. And indignant adult daycare drop zone. Don’t forget them.

    • It’s worth noting that -in fact- even Californians in the 90’s voted against this. They passed prop. 187, which would have caused a lot of these people to self-deport, by cutting them off from gibs. And, like clockwork, the cocksucking 9th circuit overturned it (on the basis that it would somehow be a border issue, and all border enforcement is the prerogative of the Federal govt).

    • More than a couple decades– it’s been since the 1965 Hart-(((Cellar) Act, when Democrats changed how
      when the percentage of new immigration went from favoring European nations to third-world shitholes.

  7. I once thought we would never have GOP control again thanks to immigration. Yet here we are, flush with Republicans; and never has that meant so little.
    It wasn’t that long ago, that the Dream Act was unpalatable even to some Democrats. This Congress is poised to give the country away at maximum speed.
    The only thing worse than not deporting the DACA’s is having Congress “fix it” legislatively so that they are full citizens–a magnet for an endless stream of family members.

    I really would like to see the tables turn on these fake humanitarians.
    They can’t be allowed to claim the moral high ground unchallenged, pretending as if largesse to the 3rd World comes from a great American surplus.

    Would also like to see some number reality, which might be a shock even to liberals.

    800,000 DACAs
    11 million illegals
    300 million Americans.

    Nope. Those numbers are vastly understated.
    The increases with immigration are exponential.

    Fantastic article–Porter brilliantly asserting the dignity and rights of traditional Americans.

    • They’ve been saying eleven million illegals, er, undocumented immigrants, for over THIRTY YEARS, just like the six gorillion. Apparently, all the illegals that were here in 86 are still here, and still illegal, and still the exact same number, because the borders have been closed since then.

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  10. We look aghast at the European Union’s seeming “cultural suicide” in the face of a full-on invasion/colonization/prelude to war that is obvious to anyone with two neurons with which to rub together.

    Yet, here across the pond, we are not doing much better; we just have a larger landmass within which to disperse the pollutants. However, should you wish to see the change from what our Nation once represented, just take a stroll through a city’s train station or airport; you could easily pretend that you were in Italy, Greece, London–or Islamabad.

    Particularly unsettling in the article above is the idea that “this is our only home.” I feel beleaguered, but not yet to the level of an old Swedish couple forced to live out their remaining years in an Islamic/N. African ghetto not-of-their-making. We are getting there. And abolition of the 1st Amendment (if only by activist judges and fedgov regulators) and sharia courts, cannot be very far behind.

    Of course, a once-noble people, people who knew how to get things done, can become a most dangerous force when they are backed into a corner…

    • The EU is merely following the US model. Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the EU idea modeled the European Union as a “United States of Europe”.

      In a 1925 interview, he said “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race”.

      Later, in his book “Practical Idealism” he said “The man of the future will be a mongrel.” He said the population of Europe would be replaced by “Afro-Eurasian hybrids”. And then he set about doing it.

      This was no nobody- he helped selected the EU’s anthem, and design its 12-starred flag. There is a prize in this honor which is awarded every two years. Merkel has won this award. It is for pushing white genocide. Merkel is a Kalergist. Obama is a Kalergist. Obama cleared out Syria and provided Merkel with the genetic material to destroy Germany and Europe. These people work together.

      • Mises Society, Mt Pelerin Society, Libertarianism, Rothbard, Hoppe, Ron Paul are all also deeply tied to Kalergi. You don’t need borders goy! You don’t need traditions and the common law. You need private corporate courts and diverse systems of law competing in one marketplace! Insurance companies will provide efficient and incorruptible police services because they have a financial stake in low crime rates!

        Even as a 20 year old I wasn’t stupid enough to buy that shit.

      • I understand why Onama and Kalegiri would like a mixed race Europe. But why do Junker, Blair & Merkel?

        It’s one thing to not want kids yourself, but to destroy Germany forever?

  11. The “Sanctuary City Financial and Criminal Responsibility Law”
    Every politician that votes for or endorses the mythical “sanctuary” from Federal Immigration Law shall be subject to obtaining and providing a Surety Bond to secure 100% Reparations to any Legal Citizen injured, murdered, raped, robbed, or in any way harmed, including mental distress, by said Illegal persons in the area. By their refusal to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution and the Law of the land the said politicians have negated any “governmental immunity”.
    Said politicians are Personally Criminal Accomplices to any crimes committed by the Criminals they are Harboring and shall be tried as accomplices..
    Said politicians are Personally Financially Liable for damages, reparations, and to “make whole” any Legal Citizen harmed by the Criminals they are Harboring.

  12. Messrs. Ryan and Co. will know it is the end days when the tax hamsters step off their wheels, brush off the sawdust, and begin to question what´s really in it for them, in this shiny, new America. Visiting Gettysburg Battlefield with an inveterate leftist, our conversation had turned to immigration. He schmaltzed. We stood on high ground viewing the field below. I swept my arm across the horizon and said, “one day this will be a parking lot, a strip mall and maybe a free clinic in the far end…it will mean nothing to nobody.” He was bewildered. It was 1989.

  13. Make America Gringo Again.
    what does powerful border security even mean? – It means no more invasive through-the-clothing X-ray scanners at the airports. Now it’s double-fisted full body cavity searches for suspicious liquids and anti-semitic blood cells. Fun for the hole family, fam.
    IDK WTF this guy is thinking, but winning a couple of trade deals and rolling back trannies out of Special Forces bathrooms are not going to MAGA. 85-IQ “”educated”” (on my dollar), “”employed”” (took ar jarbs) Aztec squatters are not going to MAGA. A Wall, containing a teeming horde of wretched refuse, is not going to MAGA. The only way to MAGA is to restore Great American demographics. Everything else is just a stupid red hat.

  14. Here’s a thought. Why not just shoot em? Laws? What laws? That Hate Whitey, you need to die bullcrap? That sounds like famous last words to me. Why even play this rigged game anymore? Democracy is two dummies who don’t pay attention voting to steal your money and act charitable for the cameras. The Founding Fathers didn’t vote out the King did they?
    You don’t elect God Emperors. God Emperors lead armies to crush fools and send invaders into the sea. Some people say that King Arthur became King when he pulled a sword from a stone, but that huge army that kicked out the Normans had more to do with it. I’ll be happy to have a naked pretty White girl get in the pool and hand out a sword. Join the Mobile Infantry, Get Citizenship. The Crazy Times won’t kill themselves.

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