Why Does it Matter?

There was precisely one homosex boy in my high school class, and precisely none of the other 127 Lovecraftian gender hideosities that titillate the modern liberal mind. The rest of us white heterosexuals were born too soon to understand our Hollywood/media assigned role as social anathema, and so blithely thought of ourselves as simply regular young men.

As regular young men, most of us made oppressing the world’s six billion minorities a secondary task at most. Our matter of primary concern being to gain the attention and favors of attractive regular young women. I doubt many women can fully conceptualize the sheer sexual intoxication brought to bear by an 18 year-old boy’s hormones. Though I can still recall watching cheerleader practice from the football field in a state of mesmerized craving.

One of those cheerleaders was a specimen of exquisite beauty. A descended daughter of the Vikings, she was lithe, lean, and perfectly proportioned, with ice blue eyes and long natural blonde hair. Keeping my eyes off her required a mental discipline I had barely yet developed. Thus it was a thing of cosmic serendipity when my bashful, bumbling advances actually resulted in a few dates with this heavenly creature.

Unfortunately–and owing completely to my dazzled ineptitude–those dates didn’t translate to a girlfriend. Though I remained mostly dazzled still.

That was until.

Until the news that she had a new boyfriend. A new black boyfriend. In a time before our current regime of competitive self-annihilation, this struck the school like a thunderbolt. Equal parts astonishment and revulsion, the typically expressed response was: gross.

Though most fascinating from an anthropological perspective was the immediate and permanent effect on the girl’s sexual market value. It cratered completely. Upon the inevitable and tearful breakup with her Nubian prince, this extraordinarily beautiful girl found herself a sexual pariah. There was no conspiracy, no plot. To the white boys (for whom she had suddenly rediscovered her interest) she simply ceased to exist. She was never approached for dates, never asked to a dance. I can imagine for her it was a lonely, confusing, and bitter experience. One her family did her no favors by not earlier intervening in.

I’ve long assumed that this unconscious, atavistic, and entirely adaptive form of social sanction had been dissolved. The vast number of miscegenating white women one sees just by stepping out on the sidewalk would seem to support the suspicion. And if a people can be mind-controlled to overtly despise themselves, then directing who they copulate with would surely be a task of little difficulty.

Yet maybe the controllers have succeeded only in capturing more lying tongues than honest feet (and other appendages). That was my musing upon reading this oblivious female’s lament. Take a read and note how many logical fallacies one foolish girl can squeeze into an immiserated life.

Her despair is entirely a function of reality failing to conform to the contradictory worldview she has swallowed whole. And when there is plain incongruence between what is and what we have been told, to which do humans direct their fury? Reality, of course. That men have shunned females who give themselves to other tribes has been a feature of human existence since we crawled out of the Devonian soup. But since this recent evolution conflicts with our long 30 year tradition of white racial dissolution, it must be wrong. So the girl quoted above asks plaintively: why does it matter? It matters because our genes want us to live as surely as our values want us to die.

Amidst her keening the girl also leaves completely unexamined why she yearns for acceptance from the racists who reject her. Shouldn’t she be glad they have unmasked themselves so that she can reject them? This is an example of what economists call “revealed preference.” She knows she is obligated to cite raysis as the worst thing in the world, but she desperately desires the affections and support of white racists. This is because, unlike race, raysis is a social construct. And faced with life’s tangible burdens and hurdles, she yearns for something concrete.

Conversely, she shows no inclination to secure the companionship of another black male, yet takes pains to not publicly malign them as she does the men whose affections she actually desires. As always with such people, her tongue and feet are traveling in different directions. As a result, she unselfconsciously expresses an identical revealed belief as countless millions of brown migrants: the only thing worse than white racism is being apart from it.


43 thoughts on “Why Does it Matter?

  1. Well written and true. Like in fashion, where fads fade out, the truth will come round again and squash the voice of these pathetic whiners and this current idiocy will die out along with the non-reproductive 3% that follow it.

    • Not with blacks I haven’t, not even close, 10-1, maybe yellow fever…whatever the reason, miscegenation is miscegenation, and counterproductive.

    • You are an obvious plant as well as a profound liar. Where may I ask, do you see this? Because I’ve traveled extensively for work throughout the years to major urban areas and that pairing is -quite- rare.

      Does it exist? Yes, but it is the gross minority compared to the opposite effect.

      • If we are talking about white men with black women, i have noticed seeing that a lot more in my area (Detroit and suburbs) than I have in the past. Couples in restaurants, walking in the street, often enough among co-workers and fellow martial artists to not assume that a white man always has a white wife.
        I think it is because the younger generation of 20-somethings does not have the same attitudes about dating someone outside their race,
        Also, maybe if daddy was married to a white woman and she was a B**** (as well as all the other cases of white men who got shafted by their white ex-wives in divorce court), then maybe the younger generation of men will ask “What sense does it make to value or trust a white woman over a black one?”
        My (limited) personal observation: Of the White Male-Black Female couples I am familar with, the black female seems more highly educated and capable of getting stuff done on her own than your average helpless white female with an entitled princess attitude. One way of looking at it might be that if skin color doesn’t matter to you, you can get a better deal by going with a black woman.
        It seems once you get out past the “ghetto” black women and into the college educated ones with Christian upbringing and conservative values, they are smart enough to appreciate a good man and are more loyal. Just don’t ever physically abuse or hit them – they will kill you.
        However, for some reason, the white women who date black men for the most part don’t seem to make out as well…
        Just my thoughts and opinions, based on what I have seen.

      • You got some balls saying that shit to me. My comment history goes back a 2 years at least so you can kindly fuck off somewhere else. Let our host decide who is legit or not, you don’t have that right.

      • Wendy,
        The oil-drilling pairing is always going to be rare because the black girls who want white men for relationships past casual flings are on the absolute right of the bell curve in terms of time preference, intelligence, femininity, etc. There just aren’t many of them out there.

        On the guy side of things, marrying a smart 23y/o black girl who knows she wants a provider and a daddy for her kids beats out a used-up 30-something white bitch with a graduate degree and three cats every single time, for everyone without as much respect for their heritage.

    • In my location, western michigan, I’ve seen it much more often but still nowhere near the numbers of black man+white woman. The few white man+black woman couples I’ve personally known, the black woman was either mixed themselves or had a white step-dad.

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  3. “The black father abandoned me while I was pregnant. he refuses to even see his son, or financially assist me with raising our son.”

    Did she take him to court for child support? Still might not get any financial support, butit would make his life more difficult in some ways and might spare another white girl some heartache in the future…

    “Dating has been rough for me, can’t even count how many times I’ve been rejected…”

    Do black males reject her? She mentions racists, so she must be talking about white males rejecting her.

    So apparently she wants to find a good white man “who will love me and take care of me” and her child that she had with a black man.

    Well, what does she bring to the table? Besides being pissed the fuck off and having a biracial son?

    Well, if she hates racism so much, and wants to find a good white man who isn’t a racist, here is another possibility: Why wouldn’t this financially secure, available and non-racist white man choose a college educated black woman who has not had any children yet to have his biracial babies by, istead of this white woman who has had a biracial child by another (black) male?

    It still comes down to having something of value to trade, valuing and protecting, and definitely not squandering something that you have of value, so that your total worth would take a tremendous drop, and being more of an asset than a liability to anyone you want to attract.

    • Your position is obviously based on the common, but erroneous premise that race doesn’t matter, is a social construct. But no matter how much you boost black women as mates, the response remains: gross. No matter how intelligent, educated, worthy: gross.

      Any woman who doesn’t have the same instinctual response to black men, evokes the same reaction. Gross.

  4. Observation based because who would trust statistics on this matter: White men dating black women is much less common but it’s gone from never seen to occasionally seen. It’s also being heavily promoted and over-represented in Hollywood. Usually in the form of supporting characters or a glimpse from the past in main characters.
    I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

    I do recall Paul Ryan mentioning that he had a black girl friend in college. He’s very hip, you know.

  5. This girl has a right to be pissed, because white men, and society in general, have fooled her.
    This is common in our now low trust society. An example might be how our former president, a vocal “climate change” advocate, just bought some beachfront property. He obviously doesn’t believe his own bullshit.
    Well, either do white people, whether they know it or not. Their constant verbal assurances of color blindness are completely undermined by the neighborhoods they move to, the schools they send their kids to, and the people they date and marry.
    This low IQ mud shark should be pissed because she believed all of the cultural signals that were assaulting her, and had no one to set her straight. To tell her up front what the consequences would be. One hopes her story is spread far and wide through the same social media circles that distributed the lie that betrayed her, so that others might be spared her deserved fate.

    • I agree. The people most egregiously harmed by our tongues-contra-feet zeitgeist are the ones so dumb as to take it literally. They are fed an unrelenting no-such-thing-as-race narrative meant strictly to signal social status and political posture, but which they understandably take as the truth. Their lives are destroyed in the process, leaving them to pen furious condemnations of a world they were assured should not exist.

      • You guys are on to something here, all of this signaling is all a show and the smart ones know its not reality. The low IQ fall for it or don’t have someone around to key them into what is actually going on.

      • I think stupidity is somewhat independent from intelligence. An intelligent person can work out in detail how to bed that negress, and a 80 IQ retard can go hell no from the get go.

      • Plenty of high IQ people fall for it too.
        High IQ just makes screwups more epic. Ask General “Blood ‘n Guts” Patton. He was very good at killing Germans, until he figured out that he shouldn’t be killing Germans.

      • Sorry, but you can find people with the same exact attitudes as modern leftists in 1817 America, decades before a single one of God’s chosen ever darkened our doorstep. Obviously, those people won. Teh J00s just picked the winning side.

    • This low IQ mud shark should be pissed because she believed all of the cultural signals that were assaulting her, and had no one to set her straight. To tell her up front what the consequences would be.

      A dad who disowned her after the fact is a dad who’d be likely to warn her before the fact.

    • Oh c’mon. Do you think she would have given a crap about the “consequences?” She would have doubled up on the amount of her sausage consumption just to prove a point about how no man was going to tell her what to do. Besides, she was in “love,” forevery and ever.

      White men didn’t fool her. The narrative fooled her (to which white men are conspicuously silent about, so I’ll give you a partial point) about what is and isn’t acceptable. This silence from white men is a result of the brow beating and perceived or observed consequences for any white male that attempts to point out the reality of the situation. So, they stay silent and make their own individual choices as their civilization gets burnt to the ground.

    • >This girl has a right to be pissed

      No she really doesn’t. Her family told her this was a bad idea; did she listen? No, she decided that her family were horrible hateful racist bigots, except for her kind and tolerant aunt. Sure, the world lied to her, but she attacks anyone who dares tell her the truth. Zero sympathy.

  6. I can name you three high-profile white men who married negresses, I mean, black women. Roger Ebert, the pudgy film critic, was one, and John McCain’s son Jack is another. Then there is George “Star Wars” Lucas. He has a daughter with his black wife, who is also 25 years younger than he. I once saw a picture of Lucas & wife with Spike Lee & his wife, and I first mistook Lee’s high-yellow wife for white! You wouldn’t make the same mistake with Lucas’ Nubian prize.


  7. Men generally won’t even sniff a woman who already has another man’s kid. Mmmmmaybe, if they are all the same race, and the father is dead, and they moved to a new town, they could pull off the charade that it’s his own kid and all is right in their little world.

    But a mixed kid? Forget it. Everyone will know at first glance that he’s a cuckold, and the man will carry zero status or respectability (outside of a church pastored by a lesbian).

  8. I think this (the post by the “girl”) was just a troll operation from /pol/ (4chan, 8ch). I could be wrong.
    Be that as it may, it does not detract from your astute observations on the subject.

  9. “The black father abandoned me while I was pregnant. he refuses to even see his son, or financially assist me with raising our son.”

    The message she needed to hear — and accept — was the following:

    A mere 90% of the offspring of white female-black male pairings are born outside wedlock.

    You cannot trust him. He is not going to pull out. He’s going to poke a hole in the condom. Or whatever it takes. The plan is to impregnate and abandon you.

  10. She sounds like the Tranny Princess who is in high dudgeon because “normal” (hetero) guys don’t want to bed somebody with a dick. Logically, to the hetero male there’s no difference between a pre-op Tranny and a drag queen. It’s a guy dressed up like a woman – chicks with dicks. That it’s a guy who thinks he really is a woman is irrelevent. A man in a dress is still a man no matter what s/he claims to feel like. If she likes Black men so much she can probably find one who doesn’t mind her mulatto kid, but then she would in all likliehood just get another “dick ’em and dump ’em” baby daddy and another mulatto kid. So, my advice to her is STFU. You got what you asked for.

  11. She defied her father’s wishes obviously or he wouldn’t have disowned her. But then her soft-headed aunt takes her in. SMH. This is why the Patriarchy must reestablish control for the historic American nation to survive. Feminism has proven to be an epic fail.

  12. Mudsharks cite the legendary BBC, a thing dearer than life itself, as their motivation. So why does she who has gone black, attempt to go back?

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